The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, September 5, 1930


Robt. Grimshaw is Victim of Typhoid Fever

            In the early morning hours of Saturday, August 30, 1930, the earthly life of Robert Julian GRIMSHAW, 26, reached its end, the spirit passing back into the hands of the God who gave it.  He had fallen a victim of typhoid fever.  His illness extended over a period of almost a month.  Upon becoming ill, he had been carried immediately to Gorman.  His death occurred at the Sanitarium there.

            Much anxiety had been felt for Robert’s safety from the first.  He had a premonition that he would not recover and spoke of it to those nearest him.  His wife was constantly by his bedside, and his parents came from their home at Elida, N.M. and remained for many days.  He had the most excellent care that might be procured but typhoid is a subtle ravager and quickly stole away his resistance.  His death was inevitable.

            Born at Exray, Erath County, December 14, 1903, Robert had passed his 26th birthday.  He had a twin brother, J.J. GRIMSHAW, who resides at Elida, N.M.  He was married in 1924 to Miss Odell HATTOX and into the home came two children, Bobbie, now aged 5 and Dorothy Dell, 3.  These, with the young wife and mother, survive him.

            He had been a faithful and consistent member of the Baptist Church since 1919, his membership being with the church at Harmony.  Sunday afternoon his pastor, Rev. W.L. SKAGGS, assisted by Rev. Montie A. DAVIS, conducted the funeral service at the Baptist church in this city.  It has been said that no greater crowd ever attended a funeral in De Leon, attesting to the popularity of the young man.  Honorary pallbearers were boyhood friends and school chums, Lee HOLDRIDGE, Clifton THOMAS, Ambros MORGAN, Dalton PILCHER, and Ewell LIGHTFOOT.  Active pallbearers were his employers and fellow workers at Higginbothams, where he had been employed since 1927, as follows:  W.H. WILLIAMS, T.H. WILLIAMS, Eugene HARRIS, C.V. SINGLETON, C.H. SHARP, Gaston GRISHAM,  Lon??? COZBY and C.A. KIKER.  L.M. HARRELL of Dublin and A.M. LOVELACE, Comanche, heads of Higginbotham’s undertaking departments, assisted C.H. SHARP in the funeral.  Burial was at De Leon cemetery.

            Surviving members of his immediate family are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. GRIMSHAW, Elida, N.M.; brothers and sisters, Mrs. H.W. JOHNSON, De Leon, Rt.2; Fitzhugh GRIMSHAW, Elida, N.M.; Mrs. W.T. CARRUTH, Rt. 2, De Leon; Violet GRIMSHAW,  J.J. GRIMSHAW, George GRIMSHAW, Emma May GRIMSHAW, all of Elida, N.M.

Desdemona News

Mr. and Mrs. Fred BRADLEY of Dallas spent last week-end here with her mother, Mrs. ELROD.

Mrs. Beth VESTAL left this week for Amarillo, where she has a position.

G.A. CLARK was in town this week and said they have hopes for Mrs. CLARK’s recovery after a long and serious illness.

Mrs. A.L. GREENHAW left for Lorenza Monday to visit her son at that place.

A.J. GIVSON and family, who have been here for the past ten years are moving to Olden this week.  Mr. GIBSON will have charge of the Olden Cafeteria.

Mrs. R.K. GLANTOR, who has been on an extended visit with her sons, one in Chicago, Ill., and another in Omaha, Nebraska, is expected home this week.


C.C. MILLER and daughter, Mildred, were in Stephenville on business Wednesday.

Carl BRUMBELOW has purchased a new Ford.

The home of Mrs. G.L. BRUMBELOW is being painted this week.

Foy DYSON has returned from Rotan.

Mrs. W.T. WILSON happened to fall while out-of-doors last Friday.  No bones were broken but her back and arms were badly bruised.

Comyn (From Last Week)

Mr. and Mrs. Sam ANDERS and Mr. and Mrs. SMITH of Dublin, visited Mrs. ANDERS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. MYERS Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. LEWALLEN and children of De Leon spent Sunday afternoon with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON and children.

