The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, August 22, 1930


De Leon Boy to Try for World Min. Golf Record

            Albert COZBY will be the first resident of this city to try for a world record, so far as this paper has been informed.  Next Monday morning, at 7:00 o’clock, he will shoot the first ball in an attempt to break the Miniature Golf Endurance record.

            COZBY has set his mark at 100 hours of sustained playing.  The present world record is sixty-seven hours and twenty minutes, held by a Newcastle, Texas, player.  He will play continuously, day and night, stopping only to eat and drink.  Careful check will be kept of his record so as to be able to substantiate the facts after the test is over.  The marathon is expected to draw a very widespread interest.

Golf Matches at Buck Course Show Skill of Players

            Matched play was arranged at the Buck Golf Course on last Wednesday evening between players of De Leon, Gorman and Dublin.  A De Leon golfer, J.O. STONE, came out with first honors, shooting a score of 52 on the 18 hole course.

            Miss Odessa WILHITE, opponent of Mr. STONE, shot a 56.  Miss WILHITE contested for honors with Mrs. STONE on the same course a couple of weeks ago, and won.

            Mrs. Riley WORTHY shot a 66, in competition with Luther WRIGHT of Gorman, whose score was 75.

            Manager SOUTHERLAND encourages matched play as it furnishes an interest and enthusiasm not obtained otherwise.

John Grisham Not Much Improved from Recent Severe Illness

            John GRISHAM, pioneer barber of this city, is not much improved from his recent attack.  He was taken ill of an illness akin to acute indigestion while on duty almost a month ago.  Failing to rally, he was carried to Gorman a week later for examination.  His physicians ordered him to rest awhile.  His attacks have since continued at intervals, and he is in a weakened condition.

            Thursday when the Free Press went to press, he was reported as unimproved.

Elmer Tate Injured by Falling Beam

            While working on a bridge near Onion Valley, seven miles southwest of De Leon on Monday this week, a coupling was being made on a 40-ft. span of steel, when a metal brace gave way and fell, striking Elmer TATE across the top of the head.  TATE was painfully but not seriously injured.

Dr. J.E. Self is Slowly Recovering from Week’s Illness

            Dr. J.E. SELF has been confined to his bed for almost ten days with an illness which his relatives and friends hope has run its course.

            He made a trip out to the Southwest Texas oil field district a little more than a week ago and was taken ill while en route.

            Reports from his sickroom on Thursday indicated that he is considerably improved and it is hoped he will be about as usual in a few days.

Old Time Citizen of De Leon is on Visit to City

            Free Press editor met an old-time citizen of this place a few days ago, John HAMMETT, who lived in De Leon from 1891 to 1900.  Mr. HAMMETT has made his home at Slaton for a good many years.  His wife is dead and he lives about among his children now, he stated.  He was here visiting in the home of his nephew, George HAMMETT, manager of the local ice plant.

            Mr. HAMMETT, while a resident of De Leon, occupied the farm now owned by Rev. A.F. NABORS.  He was a brother of Kid and Theodore HAMMETT.  His father formerly lived here and died here in 1902, being buried at De Leon cemetery.

Robert Grimshaw Has Case of Typhoid

            Robert GRIMSHAW, employed in Higginbotham Bros. & Co. furniture store, developed a case of typhoid fever several days ago and has been critically ill.  He was carried to the Sanitarium at Gorman and is under the care of specialists there.

            Mr. and Mrs. A. GRIMSHAW, parents, and James GRIMSHAW and wife, all of Elida, N.M. are here at his bedside.  Mr. GRIMSHAW Wednesday morning reported his son running high fevers but otherwise his condition was believed satisfactory.

Miss Elinor Rogers Becomes Bride of James Austin Thurs.

            At a beautiful wedding ceremony said in the auditorium of the First Methodist church in San Angelo, at eight o’clock p.m. last Thursday, Miss Elinor ROGERS became the bride of James AUSTIN, also of San Angelo.  Rev. Grady TIMMONS, pastor, presided, the impressive ring ceremony of the Methodist church being used.

