The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 12, 1930


John Dupriest has Prize Turnip Patch

            John DUPRIEST brought a load of the finest turnips to town early this week, the writer has seen this season.  There were big purple top white globes and a variety known as “cow horn,” all prize specimens.  The globes would perhaps weigh up to five or six pounds, and the “cow horns” were fully 15 inches long.  Mr. DUPRIEST has been particularly successful in growing turnips this fall, is selling some and has banked many bushels for use during the winter.


Thieves Get 60 Bushels Peanuts at Oliver Springs

            Reports of thefts of farm crops, turkeys, etc. have been current lately, the latest coming from Oliver Springs where Arthur WARREN was the victim.  Mr. WARREN had threshed his peanut crop and had the nuts sacked and left stacked in the field to dry.  Thieves took 60 bushels of the nuts.  There is no clew to their identity.


Quilla Bills Dies At Cisco on Last Day of November

            R.Q. (Quilla) BILLS, brother of Les BILLS and a citizen of De Leon many years ago, died at his home in Cisco on the 30th of November, 1930.  The cause of his death was high blood pressure. He was past fifty-eight years of age at death.

            Mr. BILLS had followed the barber trade for perhaps thirty years.  About twenty-five years ago he lived in De Leon, making this city his home for about three years, being engaged as a barber here.  Many local people will doubtless remember him and regret to hear of his passing.

            Surviving are his wife and their two children, Melton, who resides at San Pedro, Calif., and Dixie, 13, their young daughter.

            Mr. BILLS was a member of the Christian church and was a Mason.  He requested a simple funeral service, and his wishes were respected, the funeral being from the family residence in Cisco on December first and his body laid to rest in Cisco cemetery, with many friends attending.


Mrs. A.B. Emmons is Burned in Freak Fire

            Mrs. A.B. EMMONS suffered the misfortune of getting her face and chest badly burned Tuesday at noon.  She had lighted the oven to her kitchen range, but only one section of the burner caught.  Later, opening the door, a puff of wind caught the accumulation of gas, causing the blaze to flare out over her face and chest.  Her hair and eyebrows were badly singed.  She had only recently sufficiently recovered from an emergency appendicitis operation to be out again.  - Whitesboro News


De Leon Man Feasts on Wild Turkey for his Birthday Dinner

            On December 4th W. EGBERT, local bakery owner, celebrated his birthday in a fitting manner, Mrs. EGBERT serving a big wild turkey which Mr. EGBERT killed in Mason county.  The bird weighed 12 ¾ pounds dressed and was a very fine specimen.  Present for the dinner were some business and personal friends of Mr. And Mrs. EGBERT, Messrs. COLEMAN of Comanche and COLBY of Eastland, Mr. And Mrs. Charles MEDFORD of De Leon, Route 2, and Misses Martha Frances RUSSELL, and Mattie BLANTON, friends of Miss Jeannette.

            Mr. EGBERT and Burl TERRY went to Mason county deer hunting, but failed to bag the big game this year.


Baynard Fretwell Dies Late Friday; Is Buried Sunday

            The earthly life of Samuel Baynard FRETWELL, 24, reached its close at 6:18 o'clock p.m. Friday, December 5, 1930.  He had been ill of uremic poisoning and high blood pressure for some months, and had been confined to his bed for about five days.  Sunday upon his ?, he was carried to Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman for examination and was sent home to be placed under treatment.  He sank rapidly in his condition and death brought relief from much suffering.

            FRETWELL was born in Kerrville, Texas on August 26, 1906, being 24 years, three months and nine days of age when death came.  His father died at Duffan 19 years ago, and a young brother, Perry, passed away soon afterward.  He is survived by his mother, Mrs. B.F. COX, and sister, Miss Launa FRETWELL, a senior at Texas Christian University and B.F. COX, step-father.

            Graduating from De Leon high school in 1924, FRETWELL attended school at Texas Christian University for two years and later attended State University part of one term.  His friends and associates often commented on his quick, sharp intellect.  He made a good student.  A number of years ago he became a member of the Knights of Pythias Lodge.

            Baynard had many friends among the young men of the town, especially, and these were very attentive during his brief illness, and a group of them bore his body to its last resting place Sunday afternoon where it was tenderly laid away beneath banks of beautiful flowers.

            The funeral service was conducted by Rev. RICHARDSON, pastor of the Christian Church at Stephenville.  Active pall bearers were J.D. TATE, Winston GRISHAM, Emmett LOCK, Dewey DANIELL, Ager MOHON and Hoyt Lewis EASTERLING, S.A. DUKE and Self PARSON.

