The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, July 25, 1930


Moody King, With Highway Patrol, Gives Warning

            Moody KING, who is one of the State’s fifty highway patrolmen, was here Thursday visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. KING.  His headquarters are at Abilene and his district extends from Strawn to El Paso, some ten men being assigned to this district.  The new patrol was founded to “regulate and assist” traffic, rather than primarily to punish offenders.  However, it is the duty of the patrolmen to do both.

Was Relief Manager of Telegraph Office During Vacation Time

            Miss Vivian BOSWELL has been away on vacation the past two weeks, and during her absence Mrs. R.A. JACKSON, of Lufkin, Texas, has been in charge of the Western Union as relief manager.  Mrs. JACKSON is regularly in this work, going from De Leon to Monahans.  Miss BOSWELL was back at her post Thursday at noon.

Andress and Medford Hold Re-Union in Haskell Co.

            The largest get-together of importance among ANDRESS and MEDFORD families took place on Friday, July 18, when more than one hundred relatives attended the reunion at the home of Mrs. Sam A. MEDFORD in Howard community, Haskell County.  Among them were many who had not met each other in ten and twelve years.  Just before noon all were asked to drive to the shades of California Creek where a large table was set with delicious inner of barbecue and stew.  Many games were played and swimming and fishing were enjoyed by all.  Among the families present were:

            Mr. and Mrs. Ed ANDRESS and family, Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. John ANDRESS and family, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. William KEITH and family, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Watt SMITH and family, De Leon; Mrs. Pearl BINGHAM and children, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur BATES and family, Brownfield; Henry BATES, Brownfield; Mr. and Mrs. Earl BELL and family, Breckenridge; Mr. and Mrs. Will ANDRESS and family, Hamlin; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer ANDRESS and family, Hamlin; Mr. and Mrs. Albert ANDRESS and family, McCauley; Jesse ANDRESS, Hamlin; Miss Grace SHORT, Oklahoma City, Okla; Mr. and Mrs. Henry TSUJI and family, Stamford; following families from Howard community – Mr. and Mrs. J. MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lee MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. G.S. MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank UNDERWOOD and family, Mrs. Sam A. MEDFORD and children; from Haskell – Mr. and Mrs. Eugene MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie MEDFORD and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim ANDRESS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey MEDFORD, Mr. and Mrs. AMMONS, John HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil ANDRESS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hurley ANDRESS and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Bino ANDRESS.

Three Families to Have Reunion on August First

            The annual FISHER-STRICKLAND-NELSON family reunion will be held on Copperas Creek, eight miles southwest of De Leon on Friday August 1, 1930.  The affair in other years has drawn a large gathering of the relatives of these three popular pioneer families and their invited guests and is expected to do so again this year.

            A printed program is being circulated which calls for L.R. WILLIAMS to open the program of the day at 10 a.m. with singing, “Mother Fisher.”  Mack NELSON and Mose STRICKLAND will extend greetings from the three families, and response on behalf of friends will be given by R.R. HARVEY.

            At 11:00 o’clock Henry JOHNSON is on the program to conduct singing, following which brief histories of the three families will be given by W.A. STRICKLAND, Mary STRICKLAND and R. FISHER.  A special vocal number will be rendered by S.J. STRICKLAND.

            At 11:30 a.m. Rev. J.M. STRICKLAND will deliver an address, concluding at noon when dinner will be served under the shade of the beautiful pecan grove there.

            At 1:30, “under the same old tree,” the boys will hold a business meeting.  Entertainment for the afternoon will be furnished by S.C. GARTMAN, singing; Miss Mallie STRICKLAND, humorous poem, and reading, etc. by others.  J.J. STRICKLAND of San Antonio will give “Some Bits of History,” following which a play period for children of different ages will be conducted by Misses Rosa FISHER, Oma STRICKLAND, Fannie STRICKLAND, Fay NELSON, Ila STRICKLAND, and George WILLIAMS.

Vital Statistics by De Leon Recorder


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry PATE, De Leon, a son, June 7th, 1930.

To Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY, De Leon, a daughter, June 6th, 1930.

To Mr. and Mrs. G.D. YATES, De Leon, a daughter, June 4, 1930.

