The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 14, 1930

Burglars Take Physician’s Gun But Discard It

            Dr. J.E. SELF lost his “sawed-off” shotgun one night this week, burglars entering the garage and removing the gun along with his overcoat and heavy driving gloves.  After rifling the physician’s car, and also ransacking the cars belonging to the families of Dr. SELF’s daughters, Mesdames Geo. ROLLINS and Archie LEE, which were parked nearby, they took their leave.  They later evidently read the doctor’s name stamped in deep-cut letters on the side of the gun-lock and threw the gun away in the street near the home of Enoch WISDOM.  They also discarded a football and perhaps some other small items, taken from the car of Carl FINE, at the Mrs. COUNTS home.  Nothing of much value was taken from the FINE car.

            On the same evening the Ford Station was entered, however, nothing of value was missed.  Some tools evidently belonging to the burglars were reported found at the SHAVER home by George VAUGHN.


Funeral for H.O. George to be at 2:30 P.M. Today

            Harvey O. GEORGE is dead.  The end came at his home four miles east of this city at 8:00 o’clock Wednesday evening, November 12th, 1930.  The cause of his death was paralysis.  The funeral will be at the Church of Christ in this city, at 2:30 o’clock this afternoon, Friday, November 14.  Burial will follow at De Leon cemetery.  Eld. BRYAN, pastor of the Church of Christ at Comanche will conduct the funeral service.

            At 10 o’clock a.m. Wednesday, Mr. GEORGE was in the field on his farm plowing up peanuts.  Clarence FLOYD, a neighbor, was on another machine plowing nearby.  Mr. GEORGE called to FLOYD and told him he felt ill.  FLOYD called another man who was shaking peanuts not far away.  One of them ran to the house and brought the car and carried Mr. GEORGE to his home.  In less than half an hour a physician was at his bedside.  He retained consciousness until noon, gradually growing worse until 8:00 o’clock that evening when his spirit passed away as peacefully as if falling into a slumber.

            Mr. GEORGE would have been 52 years of age had he lived until the coming January.  He married a daughter of Rev. E.G. THOMAS a little more than 20 years ago.  Into the home came two sons and three daughters.  These, with the good wife, survive him.  He was a faithful and consistent member of the Church of Christ for many years.  His character was without a blemish.  He lived and died at peace with man and God.  Surely he has gained an abundant entrance into that place prepared for the faithful.


Sister of Morris Brothers Died at her Illinois Home

            Mrs. Rebekah ELMORE, sister of C.C. and M.I. MORRIS of this place, died at her home at Mason City, Ill. last Saturday morning, November 8.  The message came immediately apprising the brothers here of her demise.

            Mrs. MORRIS was well advanced in age, being about eighty-three.  She was mother of four sons and a daughter, one of her sons, Will ELMORE, formerly having lived in De Leon about oil boom days.  Mrs. ELMORE also has visited at De Leon a number of times, particularly during the time her son resided here.

            Going to Mason City in about the year 1870, from Kentucky, the state of her nativity, Mrs. MORRIS had rounded out sixty years as a resident of Illinois.  She is survived by four brothers:  C.C. and M.L. MORRIS of this city; Bill MORRIS, who is now past 80 years of age, at Thorp Springs, and two brothers who still make their home in Kentucky.


Aged Man, Tired of Living, Ends Life with Gun

            Robert SANDERS, 73, who has resided for a number of years about two miles north of Rucker and an equal distance west of Oliver Springs school, ended his life with a shotgun at his home early last Sunday morning.  His wife, of corresponding age, had gone to the cow-pen to milk, and being slightly deaf, failed to hear the report of the gun which ended her companion’s earthly life.  Returning from milking shortly after 7:30 o’clock, she found him lying near the front doorsteps of their home, the gun lying by his body.  Her screams attracted neighbors who lived a few hundred yards away.

            Mr. SANDERS had been in ill health and was said to have been despondent.  While his wife was out of the house he took a single-barrel 12 gauge shotgun, procured a piece of binder twine, which he fashioned into a loop, pressed the muzzle of the gun to his left ear and pulled the trigger with is foot.  His ear and almost the entire back portion of his head was blown away.  Justice H.C. HEATH viewed the body and rendered a verdict of self-destruction.

            His remains were laid to rest at Gorman cemetery Monday.


