The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, November 7, 1930


Verdict of Jury Frees John Stone on Liquor Charge

            A jury in the case of State versus Johnnie STONE, returned a verdict of not guilty Wednesday after deliberating only a few minutes.  STONE was charged with violation of the liquor law.  The case was taken up Monday and many local citizens were drawn to Comanche as a result of the trial.


Local Dairy Driving New Delivery Wagon

            E.A. TERRILL is making deliveries in a new milk delivery wagon now, an addition assuring continued efficiency in service.


Stringfellow buys Newton’s Interest in Hatchery Plant

            Alvin STRINGFELLOW is now sole owner of the model Leghorn Farm, formerly owned and operated by C.C. HAMPTON.  STRINGFELLOW, this week, purchased the interest of his partner, H.E. NEWTON, and will continue to operate the plant.

            STRINGFELLOW has had a number of years experience handling Leghorns and knows the breeding and hatchery game well.  The plant should prove a good investment under his management.


Prominent Downing Man Died Wednesday P.M.

            G.H. LOUDERMILK, long time citizen of Downing, six miles south of this city, died at his home there at 4:00 o’clock p.m. Wednesday and the funeral was being held Thursday as this paper was going to press.  He was buried at Downing Cemetery.

            Mr. LOUDERMILK was about 70 years of age.  He had lived at his present home for perhaps 40 years.  This paper will have a more detailed account of his passing in a later issue.


Burl Terry Nursing Injured Leg, Result of Run-Away Team

            A team ran away with a wagon at the Burl TERRY farm some days ago and Mr. TERRY received painful injury to one of his legs in the accident.  One of the wheels either ran over, or bruised his leg, and he is going about on crutches.  Although painful, Mr. TERRY’s injury is not necessarily serious.




            A wedding of interest to many of our readers occurred last Sunday morning at Gorman when Miss Oleander ECHOLS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS of Oliver Springs community, became the bride of Mr. Pat JOHNSTON, of Gorman.  Members of the family of the groom, and friends, accompanied the young couple to the home of Justice John CHAPMAN, who performed the ceremony uniting them at nine o’clock.

            Miss ECHOLS has been correspondent for this paper for the past two or three years, and has efficiently performed this service.  She is a most excellent young woman.  Mr. JOHNSTON was also reared in the Oliver Springs community, later moving to Gorman.  He has been employed in the Odessa oil field for some time.  The young couple will leave within a week for Borger where he has a position and where they will make their home.  Their many friends wish for them much happiness and success.



            Mr. Orville ROSS and Miss Ada Lou KEITH were united in marriage Friday, October 31st at 8 o’clock p.m.  Rev. SMALLWOOD of Stephenville was the officiating minister.

            Mrs. ROSS is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard KEITH and Mr. ROSS is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROSS.  He is a graduate of De Leon high school, finishing there in 1928.  He also attended John Tarleton College at Stephenville.  Mr. ROSS is a very deserving and ambitious young man.

            Mrs. ROSS is a popular young lady who has many excellent traits.  Their many friends wish them much success.  They will be at home at Highland.



Miss Laverne GREGORY, who was operated on at the Gorman Sanitarium last Thursday is doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude ROSS of Abilene visited in the home of his mother, Mrs. J. Matt ROSS, Sunday.

Mrs. TUNNELL and daughter visited Miss Fleda TUNNELL of Duster Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin BLAIR of Gorman spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.L. BLAIR of Duster.


Robinson Springs

School opened Monday after a ten days’ dismissal for harvesting peanuts.  The attendance is fairly good, however a number of pupils are still busy at home and probably will be out of school until threshing is over.

D.B. SHORT of Jackson, Mississippi, has been visiting his brother, E.W. SHORT, of this place.

W.R. TOLAR went to Comyn last week to help Mr. CROCKETT of that place in harvesting peanuts.

Miss Windola PRICE, who has been employed at Borger for several months, has recently returned home.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM, who is teaching school at Desdemona, spent the week-end with home folks at this place. 