To Mr. and Mrs. Clarence FLOYD, De Leon, a daughter, June 26, 1930.


Mrs. Mary BUTLER died at her home in De Leon, June 12, 1930.  Age 68 years.  Intermet, De Leon cemetery.

Mrs. Ana HAMILTON, died at the home of her son, Leonard HOLLAND, in Comyn, June 14, 1930.  Age 49 years.  Interment, De Leon Cemetery.

Death of Mrs. H.J. Butler Occurred at Her Home June 12th

            The Free Press is due an apology to our elderly friends, H.J. BUTLER, for failure to chronicle the death of his good wife, Mrs. Mollie BUTLER, which occurred at their home here on Thursday, June 12th.  When the death occurred the editor of this paper was away on vacation at Corpus Christi and news of the sad occurrence was not received at this office.  It was Saturday of last week before Free Press editor knew that Mrs. BUTLER was dead.

            Mrs. BUTLER suffered a stroke of paralysis at her home in Humphrey Addition Wednesday morning, June 12th.  Death came to relieve her of her suffering on the evening of the following day.  During the hours of her brief illness she had the attention of skilled physicians and the ministrations of loved ones and friends, all to no avail.  It was the call of the Infinite to a higher and better world, and her soul passed out into the realm beyond the vale.

            The funeral service was held at the Primitive Baptist church with Eld. S.W. SHORT speaking words of comfort to the sorrowing husband, relatives and friends, assisted by Rev. Montie A. DAVIS, following which the body was laid to rest at De Leon cemetery.

            Mr. BUTLER is now past 84 years of age.  He has two sons and a daughter by a former marriage and he returned from Denton after a visit with one of his sons Saturday.  He will perhaps make his home with his children now.

B.T. Higginbotham, Pioneer Merchant Here, Near Death

            Relatives here are hourly expecting to receive a message of the death of B.T. HIGGINBOTHAM, who has been at the brink of death for several days.  The aged man, now past eighty-three, suffered a stroke of apoplexy at his home at Alvin, Texas, at 11:00 p.m. Sunday, July 13th.  His condition immediately became grave.  Relatives were called to his bedside, among them his daughter, Mrs. R.R. HARVEY of this city.

            Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM left De Leon to make his home at Alvin about twenty years ago.  He was engaged in citrus fruit culture for a number of years.  He was one of the first citizens to settle in De Leon when the town was founded in the early 80’s, and was one of the first merchants.  He lived for many years in the house now occupied by R.R. HARVEY.


            The following telegram was filed at Alvin Thursday at 12:05 p.m.:


De Leon, Texas

“Papa sinking very fast not expected to last through the day.”

                        Mrs. R.R. HARVEY

Adventures of an Aged Pioneer of Texas

            The life of J.T. MORGAN, 74 years old, living in the Shady Grove community, about fifteen miles west of Dallas, Texas, has been filled with romance and adventure.  His latest adventure was the discovery of the famed James Bowie lost silver mine, an old Spanish gold mine and a cache of Spanish treasure, stolen and concealed by the Indians in the early History of Texas.

            The above true story of MORGAN will be published in the monthly Magazine Section of the De Leon Free Press, August 8th.

Thieves Take Clothes of Visitor From Ft. Worth at Jones Sanders Home

            Some time Saturday afternoon or Sunday, thieves entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones SANDERS, residing eight miles west of De Leon, and rifled the traveling bags of Mrs. Grace HILDRETH, daughter of Mrs. SANDERS.  Among the missing articles is a coat valued at $90.00.  Expensive dresses and lingeries were also taken, the loot being valued at approximately $250.  Two traveling bags, valued at $35.99 each were not taken.

            While the unfortunate young woman has no positive proof, still there is a clew that is believed almost a certainty.  Mrs. HILDRETH told the Free Press.  Officers are expected to recover the stolen property shortly.

Mules and Hogs Burn to Death in Barn Fire Mon.

            A fire of unknown origin on the Northcutt farm, two and one-half miles northwest of Desdemona shortly after noon Monday, burned to death two good mules and four head of hogs.  Mr. NORTHCUTT had come in at noon and put his team in the small lot adjoining the barn.  The lot fence was constructed of oil field timbers and the animals could not escape.  When the fire was discovered, it was too late to save any of the stock.