Group of De Leon Musicians to Give Radio Program

            A group of De Leon musicians will present a program, which will be broadcast over Station KFPL at Dublin, from 8:30 to 9:00 o’clock that evening – Friday, November 14.  The ladies will appear advertising natural gasoline, for which Mr. LIGHTFOOT is wholesale dealer.

            Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT has arranged the program, which will consist of piano number by Mrs. Marvin HOLDRIDGE and Misses Martha Frances RUSSELL and Evelyn GOLIGHTLY.  Mrs. F.O. JAYE will present a violin number.  Mrs. DUKE will render a vocal solo, and one number will be presented by a ladies quartet composed of Mesdames SCHMIDT, ALLEN and DUKE and Miss KIKER.


Former Comyn Woman Has Appendix Operation

            The victim of a sudden attack of appendicitis, Mrs. A.B. EMMONS of Whitesboro, was carried to Sherman last Thursday, November 6th, for an operation at St. Vincent Sanitarium.  Information coming from that place indicates that she is making a rapid recovery.  Mrs. EMMONS is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES.


10-Year-Old Boy Run Over by Car Sunday

            L.G. CARAWAY, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Bud CARAWAY at Comyn happened to a painful accident Sunday, November 9th, when a car being driven by Mrs. Carl STURDIVANT struck him, causing him to fall.  The car passed over his body.  He is recovering very nicely.


Shakespeare Club Desirous of New Books for Library

            The week beginning November 17 is National Book Week.  The Shakespeare Club, which is sponsoring the De Leon Library this year, requests the people of De Leon to celebrate the week by donating something to the Library, books or money.

            The Library has been in existence for nine years.  It has served thousands, helping to pass away lonely hours, furnishing amusement and instruction.  Many people in De Leon and in the surrounding territory have expressed appreciation.

            If you have read books on hand, give them, or go by your book store when they are making a special display and buy a book and take it to City Hall, where Miss Lottie PAYNE will let you leave it on a table in her office until Saturday, when the librarian will list and stamp books.

            Your name on a slip of paper in book or wrapping will be appreciated, so the Club can tell who has helped.


Bridge Club has Enjoyable Afternoon

            Mrs. H.G. TERRILL was hostess to members and invited guests of the Bridge Club last Wednesday afternoon at the regular semi-monthly meeting.  Guests other then members present were Mesdames:  W.H. WILLIAMS, W.E. LOWE, W.P. WEAVER, F. F. KEITH, D.L. TERRILL, M.D. STEWART, W.C. LIGHTFOOT and Jordan.  High score was won by Mrs. Bob WHALEY.  The hostess served refreshments at the conclusion of the playing.  The Club meets next with Mrs. Wilbur WRIGHT on Tuesday, November 25th.


Mrs. J.H. McAfee Dies at Munday after Long Illness

            After a lingering illness of several months, Mrs. J.H. McAFEE died Oct. 27, 1930, and the funeral services were conducted on Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church at Munday, with interment in Johnson cemetery.

            Mrs. McAfee was, before her marriage in 1892 to J.H. McAFEE, Miss Mollie TUTTLE, and was born in Kentucky on January 29, 1871.

            In addition to her husband she is survived by seven children, three sons and four daughters:  Joe McAFEE of Wilburton, Okla; Dale and Charlie McAFEE of Munday; Mrs. Elma CORNETT, Knox City; Mrs. Lillie BROWN and Misses Rubye and Juana Jean McAFEE of Munday.  She was preceded in death by one son.

            In addition to her immediate family she is survived by two sisters and five brothers:  Mrs. T.J. PHILLIPS of Monday, Mrs. A.G. PIERCE of Pyatt, Arkansas, Jim and Tom TUTTLE of Lawton, Okla., C.G. TUTTLE of Borger, John TUTTLE of Edinburg, and Lee TUTTLE of Comanche.  All were present for the funeral services except Mrs. A.G. PIERCE.

            The funeral services were conducted by Bro. J.E. L. HARRISON, Bro. J. RICE and Rev. R.V. TOOLEY, pastor of the Thorp Methodist Church, of which she was a member.  At an early age she was converted and had been a constant member of the Methodist church during the intervening years.

            To the bereaved ones – Weep not as those who have no hope but thru your tears of sorrow and an eye of faith, may you catch a vision of that wonderful home that the Lord said He was preparing for those who love, honor and obey Him.  May her life inspire us all to greater effort to prepare ourselves for life that is life indeed. –Contributed.


