The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, January 9, 1931


Vance Singleton is New Manager at Higginbothams

            Upon the resignation of W.H. WILLIAMS as manager of Higginbotham Bros. & Co. store in this city, C.V. (Vance) SINGLETON, general accountant for the company here, was promoted to the position of manager.  Singleton has been with the company for the past five or six years and was perhaps more in touch with the duties of the manager than any other man.

            SINGLETON is a “home product” and a very worthy and deserving young man.  He is the only son of the late D.M. SINGLETON, and the grandson of Uncle Doc SINGLETON, well known citizen of this community for many years.  Free Press feels that the affairs of the Company are in good hands when entrusted to Vance SINGLETON. 

            It was a particularly fitting tribute that his fellow employees paid SINGLETON when they are said to have petitioned the general headquarters for his appointment as local manager.


Remodeled Interior Gives Nice Effect at Smith’s Store

            Down at Smith’s Store, the management has had some marked changes made since the task of taking inventory was completed.  Old shelving on both the north and south walls has been removed, and display counters have been arranged throughout the front half of the building upon which new goods are attractively displayed.

            Not only is the change one that will lend attractiveness to the salesroom, but customers are better served when the goods are laid before them for their personal selection.

            Mr. SMITH has further changes in mind in the departments of shoes and groceries.  His customers are invited to give their comments upon the appearance of the place.


Build New Country Home and Gasoline Station on Terry Homestead

            Mr. and Mrs. G.H. YORK are at home at their new country place, two miles south of town, on the south half of the old James TERRY homestead.  A five-room cottage was purchased and moved to the property, the house being the one formerly occupied by Oscar WEATHERFORD.  A new gas station of modern construction has been erected, and a stock of merchandise will be carried.  When interviewed last week, Mr. YORK had not closed a contract for his gasoline and oils, but expected to handle a very popular brand.

            The YORKs resided for many years in this city in the old SHANNON homestead.  This was the girlhood home of Mrs. J.D. HAM, being one of the oldest houses remaining in the town.  It was built more than 45 years ago.  Mr. YORK wrecked the building and used the good dimension lumber in building his filling station.


Complete List of County Officials are Sworn In

            Last week when the Free Press gave the list of the new county officials taking office on January 1, we overlooked one very important name, that of Frank HOWINGTON, the new District Clerk.  Mr. HOWINGTON succeeded W.H. GORE in this office.  The official family of Comanche County is now as follows: 

W.T. HOUSE, County Judge.

Bob HAYNES, County Clerk.

Dwight BRIGHTMAN, County Sheriff.

F.O. JAY, County Attorney.

Miss Iva HART, County Treasurer.

George GOOSBY, Tax Assessor.

Mrs. B.W. SPEED, Tax Collector.

Romee WALKER, Supt. Public Instruction.

Frank HOWINGTON, District Clerk.

Tom D. ROBINETT, Commissioner, Precinct No. 4.


Will Mixon’s Father Injured When Thrown from Horse at Dallas

            W.T. MIXON, aged 74 years, father of Will MIXON of this city, was seriously injured when thrown from a horse at his home seven miles north of Dallas, on the Grapevine road, last Saturday.  The elder MIXON mounted a rather too proud horse and rode to a small town a short distance from his home.  Returning, he had almost reached home when a neighbor’s dog ran out and snapped at the horse’s heels.  The animal pitched its rider off.  MIXON sustained one fractured and two broken ribs and was otherwise bruised.

            Monday following the accident the condition of the injured man was serious, and Will MIXON and wife were called to his bedside.  He is improving and is thought out of danger.


Miss Marjorie Grisham Ill at Mineral Wells

            Winston GRISHAM and mother, Mrs. John GRISHAM, accompanied by Misses Nita HODGES, Mae Dell HAMILTON and Grace SMITH, went to Mineral Wells Sunday to visit with Miss Marjorie GRISHAM, who is there taking treatment for rheumatism.  Miss Marjorie has been in Mineral Wells for more than two weeks, and is improving.