H.A. WATSON has been very ill the past week.

Mrs. C.D. LEWALLEN and children of De Leon spent Wednesday of last week with her sister, Mrs. B.L. PAINTER and children.


Lloyd DIXON left Monday for Mineral Wells, where he will be with a military encampment for two weeks.

Mrs. SLATER from Denton, spent last week with her mother, Mrs. NEWTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Valley GOODSON and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd KIRKLAND and children of Lingleville, visited Watt GOODSON Sunday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Otis BROWN of Dublin visited Ernest BROWN Sunday.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. Roy JERNIGAN and little son, Tom, Mrs. S.R. JERNIGAN and Mrs. F.W. JERNIGAN of Okmulgee, Okla., are visiting their daughter and sister-in-law, Mrs. L.C. MACON and family of this place.  Mrs. S.R. JERNIGAN is Mrs. MACON’s mother.

Jim WEST and family have gone to McGregor to pick cotton.

Mrs. J.V. SPRUILL is on the sick list this week.

Miss Oleta MACON of Dallas is boarding with her uncle, L.C. MACON and attending school here.

Mr. and Mrs. James LITTLE were enroute to Old Glory last week, with a trailer of household equipment attached to their car, when by some unknown origin, the trailer caught fire and was destroyed.  No damage was done to the car.

Oliver Springs

Friday will be devoted to the working of the cemetery here, as this is the date of the annual fall working.  Everyone is invited to come and assist.  It is probably that most of the work will be finished by noon.

Miss Carmen BAIRD has returned from Eastland, where she has been visiting the past week.  She was accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs. J.K. NIX and Grandpa NIX.

H.S. ECHOLS, Sr. and H.H. ECHOLS, Jr. spent the past week visiting relatives in Seymour.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. RAGGETT have gone to Snyder, where they expect to make their home.

Saturday, August 23, Miss Carmen BAIRD was hostess to a birthday party.  After many games were played, the guests were served lemonade and cake.  Miss BAIRD received many beautiful gifts.

Miss Oleander ECHOLS has gone to Comanche for a two weeks’ visit with her sister, Mrs. R.M. BREEDLOVE.


Mrs. Wilma OSBORN and son of McCamey are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY this week.

J.W. HALE and family have moved to Oklahoma City this week where Mr. HALE will continue in the employ of one of the major oil companies.  Mr. and Mrs. HALE and their children will be missed from this community and especially the children from school.

Rev. P.W. EVANS will preach at this place next Sunday.  It is hoped to have a good attendance at these services.  Bro. EVANS has been faithful to keep his appointments at this place and the people who attend these services appreciate the helpful sermons that he presents to them.

Mrs. Jesse L. HUGHES has improved in the illness that has been so severe, but she is in a weakened condition.

O.S. ROBBINS and family were week-end visitors in Ft. Worth with relatives and friends last week.  Mrs. ROBBINS, who has been confined to her bed for more than a month has improved to such extent that she was able to make the trip.

Bobbie BRIMER of Los Angeles, Cal., nephew of Mrs. O.H. MOORE, has been visiting with Mrs. MOORE and family this week.  Mr. BRIMER, though a young man, has traveled in every state in the Union as well as in Canada and Mexico.  He is now engaged in the automobile parking business in the city of Los Angeles.

The small child of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT has been quite ill for more than a week and some fear has been held that it might be some form of fever.

Mrs. W.N. BRAZELL and grandson, L.D., has moved back to her farm in this community.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. BRAZELL are making their home with Mrs. BRAZELL temporarily.

Comyn News

            Comyn school opened Monday, Sept. 1 with possibly the largest enrollment in its history for the beginning month.

