The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 5, 1930


Baynard Fretwell is Critically Ill

            Baynard Fretwell is critically ill as this paper goes to press.  His sister, Miss Launa, has been called from Ft. Worth and his grandmother from Huckabay to his bedside.  His friends trust that he will soon have passed the crisis and recover but it is known that his condition is serious.


De Leon Man Now Ward Principal of Dallas School

            Ben and Jesse MACON, of Dallas, took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to visit their father, T.J. MACON, who was injured by a fall recently.  Mr. MACON is recovering slowly from the effects of his injury.

            Ben stated to Free Press that he is now principal of Pleasant Grove school in East Dallas, having about 350 scholastics, eight teachers being employed in the school.  He has resided in East Dallas for several years.

            Jesse MACON, who was for some years superintendent of schools at Gorman, is taking a course in medicine leading to his M.D. At Baylor Medical College, at Dallas.


The A. & P. Store Moves From City Without Notice

            Whenever the A. & P. store gets ready to move into a town, they are already in and operating before anybody knows about it.  When they decide to leave, they simply close the doors, back a truck up and load out.

            And that's just what they did in De Leon last Saturday night.  Even the local manager, it is said, did not know during the day Saturday that his store would be closed that night.  Trucks were on hand for the removal of the stock and in a remarkably short time the building was vacant.

            The A. & P. built up a splendid business in De Leon.  Their low prices on groceries drew people to the town from distant points; their stock was clean, their service and courtesy unexcelled.  Just why they left De Leon on the first day of what would without a doubt have been the best business month of the year is a puzzle to many.


B.W. Ayers Now Owner-Operator Rhoades Feed Mill

            A deal between Mr. RHOADES and B.W. AYERS was completed this week in which Mr. AYERS took over the feed mill and grain business formerly operated by Mr. RHOADES.  The mill is located in the Nelson building, next location east from Smith's store, being convenient.

            Mr. AYERS will do custom grinding and will offer a line of mixed feeds for sale, co-operating fully with stockmen and poultrymen in their effort to procure a correct ration for all kinds of livestock and poultry.  He solicits the patronage of the De Leon people.


Arl Lightfoot Now Operates Hiway Service Station

            Arl LIGHTFOOT, well known De Leon young man, some time ago took over the Hiway Service Station and is getting his business well established.  This is the Pierce Station, first location east from Egbert's Bakery and Jeff's Hiway Garage.  Mr. LIGHTFOOT is handling a popular brand of tires, and has a very special price quoted in his advertisement in this issue.  He also sells gasoline “for less.”


Roy Greenwaldt Recovers From Recent Operation

            Roy GREENWALDT, who has been working on a big hydro-electric plant located on the Colorado river, between Llano and Burnet, recently suffered an attack of appendicitis and had an operation from which he is recovering, spending some time in the home of his parents, Mr. And Mrs. J.L. GREENWALDT, here.  He is now located at Gonzales.


Dockum Church Destroyed By Fire On Last Monday

            The Free Press has learned that Dockum Baptist church, located about five or six miles north of this city, was destroyed by fire some time during the afternoon of last Monday.  The writer has failed to get details, however the report is well authenticated.


Infant Son of Mr. And Mrs. L.B. Horn Dies at Eastland

            Little Charles Eldon, infant son of Mr. And Mrs. L.B. HORN, died at the family home in Eastland at 10:30 p.m. Saturday, November 29.  Burial was made the following day at Flatwood cemetery.  Mrs. HORN will be remembered as Miss Aline MOHON of this place.  Sympathy is extended the parents in this, their first great loss.


Frank Holland Now Operates His Own Repair Business

            Frank Holland, long time blacksmith, welder and battery man of this city, has erected a suitable  building across the Katy tracks north of the depot, and has installed tools and fixtures necessary to doing a general line of repair work.  He has a battery charging plant, the Tungar slow charge, and wil charge and repair batteries, also almost any other kind of shop or mechanical work.


C.J. Aishmon House Destroyed by Fire Last Tuesday Night

            The C. J. AISHMON residence property, in the extreme northeast portion of the city, was destroyed by fire at 9:00 or 10:00 o'clock last Tuesday evening.  The fire was well advanced when discovered and nothing in the house could be saved.  Mr. and Mrs. AISHMON have been living at Hobbs, N. M. for some time and had left their household goods stored in their residence.  Not only were their personal effects lost with the building but also the clothing and other personal property of their daughter and of Mrs. AISHMON's grandmother, Mrs. L. N. POWELL.  Nothing is known as to the origin of the fire.  It was outside the fire limits and could not be reached by the city fire hose.


