The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 21, 1930


New Residence to be Built Soon by Streety Home

            Mr. and Mrs. Kos MYERS will very soon have a new residence erected for their use on a lot between the homes of Mrs. W.C. STREETY and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.  Chas. ROSS will be the contractor.  A pretty plan has been selected and a five-room cottage will be built, the material to be lumber. This will be the third modern home to be built here in recent weeks.


De Leon Woman has Operation at Stephenville

            Mrs. Albert PIPER is recuperating at Terrell Sanitarium, at Stephenville, from an operation for appendicitis.  Her illness from this cause has lasted over a considerable period of time, being more or less chronic.  The operation was performed last Saturday morning at 11:00 o’clock.  She is making satisfactory recovery.


Sister of Mrs. A.L. Moore Dies at Hamilton

            Mrs. A.L. MOORE returned several days ago from Hamilton where she was present at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. H.C. SIMPSON, who passed away at her home there on Nov. 12.  Mrs. SIMPSON had been an invalid for ten years, and during that time has visited at times in the home of her sister here.

            Deceased would have been 61 years of age next month.  She is survived by her husband and two children, a son living in Dallas and a daughter at Ennis.  The funeral and burial was at Hamilton Thursday, November 13.  The Free Press feels that Mrs. MOORE’s De Leon friends will greatly sympathize with her in her sorrow.


Boy, 8, had Appendix Operation Saturday

            Billie, the 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. ASH of De Leon Route 3, had an operation at Gorman for the removal of his appendix last Saturday.  Billie stood the operation fine and will soon be sound and well again.


Comyn Enjoying Best School Year; Standard Raised

            It is only natural that progress should be made where continued effort is put forth, and Supt. S.B. CULPEPPER is finding his task not a difficult one in building an enviable school record upon the foundation which has been laid by his worth predecessors, Sam CHATHAM, W.R. HEIZER and Geo. GOOSBY.  Comyn school has for many years done a substantial class of work.  Mr. CULPEPPER and his splendid faculty are perhaps doing the most substantial work there this year in the school’s history.

            One of the greatest assets to the promotion of a fine school is good building.  Comyn school is housed in one of the best brick school structures in Comanche county, the buildings of De Leon and Comanche not excepted.  The building is modern, has ten classrooms, a laboratory and one of the largest, best seated and most attractive auditoriums in the country.  The building cost approximately $30,000.

            The faculty this year is composed of men and women who have splendid scholarship attainments.  There are a number of teachers on the faculty with degrees, and all have had special training for the work they are teaching.  The faculty members and their assignments follow:  S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., Supt., Science, Spanish; W.D. GRAVES, Principal, Vocational Agriculture, mathematics; Mrs. C.S. ROSS, English; Miss Mara Glenn DONALDSON, Home Economics, History; Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, 7th grade;  Miss Mollie GRISHAM, 5th and 6th grades; Miss Jewell GRISHAM, 4th grade; Miss Ollie SLOAN, 2nd and 3rd grades; Miss Pearl SLOAN, primary.

            The school board is composed of C.M. CARAWAY, president; J.W. ALSTON, secretary; C.S. DRY, Jim CHANDLER, Whit SIDES, Ernest RIPPETOE and H.J. MOORE.

            There are four districts consolidated in the Comyn school district, formerly being the districts of Roach, Armstrong, Ebenezer and Comyn.  The combined district has 254 scholastics, and the enrollment at the present time is 235.  This number will be increased after harvest time, Supt. CULPEPPER stated.

            Comyn school has the largest number of school busses in Comanche county, so far as the Free Press is informed.  There are five in use daily.  All children residing three-quarters of a mile and more from the building are furnished free transportation to and from school daily. No students are employed as drivers, all being mature men….


Miss Belle Dukes Dies at Duster

            The death of Miss Belle DUKES, prominent business woman in the Duster community, occurred on November 19, 1930.  Miss DUKES conducted a mercantile business there of drygoods and drugs and was postmistress until the Duster office was discontinued.  She was a highly honored citizen and her place in the community will be hard to fill.

            Miss DUKES was a devout Christian.  Friends by hundreds came to pay their last respects when her body was laid to rest at Oakland cemetery on Thursday.  Rev. Willie SKAGGS spoke words of comfort and consolation to the bereaved relatives.  Miss DUKES is survived by her aged mother, now more than 90 years of age.