            Out of town people attending the funeral were as follows:  W.P. FRETWELL, Mrs. Ben MIDDLETON, Doyle MIDDLETON, Mr. LAULA, of Afton, Texas; Mrs. Z.R. DIXON, Mrs. Herbert TIDWELL, Mr. And Mrs. Dave McCARTY, Mr. And Mrs. Ike MALONE, Miss Trixie DIXON, of Hico, Texas; Mr. And Mrs. Mark DOWDY, Mr. And Mrs. Dennis LANE, Miss Jesse ROBERSON, Miss Ethel SELF, Mr. TIDWELL, of Clairette, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Sam MEDFORD, Jesse MEDFORD, of Alexander, Texas; Mr. And Mrs. Frank MARTIN of Brownwood; W.G. LAYTON, of Ft. Worth; Mrs. Frank WILLIAMS and children, Mrs. Hite RIPPETOE, Mr. And Mrs. W.E. DICKINSON, Miss Marguerite BYRD, Miss Ersie Kern ATOR, Miss Elizabeth ATOR, Joel WILLIAMS, Woodrow WILLIAMS, of Lipan, Texas; Mrs. Dan MARTIN, of Dublin, Texas; Mr. And Mrs. W.C. JENKINS of Chaney, Texas; Miss Leila JENKINS, Gorman, Texas; Miss Myrtle HARRIS, R.N. of Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, Texas.



There are a few cases of diphtheria in this community.  Arlen ALDRIDGE, the little son of Mr. And Mrs. Arthur ALDRIDGE, is seriously ill at Gorman.

 Mr. and Mrs. Tom GREER and family spent Sunday with Mrs. GREER's mother, Mrs. S.A. FERRELL.       

Byron GREGORY, who is attending school at Tarleton visited home folks this week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill JOINER are the proud parents of a fine baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. I. L. FRAZIER spent Saturday night with Mr. And Mrs. T.E. FRAZIER.

The people of the Beattie community met at home of C.D. GRAHAM last Thursday and brought Mr. And Mrs. Lige GRAHAM a nice lot of household goods and clothing.  Mr. And Mrs. GRAHAM lost their home by fire about a week ago.  The people of the Duster community will give her a shower Wednesday afternoon at the home of her son, C.D. GRAHAM.

Roy GRAHAM has returned from out west, where he has been working.

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. HILL spent Sunday with Mr. HILL's mother, Mrs. HILL.

Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand CROW spent Saturday in the home of Mr. And Mrs. J.D. CROW.

Marvin BLAIR of Gorman, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.L. BLAIR of Duster.

W.H. ROBERTSON, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs. T.E. FRAZIER of the community, has returned to his home at Detroit, Michigan.

Mrs. GILMORE and family of Woodson, Texas, have moved on Mrs. PORTER's place, where they intend to live the coming year.

The honor roll for the fourth month is:

First Grade:  Robert ADAMS, Sherman WALKER, Billy Gene BRADFORD, Gladys STUART, Doyle HOLMES, Joy LaFerne THOMAS, Lynnwood DUKES, and C.D. HODGE.

Second Grade:  Henry HOLMES, Billy HEATHINGTON, Billy Ruth HUDDLESTON, Christine McPHAIL, Agnes JOINER, Pearl SKAGGS and Gailon WARREN.

Third Grade:  Mardine SCOTT, Don MASON and Jessie Burl WALTON.

Ninth and Tenth:  Esther GREER, Agnes Lee HOLMES and Verdie GREER.


Mrs. Carlile is Hostess at Bridge Tuesday

            On Tuesday afternoon from three to five Mrs. H.H. CARLILE entertained members and guests of the Bridge Club.  Tables of "42" were arranged, at which Mrs. W.C. LIGHTFOOT won high score.  Mrs. Wilbur WRIGHT scored highest at Bridge.  Those present were Mesdames Goss COBB, E.E. DABNEY, Jack PRICE, S.G. PARKS, W.H. SMITH, R.L. SCOTT, H.G. TERRILL, Wilbur WRIGHT, M.D. STEWART, F. ? KEITH, R.L. WHALEY, C.B. GREGORY, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, D.M. RUSSELL and C.W. LEIGON and Miss Doris AYERS.



            J.A. ESTES went to McAllister, Oklahoma on  November 15th and was married there to Miss Viola HAYNER.  The two met several months ago and have corresponded, the friendship resulting in marriage, as stated.

