The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 6, 1931


Ivan Jeffrey Buys Highway Filling Station

            A deal was closed the past week in which Ivan JEFFREY purchased from W.C. LIGHTFOOT the Highway Filling Station, located at the turn of the highway one location east of Egbert’s Bakery.  JEFFREY has been operating Jeff’s Garage, adjoining the property, and the filling station fits in nicely with his garage business, and he will also deal in used cars.  He invites a share of the public patronage.


Birthday of J.A. Denman

            Grandpa J.A. DENMAN, father of Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER, had a birthday on February 27, being eighty-three years “young” and Mrs. ALEXANDER gave a surprise birthday dinner in his honor.  A splendid “chicken dinner” was served to a number of invited guests and Grandpa DENMAN greatly enjoyed the association of his friends.  Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Sam ROBINETT, Aunt Sarah ROBINETT, T.D. ROBINETT and wife, Mrs. Maggie FUQUA, Mrs. W.M. COLEY, Mrs. Lee MORRIS, Mrs. Carl SMALLWOOD, Mr. and Mrs. M.Z. STOVALL, Mrs. Dow MERRITT, Mr. and Mrs. M.H. ALEXANDER, and Mr. and Mrs. Abb DENMAN, the latter from Lamkin, Texas.


Old Nunnelly Home Destroyed by Fire on 21st of Feb.

            The old NUNNELLEY homestead was destroyed by fire at about 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 21.  The fire is said to have caught from a stove which had been lighted a short time previously.  Considerable household goods were saved, it is said.  Free Press has not further details.


Miss Bess Sloan Becomes Bride of Nick Higginbotham

            A pretty wedding was solemnized at Stephenville on February the twenty-first, in the ladies parlor of the First Baptist church, when Miss Bess SLOAN became the bride of Nick HIGGINBOTHAM.  The church had been made beautiful with prettily arranged sweet peas and snapdragons and banks of ferns.

            At six-thirty o’clock p.m. the sweet notes of Mendelssohn’s Wedding march were heard, with Mrs. Willis HIGGINBOTHAM at the piano.  Mrs. HIGGINBOTHAM  previously sang “I Love You Truly.”  The couple came down opposite aisles and met before the altar where Rev. W.H. ANDREWS, using the impressive ring ceremony, united them.  The strains of the wedding march continued as the happy couple left the church.

            The bride wore a gown of pink shadow lace with black lace hat and black satin slippers, carrying a bouquet of sweet peas.

            Her going away costume was of tan with accessories to match.  The groom wore a suit of tan.  Immediately following the wedding, they left for Dallas.

            Mrs. HIGGINBOTHAM is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. SLOAN and was reared at De Leon.  She was formerly in ready-to-wear business with her sister, Mrs. COUNTS, in this city, later being employed by Higginbotham Bros. & Co. at Comanche.  Three years ago she went with Higginbotham Co. at Stephenville where she has continued to be employed.  A year ago Nick HIGGINBOTHAM, son of the late Ben HIGGINBOTHAM and a nephew of R.W. HIGGINBOTHAM, came from Dallas to accept a position as salesman in the men’s department of the store.  Mr. and Mrs. HIGGINBOTHAM will continue to make their home at Stephenville.

            Guests present for the event were Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Willis HIGGINBOTHAM, Mr. and Mrs. Paul HIGGINBOTHAM, Miss Thelma SHATTOX, all of Stephenville; Mrs. A. SLOAN, mother of the bride, Mrs. S.T. COUNTS and children, and Alf SLOAN of this city.



            On Tuesday evening, March 3rd, at the home of W.R. GREENWALDT, about 4:30 p.m., Uncle Jack MORTON married his grandson, Mr. R.E. FRAZIER, and Miss Katharine CLINE, who motored over here from the community of Harbin in Erath County, to have Uncle Jack to say the ceremony for them.  The family of Mr. GREENWALDT and Mr. GREENWALDT’s mother, were all present to witness the ceremony.  Also Mr. FRAZER’s mother.

            When the ceremony was over and congratulations extended, about 5 p.m., the newly married couple and Mr. FRAZIER’s mother left for their home near Harbin.


Miss Lois Bell and Reese Upshaw Married

            The marriage of Miss Lois BELL to Reese UPSHAW, both popular young people of this city, occurred at the minister’s home at the Christian Church in Dublin on Tuesday, March third.  The young couple drove to Dublin with Ruel LOCKE, who acted as best man and with the minister’s wife, witnessed the ceremony.

            It was a number of years ago when Miss BELL and UPSHAW were in grammar school at De Leon and a friendship was begun which continued into high school.  After they were done with school days and were both employed, she with her brother, R.D. BELL, and UPSHAW with Plemmons Drug Co., they continued to be sweethearts and their constant association finally culminated in their happy union.

            Mrs. UPSHAW is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BELL, and Reese the only son of S.R. UPSHAW.  Both have been reared in De Leon and have hosts of friends who extended heartiest best wishes.