New Barber Now at Grisham Shop

            J.S. FREEMAN will be found on duty at Grisham Barber Shop now.  Mr. FREEMAN arrived from Dublin last Monday, having arranged for permanent employment at this shop.  He is a brother-in-law of J.N. JOINER, and has been in De Leon quite often.

            Mr. FREEMAN worked for nine years in Abilene and has also worked in Cross Plains, Walnut Springs, Fort Worth and other points through the country.  He is a craftsman of excellent ability and will please those who frequent the shop.


Son of Pastor Won Letter in Cross Country at Waco

            Foster, youngest son of Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER, won his letter in Cross Country running in a meet with Baylor University at Waco last Saturday.  RUCKER finished first in a field of many entrants.

            RUCKER, with his classmate, Tom TALBOT, visited his parents here Sunday night.  They are students at Southern Methodist University.


Pretty Wedding of Popular Couple

            The marriage of Miss Minnie HUDSON to Mr. Dee  BELL occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREENWALDT at 9:30 o’clock a.m. on November 11th, Armistice Day.  The young couple sought the services of Rev. U.J. MORTON to tie the nuptial knot.  Rev. MORTON performed the marriage service for young Mr. BELL’s parents quite a number of years ago when the two families lived at Green’s Creek.

The wedding was not exactly a surprise to the young couple.  But some very thoughtful arrangements incident to their wedding was a complete surprise to them.  They had made known their coming to Rev. MORTON and so Mrs. W.R. GREENWALDT and daughter, Louise, and Miss Jamie GREENWALDT, had fashioned beautiful chrysanthemums and greenery into an alter, and as the couple entered the house, Miss GREENWALDT played strains from Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.  The venerable old minister, who has officiated at innumerable weddings, spoke the words that united these popular young people with most attractive surroundings.

            Miss HUDSON is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene HUDSON and has resided here at De Leon for a number of years.  Young BELL is a son of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BELL, and is employed as salesman at Smith’s Stores.  They start life under most favorable conditions, and their friends wish for them much happiness.


Johnson – Dry

            Mr. Ector DRY and Miss Pearl JOHNSON were married Sunday, November 16th, Rev. A.F. NABERS officiating.  Mrs. DRY is the popular daughter of Mrs. G.B. JOHNSON and Mr. DRY is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie DRY.  These young people have been reared here and have many friends who wish them much happiness.  They are at home at Iraan, where he has a position with Mid-Kansas Oil Company. –Contributed.


Local Happenings

Mrs. A.W. MOORE of Ft. Worth is guest of her aunt, Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY and Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY visited at Alexander last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde BLASWELL have moved to Oklahoma.

A baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George MORRIS Friday, November 14th.  The son’s name is George Edward.

Mrs. V.G. LOCKE and little son of Cisco, spent the past week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.

Mrs. J.A. EGBERT of Canyon, is guest of her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter EGBERT.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira KAY and children of Rochester were week-end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. TOLAR and other relatives.


Oliver Springs

Monday morning began the third month of school in this community.  In spite of unpreventable irregularities among the students, some have worked sufficiently hard to make a grade of eighty or above on all subjects.  Those students making the honor roll for the second month are as follows:

First Grade:  Roy Hammond HILL, Lola Bell COGBURN, L.V. MAUNEY, Wynelle BAIRD, Maurice ECHOLS, Jas. WARREN.

Fourth Grade:  Willie Velle HILL, Billie BURLESON.

Fifth Grade:  Kermit PANGLE, L.C. ECHOLS.

Seventh Grade:  Iris WARREN.

Eighth Grade: Byrum ROSE.

Ninth Grade:  Brooks WARREN.

Charles Albert is the name of the tiny baby boy who arrived in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. PERRYof Eastland, November 16th.  Mrs. PERRY formerly taught as Intermediate teacher in the Oliver Springs school.



School started again last Monday after being dismissed for two weeks for harvesting peanuts.

Bennie GUNN and family were visitors at J.C. GUNN’s Sunday.

Houston GRISSOM and family spent last Sunday at C.N. GRISSOM’S

Houston LOUDERMILK and wife spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. WILLIAMS at Comanche.