Baby Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Schnare Very Ill

            Freda Lou, aged 4, baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. SCHNARE, has been quite ill since January 1st, of double pneumonia.  She was carried to the sanitarium at Gorman promptly and latest advise from there is to the effect that she is making satisfactory recovery.  At first it was feared she might be developing symptoms of meningitis but such was not the case.  She has been desperately ill during the week, but is now thought past the crisis.


They Have Newly Completed Home

            Mr. and Mrs. Ivan JEFFREY are at home in their own cottage, a four-room bungalow which they had moved on a lot near the J.B. JEFFREY property.  The new house is neat and of ample room for the young couple, who married only a few weeks ago.


Pioneer Citizen Dies

            Mrs. Emma COONER received a message Christmas Day telling her of the death of her uncle, George W. BUCHAN who was a pioneer citizen of this county, having come here and settled before De Leon was founded.


Bell & Son Open New Store, Free Press Building

            R.W. BELL and son, Dee BELL, have this week opened a brand new store in the front portion of the Free Press building.  They purchased a stock of goods in the Seymour district and trucks bringing same here arrived Tuesday afternoon.  Already the new firm “Bell & Son” are open for business with a line of general merchandise.  Buying a stock of goods and making a store out of it is in Dick BELL’s line.  With Dee to help out, with his years of experience in merchandising, the new store ought to, and will, make a go of it.

            Dee BELL recently resigned as salesman for W.H. SMITH and will devote his entire time to the new business.  It is their plan to gradually increase the stock and fixtures and engage in business on a permanent basis.


These De Leon Students Always Win Honors

            According to an announcement by C.S. WILKINS, registrar of John Tarleton College, 66 students are on the honor roll for the grade period just ended.  Four students have straight A records for the period; the other distinguished students made above the grade of B in each subject.  Among those making the honor roll for this period are Miss Geneva COLEY and Ruth HOWE of De Leon.  Both of these young ladies are in the habit of making good grades.


Card of Thanks

            We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the good friends and neighbors who were so kind and thoughtful at the time of our recent great bereavement in the death of our husband, son and brother.  Each expression of sympathy, either in word, kindly act, or in the flowers you heaped upon his grave, was appreciated by us, and it is our sincere wish that should misfortune overtake you that you, too may find such loyal friends.

Mrs. Dahlia MULLOY

E.E. MULLOY and children


Former De Leon Boy Marries in N. Mex.

            Richard LLOYD of Lubbock and Miss Jewell SLEDGE were married Saturday in Lovington, New Mexico, by the Baptist minister.  The young couple returned to Lubbock Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. LLOYD are at home at 1606 Avenue J.

            Mrs. LLOYD is the daughter of Mrs. Matin SLEDGE, 1833 Texas Avenue, Lubbock.  Mr. LLOYD is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. LLOYD of Lubbock, formerly of this city.


Mesdames Dodson and Howard Give Shower for Mrs. H. Rhodes

            On Saturday, January 3rd, Mesdames Mary E. DODSON and Oscar HOWARD entertained with a miscellaneous shower honoring Mrs. H. RHODES, a recent bride, at the home of Mrs. DODSON.  After several interesting contests were indulged in, a prize was awarded to Mrs. RHODES.  The prize was a decorated wagon filled with many useful gifts.  The presentation was made by little Misses Jimmie HAFFORD and Clarabel CLARK, after which refreshments, consisting of hot chocolate, fig bars and chocolate fingers were served sixteen guests.


Mrs. Skipper Hostess to the “42” Club

            The “42” Club was delightfully entertained Saturday January 3rd at the home of Mrs. SKIPPER.  Attractive tallies were passed and several games of forty-two were played.  Delicious refreshments of cheese sandwiches, olives, potato chips, individual cherry pie and punch were served.  Besides the members of the club, the following guests were present:  Mesdames Hiram SMITH, ALSTON, LLOYD, PULLEY and Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON.  The out of town guests were Mrs. NEWMAN of Navasota and Mrs. BLAIR of Itasca.


Duster (From last week)

Last Friday night a party sponsored by Mr. J.E. LIGHTFOOT at the school auditorium.  All the high school pupils came and reported having a nice time.