Mrs. R.O. Cox Had Major Operation

            Mrs. R.O. COX is home from the Baptist Sanitarium at Waco where she had a major operation some three weeks ago.  She has made satisfactory recovery and it is hoped will soon have regained her normal health.


Rabbit Drive

            A big rabbit drive was held in the St. Joe community last Monday with some 45 men taking part.  The drive started from the school house at 9 a.m. and moved toward the west.  At noon the hunters returned to the school house where the ladies had gathered and prepared a sumptuous dinner.  In the afternoon the drive extended northward, to the river.  About 300 rabbits, mostly Jacks, were killed.


Honor Roll

First Grade:  Harold CLARK, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL, Sarah Jo MORRISON, Mary Jack RICE, Bettye Jeanne NABORS.

Honorable Mention:  John Archie DAVIS, Orley HEATH, Bobby WOFFORD, Zelda BUCHAN, Peggy Jean COUNTS, Donna Fae WALL.

Second Grade:  Francis HAMPTON, Elizabeth MORELAND, Lewis CLARK, Dorwin HAMILTON, Harwell DONAHUE.

Honorable Mention:  Mary Jean NEWTON, Johnnie PEEVY, Alvenia BARTON, Kenneth SELF, Bruce TERRILL.

Third Grade:  Helen HALL, Elaine HAMPTON, June TERRILL, Robert COOK, Clark DUKE, Montie DAVIS, Terrill SHARP.

Honorable Mention:  Ina Louise MILLER, Edith Mae ROGAN, Mary SALTER.

Fourth Grade:  Iona Mae BOGWELL, Josie Beth ALLEN, Ruby Lee PELL, Talma RICE, Catherine SNEAD, Helen WALL.

Honorable Mention:  Elizabeth CARTER, Elaine SCOTT, Gayle NANCE, Henry Grady TERRILL, Jr.

Fifth Grade:  Francis Hall

Honorable Mention:  Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Aubry SLAUGHTER.

Sixth Grade:  Virginia SCOTT, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW.

Honorable Mention:  Eugene GENTRY.

Seventh Grade: 

Honorable Mention:  Christelle HOLLEMAH, Treasure RUSSELL, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL.


Mrs. Leigon Hostess

          The Bridge Club was entertained Tuesday afternoon, March 3rd, in the home of Mrs. C.W. LEIGON, High score went to Mrs. R.L. WHALEY.

            A delectable plate of bread and chicken salad, angel food cake topped with whipped cream and cherries and coffee was served to the following members:  Mesdames H.G. TERRILL, S.G. PARKS, W.H. CLARK, W.H. SMITH, Joe ASHBY, E.E. DABNEY, A.C. SCHUMAN, Herbert WEAVER.  The invited guests were:  Mesdames: M.H. HANCOCK, Fort KEITH, R.L. WHALEY, and Miss Christine AYERS.


“42” Party

            Mr. and Mrs. S.E. IVERSON were hosts to a “42” party on the evening of February 27, honoring their niece, Miss Glada FUGATE of Wichita Falls.

            After several interesting games were played refreshments consisting of sandwiches, olives, pickles, cake and coffee were served to the following guests:

            Mr. and Mrs. Charles SCHNARE, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK, J.H. RHODES, Misses Alice CARTER, Dollie PAYNE, Bernice KIKER, Evelyn KINCHEN, Messrs. Gaston GRISHAM, W.R. TOLAR, Buster CAMERON and Weldon PRESTON of Comanche.



Grandpa SEXTON died at his home here Saturday night at eight o’clock.  All his children were present at the time.  He was buried Sunday at the Oakland Cemetery.

Mr. Sherman JORDAN spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. J. Matt ROSS.

Miss Hazel DUKES is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Bishop CRADDOX of Red Barn, TX.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin BLAIR of Gorman spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.L. BLAIR.

Mrs. Bill SHELTON, who has been in Mineral Wells working, has returned and Mary Jane and Jackie are back in school again.

Some new pupils have started to school this week.  We have something over two hundred enrolled now.



Mrs. Madge OSBORNE is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. MOORE, Mrs. Madge OSBORNE and Mr. and Mrs. G.H. MOORE spent the week end at Killeen, visiting relatives.

Tuesday night was the regular meeting of our Literary Society.  A debate was rendered by Charley NELSON and Rob NABORS, negative side; Paul FISHER and Ardis WILLIAMS, affirmative side., the affirmative being winners. 

Aubrey FISHER returned from Longview Monday where he has been looking for work.

Miss Irene RYE spent the week-end with home folks at Sipe Springs.

Mrs. George HALBROOKS, who has been visiting her son of Breckenridge, has returned to her home in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse WARREN are the proud parents of a baby girl.



Mesdames R.L. PAIR, D. DILLON, J.E. WILSON and E. PAIR motored to Victor Friday and did some work in the cemetery.

