The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 19, 1930


W.H. Williams, Higginbotham Mgr. 30 Years, Resigns

            The resignation of W.H. WILLIAMS as manager of Higginbotham Bros. & Co. interests in De Leon, has been announced to become effective on January 1st, 1931.  Mr. WILLIAMS would have held this responsible position for thirty years had he remained until next June.

            Mr. WILLIAMS is resigning to engage in the Chevrolet business at Abilene.  His entry into this field brings the total number of major De Leon business men going with Chevrolet up to nineteen, all these within a period of less than ten years.

            De Leon can ill afford to lose such citizens.  Prominently connected with many interests, Mr. WILLIAMS' place will will be hard indeed to fill.  For a number of years he has been president of the Farmers & Merchants National Bank.  Free Press understands he will resign this position also.

            It is the purpose of Mr. WILLIAMS to leave his family here until school is out the coming May, after which time they will be at home in Abilene.


Enrollment of City Schools Totals 562 Scholastics for '30

            Enrollment for De Leon Public Schools this year is:  South Ward, 249; North Ward, 140; High School, 178; total enrollment 562.

            Following is honor roll by grades for the school.  A student who makes the honor roll for any period has made a grade of 90 or above on all his or her subjects, including attendance and deportment.  Those who have made an average of 90 or above and who have been 90 percent in attendance and have a deportment grade of at least 90 are given honorable mention.


First Grade John Archie DAVIS; Mary Jack RICE.  Honorable Mention Floyd MOREHEAD, Zelda BUCHAN.

Second Grade Irene SLAUGHTER, Mary Frances ELLIS, Jean LEIGON, Darwin HAMILTON, Bruce TERRILL, Frances HAMPTON.  Honorable mention Harwell DONOHUE, Mary Jean NEWTON, Harry STRICKLAND.

Third Grade Helen HALL, Ira Louise MILLER, Edith Mae ROGAN, Elaine HAMPTON, Mary SALTER, June TERRILL, Darleen VAN ZANDT, Terrill SHARP.  Honorable Mention Rober CLARK.

Fourth Grade Josie Beth ALLEN, Elaine SCOTT, Helen WALL, Catherine SNEAD, Royce STRINGFELLOW.  Honorable Mention Johnny NORWOOD, Ruby Lee PELL, Henry Grady TERRILL.

Fifth Grade Frances HALL.  Honorable Mention Ralph NICHOLS, Lucile WALTRIP.

Sixth Grade Frances GREGORY.  Honorable Mention Eugena GENTRY, Eva Ruth JORDAN, Virginia SCOTT, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Denton JENKINS.

Seventh Grade Lillie Marie UNDERHILL.  Honorable Mention Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Christelle HOLLEMAN, Oneta POPE.


First Grade Sarah Jo MORRISON, Mary Jack RICE, Ruth Elaine BOSWELL.  Honorable Mention John Archie DAVIS.

Second Grade Mary Frances ELLIS, Frances HAMPTON, Darwin HAMILTON.  Honorable Mention Harwell DONOHUE, Elizabeth MORELAND, Johnny PEEVY, Mary Jean NEWTON.

Third Grade Helen HALL, Ina Louise MILLER, Mary SALTER, June TERRILL, Darleen VAN ZANDT, Clark DUKE, Gerold SHORT, Terrill SHARP.  Honorable Mention Elaine HAMPTON, Lorene WALTRIP, Montie DAVIS.

Fourth Grade Talma RICE, Josie Beth ALLEN, Elaine SCOTT, Catherine SNEAD, Helen WALL, Iona Mae BAGWELL.  Honorable Mention Johnny NORWOOD, Gayle NANCE, Henry Grady TERRILL.

Fifth Grade Flora JONES.  Honorable Mention Frances HALL, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Dora Laura PEEVY, Aubrey SLAUGHTER.

Sixth Grade None.  Honorable Mention Eugena GENTRY, Eva Ruth JORDAN, Virginia SCOTT, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW.

Seventh Grade None.  Honorable Mention - Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Christelle HOLLEMAN.


First Grade - Buster DENDY, Jack HARRIS, Derwin NABORS, Herbert RAMPLEY, Eldon FERRELL, Alice Louise EOFF, Dorothy Gene GLOVER, Barbara GORMAN.  Honorable Mention - Charles ANDERSON, Eugene BIBBY, Gayle RIPPETOE, Dorothy Mae HOLMES, Valton LEWALLEN.

Second Grade - Lela DENDY, Louise HOLLEMAN.  Honorable Mention - Billie Wayne SCOTT, Jimmie SMALLWOOD, Ardel UNDERHILL, Willie Mae WISDOM, Esther ANDERSON.