            The altar had been transformed into a lovely bower of green and white with a spray of pink roses here and there.  Shasta daisies and white roses were used to advantage in the decorative scheme.

            An organ prelude, “O Thou Sublime Sweet Evening Star” preceded the rendition of two solos, one by a girl friend, the other by Clovis ROGERS, brother of the bride.  ROGERS sang Cadman’s “At Dawning.”  Then followed the soft strains of Lohengrin’s “Wedding March” as the wedding party approached the altar.  The bride was given in marriage by her father, R.W. ROGERS.

            Following the ceremony a reception for the wedding party and close friends was given at the ROGERS residence at 411 West Ave. C.  While the festivities were in progress, the bride and groom slipped away and drove to San Antonio where they are spending their honeymoon.

            Mrs. AUSTIN is a niece of the editor of this paper, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond ROGERS.  She was raised in San Antonio, where her parents have resided for perhaps twenty years.


            Escar SINGLETON and Miss Flora HIGGINBOTHAM were united in marriage October 27th at Grandfield, Oklahoma.  Mr. SINGLETON is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. SINGLETON, who reside five miles west of here, and Mrs. SINGLETON is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter HIGGINBOTHAM, who live near Antioch, where she taught school the past two years and will teach again next school year.

            Mr. and Mrs. SINGLETON were secretly married and announced their relationship the past week.  They are both popular young people and have a large circle of friends, who wish for them much happiness.

            Mr. and Mrs. SINGLETON left immediately after announcing their marriage for El Dorado, Kansas, where they will spend a month visiting relatives.

Young People Enjoy Social Affair at Home of J.W. Jones

            An enjoyable social affair was held at the home of J.W. JONES on the evening of August 16.  At about 7:30 the young people began to gather for the occasion.

            Plays and games of reputable character were indulged in, intermingled with singing and instrumental music, considerable talent being shown by the young artists.  The dining room doors were then thrown open and the guests invited to partake of ice cold lemonade and cake, which Mrs. JONES had prepared.  All agreed that the refreshments were quite refreshing.

            Then the young people went to the spacious lawn in front of the home and engaged in the Question and Evasive Answer game.  All then assembled in the social room and were favored with a special song by Miss Lottie ROBINETT, with Miss Arlena JONES at the piano.

            A water melon slicing then took place on the lawn and as the hour of departure arrived, each guest was given a nice juicy slice of watermelon.  The guests all expressed themselves as having an enjoyable evening.

            Guest personnel was as follows:  Miss Edith FUQUA of Hamilton, Tex., Misses Lottie ROBINETT, Mabel ROBINETT, Lavelle STRICKLAND, Hazel HUDDLESTON, Vera ROBINSON, Modet FARROW, Frances FERRELL, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond VAN ZANDT, and Messrs. Howard BAKER, Lavealle FERRELL, Travis BUNTING, Cecil ROSS, Hugh COAN, Guyle CARTER, Barnett FERRELL, Bobbie JOINER, Durwood WARREN, and Jack HUMPHREY.  The social was sponsored by Misses Lavelle STRICKLAND, Arlena JONES and Vera ROBISON. –Contributed.

Mt. Pleasant School to Open Fall Term on September First

            Raymond VAN ZANDT, principal of the Mt. Pleasant school, three miles west of this city, asked the Free Press to announce the opening of the school at that place on Monday, Sept. 1.  This date is the earliest opening date in history for the Mt. Pleasant school in the county, so far as this paper is informed.

            The reason for the early opening is that the pupils are not otherwise employed at this time, and by commencing early, the term will end the sooner next Spring, when there may be profitable work at which pupils may be employed.  However, if the children are needed this fall for harvesting, the school may take recess for a period considered necessary.

            There are 59 scholastics in the Pt. Pleasant district.  There are two teachers, Mr. and Mrs. VAN ZANDT.

            These popular teachers are beginning on their fourth year at Mt. Pleasant.


Mrs. Frank GASTON, publisher of the Granbury News and mother of Mrs. Guy HARMON, spent Sunday and Monday visiting in the home of her daughter here.  Mrs. GASTON continues to publish the News since the death of her husband some months ago.  Her husband established the paper at Granbury back in the 80’s.

