The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, September 19, 1930


New Manager At Highway Filling Station Soon

            E.M. LUSK, who has been in charge of the Hampton Poultry Farm in the past months, will take charge of the Highway Filling Station in the near future.  A deal was made last week in which CHERRY & GARDNER sold the station, after having operated it the past month.  Messrs. CHERRY & GARDNER formerly operated the station bearing their name a little farther out, where they built up a splendid trade.

            Mr. LUSK is a man of considerable business experience, is energetic and courteous, and will doubtless make a success of the station.  Mr. WAFFORD is in charge of the station until such time as Mr. LUSK can get his affairs in shape to take charge.


Desdemona Man Dies as Result Gunshot Wound

            Henry BURROWS, 40, Desdemona oil man, died at the Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman at 10:00 o’clock p.m. Sunday, Sept. 14, as the result of a gun-shot wound received some ten days before.  The wound was in his leg, a charge of shot from a shotgun, striking him in the knee tearing away a portion of his knee joint, it was said.  At the Sanitarium surgeons did all possible in hope of saving his life.  However, complications set up, resulting in death.

            BURROWS, it is alleged, was shot by his father, Charley BURROWS, aged 71 years.  The trouble arose over private family matters in which Henry BURROWS sought to mediate between his father and mother, who had been separated, it is said.  The aged man resented his son’s interference, it is being reported, and the shooting resulted.

            The elder BURROW is a son of Grandpa BURROWS, who formerly lived in De Leon for many years.  He is said to be a man of violent temper at times, although peaceable and a good citizen under ordinary circumstances, his friends say.

            Henry BURROWS had many friends in the Desdemona district where he had resided for a number of years.  He was foreman for the Skelly Oil Co. and resided with his wife and two small children, on the Skelly lease, - [sic]  mile east of Desdemona.  The funeral was from the Desdemona Baptist Church Monday afternoon, where hundreds of his friends gathered to pay their last respects.  The members of the Odd Fellow Lodge, of which he was a member, laid his body to rest at Desdemona cemetery with appropriate ceremony.

            Charges have been preferred against the elder BURROWS and he is now in jail at Stephenville, the tragedy having occurred in Erath county.  His trial will doubtless come up during the fall term of court at Stephenville.  Monday morning he showed keen remorse when brought by officers to his son’s home in Desdemona and was permitted to view the body.  After being allowed to lie down and rest for a time, he was carried back to Stephenville to await the action of the Court of Justice.


Smith Store is Celebrating 10th Anniversary Sat.

            Smith’s Store is having a big “blowout” today and Saturday, celebrating their Tenth Anniversary of business in De Leon.  The store started as a grocery establishment, under the ownership and management of STEAKLEY & SMITH, in 1920, and in the ten years enjoyed splendid growth.  R.W. STEAKLEY retired from the firm a couple of years ago to engage in the Chevrolet business.  W.H. SMITH has continued the business and by thrift and close attention to details, has built up a mighty nice business.

            Saturday is the big day and in the afternoon there will be a distribution of many souvenirs and gift merchandise, the details of the plan not yet having been given out.  However, all who attend will be amply repaid for their trouble.

            Demonstrators of many advertised lines of merchandise will be on duty at the store all day both Friday and Saturday.


Had Tonsils Removed at Gorman Hospital

            Little Miss Josie Beth ALLEN has recovered nicely from the effects of a tonsil and adenoid operation performed at Gorman Sanitarium some time ago.  She was sufficiently recovered to enter school September 3.


Card of Thanks

            Since it is impossible to thank people personally, we take this method of thanking everyone for their help during the sickness and death of our dear wife, mother and sister.  May God’s richest reward and blessings come to each of you.

            Mr. B.B. GILDER and family,

            Mr. J.A. JOHNSON and family,

            Mrs. Sarah J. DYSON.


Mrs. Horace Morrison Passed to Her Reward

            We are sad indeed to report the death of our dear friend, Mrs. Horace MORRISON.  She was, before her marriage, Miss Velma SMITH, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank SMITH.