Miss Bernice GREY is visiting her grandfather, Mr. C.B. GRAY, of Duster, this week.

Misses Pauline and Mozelle BLAIRE spent the week-end at Gorman visiting Mr. and Mrs. Marvin BLAIR.

Mr. Austin HOLMES, who is attending school at Randolph College, spent last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HOLMES.

Mr. Justin HOLMES, who is attending school at Randolph College, is spending this week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HOLMES.

Miss Vina GRAHAM spent the week-end in Brownwood visiting her aunt, Mrs. H.P. EVANS.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude ROSS of Abilene spent Christmas day with his mother, Mrs. J.Matt ROSS.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris FARROW and little son have been visiting Mrs. FARROW’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.W. HATTOX.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes ABERNATHEY of Breckenridge, spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sid MORROW.



Rev. Walter MARTIN of Purvis filled his regular appointment here Saturday night and Sunday morning but on account of bad weather there were no services Sunday night.

Misses Johnnie B. and Inez HART spent the week-end with their sister, Mrs. Ellis ROUSE, of Desdemona.

Mrs. Ellis ROUSE of Desdemona, is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Frank THOMAS.

Joe FAIR of Desdemona has moved into our community.



Mr. George YOUNG is now confined to his bed.  He has been going on crutches for some time.

Friends of Grandpa HARROLD will be glad to learn he is better and able to visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank OWEN have moved to the farm formerly occupied by Mr. SINCLAIR in this community.

Mr. Sam S. PARKS and family have moved to the George ROSS farm from Comyn.

Mr. J. COWAN and family have moved to the KEE farm here.

Mrs. Rex KEE and children have gone to Luling where Mr. KEE has a position with the Chevrolet Co.


Robinson Springs

Misses Bess UNDERWOOD and Thessel ALLEN entertained the ninth and tenth grade girls and Mrs. MORING with a slumber party at the teacherage last Wednesday night.  At 12:00 o’clock, all went to the school and rang the old year out and the new year in.  Those present were Myrtle Mae LOWRANCE, LaJoyce MACON, Mattie Mell SPRUILL, Florence CLINE, Oleta MACON and Mrs. MORING.

Rex KEE and family have moved from his father’s place to Luling, Texa.

J.F. COAN and family of New Hope have moved to the KEE farm.  The children are in school at Robinson Springs.

Ed MILLER is busy this week building a built-in cabinet in the home of L.C. MACON.

Mrs. Walter BARKER and Mrs. A.C. STEWART, who have been seriously ill the past few days, are somewhat improved at this writing.

Miss LaVeda MACON entertained her classmates New Years night with a slumber party at her home.  Those present were:  Myrtle WEST, Hollis DYSON, Wilma Carroll MILLER and Dorris MACON.

Miss Bess UNDERWOOD spent the week-end with homefolks in Dublin.  On her return she brought a radio which she has installed in the teacherage.

Those who made the honor roll last month are:

First Grade:  Homer ELY, Charlie FORREST, Adonis KIMMELL, Wayne MAHAN, Erwin Earl ST. CLAIR and Betty KEE.

Second Grade: Durwood PARKS, Bonnie Faye CUMMINS, Wanda CARR, Avis FORREST, and Wilma Faye KIMMELL.

Third Grade:  Melton DECKER, A. J. STEWART, Laura Mae BLOYD, Thelma FORREST and Arlie Lorene FORREST.

Fourth Grade: Marjorie BRUMBELOW and Johnny NORWOOD.

Fifth Grade: Mary BLOYD, Vera BARKER and Mozelle STEWART.

Sixth Grade:  Aline KIMMELL, Janice BRUMBELOW, Charlotte MILLER and Velma MILLER.

Seventh Grade:  L.V. PARKS, Horace SPRUILL, Alvin PRICE, Thelma BARKER and Virginia TOLER.

High School:  Hollis DYSON, Alta Mae RADENBACH, and Elaine BARKER.



Jack RILEY was on the sick list last week but is up at this time.

Mrs. W.L. MOORE, who has been ill for the past several weeks, is improving.