Mr. and Mrs. Rex KEE and family, who resided in Breckenridge, have moved to his father’s place in the Concord district.

L.C. MACON and children and R.L. MACON and daughter, assisted Baxter RAY of De Leon in harvesting his peanuts, three days last week.

Misses Bes UNDERWOOD and Thessel ALLEN entertained the following with a theatre party at De Leon Hallowe’en night:  Misses Cass DYSON, Adina KIMMELL, Modess WEST, Alta Mae RADENBACH, Elaine BARKER, Mattie Mell SPRUILL, LaJoyce MACON, Myrtle WEST, Hollis DYSON, Wilma Carroll MILLER, LaVeda MACON, Oleta MACON and Mrs. MORING; Messrs. Ike BRUMBELOW, Merle FERGUSON, Perry STEWART, Roy MILLER, Jack BRUMBELOW, Floyd WEST, Alvia KIMMELL, Lloyd WEST, Vernon STEWART, Bobbie MORING, Doyce SHORT, W.L. MOORE, Dale KAY, W. R. TOLER and Foye DYSON.  All the guests were masked and wore gay costumes.  After the show they paraded down the streets.  All reported a great time.

The following made the honor roll for October:

First Grade:  Homer ELY, Charlie FORREST, Adonis KIMMELL, Erwin Earl St. CLAIR and Wayne MAHAN.

Second Grade:  Troy BARKER, Jack BLASSINGAME, Truett MILLER, Durwood PARK, Bonnie Faye CUMMINGS, Arlie Lorene FORREST, Wanda CARR and Avis FORREST.

Third Grade:  Melton DECKER, A. J. STEWART, Thelma FORREST and Lillian CARR.

Fourth Grade:  Pauline DENDY, Marjorie BRUMBELOW and Ozella DENDY.

Sixth Grade:  Charlotte MILLER, Thelma MILLER, Janice BRUMBELOW, Aline KIMMELL and Velma MILLER.

Seventh Grade:  Mary Frances RADENBACH, Virginia TOLER, Alvin PRICE and Thelma BARKER.

High School:  W.R. TOLER, Hollis DYSON, LaVeda MACON, Elain BARKER, Myrtle Mae LAWRENCE, Oleta MACON, and Wilma Carroll MILLER.

Miss Lillie Mae CHATHAM, who is attending school at Ft. Worth, is visiting her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. J.Q. CHATHAM.  Lillie Mae will return to Ft. Worth Thursday.  She is still making a fine record in school.



Mr. and Mrs. R.L. PAIR had as guests the past week-end, the following:  Miss Martine PAIR of Comyn, Mr. and Mrs. Kile GRISSOM of Bunyan, L.D. PAIR and wife of Strawn, Mr. and Mrs. John DENMAN of Breckenridge, Mr. and Mrs. Silas GREEN of Dublin, Mr. and Mrs. Frank OWEN of De Leon and Miss Beatrice ROBINSON of Hasse. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dean GARDNER of De Leon visited relatives here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. PAIR have built a modern chicken house and yard and purchased two hundred white Leghorn hens.

The school bus returned to its route Monday, after a lapse of two weeks, for the children to help harvest peanuts.



W.A. LINDLEY had the misfortune of losing a very fine horse this week.  His team consisted of a large pair of percheron horses and was considered the best team of heavy horses hereabout.

Wayland SEALS was on the sick list this week and had to be out of school some.

O.S. ROBBINS has recently purchased a very fine team of mules.  These mules were purchased in Erath county and a good price was paid which goes to show that good mules are worth raising yet.

Rev. P.W. EVANS filled his regular filled his regular appointment at this place Sunday and a fiar sized crowd was out to hear him.  He will not preach here any more because he will be removed by the conference to another location.

Misses Delia and Cora WALL sponsored and planned a “weenie” roast for the high school pupils last Friday night in celebration of the Hallowe’en holiday.  A bushel or so of wieners were purchased and enough cars provided to take the entire student body to a place previously selected near the Skelly-Shanky lake.  The evening was spent in the merriest way with an appetizing lunch partly prepared over the camp fire.  At a late hour the party broke, the young folks thanking the Misses WALL for the very pleasant evening provided for them.