Mother of Mrs. C.E. Bass died Dec. 3

            Mrs. Mamie COLLINS was born in Burleson County, Texas, March 31, 1856.  She came of most excellent, honorable ancestry.  Her father was Rev. William Gaston NELMS, who was born in Georgia January 8, 182?, came to Texas in 1837, joined the Methodist Church in 1842; was licensed to preach and received into the Texas Conference in 1849; served 36 years in that Conference superannuating in 1885.

            When 18 years old, Sister COLLINS was married to Donnie COLLINS, a contractor, who died September 17, 1917.  To this union eleven children were born, of whom seven survive, viz: Mrs. N.D. PORTER, Stamford; Mrs. J.A. LEVENS, Fort Worth; Mrs. Chas. E. BASS, De Leon; Mrs. Abbie ROBERTS, Balllinger; Mrs. J.P. RUHMAN, San Antonio; Mrs. J.D. LADWIG, Kopperl, and F.L. COLLINS, Los Angeles.  There are about 14 grandchildren.

            Her latter days were spent in the homes of her children.  Her end came most peacefully December 3, she being 74 years, 2 months and 15 days old.

            It was a great shock to the daughter, Mrs. BASS, when she went to the bedside to wake her mother Wednesday morning, to find her cold in death.  There was every evidence of a peaceful passing, like one falling asleep.

            In early life the fine influences of her father's home bore fruit in her conversion and her union with the Methodist Church, in which communion she spent her entire after life, a beautiful Christian character.  She sleeps in peace to await the resurrection.  Her loved ones know where to find her.


A Correction

            E.M. DAVIS says he doesn't haul wood on Sunday as the Free Press said he did in the "snake story" published last week.  We looked the matter up and found that Mr. DAVIS discovered the horned snake while hauling wood on Monday, not Sunday.  We apologise.  It was purely a typographical error.


Brought Wife back Here for Operation

            R.W. CADENHEAD, who lived for many years at Downing, but who has resided at Shamrock for a number of years, brought his wife to Brownwood recently for an operation for a tumor.  Mrs. CADENHEAD is being treated for a few days in order to gain strength for the ordeal, it is said.


A Correction

            Last week the Free Press carried a writeup regarding the death of Floyd GRIFFITH and in same an error in date of birth occurred.  Mr. GRIFFITH was born on January 22, 1866, instead of November 22, 1864, and was therefore 64 years of age at death.  Mr. GRIFFITH came from Pontotoc, and not Lafayette, Mississippi.

            The Free Press gave the dates as they were given to us.  The family wished the corrections made.  The Free Press is glad to comply with their wishes.


Heflin - Jeffrey

            Miss Minnie Lee HEFLIN and Ivan JEFFREY surprised their friends last Friday evening, November 28th, by driving to the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS and getting married.  They were accompanied by friends who witnessed the ceremony.  The marriage ceremony was said at about 8:00 at the home.

            JEFFREY has been for several years in Arizona, and returned here a few months ago and re-opened "Jeff's Hiway Garage."  He is an expert automobile mechanic, specializing in ignition work.  His place is advantageously located, and he is doing well.  Mrs. JEFFREY is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will HEFLIN and was reared here, attending De Leon school and later attended Randolph College at Cisco.  She is a young woman of many graces and has many friends here, all of whom wish for them an abundance of life's blessings.


Robert Parsons and Bride Visit Here

            The Free Press has just learned all the particulars of the recent marriage of Robert PARSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. PARSON, to Miss LaVerne JONES, which occurred on November 11th.  The young couple was married at Stanton at 3:30 o'clock p.m. Armistice Day at the parsonage of the Baptist church.  Rev. W.L. SAILOR, the pastor, officiating.  They were accompanied from thier home, Big Spring, to Stanton by Bob BARBER, salesman for Haltom Jewelry Co. of Ft. Worth, and Leslie JENKINS, a friend at Big Spring, who witnessed the ceremony.

            "Bubbles," as the groom is familiarly known in De Leon, has lived in Big Spring for the past three years, being in the employ of the T. & P. R. R.  Miss JONES' father, Robert D. JONES, is a contractor there.  The two have known each other for several years.  She formerly lived at Shawnee, Oklahoma.  PARSON was formerly in the employ of the Katy, transferring to the T. & P. train service from here.  Many friends in De Leon wish for them much happiness.


Mr. and Mrs. H. Carlile Entertain with Bridge

            Mr. and Mrs. Horace CARLILE entertained a number of friends at their home Friday evening.  The home was prettily decorated with autumn foliage and cut flowers.  Five tables were placed for the five games of Bridge.  High score went to Mrs. Grady TERRILL and R.L. SCOTT and low score to Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN and Horace CARLILE.