Third Grade - None.  Honorable Mention - Allen ANDERSON, Jr., Jack DUNNAHOO, Rosa Lee McCURDY, Rachel LANCASTER, Grace WYATT.

Fourth Grade - None.  Honorable Mention - Margaret PARSON, Louise PIERCE, Hazel WARE.

Fifth Grade - None.  Honorable Mention - None.

Sixth Grade - C.L. MOHON, Vance ROACH.  Honorable Mention - Elsie LEE, Opal Mae TATE.


Freshmen - Dorris MORTON, Pansy MULLOY, Byron WRIGHT.  Honorable Mention - None.

Sophomores - Martha Frances RUSSELL, Jim NANCE.  Honorable Mention - Susan Frances SCHMIDT.

Juniors - Truman BRATTON, Vera Mae BRATTON, Lenora FINKELSTINE, Anthon LEIGON.

Seniors - Jack DONOHUE, Lottie ROBINETT, Golden CARTER, Aline PITTMAN, Evelyn KINCHEN, Adrian GRIZZELLE and Christine NARRY.  Honorable Mention - Lucile BAKER, Christelle NELSON, Grace SMITH.



            Miss Odette GILLOCK and Mr. Garland BELL surprised their friends on Saturday, December 13, by getting married.  The mariage ceremony was said by Rev. W.D. COLE, pastor of the Methodist church at Dublin, at 7:45 o'clock p.m.  The ring ceremony was used impressively.

            These are two of the city's most popular young people, both having been reared at De Leon.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene GILLOCK, the groom a son of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BELL.

            The happy young couple will make their home at Dublin where Mr. BELL has a position with Radford Grocery Co.  Congratulations and best wishes!



            Mr. M.B. PIERCE and Miss Viola BRAZELL were united in marriage on Tuesday, December 16, at 4 o'clock p.m.  Rev. H.A. ANDERSON spoke the words that united them.  Mr. and Mrs. PIERCE have hosts of friends who wish them much happiness.


Miss Doye Warren Honored With Pretty Shower

            In the afternoon of December 12 at 3:00 o'clock, Mrs. George DANIELS and Mrs. John LIGHTFOOT entertained with a shower honoring Miss Doyle WARREN, prospective bride.  The home of Mrs. DANIELS was lovely with potplants, roses and chrysanthemums.

            After the guests were assembled, the "honk" of the "joy wagon" was heard.  Upon opening the door, there entered from the hall a lovely decorated wagon piled high with beautiful and useful gifts, drawn by Mrs. Beulah COON, assisted by Miss Alta THORNTON.  Miss DOYLE took charge of the presents, after everything was duly admired.

            Mrs. DANIELS led the guests to the dining room where, assisted by Mrs. John LIGHTFOOT, she served hot chocolate, devil's food and fruit cake to the following:  Mrs. Beulah WARREN, mother of the bride-to-be, Mrs. Burl TERRY, Mrs. Sallie THORNTON, Mrs. Arthur LOUDERMILK, Mrs. Beulah COAN, Mrs. Elmer TATE, Mrs. DONALDSON, "Aunt" Carrie CHAMBERS, Misses Alta and Blanche THORNTON, Miss Doyle WARREN and little Misses Johnnie May LIGHTFOOT, Vaneta TERRY and Dorothy Pearl TATE.


Rev. and Mrs. A. F. Nabors Observe Golden Wedding

            Sunday, December 14, the children and grandchildren of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS gathered to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary of the elderly couple at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bonner NABORS.  The "bride and groom" knew nothing of the arrangements until they were ushered into the house, confronted by the festive group and greeted by an array of golden wedding bells and other suitable decorations.  A dinner in keeping with the occasion had been prepared by the family in honor of the bride and groom of half a century ago.

            Miss Mary Frances KING became the bride of Rev. A.F. NABORS at the home of T.J. KING in Hanover, Alabama, on December 14, 1880.  The father of the bride lost his life in the Civil War.  The young couple lived in Alabama until 1897 when they came to Texas and have resided in and around De Leon since that date.  To this happy union were born twelve children, eight of whom are still living, some in De Leon and others in different parts of the state.

            Rev. NABORS has filled different pulpits many times as a local preacher of the Methodist church and has been very popular in the service of tying the bonds of wedlock for numerous young couples of the area surrounding De Leon.  The minister has lived his three quarters of a century and his companion, her three score and ten years, but each is enjoying active live on their small farm near the outskirts of De Leon.  They are to be congratulated as they reach their mile post as "pals of fifty years," and we wish them much more happiness and success as the years continue to pass.