            Mr. NORTHCUTT had just finished harvesting his crop of maize and placing it in his barn.  He also had 150 bales of last year’s peanut hay in the barn, all of which was a total loss.

            There was no insurance.


            Mr. Lowell ROBINETT of this city and Miss Mary COOK of Decatur were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on June 26th at Clovis, New Mexico.  Mrs. ROBINETT is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.W. COOK of Decatur, where she has a position as teacher in the Decatur school for next year.  Mr. ROBINETT is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Will ROBINETT and has a large number of friends who wish them much happiness.


            Miss Vaunda PETERS of Proctor, Texas and Mr. Cecil LOUDERMILK of Downing, went to Oklahoma Saturday, July 5th, and were happily married there.

            The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.D. PETERS of Proctor and the groom is the youngest son of G.H. LOUDERMILK.  Both are excellent young people and are wished much happiness.


            The marriage of Miss Cleo SKAGGS to Mr. J.A. CLEMENT occurred at the home of Rev. and Mrs. W.L. SKAGGS on Monday, July 14th, 1930, the Rev. Mr. SKAGGS officiating.  The wedding ceremony was said at 3:00 o’clock p.m.  Only a few friends and relatives were present to witness the ceremony.

            Miss SKAGGS is a daughter of Rev. H.F. SKAGGS and wife of the Rock Bluff community and was reared to young womanhood there, having many graces and traits of refinement and culture.  Mr. CLEMENT is a son of Mr. C. CLEMENT, of Rucker community and is a young man of sterling worth and character.  Their many friends join in wishing them much success and happiness.


The Baptist revival will begin at this place on Friday night before the first Sunday in August, which will be August 1.  Rev. Walter MARTIN will do the preaching.  Will FINCANNON and wife of Beaumont will have charge of the singing.  Everyone is invited to come and help in every way during the meeting.  Singers especially are invited.  Mr. FINCANNON is a noted singer, once singing with the Vaughn Quartette.  We are looking forward to a great revival.

Mr. and Mrs. K.E. SMITH have gone with John CATES, of Desdemona, on a fishing trip to the San Saba River.

Mr. and Mrs. Ottis MUNES from West Texas, visited her sister, Mrs. L. SMITH Sunday.

Jim ROBINSON had a barn destroyed by fire last week.  A few bales of hay were lost.

Miss Ahnewa SMITH of Carlsbad, New Mexico, is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J.B. SMITH.

Oliver Springs

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. MORRIS of St. Joe spent Thursday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G.N. MILLER.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus OTWELL and family of St. Joe spent Sunday as guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. NABORS, parents of Mrs. OTWELL.

Mrs. OTWELL returned home recently after a visit with her son, E.M. OTWELL and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Noah ATCHLEY and family have returned from Oklahoma.  They were accompanied by his son and family.

Mrs. H. FOSTER of Gorman spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. COGBURN.

Mr. and Mrs. R.B. ATCHISON are at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. Molly VAN BIBBER of Winters, Texas.

Mrs. Elmer SHORT and son, Dois, of Robinson Springs and the former Miss Vena SHORT, and daughter, Ila MORINE of Borger, Mr. and Mrs. C. TARRANCE of Downing and Miss Oleander ECHOLS were visitors in the home of E.M. OTWELL and family Sunday.


Velma and Thelma MILLER gave a birthday dinner Sunday.  Many little friends gathered there to spend the day.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. O’BRIEN of Cisco came here for their daughter, Vivian, who has spent several weeks here last week.  They are to leave Sunday for a month’s vacation trip to California via the northern route, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone National Park, etc.  They will be accompanied by Bill CURRAN, swimming instructor at Lake Cisco, who plans to contract with the Venice Plunge in California for winter work as instructor of swimming.


Ike BRUMBELOW visited the music school here several days this week and assisted in the class singing.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE and children were in Carlton Sunday visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HILL and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Price BRAZELL and children of Oklahoma are visiting with Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR and other relatives this week. 

Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS is improving some from an attack of rheumatism from which she has suffered for several months.

Mrs. Fred HOLLAND spent last week visiting with her daughter, Mrs. W.A. LINDLEY.

Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR was ill during last week but is improving at this time.

Friends of Mrs. A.L. McANALLY extend to her their sympathy in the loss of her mother, Mrs. CROUCH, who passed to her reward at her home in Dallas last week.

Mrs. O.T. BYRD and children of McCamey are visiting her sister, Mrs. O.H. MOORE and family this week.

W.A. LINDLEY and family visited his father, Rev. W.M. LINDLEY, at Eastland Monday of this week.


Mrs. Calvin CARAWAY and baby of Big Lake are here visiting her parents and other relatives.

Ruth and Ralph CARAWAY of Big Lake are here on an extended visit with relatives.

Misses Zora BAKER and Annabel COWAN, also Mrs. Reed GOLDING, are at Blackwell Sanitarium, where each underwent an operation.  All are doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed HALL and children visited her brother, Gary SWANNER and family at Downing Sunday.

A party of young people met at the home of Mrs. B.L. PAINTER last Thursday and organized the “Willing Helpers” Club.  They will meet at Miss Iva Wayne STURDIVANT’s home Friday, July 25.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER visited with Mrs. HEIZER’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. WATSON Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. LEWALLEN and family of De Leon visited her sister, Mr. and Mrs. McKINNON and family Sunday.

Robinson Springs

Mr. and Mrs. James LITTLE of Tarleton College spent the week-end with Mrs. LITTLE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ballard CLARK.

Ballard CLARK’s mother is suffering severely from a fall she received recently.

Granny HOLMES is very ill at this writing.

Mrs. Elmer SHORT, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. RILEY of Borger the past two weeks, returned to her home last week, accompanied by her daughter.

Horace SPRUILL is very ill at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. STEWART of Borger are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fleet TARRANCE and family.


Mr. and Mrs. J.T. SELF of Weslaco were here Wednesday night visiting in the home of his uncle, Dr. J.E. SELF.  Mr. SELF, a few weeks ago harvested $1800.00 worth of cabbage off of seven acres of ground, and now has cotton ready to harvest on the same land.  He has 40 acres of cotton.  Mr. Frank KNIGHT, of Idabelle, Okla. accompanied the SELF family on their visit here.

Mrs. D.D. McCARROLL visited her son, Dannie McCARROLL and family in Cisco Thursday. 

Mrs. Jack PRICE of Nacogdoches, is in the city, guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Mrs. R.B. TUCKER and daughter, Roberta of Abilene, are visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. SLOAN.

Mrs. L.W. EASTERLING and daughters, Dorothy Nell and Virginia, returned Sunday from a three weeks’ visit in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. O.A. RIDDLE of Rochester were here last week visiting Mr. and Mrs. CHATHAM.  Mmes. RIDDLE and CHATHAM are sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN and children and Mrs. Pete SHAVER, have gone to Pikes Peak, Colorado, for a two weeks’ vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude HUDSON of Portersville were guests last week of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.E. HUDSON.

Mrs. W.N. KING of Llano is visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.K. ROGAN.  Mrs. W.V. RATLIFF, of Oklahoma, sister of Mrs. ROGAN, is also a visitor in the ROGAN home.

Mrs. John L. WARE is taking a junior course in beauty culture under instruction of Mrs. Gertrude KAY at Dublin, after which she will go to Ft. Worth and take a senior course.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. TAYLOR, who reside at McCamey, are here this week, guests in the home of Dr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE.  Mr. TAYLOR is a brother of Mrs. MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett HANSFORD are the proud parents of a little son, James EVERETT, Jr., born into their home on Saturday, July 19, 1930.  All are doing nicely.

Mrs. C.E. NEWMAN and little daughter, Joe Wylene, of Navasota, are here for a visit with BUCHAN and GENTRY relatives.  Also Mrs. W.B. BLAIR and children, Billie Buck and Ina Gene, are here from Itasca.

Mr. and Mrs. Barney HILL of Lubbock were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. Ansel HILL and other relatives.

John Olen SWINNEY of De Leon enlisted in the regular army on July 16, 1930 and was assigned to the 23rd U.S. Infantry, stationed at Fort Sam Houston.  SWINNEY attended this year C.M.T.C. and liked army life so well that he enlisted upon completion of the thirty days training at the camp.


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