Alvin BOYKIN and Rufus McCAULEY of Oglesby are visiting J.N. BOYKIN and family.

Mrs. C.S. SWANNER and daughter, Mrs. Dollie HUTCHISON and children were called to Whitsburg last week on account of the serious illness and death of Mrs. SWANNER[‘s brother.

Roy WRIGHT of Kansas City, is visiting his relatives, Mr. and Mrs. S.H. BAKER and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Mac PARKER and children of Leuders spent the week-end with their relatives, the A.V. and David FLOYD families.

E.M. PAINTER returned from Skidmore Saturday, where he has had employment during the past month.

Alvalee CHERRY has been unable to attend school for the past two weeks on account of a very severe attack of tonsillitis.  At present she is reported as improving.

While some of the children from the Humble cottages were gathering autumn leaves Saturday, they accidentally got among the poison-ivy vines.  This week they are suffering from it.  The most unfortunate little victims are Maxine PULLEY and Jimmie SKIPPER.


Local Happenings

Mrs. C.A. TALLEY is visiting her sister, Mrs. M.L. BOONE, in Edy.

Mr. and Mrs. Reginald TREADAWAY and children have returned from Hobbs, New Mexico.

Mrs. Bill CARAWAY of Ft. Worth was guest Sunday of her sister, Mrs. C.L. HUDDLESTON.

Miss Arlena JONES of Stephenville was week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W. JONES.

Miss Nina Beth TERRILL of Stephenville, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emory TERRILL last Sunday.

Murray TOLAND of Stephenville was guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Web TOLAND.

Gilbert LAWLESS and George CLYNCH of Ft. Worth, were week-end guests of Mrs. A.L. LAWLESS.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvie LAWLESS of Coleman were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. George LAWLESS.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. RAWSON of Eastland, was guest Sunday of her father, C.H. TIMMONS and family.

Jewel HOLLEMAN has gone to Knox City to visit his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. DAVENPORT.

Mrs. Marvin HANCOCK and daughter, Marvelle, are visiting her sister, Mrs. Horace HAMILTON at Waco.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe ATCHLEY and son, Kenneth Edward, of Hamilton, were week-end visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel HAMMOND.

Mrs. R.W. STEAKLEY and sons, of Denison, were visiting the past weekend with her father, J.C. LAMBERT and wife, and with other relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Finis BELL and son, Ronald Lee, and Miss Velma BELL of Hawley, were guests last week-end of Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL.

Roger and Wayne CHAMBERS of Brownwood were visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.C. CHAMBERS, last week-end.

Miss Addie Gayle MIXON, who teaches school at Bays, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. MIXON last week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. A.F. SYBLIN and children of Ft. Worth, were week-end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT.

Misses Mary Alice GREENWALDT, Geneva COLEY, Inez BOSWELL, Arlena JONES, Merlin GOOCH, Opal Mae FRANK and Ruth HOWE were guests last week-end of their parents.

Frank LOWE of Waco, who resided here for a number of years, was guest of his mother here last week.

Cager CARNES of Baytown, was in town this week for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pat CARNES.

Mrs. J.E. NORWOOD went to Cleburne the past week for a visit with her mother, who is critically ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim CULPEPPER of Roscoe were here this week, attending the bedside of his sister, Mrs. Henry HUDSON, who is seriously ill.

Mrs. E.S. WALDREP, who has been very ill, is recovering from a major operation, which was performed at the Gorman Sanitarium, Sunday, November 1st.

Mrs. J.N. JOINER was visiting with her mother, Mrs. Virginia MOSELY, at Walnut Springs, on Thursday of this week.

Mrs. Boyd SHARP of Dallas and Mrs. Alvin SHARP of Garland, were visiting this week in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Miss Mary Louise GRIZZELLE of Comanche was guest Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE.



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