            Refreshments were served to the following guests:  Messrs and Mesdames A.C. SCHUMAN, Joe ASHBY, Grady TERRILL, Hiram SMITH, Goss COBB, R.L. SCOTT and Mesdames R.L. WHALEY, M.D. STEWART, Dewey DANIELL and Miss Mary KIMBLE.



            Mrs. John MINTER entertained her neighbors Friday afternoon with an old fashioned quilting party.  At six o'clock the quilt was almost finished.  The guests were led to the pretty dining room, decorated with chrysanthemums and rose buds, and served cake and fruit punch.  Mesdames Will COLEY, M.Z. STOVALL, V.L. MORRIS, H. ALEXANDER and CHERRY were in attendance.  - Contributed



Misses Grace SHORT and Blanche HANSFORD, students at C.I.A., were at home the latter part of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie MOHON and little sons were here visiting on Thanksgiving Day and attending the football game.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira HARVEY and son, Weyman, of Goldthwaite, were visiting HARVEY and WOOD relatives here the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis CLARK and children of Ranger were visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr. on Thanksgiving Day.

Mesdames NEWMAN of Navasota, and BLAIR and children of Itasca, were Thanksgiving Day visitors of their mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN and with Mr. and Mrs. E.E. GENTRY.

Mrs. W.J. PHELPS and sister, Mrs. C.E. MEYATT, the latter from Sedan, Okla., arrived from Oklahoma several days ago.  Mrs. PHELPS has been visiting with her sister, who is in turn visiting in her home.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry CAPERTON, lately of Lamesa, have purchased the Ben HOWE property, in the northeast portion of the city and are moving here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy NANCE and baby of Eldorado, Mrs. H.B. FUNKHOUSER, Ft. Worth, and Miss Stella and Coale NANCE, Dallas, spent Thanksgiving in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE.

Mr. and Mrs. Evan BARKER and daughter, from Baird, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. BAGWELL and children, from Beckenridge, and Rev. and Mrs. Joseph PATTERSON and children of Santa Anna, were Thanksgiving guests in the home of their mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.

Miss Golden JONES, former teacher in De Leon schools, now of Brownwood, was among the visitors in the city Thanksgiving Day.

Mr. and Mrs. Lon SMITH are the proud parents of a fine baby boy, which arrived on November 27th.  Mrs. SMITH is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. PILCHER and the youngster arrived at the PILCHER home.



Misses Bobbie Joe and Jessie Lou GRISHAM spent Saturday with Miss Doris GRISHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. Claud PAIR spent the week-end with his parents near De Leon.

Mrs. Clista DUNCAN spent Sunday in Eastland attending the funeral of her nephew, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.B. HORN.

Little Miss Helen MOHON of Comyn spent Sunday with little Miss Mary Frances DUNCAN.

The honor roll for the month contained the names of Billie C. PITTMAN and Mary Frances DUNCAN.

Miss Amizone MOHON, James D. and Mary Frances DUNCAN spent Saturday with relatives in De Leon.



E.H. REDWINE and family have returned from an extensive trip into the western counties, where they picked cotton and looked over the country.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE and children were in Carlton on Thanksgiving visiting with her relatives and other friends.

Miss Audra LANE, who has been working at Wewoka, Okla. is visiting with her mother, Mrs. W.A. LANE.

Miss Mildred McKINNEY spent the weekend visiting her sister, Mrs. H.D. SHAHAN of Breckenridge.

Mrs. Henry BUTLER, Mr. and Mrs. Volton BUTLER and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil BUTLER, with their families, of Hasse, spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

The many friends of John BROWN were grieved to hear of his death at his home in Goree last Sunday.  Mr. BROWN had lived in this community until about eight years ago, during a part of the time had operated a store across the road from the W.A. LINDLEY place.  He was a good citizen and numbered his friends by the hundred.

The younger set was taken by surprise when Mr. Aubrey WYNN and Miss Madallin LAMINACK, accompanied by a number of friends, went to Comanche and celebrated Thanksgiving by getting married.  Miss LAMINACK was a popular student in her high school at this place last year and was leader in all social functions of the school and community.  In class singing as well as in special singing, Miss LAMINACK had attained distinction.  The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. LAMINACK, who have resided in this community this year.

Young Mr. WYNN is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. WYNN and has been reared in this community and at Desdemona.  He is a young man of good reputation and, while not having reached his majority, has held a responsible position with one of the leading oil companies.

These young people are surrounded by a multitude of friends who wish for them every happiness in their new adventure.  As a token of the good friendship of the young folks, a large number gathered at the home of G.B. CLARK and gave them a shower consisting of many useful gifts.



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