The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, October 3, 1930


Fred Schmidt Gets Printer’s Job in A. & M. Print Shop

            Fred SCHMIDT, general assistant in the Free Press office for the past couple of years, writes from A. & M. College that he was successful in obtaining part time employment in the A. & M. print shop.  While working around the Free Press he received some training in practically all kinds of mechanical printing, including linotyping, and he is now able to pay much of his college expense by the knowledge thus gained.

            SCHMIDT was honor student in the graduating class at De Leon last year.  He will probably study electrical engineering during his college course.


R.C. Worthy is New Operator of Steakley Station

            A deal was completed on October 1st, by which R.C. WORTHY purchased the interest of C.C. HAMPTON in the STEAKLEY Filling Station property and Mr. WORTHY is now in charge.  Mr. HAMPTON has purchased the Highway Filling Station, first location east of Egbert Bakery, and E.M. LUSK will be in charge.  Mr. HAMPTON will take a rest for a while, he stated.

            Mr. WORTHY has been in charge of Higginbotham Bros. & Co. Lumber yard, coming here from Cross Plains more than five years ago.  He is well known by the trade and has many friends and should make a success of his new business venture.  He invites his friends to call.


Brother of Mrs. Amie Jaye Died at Granite, Okla. on September 19

            D.J. HAYNES, 58, brother of Mrs. Amie JAYE of this city passed away at his home in Granite, Okla., on Friday, September 19th.  Mrs. JAYE, who resides with her son, F.O. JAYE in this city, received the message of her brother’s death but was unable to go to Granite for the funeral.  Mr. HAYNES formerly lived in Gatesville, Texas.  He was born in California.  He had made his home in Granite for the past forty-three years.  Mr. HAYNES was married and is survived by his wife and four children, all of whom live in Oklahoma.

            Mrs. JAYE told the Free Press that she has this year lost her mother and brother, her mother having died during the bitter cold weather last January at McLean, in the Texas panhandle.  At the time of her mother’s death, Mrs. JAYE made the trip to the panhandle to attend the funeral and suffered exposure from which she has not fully recovered.  Free Press is sure De Leon friends of Mrs. JAYE will sympathize with her in her loss.


Shower Given Monday for Recent Bride

            Monday afternoon, September 28th, at 2:00 o’clock, Mmes. Jack HAYNES and Joe BLITCH entertained with a bridal shower in honor of Mrs. Calvin WALTRIP, who is a recent bride, at the pretty home of Mrs. HAYNES.  The home was tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers.  As the guests entered, they were escorted to the dining room, where they registered with a favorite recipe in the bride’s book.

            After many interesting games, the bride was presented with the end of a string and told to wind it.  After winding many yards, she came to the end and found a large basket, which contained many useful gifts.

            Cake, tea and sandwiches were served by Mrs. HAYNES and Miss Mildred WALTRIP to twenty guests.



Mahan – Waltrip

            Mr. Calvin WALTRIP and Miss Erah MAHAN were married Thursday, September 25th, at six o’clock p.m.  Justice of the Peace, H.C. HEATH solemnized the wedding.

            Mrs. WALTRIP is the daughter of Mrs. M. MAHAN and grew to young womanhood here.  Mr. WALTRIP is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. WALTRIP, who reside here.  These excellent young people have many friends who wish them much happiness and success as they journey through life together.

Garrett – Wilkerson

            The marriage of Miss Edna Merle GARRETT to Mr. J.T. WILKERSON, occurred at the residence of Eld. And Mrs. Sam SHORT on Thursday afternoon, September 25th, with Elder SHORT officiating.  The wedding ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. SHORT and by two young friends of the contracting parties.  Miss GARRETT is the adopted daughter of Mrs. Eugene MOORE of Comanche, and was formerly a student at Comanche high school.  For the past few months she has been employed at Comanche telephone exchange.  Young Mr. WILKERSON is a son of Mr. and Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON.  He was reared near De Leon and has many sterling qualities.  The best wishes of many friends go with these splendid young people as they start life together.


Grandmother of DeLeon Man Nears the Century Mark

            Mrs. Louisa KEYS, of Stilwell, Kansas, will be 100 years of age if she lives to the 30th of this present month.  She is the grandmother of Clyde NEWTON, Humble employee, who has lived in De Leon for a number of years.  Mr. NEWTON says his grandmother has been hale and active throughout her long and eventful life.