Levealle GUNN visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN Sunday.

Carl WATSON has returned from the Stephenville where he took the short course at the Pecan School held at John Tarleton College.  He received a certificate on pecan culture.  Carl is one of the 4-H club boys of this county who won a free trip to the Dallas Fair.



Mrs. Ragie ROBBINS visited with Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS last week.  Mrs. ROBBINS was formerly Miss Ona WYATT and taught in this school before her marriage.

Wayland SEALS, a student in the high school at this place, has attained remarkable ability on the guitar.  His ability has been recognized by many competent judges.  His interest is manifested in the kind of instrument he has recently purchased.  His guitar with the case cost $190.00.  It is a Gibson product and is made in a somewhat different manner from other guitars.  This young man has played in many concerts and will probably enter a vocation of orchestra work.

Miss Delia WALL has taken individual work with a class of pupils in piano instruction.

The sweet potato crop this year is not more than a one-quarter yield because of the summer dry weather.  A fair crop matured but because of the late rains, a second growth caused the potatoes to crack in such a way as to injure the sale.

Jim KOONCE of this community has purchased the G.B. CLARK farm and will move to the place in a few weeks.  This farm is a well improved combination farm and ranch with good fences, orchards, a good set of improvements and everything that goes in to make a place desirable, and contains two hundred acres in cultivation.  In an all cash consideration this place sold for $40.00 per acre which indicates that farms are still worth money.

G.B. CLARK has purchased the VAN ZANDT farm on the Leon river, where he engage in stock farming, specializing in Shorthorn cattle.  Mr. CLARK will improve his pecan trees by budding.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl DISHMAN and children of Graham visited with his father, J.C. DISHMAN and children of Graham visited with his father, J.C. DISHMAN AND FAMILY Sunday.

The few fine days of this week have been well spent threshing peanuts.  This week will wind up nearly all peanut work.

G.B. CLARK, B.O. KOONCE and O.H. MOORE with their families, spent Sunday in an outing, looking over the farm on the Leon river, recently purchased by Mr. CLARK.

Mrs. Steve PEAK and son of Desdemona visited with J.C. PEAK and family Sunday.

Ralph ROBBINS, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and MRs. O.S. ROBBINS, has returned to San Angelo.

Miss Lucile RILEY accompanied a number of young people on an opossum hunt Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. E.S. MERRICK of De Leon visited their daughter, Mrs. Ola DISHMAN.



The following pupils made the honor roll in October. 

Second Grade:  Agnes JOINER, Billie Ruth HUDDLESTON, Henry HOLMES, Christine McPHAIL, Pearl SKAGGS and Marcel FILES.

Third Grade:  Jessie Burl WALTON, Mardine SCOTT and J.C. SMITH.

Fourth Grade:  Faye ANGLIN and Wade PATTON.

Fifth Grade:  Jaylone ELLIOTT.


Robinson Springs

Miss Cass DYSON has returned home after a two weeks stay with her sister, Mrs. F.W. MOORE of Desdemona.

Alta Mae and Mary Frances RADENBACH were guests of LaVeda and Doris MACON Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank DYSON of Rotan visited J.F. DYSON and other relatives last week.

Other BLOYD and wife and Miss Ruth OGLESBY of St. Joe, visited S.C. BLOYD and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING went to Stephenville Tuesday afternoon on business.  They were accompanied as far as Dublin by Miss Bess UNDERWOOD.  Miss UNDERWOOD was shocked to find only the ashes left where her home had stood.  The structure burned Monday afternoon about 5 o’clock.  The fire started in a bad flue.  Nothing was rescued from the building but a radio.  Mrs. UNDERWOOD was the only occupant of the house at the time.  The house and furnishings were insured.

Grandpa MACON fell from a back porch Saturday night at his son’s home, L.C. MACON, and broke one of his shoulders.  He is feeling better at this writing but gets little rest.  Many relatives and friends have visited him since the accident.

Mrs. W.L. MOORE, who has been suffering from an attack of pneumonia, is improved at this writing.

J.B. CLARK has recently sold his place to Jim KOONCE and has bought a place at Comyn.  Mr. and Mrs. CLARK and children will move in the near future.



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