            She was born and grew to womanhood here and was pure and beautiful.  To know her was to love her.

            The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. MORRISON about five weeks ago and took away a tiny baby.  Mrs. MORRISON was very ill at the time, and it was feared she would follow her infant to realms above, but she rallied and was up and able to call on her mother, who was also ill.  Then suddenly, two weeks ago, Mrs. Morrison became alarmingly ill and was carried to the Gorman Sanitarium where she poised between life and death.  Sunday night between nine and ten o’clock, her precious spirit winged its way to a better world.

            To mourn her death, Mrs. MORRISON leaves her husband, Horace MORRISON, and baby daughter, Norma Lois, father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank SMITH, a sister, Mrs. Hurvey GARY and two brothers, Clayton and Wayne, besides scores of relatives and hundreds of friends. – A Friend.


High School Girl Had Appendicitis Operation

            Wednesday night this week, Katherine WHEAT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT, was carried to Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman for an operation for appendicitis.  Her attack was quite sudden.  She is recovering nicely.


Stephenville Boy Slain By Dentist Monday Night

            Cecil Lee YOUNG, 19, high school student and member of a prominent Stephenville family, was dead Tuesday and Dr. J.A. WHITAKER, a leading dentist of the town, was under $10,000 bond charged with murder.

            YOUNG received a charge from a shotgun in his right side shortly after 8 o’clock Monday night as he sat in an automobile near the WHITAKER home, where he allegedly had been halted while driving by.  He died a few minutes before midnight without, the county attorney said, having made a statement.

            Dr. WHITAKER surrendered shortly after the shooting and made bond on Tuesday morning.

            YOUNG was the son of Mrs. Floy YOUNG.  His father, Lee YOUNG, an aviator with the American forces in the World War, was shot down in action.

            Authorities investigating declined to assign any motive for the shooting.


Former Texas Boy Married Abroad, is Here with Bride

            Pringle GREER, nephew of W.L. GREER of this city, who is now making his home in New Jersey, was here last Monday and spent the night with his uncle.  GREER was born and reared in Brown County.  He went to the World War and remained in Germany after the war, marrying a German girl.  Several years after the war had closed, GREER and his wife and her parents, moved to the United States, settling in New Jersey.  It was GREER’s first trip back home since his marriage.



            Miss Ruth OGLESBY and Clyde BRASWELL were married Saturday, Sept. 13.  Rev. Walter MARTIN spoke the words that made them man and wife.

            Mrs. BRASWELL is the daughter of Mrs. Otho BLOYD and grew to young womanhood in the St. Joe community where she has a large circle of friends, who wish for them a happy life together.



Mrs. Mary SHARP, 89 years of age, aunt of C.H. SHARP, is here for a visit in his home.  Her home is with her son, Sam SHARP, at Abilene.  Mr. and Mrs. SHARP and family were visiting there the past week and she accompanied them home.

Mrs. John SHARP and Miss Helen FROSSARD, sister of Mrs. Harold WILLIAMS, and J.C. SHARP, all of Turkey, Hall County, came to De Leon for a visit in the WILLIAMS home the past week-end.  Mrs. WILLIAMS and baby, Hilda Ann, accompanied them home to visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle LOCKE and little son, of near May, Texas, were guests of his sister, Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW, here on Tuesday this week.  He is telegraphing for the Humble Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred ECHOLS of Stamford have moved to De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and son, Emmett Lee, went to Sweetwater Monday where Emmett has accepted a position with Walker-Smith Co’s. Wholesale House.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS have moved to Chaney, where he has a position as principal of the Chaney school.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve SPEARS of Pampa are guests of his sister, Mrs. Ora BROWNLEE and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen BIBBY and son, Howard, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Earl BIBBY at Colorado.

Paul TATE left Wednesday for College Station, where he will complete his work at A. & M. College.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil NELSON of Waco were week-end guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Wood HATFIELD of Trent, were week-end guests of her mother, Mrs. F.A. RUFF.