            A clipping from the Olathe, Kansas, paper has the following to say of Mrs. KEYS:

            “Louisa KEY’s life has encompassed many epochal periods of this nation’s history.  The year she was born the United States had less than thirteen million people.  Noah Webster had but two years before completed his “American Dictionary of the English Language.”  Chicago had just been settled.  Chester A. Arthur, Twenty-first President, was to have seen the light of day the same year Mrs. KEYS was born.  The Mexican war was still fifteen years away.  Sixteen years were to pass before Howe invented the sewing machine.  William Henry Harrison was not to be inaugurated President until eleven years after Mrs. KEYS’ birth.”


This Porcupine Now Calls De Leon Home

            Down at Polnac Welding Shop is one of the strangest “citizens” of De Leon, a porcupine.  Mr. POLNAC has had a cage of squirrels for several years.  Now the porcupine adds materially to his menagerie.  Burl TERRY brought the sticky creature back with him from a visit to New Mexico, several weeks ago.  It is apparently not full grown.


Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. O.M. SKIPPER and son, Jimmie, were shopping in Fort Worth Saturday.  They were accompanied there by Miss DONALDSON, who spent the day visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.D. DONALDSON.

Miss Mary Edna MOORE, who recently underwent an appendicitis operation at the Blackwell Sanitarium was able to be brought home last Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rush GEORGE of Abilene were here during the week-end.  Mr. GEORGE left Sunday afternoon for Houston, while Mrs. GEORGE remained for a longer visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. GEORGE.

While running for base in a ball game last Friday at noon, Wade HODGES collided with another player and sustained a painful injury to an ankle.  He is able to be back in school this week, but is unable to walk without the aid of crutches.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave LEWIS and children of Evant visited their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. PELL, last week.

Mrs. H.O. GEORGE, who was in the Blackwell Sanitarium for treatment last week, has improved and is able to be at home again.



Mrs. Archie DOWNING is spending this week with her brother, G.E. RILEY and family, and canning vegetables of which there is an abundance in this locality.

Miss Ruthel CLARK, who has been visiting with friends and relatives at Breckenridge, has returned home.

Mrs. G.A. CLARK, who has been seriously ill for the past several months has recovered and is able to be up some.

Mrs. Jesse L. HUGHES, whose illness was critical for several weeks, is up again.

E.F. JOINER is having several acres of sorghum cane made into syrup.  He has found a ready sale for all that he cares to sell.  The fact that this cane matured perfectly in face of an unprecedented drouth is remarkable.

Mrs. G.B. CLARK and O.H. MOORE were in Eastland Sunday where they accompanied their mother to take the train for her return to California, where she will make her home with her son, A.E. MOORE.

Misses Delia and Cora WALL, who teach in the school at this place, will move into rooms at the teacherage this week.  They have been going back and forth from home since the school begun.

Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND and children, and J.T. VARNER and family are away picking cotton this week.


Robinson Springs

Jim WEST and family, who have been picking cotton at McGregor returned home last week-end.

About fifteen more students started to school Monday.  Most of these have been picking cotton.

Due to so many having to ride the truck, the truck was worked over and the body enlarged about two feet Saturday.  About fifty-five pupils ride this truck and heretofore some have had to ride on the fenders…and in the doors of the truck.

Mrs. Jim WEST, who has been seriously ill, is slowly recovering.

The following pupils made the honor roll last month:

First Grade:  B.J. CLARK, Adonis KIMMELL, Charlie FORREST, Wayne MAHAN, Erwin E. ST. CLAIR.

Second Grade:  Troy BARKER, Jack BLASSINGAME, Arlie Lorene FORREST, Durwood PARKS, Avis FORREST, Bonnie Faye CUMMINS and Wanda CARR.

Third Grade:  Thelma FORREST, Eugene CARR and A.J. STEWART.

Fourth Grade:  Pauline DENDY, Ozella DENDY, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, and Elephara DECKER.

Fifth Grade:  Mary BLOYD

Sixth Grade:  Janice BRUMBELOW and Velma MILLER

Seventh Grade:  Thelma BARKER, Mary Frances RADENBACH, Alvin PRICE, L.V. PARK and Virginia TOLER.