            Those present were:  Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS and family, Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER; Mrs. BALLARD, sister of Rev. NABORS; Mr. R. Oscar NABORS and family; Mr. and Mrs. W.M. COLEY and family; Mr. and Mrs. A.E. NABORS and family of Brownwood; Mr. and Mrs. J.L. GREENWALDT and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bonner NABORS; Mr. and Mrs. W.M. GUYGER; Mr. and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE.  The total number present was thirty-five.


Mrs. Archie Lee Hostess To Forty-two Club

            On Saturday afternoon, December 13, Mrs. Archie LEE was hostess to the "42" Club in her new "bride's bungalow."  It was the first real party to be given in the new home and the guests were as interested, or more so, in each room of the perfectly appointed cottage than in the old favorite game of "42."

            A new home such as the LEEs have achieved has no need for further adornment to make it ready for a party but few simple Christmas decorations were used to give a more festive air for the coming holiday season.

            Eight tables were arranged for the game.  At the end of two hours of jolly playing, ice cream, frozen in the shape of Christmas bells, squares of fruit cake topped with whipped cream and a cherry, and coffee were served to the regular members of the club and the following guests:  Mesdames P. SHAVER, Fred SHAVER, Walter JETTON, Grady TERRILL, Hiram SMITH, B.J. PITTMAN, Fort KEITH, M.D.STEWART, T.C. SMITH, John WEAVER, Henry SHARP, Jack PRICE, Payne SLAUGHTER, Joe ASHBY, Harold WILLIAMS, Riley WORTHY, Mrs. Brown SHAVER of Luling, an Mrs. John MOHON of Comanche.


Mmes. Williams and Kinchen Entertain

            Mesdames W.H. WILLIAMS and C.L. KINCHEN entertained the W.M.S. with a cup-towel shower for the kitchen of the Baptist Church, last Friday at three o'clock p.m. at the home of Mrs. WILLIAMS.  The evening was most enjoyably spent with contests and special music rendered by Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT and Miss Gussie INSALL.  Miss Mary Alice ROLLINS gave an interesting reading after which refreshments consisting of coffee, whipped cream and doughnuts were served to the following:

            Misses Mary Alice ROLLINS and Gussie INSALL, and Mesdames J.H. GRIZZELLE, Walter EGBERT, Frank SNEAD, Will BLACK, George ROLLINS, M.A. DAVIS, B.E. HOWE, O.M. BUCHAN, Oscar HOWARD, A.P. SCHMIDT, S.E. IVERSON, and B.J. PITTMAN.


Robinson Springs

John NORWOOD and family of De Leon have recently moved to the S.G. PARKS place.

Rev. CARTER of Comanche preached at this place Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ADAMS and children of Comanche attended services at this place Sunday and visited with friends.

Ballard CLARK and family have recently moved to Comyn.  This good family will be missed much in church and school, also in community society.  The children were very popular with the other children of the community.

L.   MACON has recently purchased a team of mules from S.C. GLOVER of De Leon.

E.W. SHORT and L.C. MACON collected a coop of chickens from the church members Tuesday to send to Buckner's Orphan Home.  The church has made this feature an annual gift to the orphan's home for several years at Christmas time.

Miss Thessel ALLEN accompanied Mr. And Mrs. JOINER to Ranger Saturday to do some Christmas shopping.

Mrs. W.L. MOORE, who has been ill for some time, is somewhat better at this writing.



Misses Hulet, Myrle and Bean BRUMBELOW visited their sister, Mrs. I. MARTIN, of Lowell, the past week.

Several here are taking the day and killing hogs.

John KAY killed a beef Saturday and canned it for home use.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MAHAN gave a dinner Sunday in honor of their small daughter, Ruth's, fourth birthday.  Many little friends were present.

Alton BRUMBELOW and C.C. MILLER carried a truck load of hogs to Fort Worth to market Wednesday.



Last Friday was a very busy day at school.  The people of the community met to work on the school campus.  Mr. FREEMAN came and brought the road grader, and helped work on the campus which everyone appreciated.  The women brought cakes and pies and stew was furnished by the school.  When work was completed, De Leon and Duster boys played basketball, De Leon winning.

I.T. GRAHAAM and son, Loraine, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GRAHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. Coy WARREN are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES and little son of Rising Star, have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES.

Mr. and Mrs. F.M. FILES spent last week-end in Abilene, Texas with their daughter, Mrs. A. Q. ECHOLS.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LITTLE are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby girl.