George HUGHES was taken to Gorman this week for special treatment for a swollen and painful condition of his hand.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. GRIFFIN of Olden spent Sunday visiting with their daughter, Mrs. J.H. ADAMS, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat PEAK of Gorman visited with J.C. PEAK and family Sunday.

Z.L. KOONCE has purchased the R.E. COX place.  This place joins his home place and will make a nice addition to his farm.


Round Grove

Howel ROSS and family of De Leon have moved back to our community for the coming year.

Grandma HAMMET has returned home from a visit with her son at Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Dalt GILDER attended the funeral of Mrs. GILDER’s aunt at Lingleville Thursday.

We are glad to report that Mrs. Van BRUSH is improving nicely from illness.

Mrs. G.R. ROSS has moved back to our community.

Paul CHERRY’s children have been sick and unable to attend school.



Mrs.M.A. DUNCAN of Clifton, Texas, is visiting her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Clista DUNCAN and children.

There was a new pupil enrolled at school this week, Onro CARTER, of Roby, Texas.

Lois PRESSLEY has come into school here recently and is doing nicely with her work.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon GRISHAM have moved west of Mr. and Mrs. L.J. GRISHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CLEMENT are moving into the Rock Bluff community this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. FLATT spent Sunday evening with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BUNTING.

Mr. and Mrs. A.D. MAUNEY spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GRISHAM.



Johnnie and Henry SMITH have returned from Abilene.  They intend to work here.

Several of this community visited in the home of John DAWKINS Sunday afternoon.  Miss Lucile COAN and Jack SOLOMON were married there at 2:00 o’clock by Rev. Willie SKAGGS.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ALDRIDGE gave a party Friday night in honor of their son, C.D.’s birthday.  Many of the young people were present.

Miss Geneva NASH has returned to Denton, after spending several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim NASH.

Mrs. J.R. NORDYKE of San Antonio and Mrs. R.F. SHOEMAKER of Fort Worth are at the bedside of their mother, Mrs. N.C. CUNNINGHAM, who is ill.



Joe ASHBY went to Merkle Saturday in response to a message stating that his father was very ill.  He returned Monday.  Mr. ASHBY’s condition is improved.

Mr. and Mrs. William CADENHEAD are visiting his parents in Shamrock.

Miss Alene WYATT has gone to California to visit relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. LOCKE visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zola McCLELLAN at Moran last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry LEE of Clifton were guests last week of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Archie LEE.

Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN went to Hico Sunday to attend the funeral of her grandfather, Mr. FEWELL.

Miss Berta BROWN of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe BROWN.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick BLEVENS of Austin were recent visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack PARKER and Henry SIMS of Sweetwater, were guests last week of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. SNEAD.

W.R. RAY and daughters, Misses Pauline and Lorene, were in Dallas last week, visiting Dr. Henry RAY and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack PRICE have returned to Nacogdoches after visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Miss Minnie MERRICK, who teaches in a Ward school in the Southeast portion of the city of Fort Worth, spent Christmas visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. MERRICK.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark NICHOLS and sons, Ralph and Murray, spent Christmas at Morgan.  Their son, Craig, of Houston, met them there.

Rev. and Mrs. Leo BOON and baby, of Maypearl, were hear this week for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Mrs. Bessie WHITE, who lives at Rotan, underwent a major operation at Gorman last week and is recovering nicely.  Mrs. WHITE is a sister of Mrs. Adrian BALLARD.

Frank SLAUGHTER, former resident of this city, who has been for some years in the employ of the Magnolia Petroleum Co. at Cisco, is spending a month or so in De Leon doing relief work at the Magnolia station.

Miss C.G. TATE, who is a student of John Tarleton College and Miss Modelle TATE, manager of Bibby’s Variety Store at Stephenville, were guests during the holidays of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE.

Mrs. C.H. McCURDY has returned from Iraan, where she spent two weeks visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tex DANIELS, who are entertaining a tiny baby girl named “Sarah Voncile.”  Mrs. DANIELS was formerly Miss Faye McCURDY.



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