Mrs. W.J. PHELPS left Wednesday for Sedan, Oklahoma, accompanied by her sister, Mrs. C.L. MYATT, also her nephew, Mr. Edgar MYATT, whose home is in Oklahoma.  Mrs. PHELPS intends to remain in Oklahoma for some months, as she finds employment there.  W.J. PHELPS is to remain here.

Mrs. John W. POSEY and children of Phoenix, Ariz., are here for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. NASH.  This was the first time in eight years all the four children of Mr. and Mrs. NASH had been together, the POSEY family having lived in Arizona that long.  They are growing citrus fruit in the Salt River Valley, owning their own farm under irrigation.

Mrs. W.A. SCHOLIBO and little daughter, of Houston, who have visited with her mother, Mrs. R.L. MORELAND, returned this week from a visit at Snyder and Tahoka.  They will return to Houston this week-end.

Mr. James LITTLE has resigned his position as principal of Robinson Springs school and has accepted a position to teach at Old Glory.  Mr. Murrell FERGUSON of Stephenville has been elected to fill the vacancy.

Mr. and Mrs. John JONES and granddaughter, Dorothy Jean ROSS of Hico, were visitors Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph JONES, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROSS.

L.A. COPELAND and family have moved here recently from Lubbock.

Roy VAUGHN of Anson is visiting his grandfather, J.H. VAUGHN.

A husky boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. F.L. KEE on August 12th.

Miss Madge RENFRO of Cross Plains is guest of her aunt, Mrs. J.C. GRAHAM.

Miss Josephine FORD of Morgan is guest of her aunt, Mrs. Clark NICHOLS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fayette COGBURN and family of Littlefield are here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.J. COGBURN and other relatives.

Craig NICHOLS, who recently completed a course at Tyler Commercial College, has accepted a position in the District Manager’s office at Swift & Co. at Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. MILLER and son of Ft. Worth are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. L.N. POWELL and are going to take Mrs. POWELL home with them as her health is not good.

Mr. and Mrs. ROGAN of Brownwood were guests last week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.R. ROGAN.  Mrs. ROGAN of Brownwood was formerly Miss Opal DIXON.

Mrs. E.M. LEDBETTER and little son, Sanford Truett, have returned to their home in El Paso after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. ALLGOOD of Rucker.


A number of friends of the deceased in this community attended the funeral and burial of Uncle Tom MORELAND at De Leon last Tuesday.

Charlotte MILLER accompanied her sister, Mrs. Blon MORELAND, to Hawley last week for a visit in her home.

Friends of Mrs. Dave MARTIN will be glad to learn she is much better.  She has been very ill.

Oliver Springs

The families of Rufus OTWELL of De Leon, N. NABORS, Mr. and Mrs. Luther McCRACKY of Sulphur Springs, E.M. OTWELL, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil TARRANCE of Downing, Grandma OTWELL and E.F. SHORT of Robinson Springs, were Sunday visitors of C.T. NABORS and family.

Mrs. H.H. ECHOLS and son, Hyson, Jr. spent last week visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. JOHNSTON of Gorman.

Mrs. T.H. MORRIS of St. Joe was a guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G.N. MILLER last week.


Miss Dorothy DISHMAN has recently returned from a summer visiting with relatives at GRAHAM.

Miss Dixie LAMINACK will leave next week for Lubbock, where she will attend school.  This community regrets for her to be away as Miss LAMINACK is a leader among the younger set and is a valued member of the singing class.

Mrs. Jesse L. HUGHES is in poor health and has been for the past several weeks.

Mrs. McANALLY and two children are planning to go away for a few weeks and pick cotton until crops mature in this part.

Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS has improved some over her prolonged illness.

Mrs. G.A. CLARK, who has been seriously ill for more than a month has not shown much improvement.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest GOATES are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine baby girl at their home.


K.E. SMITH and Hurvey GARY left last week for Oklahoma where they will work.

Dr. CROW of Waco and Clyde CROW of Moran, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. I.H. CROW last week.


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