            Mr. ESTES has lived in De Leon for many years.  Mrs. ESTES is a native of Independence, Mo.  Congratulations and best wishes are extended them.


Dever Gilder and Miss Ethel Sadberry Marry Sunday, December 7th

            Miss Ethel SADBERRY, daughter of J.W. SADBERRY became the bride of Dever GILDER at 1:30 o'clock last Sunday afternoon, the couple going to the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS to take the solemn vows.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A.B. BYRD and J.E. SADBERRY and Miss Jewel GRIFFITH, who witnessed the ceremony.

            Both these are well known and popular De Leon young people, former students in De Leon high school, and have hosts of friends who wish for them greatest happiness.  Mr. GILDER is employed at Gentry Service Station.  Free Press understands they will continue to make De Leon their home.


Program at Rucker

            There will be a program and Christmas Tree at the Liberty School Friday, December 19, at 7:00 PM.  Liberty is better known as Rucker.  Mrs. Clista DUNCAN is principal of the school.

            One feature of the program will be a play given by the older pupils of the school.  The play is "Christmas at Skeeter Corner."  Everyone is invited to attend.


Card of Thanks

            To our friends and neighbors:  We take this opportunity of thanking you for the wonderful friendship that you have shown to us during the brief illness and death of our beloved son and brother.  (The loving kindness of your friendship has been a great comfort to us).  We deeply appreciate all of the beautiful floral offering, expressions of sympathy, and thoughtfulness extended to us in our hour of bereavement.  God's richest blessings be upon you.

            Sincerely,  Mr. and Mrs. B.F. COX, Launa FRETWELL


Card of Thanks

            Kind and sympathetic friends are a great solace when sorrow comes to one, and this fact was shown to us in great measure when Mother died last week.  You came and did everything humanly possible to help and comfort us.  And the beautiful flowers were expressive of the love you bore her.  We pray that the coming of sorrow to your own homes may be long delayed but when it comes may you, too, find such loving and helpful neighbors and friends.

            Mrs. J.A. LEVENS, Mrs. Abbie ROBERTS, Mrs. Jas. LADWIG, Mrs. C.E. BASS and family



There have been several in this community who have taken advantage of the recent cold weather to kill hogs.

C.M. MIEARS and Earnest GOATS were at Olden Monday working on an oil well in that place and transferring some heavy machinery.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. ADAMS and daughters, Robbie Lea and Emogene, and Miss Madgealene McKINNEY were in Ranger Sunday seeing the Airplane races and balloon operation, which drew large numbers of people.  They report an interesting day.

Ferrill LEWIS had the misfortune to be in a car collision as he returned from Ranger last week.  It was getting dark and his lights were giving some trouble and a car going in the opposite direction collided with his car doing considerable damage to both cars.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy GUTHERY and children visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY Sunday.

Mrs. Bess STURDIVANT of Comyn visited Mr. and Mrs. W.R. STURDIVANT Sunday.

Mrs. P.M. REDWINE of Ranger visited her son, E.H. REDWINE, Saturday.


Comyn News

Homer BARNES of Big Lake is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess BARNES.

Mr. and Mrs. Orville ROSS are in Roby visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Albert GEORGE and family.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. ROSS and little daughter, spent the week-end with relatives in Fort Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. Conway THOMPSON and children of Hawley, spent the week-end here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.R. THOMPSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Shorty THOMAS of Big Lake are here visiting relatives.

Mrs. Wade COWAN and son, Rich, spent the week-end in Lubbock.  Mrs. COWAN went to see her sister, Mrs. RAMBO, who is in the Lubbock Sanitarium for treatment.

W.D. GRAVES went to Stephenville Tuesday afternoon to attend the funeral of a relative.

Mr. and Mrs. L.G. HOLLAND are the parents of a baby boy born December 7th.

Mrs. Whit SIDES, who has been suffering several days from a severe attack of erysipelas, is reported improving.

J.L. CHANDLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff CHANDLER, who recently had a tonsil operation, has recovered and is in school again.

Voncile ALSTON, who underwent a tonsil operation at the Blackwell Sanitarium during the Thanksgiving holidays, is improving nicely and was able to return to school this week.

Mrs. Charlie ROLLINS and baby of Stamford, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.H. COR.