G.H. Loudermilk Resident Downing Near Half Century

            G.H. LOUDERMILK, whose death was reported in this paper last week, had been a resident of Downing community for almost half a century.  He settled there in the year 1883, when the town of De Leon of only two years old and continued to make his home there until death claimed him on November 5th.

            Mr. LOUDERMILK was born in Cassville, Ga., in March, 1858, being past 72 years of age.  He had been in failing health for some time, and had been confined to his bed for about eight weeks.  The cause of his death was Brights disease.  Death came at 4:00 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 5th.

            Being twice married, Mr. LOUDERMILK was father of twelve children.  His first wife was Susan BUFFORD, whom he married in Georgia.  After her death some twenty years ago, he returned to Georgia and was there married to Mrs. Fannie MURCHISON.  Both preceded him in death.  Two children are dead.  The living are:  John LOUDERMILK, Brownwood; Mrs. T.H. LOCKE, De Leon; Nat LOUDERMILK, Abilene; Mrs. Tom ROGERS, Downing; Mrs. Clyde JENKINS, De Leon; Jeff LOUDERMILK, De Leon; George, Katherine and Cecil LOUDERMILK, Downing.  He has one brother, Walter LOUDERMILK, who survives; another, Tate LOUDERMILK, is dead.

            Mr. LOUDERMILK served his county as Commissioner for three unopposed terms and made a faithful and efficient officer.  He served his home district as school trustee.  He was always public spirited and in sympathy with progressive movements.  He was a faithful and loyal member of the Church of Christ for 46 years.  His remains were laid to rest at Downing cemetery at 3:00 o’clock p.m. Thursday, November 6th, Eld Clarence BRYANT of Comanche conducting the funeral service.


Card of Thanks

            We wish to take this method of thanking our many friends for their kindness and expressions of love, sympathy and untiring efforts during the illness and death of our dear father.  Such ill fortune is very painful.  It can only be lightened by the sympathetic support of warm friendship and the tender mercies of a gracious God.  In both, we have been blessed and can only express our gratitude by the use of words, which at most, fall far short of conveying our appreciation.  We especially thank you for the many beautiful floral offerings, for they  were a representation of his life.  God’s blessing be with each one is our prayer.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. LOUDERMILK and family

Mr. and Mrs. N.S. LOUDERMILK and family

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. LOUDERMILK and family

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. LOCK and family

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. JENKINS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. JENKINS and family

Mr. and Mrs. T.A. ROGERS and family,


Local Happenings

Mrs. J.B. POOL of HICO and daughter, Miss Oren Jo, of Baylor University, Waco, spent the week-end with their mother and grandmother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER, and Jessie Miller POOL, who is attending school here.

Emmett NORWOOD is the name of a tiny baby boy, born to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil TARRANCE October  24.

Clarence REDDEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. REDDEN  of this city, employed by General Electric at Schenectady, N. Y., is home for a two weeks’ vacation.

Miss Florence PILCHER has returned from Abilene, where she completed a course at a Business College.

Miss Opal HANLIN has returned from Westbrook, where she visited relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Emory NABORS of San Antonio were here last week visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George REED and Mr. and Mrs. John NABORS.

Miss Lera SINGLETON of Durant, Oklahoma, was visiting relatives here last week-end.

Mrs. Coy COWAN and son and Mrs. Ben MACON and children of Dallas were week-end guests of Macon relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Esta STACEY returned home Sunday from Olden, where they visited her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Bascum BIBBY.

Lonnie COZBY, who has been working for several months at Brownwood, was spending Armistice Day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis COZBY here.

Mrs. Leona SPICER has returned from McCamey, where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Jim POYNER and family.

Mr. and Mrs.  W.R. HEIZER of Breckenridge, were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON at Comyn.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe WILLIAMS of Haskell, were guests this week of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS.  Mr. WILLIAMS is County Demonstration Agent of Haskell County.


Oliver Springs

After a dismissal of three weeks for crop gathering, the school at this place re-opened Monday, Nov. 10.  During this recess period a number of improvements have been completed in the building.  The Home Economics department has been equipped with a built-in kitchen cabinet, sewing tables and everything is in good condition for a successful year.  The new manual training and Farm Mechanics Department has also been equipped.  It consists of a school-built six vice work bench, a tool cabinet, a material cabinet, and a table on which is installed a tool grinder, a cream tester, and a saw filing apparatus.  This department is also in good shape to carry on a successful years work.

