The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 20, 1931


Old Residence Torn Down to Make Room for New Modern Home

            One of the oldest residences in De Leon was wrecked a week or so ago to make room for a new modern cottage.  The place belongs to Emmett LOCKE and was formerly the AYERS home, in the southwest portion of the city.  Mr. and Mrs. LOCKE have selected an attractive plan calling for six rooms and bath.  The building will be of frame construction and Jim BROWN has the contract for the building, being assisted by W.M. REED.  The building will be completed in the next thirty days, it is said.


Uncle Joe Chambers celebrated his 85th Birthday on March 1st

            The children of Uncle Joe CHAMBERS gave him a real surprise birthday party at his home four miles south of town on Sunday, March 1st.  Uncle Joe was born on March 1, 1845 if the Free Press has the date correct and was therefore 85 years of age on the first of this month.

            At about ten o’clock a.m. Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie were about the house as usual when “visitors arrived.”  B.C. CHAMBERS of Robinson Springs, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. GREER, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. MORRIS, Mrs. R.C. DENDY also arrived with a gift of a beautiful birthday cake.  When all the good things to eat which the four families brought in had been assembled on the table, it made a repast fit for kings.  And this was the same table in the same old family home in which the sons and daughter of the household had been reared.  It was a most happy occasion.

            Uncle Joe moved to Comanche county 57 or 58 years ago, way back in the “70”, just about the time the last Indian raids occurred in the county.  Just a farm home every five or ten miles apart dotted the then plains country, with prairie grass growing as high as ones “stirrups.”

            Uncle Joe’s children are Jody, at Waco; Watt, at Ennis; Robb, at Benjamin; Bun at De Leon and Pick at Ft. Stockton.  The only daughter is Mrs. W.C. GREER, of De Leon.

            Life has not brought Uncle Joe great wealth, but peace and plenty for comfort.  He resides in the old home with his good wife, Aunt Carrie, who is 83, and mighty spry for her years.  Both are well preserved and active and probably have years yet before them to enjoy the glowing colors of life’s sunset as it casts its kindly beams above the comfortable old home.


Forty Two Club

            On February 14, Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN was hostess to the “42” Club.  Many interesting games were played, Miss Janice KEE winning high score.

            Delightful refreshments consisting of coffee, apricot pie with whipped cream and fruit puffles.  Besides the club members the following guests were present:  Misses Delia WALL, Nita HODGES and Glada FUGATE, Mesdames EASTERLING, EGBERT, Hampton and Brown SHAVER of Luling.  The club meets March 28 with Mrs. CULWELL at Comyn.


Bridge Club

            Mrs. S.G. PARKS entertained with three tables at Bridge Tuesday afternoon, March 17th.  Her home was beautifully decorated with sweet peas and St. Patrick symbols.  High score was won by Mrs. W.F. WEAVER.

            Virginia and Elaine SCOTT, granddaughters of the hostess, gave some very clever readings and served the refreshments of pine apple salad, crackers, cake and tea.

            Those present were:  Members, Mesdames H.H. CARLILE, W.H. CLARK, W. WRIGHT, C.W. LEIGON, Goss COBB, H.G. TERRILL, Joe ASHBY, E.E. DABNEY, Herbert WEAVER, S.G. PARKS and visitors Mesdames, D.L.  TERRILL and W.P. WEAVER. – Reporter


Class Organized

            Glad Girls class of the De Leon First Baptist Church organized their class last Sunday.  The following officers were elected:  President, Bertie SIMS, 1st. vice President, El Dora COORER, 2nd Vice President, Alma Nell TATE, 3rd. Vice President, Ruth HOWE, Secretary, Frances HARVEY.  Our new teacher is Mrs. Faye LAWLESS.  Our aim is to be a standard class.

            All members be there Sunday and make 100 per cent. –Reporter


Local Happenings

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Grady COON, a fine girl, March 9th, at the Gorman Sanitarium.  The mother and little lady are doing nicely.

Miss Mildred GARDENER has gone to Fluvana where she has opened up a beauty shop.  She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. T.C. GARDENER.

Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN and Pete and Nell EDWARD of Iraan, were here again last weekend attending the bed-side of her mother, Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Miss Gladys SHORT of Breckenridge was guest last week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. RAYMOND and sister, Miss Madge PERRY, have returned from the bedside of his father who is ill at Altus, Arkansas.



.R.L. GARV and Welton KEITH left Monday for El Paso, where they expect to work.


Round Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Pete SIDES and Mrs. Whit SIDES and children of New Hope visited Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HODGES Sunday.

Aunt Annie ROSS has come home from a visit with friends and relatives.

Mr. Murray SIDES is able to be up and around the place now.

Mrs. LOVELESS, who has had pneumonia, is better.



Mr. John and Frank KAY received a message from their sister, Mrs. Charles NELSON, of Georgia, stating the serious illness of her and their mother Mrs. KAF.  Friends of theirs hope for her speedy recovery.

Mr. A.J. CUMMINS and granddaughter, Miss Myrtle, visited friends in Dublin Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Abb TURNER have returned home near Gustine.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DYSON receive a message from Miss Lillie CASS.  She left for Stamford the first where she entered the Baptist Hospital there for a three year course in nursing.  Miss DYSON was one of the honor graduates of Desdemona high school last year.  Her many friends hope she makes a success of her undertaking.

Little Wilma SPRUILL is recovering from a light attack of diphtheria.

Mrs. S.C. COWAN and little son of Dallas visited homefolks, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MACON and family from Saturday till Monday.

Myrtle Mae LOWRANCE is back in school after a two weeks illness from chickenpox.  Myrtle Mae was sick at her home in Hico.

Miss Loraine CROCKETT of Comyn visited Mr. and Mrs. S.W. CROCKETT and family last week.


Oliver Springs

The honor roll for the sixth month of school is as follows:

  First Grade: Roy Hammond HILL, L.V. MAUNEY, Wynelle BAIRD, Lona Mae COGBURN, Lola Bell COGBURN, and Edna Mae DOMINEY.

  Second Grade:  James WARREN and Maurice ECHOLS.

  Fourth Grade: Willie Velle HILL.

  Fifth Grade:  L.C. ECHOLS.

  Seventh Grade:  Iris WARREN.

  Ninth Grade:  Carmen BAIRD and Otho WARREN.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon MILLER are still quite ill at their home.

We have been informed that school will close April 10th, as we had been expecting an eight months school it is somewhat a disappointment.  We are hoping next year to have our same teachers back and an eight months school.  Very rarely do you find a small school with three teachers that give entire satisfaction to the patrons but we are fortunate indeed in this respect.

            Mr. HOLDRIDGE has proven to be a man of sterling character, Christian man and a good teacher.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM is a young man raised in this community, attended this school, every one knows of him.  Last, but not least, is Mrs. HOLDRIDGE.  In proof of what she is, we offer the love of her little pupils.  We mothers of the little ones are almost jealous.  These teachers are holding ideals before the pupils that are a continuation of the teaching of every Christian father and mother. 



Mrs. Ralph BURROWS has recovered from a recent tonsil operation.

Lawrence HUGHES has been on the sick list this week, but is recovering.

Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS spent Sunday visiting with Mrs. LEWIS’ mother, Mrs. R.S. CARR of Bunyan.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton KING have returned to this place from Wewoka, Okla. and have entered their children in school.

Dorris HUGHES has returned to Alpine where he is employed with a company operating stages into Mexico.



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