 Miss Lela VAUGHAN has returned to Stephenville, where she will resume her position as Home Economics teacher at John Tarleton College.

 Cager MOHON has gone to Iraan, where he has accepted a position with a drug store.

 Miss Lillian HANAFORD left last week for Moran where she will have a class in piano the coming school year.

 Dick HARRIS, former manager of the A. & P. Store here, now manager for the M System at Anson, was visiting with friends in the city early this week.

 Mrs. George BROWNLEE has returned to Iraan after an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Roe BUTLER and family.


Dolores Jean is the name of the new baby girl who has come to live with Mr. and Mrs. Tom BLASSINGAME.

Mrs. N.L. PERKINS fell from a stairway while attending the Comyn Fair last week and broke her arm.

Miss Mildred MILLER has left for Stephenville, where she will attend school.

Mrs. Bob CARNES of Comanche visited her father Sunday and in the home of Mrs. Lewis BRUMBELOW.


Desdemona News

Miss Nadine BULLINGTON, formerly of this place, has been here several days through the illness and death of her cousin, Mr. BURROWS.

Charley Sterling of West, Texas, is here on an extended visit with his brother, Jerry STERLING, and family.


Robinson Springs

Miss Jewell SPRUILL, who is a senior in De Leon high school, had to return home last week, due to serious illness.  We are glad to report she is improved at this writing.

Mrs. F.G. TARRANCE, who has been ill for some time, is not improved.

Miss Myrtle Mae LAWRENCE of Hico is staying with her uncle, Jack CUMMINGS, and attending school at this place.

The senior class, composed of nine members, organized Tuesday and elected the following officers:  President, Faye DYSON; vice-pres., Dale KAY; Secretary, Elaine BARKER; prophet, Lucile KEE; historian, LaJoyce MACON.  Colors are red and white.  Flower is the rose.  The motto is to be selected.

Mrs. G.D. HEATH of Stephenville is visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING.

Mr. and Mrs. Doc MACON butchered a fatted calf for Mr. Perry MORING Monday afternoon and are canning the beef on halves.  Mrs. MACON uses a steam pressure canner and sealer and has put up several hundred cans of vegetables and fruit this season.

L.M. MACON and family of Dallas were here Sunday visiting his daughter, Oleta, who is attending school at this place.


Oliver Springs

Several have begun to pick cotton here.  Peanuts will be ready to harvest soon if it does not rain.

The young people of the community were given a school party Friday night by Mr. and Mrs. T.H. MORRIS, who recently moved to this community from St. Joe.

Grandma REED of Comanche is visiting with her son, G.H. REED, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. COGBURN are on the sick list this week.

On Monday morning, the Oliver Springs teachers and students, together in regular session of chapel, met and organized the student body.  Brooks WARREN was elected president by a unanimous vote.  Other officers elected are as follows:  Vice-President, V. COZART; secretary-treasurer, Doyle REED; reporter, Otha WARREN; yell leader, Inez STEZLER and assistant leader, Doyle REED.  We are looking forward to success in school work, athletics and entertainments.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, the Oliver Springs girls met and organized a club.  Mrs. HOLDRIDGE, the primary teacher, acted as chairman until a president could be elected.  Doyle REED, who was unanimously elected, then took the chairman’s place and the election proceeded.  The finals to the election are as follows:  vice-pres. Ozella THOMPSON; sec.-treas., Leola STEZLER; Reporter, Carmen BAIRD; name, Jolly Gang; motto, “The elevator to Success is not running, take the stairs;” colors, white and pink; flower, rose, white or pink.  The club has no definite purpose but we are all muchly interested in it.  We expect in the near future to have quite a few entertainments.  The club is to meet on Wednesday of the second and fourth week.  You may expect to hear of our progress soon.



Miss Lucile RILEY entertained her primary pupils in an informal party at her home recently.  Miss RILEY is to be commended for her interest in social activities of the community as well as her regular school work.

Mrs. G.A. CLARK has improved from her long continued illness and her family hopes that she may soon be out of danger.