The Manual Training and Farm Mechanic Department extends this information to every patron of the community.  If you have some land to terrace, some chickens to cull, an orchard to prune, some cows to test the milk of, or a project of any kind to solder, please notify the instructor of this work and the students will try to get the work at the proper time.

Practically all peanuts have been taken up during the past week.  The two threshers in the community have been kept pretty busy this week in keeping those that got dry enough threshed.  But so far the threshers have kept up with the crops.  Another week or so will find practically all crops of everything under shelter.


Comyn News

Kirby BARNES and son, Kirby Jr., of Ranger, visited relatives here during the week-end.

Mrs. F.E. COWAN, who has been visiting for some time in the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.F. HARVEY, has returned to her home at Alexander.

Lehman DRY was quite ill last week but is recovering and will soon be able to return to school.

A group of patriotic and war-time songs were rendered over KFPL on Armistice evening by Ernest RIPPETOE, Mmes. ROSS and CULPEPPER and Misses HODGES and Miss GRISHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES received word last Thursday that their daughter, Mrs. A.B. EMMONS of Whitesboro had just undergone an appendicitis operation.  Mr. BARNES and Mr. and Mrs. Buddy HUDSON of Comanche, and his brother, Kirby BARNES of Ranger, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. EMMONS.  They reported Mrs. EMMONS improving nicely.



Everyone around here have their peanuts up, and some have threshed.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis BROWN and baby of Dublin, visited Ernest BROWN Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rob CLIFTON and Clinton SMITH of Hobbs, N. Mex., visited Mrs. J.B. SMITH last week.  Mr. and Mrs. CLIFTON lived in our community before moving to Hobbs.



Miss Sarah HUGHES spent the week-end visiting Miss Frances RIGGS of Desdemona, who is critically ill.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. PEAK and daughter spent Sunday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Pat PEAK of Gorman.

Little Doyle and Maxine HUGHES have been reported very ill the past week but are improving.

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. SALYER and daughter, of Desdemona, visited her parents, Mr. and MRs. Jesse L. HUGHES Sunday.

Mrs. J.T. COOPER of Breckenridge visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY, this week.



Lockhart ELY and family have moved near Dallas from this community.

A.H. TURNER and family have returned from Denver, Colorado where they have been for the past two years.  They are visiting A.J. CUMMINS.

Mrs. J.F. DYSON is visiting Mrs. Floyd MOORE in Desdemona.  Mrs. MOORE has been very ill with ptomaine poisoning.

Charlotte and Truett MILLER are on the sick list this week.

Mrs. R.L. PAIR is nursing a crushed finger, getting a car door slammed on it.

W.T. WILSON and wife are on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BRUMBELOW and children, of Eliasville, are visiting in the home of his mother, Mrs. G.L. BRUMBELOW.  Mr. BRUMBELOW is with the Humble Co. as a pumper.

Carl and Miss Grace BRUMBELOW, who are teaching at Ranger, spent Armistice Day with home folks here.


Robinson Springs

Peanut harvesting is still under way in this community but if favorable weather continues, two more weeks will probably bring it to an end.  There are three threshers running continuously every day by Messrs. Ike BRUMBELOW, Ray SHOEMAKER, and Walter BARKER.  Mr. BARKER is running the thresher he recently purchased from Stant CARR.

Charlie PARK and Earl LOWRY have recently bought a new binder.  These men are to be commended for this modern purchase.  They have been busy cutting the late feed for farmers of the community, and report a number of acres yet to be cut.

Mrs. J.F. DYSON is spending the week with her daughter, Mrs. W.F. MOORE of Desdemona.  Mrs. MOORE is suffering from ptomaine poisoning.

Mrs. L.C. MACON, who has been seriously ill the past week, is somewhat improved.

Joe WILLIAMS Jr. and wife of Haskell County, visited his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Joe WILLIAMS last week-end.

S.C. BLOYD is serving on jury of Comanche this week.

Mrs. Coy COWAN and son, Coy Jr., of Dallas, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MACON and family last week.

Jack DENDY and family of Albany are visiting R.C. DENDY and family this week.


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