Mrs. Ida PITTMAN of De Leon, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L.L. DUKES, has returned to De Leon.

Mozelle BLAIR spent last week-end in De Leon, with her sister, Mrs. Jim GREY.

Mrs. CUNNINGHAM is visiting in Forman with her son, T.F. CUNNINGHAM.

Mrs. Bill SHELTON, small son and daughter, have returned from Mineral Wells, where Mrs. SHELTON has been working.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. HASLEY have moved back on their home place, southwest of Duster.  Mr. and Mrs. HASLEY are glad to be back at their old home and the people of this community are glad for them to be back.

Little Miss Helen STEWART has returned from De Leon, where she has been visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN.

Austin and Justin HOLMES and Chas MORTON, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HOLMES Saturday.

The people of this community visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GRAHAM Wednesday evening taking many household goods to Mr. and Mrs. L. GRAHAM, whose house was burned a short time ago.  Mr. and Mrs. L. GRAHAM are staying with Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GRAHAM.



Mr. and Mrs. Jim KOONCE have moved to the G.B. CLARK place which Mr. KOONCE recently purchased.

Mrs.W.A. LANE visited Mr. and Mrs. L.N. LANE of Gorman Sunday.

S.W. LAMINACK will move from this community to Gorman soon.  We regret very much to lose this excellent family of people.  Mr. and Mrs. LAMINACK have lived here only a year but have enlisted the fast friendship of their neighbors.


Local Happenings

W.P. EASON of Lamesa visited his sister, Mrs. T.D. CRADDOCK last week.

Miss Lillian PITTMAN of Yuma, Arizona, is guest of her grandmother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Miss Grace HAMMETT of Abilene was guest last week of her mother, Mrs. Lena HAMMETT.

Miss Jessie JONES was guest for the week-end of her sister, Miss Arlene JONES, at Stephenville.

Mr. and Mrs. F.E. BROWN of Lamesa are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe BROWN.

Miss Beulah BROWN of Stephenville was guest Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe BROWN.

Mr. and Mrs. C.A. FITZGERALD, who have lived at Denton the past three years, arrived home several days ago and will reside here.

Mr. and Mrs. Bascum BIBBY of Electra, were guests last week of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY and Mrs. Ora BROWNLEE.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS is in Ft. Worth where she will remain over the holidays with her son, L.D. PARKS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. THOMPSON and daughter, Ruth Ann, of Wichita Falls, are here for the holidays, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack PRICE of Nacogdoches, are spending Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Cager MOHON left Monday of this week for McCamey where he has accpeted a position in the Hamilton Drug Store.

Mrs. J.V. WHITE received a message Wednesday bearing the sad news of the death of her step-sister, Mrs. LOCHABY, which occurred that day at Breckenridge.  Mr. and Mrs. WHITE and daughter attended the funeral there Thursday.


To Santa

De Leon, Texas

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a little sewing machine, a painting set, a story book and a box of candy.

Yours, Virginia Jo EASTERLING

Dear Santa Claus,

Please send me a wind-up train with a little track, a little telephone, a filling station with a gasoline and an oil tank in it, some little iron cars and a little truck, too, a dump truck, a pair of leather boots, an overcoat and all kinds of fire works.


Dear Santa Claus,

I would like for you to bring me an aviator with goggle glasses.  I would like for you to bring me an apple, an orange and a banana.  Bring daddy some cheese and don't forget my little brother.  He wants a little wagon.

Delbert OTWELL

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a story book and I would like for you to bring me some apples, bananas and oranges.  That will be all this time.  Santa, don't forget mama.  Bring her a set of plates.

Juanita OTWELL

Dear Santa Claus,

I am a little girl seven years old, just started to school.  Will you please bring me a pair of house shoes, a bath robe and some doll furniture, candy and nuts.

Your little friend, Zelda Elaine BUCHAN

Dear Old Santa,

I am a little girl five years old and I've been a very good little girlie in the year of '30.  Now will you please bring me a sleepy doll that says "Mama," a little iron to iron my doll's clothes, a sewing machine.  Santa, you can also bring me a little Ford coupe, a lot of nuts, candy , apples and oranges and bananas.

With lots of love from your little friend.

Joe Nell KOONCE  I live on Route 2

Dear Ole Santa,

Will you please bring me a sleepy doll an iron, a new dress, lots of nuts, oranges, apples, candy.  I have been a very good little girl but will not ask for much this time as I want you to bring a lot to my little brother, Glen Edward.

Santa, you will find us at Grandmother HARRIS' this Christmas.

As ever, your little friend, Helen Joyce WINKLES


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