When the last reports were issued, thirty-two pupils were found to be on the honor roll for the second 6-weeks period.  A pupil must make an average of B-plus on all subjects to be on the honor roll.  The names of the pupils are:

First Grade:  Jimmie SKIPPER, Helen MOHON, Nadine CHILDRESS, Louise COFFEY, Mayme Lou DICKEY, Marsell PARSLEY and Wayne GILDER.

Second Grade:  Ruth DICKEY, Richard BOYKIN and Garland COOK.

Third Grade:  Clara May STEELE.

Fourth Grade:  Eloise HODGES, Frances EASLEY, Wilson MOORE and Annie Lois DRY.

Seventh Grade:  Orene GRISSOM.

Eighth Grade:  Allen Z. GAMMAGE and Billie COWAN.

Ninth Grade:  Laveda SPENCER, Ima FLOYD, Luvile EASLEY, Kirk DOGGETT, Ollie COFFEY and H.B. ROSS.

Tenth Grade:  Naomi CARAWAY, Faye FLOYD and Ina Vaye HODGES.

Eleventh Grade:  Faye KINNARD, Margaret JAY, Talmage GAMMAGE, Lee HOOD, and Sam COWAN.


Local Happenings

C.H. HINTON, now station agent at Maxwell, Caldwell county, and Miss Edras THOMSON, who has held a position as clerk with Mr. HINTON for the past four months, were here the past week-end for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.L. THOMSON.

Henry PATE has returned fom a visit with relatives at Dallas.

Lonnie COZBY of Brownwood was a week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis COZBY.

Mrs. Odell GRIMSHAW of Stephenville is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Amelia HATTOX.

Doyle MAY has returned from Springfield, Mo., where he has spent the past two months.

Mrs. HICKEY of Comanche is visiting her daughters, Mrs. Vernon BELL and Mrs. Dick BELL.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack WOODARD and daughter Miss Naomi and Miss Odell DAVISs were in Ranger Sunday.

Miss Nina BETH TERRILL of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emory TERRILL.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley CATHEY were guests Sunday of his brother, W.L.D. CATHEY and family, at Dublin.

Perry DAVIS of Walters, Oklahoma, and Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. DAVIS and son, Johnie, of Stamford were guests last week-end of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.M DAVIS.

Mrs. W.L. FINCHER of Moran was a week-end guest of her children, Mr. and Mrs. F.L. TERRILL and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar WEATHERFORD.

Mrs. Clyde SMITH and little son, Charles Freeman, of Waxahachie, are visiting this week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. WALTRIP.

Mrs. H.W. SPENCER and little daughter, Katheryne Mallassia, of New Braunfels, Texas, have been visiting her sisters, Mrs. C.C. HOLDRIDGE of this city and Mrs. H.L. LOCKE of St. Joe.

C.S. BLOOM of Dayton, Ohio, nephew of Mrs. A.A. APPLEBY, is in the city this week visiting, this being his first visit to Texas.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McILLHENNY, of Iredell were also recent visitors in the APPLEBY home.



A new truck was puurchased this week for Concord school route to Robinson Springs, the present one being worn out.

Uncle Bill HAROLD, who fell and broke his thigh some two years ago, is not doing so very well, but is improved somewhat at this writing.

Due to our church burning, we met at the usual hour Sunday around a log fire, and had prayer.  Several good talks were delivered.  We are still undecided just what to do.  We will meet Sunday in the vacant house of C.C. MILLER, north of his dwelling and have Sunday school.  Several will prepare seats there this week and the house will be comfortable.  Every church member is urged to be present Sunday and worship with us.  There is also some business to attend to.

Mr. and Mr. Rupert BLANKENSHIP will make their home in our community, coming here from Comyn.  Mr. BOWEN and family are moving away.

Mr Fred NEWTON and family are moving from our community.  Joe FARE and family of Desdemona are moving in.


Robinson Springs

Mr. and Mrs. J.V. SPRUILL and family were guests at an early Christmas dinner of Mr. SPRUILL's mother, Mrs. M.E. SPRUILL in De Leon Sunday. 

Mrs. W.L. MOORE is slowly improving from an extended illness.

The Home Economics girls and their teacher, Miss UNDERWOOD, served a three-course luncheon to the following honored guests Tuesday:  J.A. BARTON, Romee WALKER, Perry MORING, Mr. FERGUSON and Miss ALLEN.  Miss Mattie Mell SPRUILL acted as host and MIss Elaine BARKER as hostess.

A new Ford truck has been purchased for the school.  The old one will be shipped to Dallas.



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