High School:  Hollis DYSON, Alta Mae RADENBACH, Oleta MACON, Elaine BARKER and Lucile KEE.



Last week ended the first month of school.  Those on the honor roll are Jack DAVIS, 6th grade, with an average of 92; Joda DAVIS, 5th grade, average 93.

Maurice NANCE, R.C.A. salesman of Brownwood, took supper with Miss Amizone MOHON and Mrs. Duncan Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete MAUNEY spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GRISHAM.

Miss Amizone MOHON and Mrs. C. DUNCAN spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. MOHON of De Leon.

Miss Willie Mae SINGLETON spent last Thursday night with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. McCARROLL.

W.T. HAZZARD spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. A.D. HAZZARD.

Little Albert GLEN, son of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. SKAGGS, is very sick.  He has been in a hospital at Waco.

Mr. and Mrs. T.L. JAY are the proud parents of a fine baby boy.  He arrived September 27th.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. PITTMAN visited their daughter, Mrs. Thelma HAMPTON of Oliver Springs, who has been ill.



School opened Monday, September 15th with an exceptionally good attendance.  There are enrolled now about 150 and more are expected to start later.

Many of the patrons were present at the opening exercise.  Rev. W.L. SKAGGS made an interesting talk as did some of the trustees.  The faculty, which is composed of G.D. COBB, superintendent, J.E. LIGHTFOOT, principal, Ruby Mae HARBIN, high school English and the grade teachers, Mrs. Lee HOLDRIDGE, Miss Fleda TUNNELL, Miss Ara WHATLEY and Miss Lorene LIGHTFOOT, all made short talks.

Mrs. Lois TREADWAY of Brownwood is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wash MULL this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer SEXTON have moved to Sour Lake, where they will make their home the coming year.

Miss Nona HODGE is visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. Archie McMULLEN, who resides at Gorman, this week.



Mrs. Leila O’BRIEN of Cisco visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. WILSON Wednesday.

Miss Grace BRUMBELOW is assisting her brother, Carl, with music at Ranger.



K.E. SMITH, who has been working in Vinita, Okla. the past two months, returned to his home in this community last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill GARY of Seagraves, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GARY.  Misses Belva and Esther Lee returned home with them.

Mrs. Frank SMITH, who has been seriously ill, is not improved at this writing.

Horace MORRISON and daughter, Norma Lois, in their car, ran into a ditch last Saturday night between Dublin and Stephenville.  The car was torn up considerably.  Both received minor injuries.

Mrs. Hurvey GARY and small son, Joe, returned to Missouri last week, where Mr. GARY is working.  Mrs. GARY has been here during the illness and death of her sister, Mrs. Horace MORRISON.



Mrs. S.J. RUCKER went to Dallas and McKinney Monday, accompanying her son, Foster, when he returned to Dallas, where he is a student at S.M.U.  Mrs. RUCKER’s sister, who lives at McKinney and who is practically blind, fell on the stairs of her home and suffered injuries from which she will be confined to the hospital for several months.

Mrs. Joe HOLLEMAN has gone to Goree to the bedside of her father, Luther DAVENPORT, who is ill.

R.B. GILDER has returned from a visit with his daughter, Mrs. Albert BYRD at Ranger.

Mrs. J.C. STROUP of Desdemona, formerly Miss Hulda WILLIAMS, is seriously ill at the Gorman Sanitarium.

Murray TOLAND of Stephenville was a week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. TOLAND.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. WILSON and daughter, Charles LaVOICE of Cisco, were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. R.L. COONER.

Misses Modelle and C.G. TATE of Stephenville were week-end guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.G. TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. John W. JONES and children were visitors with Miss Orlena JONES in Stephenville Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. F.B. BROWN of Lamesa were guests last week-end of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe BROWN.

C.H. TIDWELL, former Katy railroad man, was in De Leon shaking hands with old friends this week.  Mr. and Mrs. TIDWELL have been living in Kansas for several years.

Luke BAGWELL and family have returned to De Leon after an absence of several months.  He has been given the job of section foreman on the Cross Plains branch.

Mrs. H.B. FUNKHOUSER, Ft. Worth, and Stella and Coale NANCE, Dallas, spent last week-end at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE.



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