Mrs. Mary MORRIS is visiting her children at Shallowwater, Texas.

Mrs. Lula TURNER and children of  Gustine are visiting her father H.J. CUMMINS.

Mrs. D. DILLON received a message Thursday from William THOMAS of Duster stating the illness of his wife who has double pneumonia.  Friends of theirs hope for her speedy recovery.

Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Buck GARY of Abilene will be sorry to learn of the death of Mr. GARY who was accidently killed by a train Thursday.  They formerly lived here.


Robinson Springs

Misses La Joyce MACON and Mattie Mell SPRUILL were the hostesses of a birthday party given in honor of their sixteenth birthdays, Friday night from 7:30 to 10:30 at Miss MACON’s home.  The living room was prettily decorated in red, white and blue festoons.  Two lare decorated cakes and punch were served to the guests, who were the teachers, classmates, and closest friends.  Misses Lorene and Pauline RAY of De Leon, Messrs. Carl MACON, Doyce SHORT, Roggers and Wayne CHAMBERS, all of Brownwood, were among the guests.

After the refreshments were served, in behalf of the teachers and classmates, Mr. MORING presented a memory book to each of the hostesses.  After the presentation, a game called “The Initiating of Members of Mrs. Brown’s Sewing Society” was played and then the happy guests adjourned.


The honor roll for February is as follows:

First Grade:  Adonis KIMMELL, Wayne MAHAN, Erwin Earl SAINTCLAIR and Louise BLANKENSHIP.

Second Grade:  Durwood PARKS, Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Bonnie Faye CUMMINS, Avis FORREST, Wilma KIMMELL and Oll’Marie BLANKENSHIP.

Third Grade:  Melton DECKER, A.J. STEWART, Lyndell COAN, Laura Mae BLOYD, Thelma FORREST, Lilliam CARR.

Sixth Grade:  Velma MILLER, Thelma MILLER, Aline KIMMELL and Janice BRUMBELOW.

Seventh Grade:  Virginia TOLAR, Josie BLOYD and Thelma BARKER.

High School:  Elaine BARKER, Alta Mae REDENBACK and Dale KAY.



Mr. and Mrs. Ferrill LEWIS visited with R.P. LEWIS and family Sunday.

Miss Audre LANE of Wewoka, Okla. Is visiting her mother, Mrs. W.A. LANE, this week.

Mrs. John NABORS, mother of Mrs. H.A. GREGORY, has been critically ill for the past two weeks.

Frank GREGORY, who is attending school in De Leon, spent the weekend with home folks.

Rev. E.G. THOMAS, who lived in this section of the country several years ago, was a pleasant caller at the school house last Tuesday.  Mr. THOMAS is an Uncle of O.S. ROBBINS and was visiting with Mr. and Mrs. ROBBINS.  Mr. THOMAS’ health has been failing to such an extent that he has given up his business.  He was engaged in the mercantile and Banking business at Everman near Fort Worth until recently.

W.N. KOONCE had the pleasure of having all his children at home for his birthday dinner last Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Gus BROWN came down from Goree and Mrs. Owen RILEY came from Borger, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BRAZELL from Desdemona and B.O., A.L., R.C. and Jim with their families who live near their father.  Also, J.N. KOONCE of Baird, O.S. ROBBINS and family and G.E. RILEY and family.  B.O. HAWKINS and R.C. WEIR and Mr. and Mrs. Ora FUQUA and others were there.  Mr. KOONCE also had all his grand children with him on this occasion.  He has lived on the same farm for nearly forty years and all this time has made this community a good and useful citizen.  He reared his children here and his interests are here.  He has given a good account of himself during all these years and by his upright life and his fair dealings with his neighbors has secured the friendship of all who have known him.


Oliver Springs

There has been so much rain the roads are in such condition there has been no visiting or anything to write about.

Wade SMITH from the plains has been visiting his sister, Mrs. Edd GREGORY for the past few weeks.

Mr. J. MILLER and daughter of May have been at the bedside of his brother, Gordon MILLER this week.


Local Happenings

Cager MOHON was here this week from Iraan, bringing home his mother, Mrs. Lena MOHON, who visited there.

Rev. A.D. WILLIAMS of Sylvester and Mrs. Huce WILLIAMS of Abilene were guests last week of their aunt, Mrs. D.T. WILLIAMS and Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.

Louie CORBELL, who has a position with the K.R. Anderson Paint Co. at Waco, was week-end guest of his mother, Mrs. H.W. CORBELL and family.

Misses Lillie and Lora SINGLETON of Sylvester were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vance SINGLETON.  They were accompanied home by Mrs. SINGLETON who will also visit relatives at Snyder.

Mrs. Roy HAMMERS is guest of her sister, Mrs. Mark PHILIPPS of Dallas.  Mr. and Mrs. PHILIPPS are entertaining a daughter who arrived February 19th.



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