            Many patrons, trustees, and other visitors attended the opening exercises which were held in the auditorium at 9:00 o’clock.  Rev. S.B. CULPEPPER, pastor of the Baptist Church of Cleburne made the principal address.  W. Doyle GRAVES, Agriculture teacher, introduced the speaker and both he and Supt. CULPEPPER made interesting and appropriate addresses in which they outlined some of the aims to be reached this year, after which Supt. CULPEPPER introduced the new teachers, each of whom responded with enthusiastic speeches.

            The faculty for this term is S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., Supt; W.Doyle GRAVES, Principal and Agriculture; Mrs. Chas. ROSS, English; Miss Glynn DONALDSON, Home Economics; Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr., Seventh Grade; Misses Mollie and Jewell GRISHAM, Ollie and Pearl SLOAN, Elementary Grades.

Rev. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER of Cleburne visited their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. S.B. CULPEPPER, Jr. on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. DONALDSON and family of Ft. Worth were here Saturday and Sunday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALSTON and family.  Their daughter, Miss Glynn DONALDSON is Home Ec. Teacher in the Comyn School this year.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. TREADWAY and children returned a few days ago from Hobbs, N.M. where they spent the summer.  Mr. TREADWAY left Sunday for Hobbs to resume his work, while Mrs. TREADWAY remained here in order to have the children in school.

Miss Lela VAUGHAN, who spent the summer studying in Ames, Iowa, is visiting her father, before going to Tarleton College to take up her work as instructor in the Home Economics department.


Miss Bess DANIELS of Somerville is guest of her aunt, Mrs. Jim BROWN.

Miss Mabel POLNAC of Hico, is guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC.

Miss Jewell TIMMONS of Eastland was guest Sunday of her father, C.H. TIMMONS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell ROBINETT have gone to Dalhart, where he has accepted a position in a bank.

Miss Opal HOWARD of Stamford was a week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD.

Miss Vera MAHAN has returned to Hamilton, where she will resume her study to become a trained nurse.

Miss Leila JENKINS has gone to Gorman, where she will teach school the coming year.

Mrs. N.L. PERKINS has returned from an extended visit with relatives at Holdenville, Oklahoma.

Mrs. GRIZZELLE of Waco, is visiting her son, J.H. GRIZZELLE and family.

Mr. and Mrs. G.E. HOOKER of Tyler were guests Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Miss Nerine DONOHUE has gone to Kingsville, where she has accepted a position.

Virgil McKELVEY of Olden was a guest of his father, J.F. McKELVEY and family Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CLEVELAND of Long Beach, Calif., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Mrs. Robert GRIMSHAW and children have gone to Stephenville, where they will make their home.

Mrs. Orville KUHN and children of Graham are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John GRISHAM.

G.W. ROLLINS and W.C. NEWTON, who are employed by the Humble Co., have been transferred to Crane.

A.C. DODSON, automobile dealer in Corpus Christi, was a recent visitor with his mother, Mrs. E.E. CARTER.

J.A. MYERS has gone to Brownwood, where he has accepted a position.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam GAMBLE, of Hico, relatives of the GRIMSHAW family, were attending the funeral of Robert GRIMSHAW here Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Alton COZBY and little daughter were week-end guests in the home of her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER.

Tilton COLLINS of Gainesville will reside with his grandmother, Mrs. E.H. EDWARDS this year and attend school here.

Mr. and Mrs. Payne SLAUGHTER have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jim SLAUGHTER at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mesdames Lee MONCRIEF, Emma EVANS, Leona OTTO, Tinsy HARDIN and Mr. Alton UMBERFIELD, all of Marlin, were in attendance at the GRIMSHAW funeral here Sunday afternoon.

Ector DRY of Iraan is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie DRY.

T.J. MACON is in Dallas visiting his sons, Lem and Ben MACON and families.

Miss Mary Louise GRIZZELLE of Comanche was a week-end guest of her parents.  Friday she went to Gorman and underwent a tonsil operation from which she is recovering nicely.

C.G. FOUST, owner of Foust Lumber Co., has been ill following a stroke of paralysis at his home in Dublin.  Last account, Mr. FOUST was slowly improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert SMITH of Midland, are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. PILCHER.



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