E.H. REDWINE and family came in for a brief stay last week but have gone to the west where they will be engaged in cotton picking for several weeks.

Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND and children are visiting with her brother in Coleman County, where they will help gather the cotton on her brother’s farm.

Miss Lounette LINDER was taken to the Gorman Sanitarium this week, where she underwent an operation for trouble in her foot, caused by a nail in the early summer.  She is improved and her friends hope she will soon be up again.

Curley LOHMAN has returned from Navarro County, where he has been employed in gin work.  Mr. LOHMAN and his family will visit in Coleman County, where they will assist his mother in gathering her crops.

O.S. ROBBINS will rebuild his home on his farm, where a disastrous fire occurred a month ago.  He expects to begin work this week.

Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR and children have returned from a trip to Hamilton and other counties, where they were engaged in picking cotton.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. YOUNG had with them several days ago nearly all of their children.  It was a gathering that was much enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG, their children having all reached maturity and married.

A farewell party was given George HUGHES at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY last Wednesday night.  The young people gathered in large numbers and played games, sang songs and enjoyed themselves in a way that only young people can.  Mr. HUGHES is a popular young man of the community, a graduate of this school, and held in the highest esteem by all who know him.  His friends hate to have him leave but as the party broke up they all wished him every success as he goes away to college.

Friends of the BURROWS family in this community extend to them their sincere sympathy in the death of Henry BURROWS at the Gorman Sanitarium.  Mr. BURROWS was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him.

A slumber party was given by Miss Alpha LEWIS to a large number of her friends Saturday night.  A most enjoyable time was had by the girls.  A midnight lunch was cooked outside.  Some of the girls tried to sleep in the trees.

A wedding of more than passing interest occurred the past week in which the bride was a former resident of this community.  Mrs. R.S. CARR and Elder Jack NABORS of Eastland were quietly married at Eastland.  Mr. NABORS, known by hundreds as Uncle Jack, a pioneer settler of this section had passed the four-score mark in years, but is active in business and other affairs.  The bride is the daughter of the late B.M. KEITH, known in his lifetime as “Uncle Coon.”  Uncle Coon and his wife, who now resides at Dublin, had the distinction of being the first couple to secure marriage license and get married in Eastland county.


Comyn News

Autrey HAVIS left Monday for Hobbs, New Mexico.

Dalton THOMAS has gone to Everman to spend the winter with his grandfather, E.G. THOMAS.

C.R. WHITE of Eldorado, Oklahoma, spent last week visiting his daughter, Mrs. E.E. EASLEY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. MOORE took their daughter, Mary Edna, to the Blackwell Sanitarium, Gorman, Monday, where she underwent an appendicitis operation.  At the latest report Miss MOORE was resting nicely.

Mrs. Whit SIDES has been suffering the past week from a rather severe attack of erysipelas.

Mrs. Dollie HUTCHINSON, who has had employment in Cement, Okla. the past two months, returned home Tuesday.

Miss Pauline GARNER left Monday to resume her work in Baylor College at Belton.  Miss GARNER attended Baylor College the past winter.

Mrs. O.A. BRONSTAD and son of Coolege, left Wednesday after visiting several days with her sister, Mrs. N.H. FLOYD and family.


St. Joe

Miss Jessie Mae MORRIS spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. F.L. MORRIS.

Mrs. Ike POWELL has been canning peas and beans at the home of Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK. 

Grandpa MACON is visiting his daughter, Mrs. W.B. RAY.

Lonnie FREEMAN has accepted a position with the Harmon Drug Co. at De Leon.

Carl DUKE has returned from picking cotton in west Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. McCLELLAN of Moran are visiting their daughter, Mrs. H. LOCKE.

Mr. KNOWLES of Stamford is visiting his brother, Prof. Pete KNOWLES.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. JOHNSON, B.J. McCLELLAN, Paul JOHNSON, J.B. MORRIS, Slick and Curly MORRIS, Verda and Opal MORRIS, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.F. MORRIS and family.



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