The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, July 18, 1930


De Leon Physician Goes With Druggist Former Associate

Dr. J.E. SELF and G.H. HARMON were associated as druggist and physician for a period of perhaps fifteen years, prior to the time Mr. HARMON left De Leon several years ago.  It is not strange, therefore, since Mr. HARMON has returned and opened a new drug business that they should again be associated.

            Dr. SELF has opened a nice suite of offices in the rear of the new Harmon Drug Co. and will continue his practice there.

Farm Home of O.S. Robbins is Burned Sunday

            The farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver ROBBINS, located seven miles north of this place, was destroyed by fire at about 11:00 o’clock last Sunday night.  Not only the large two-story residence was burned, but also the smoke-house containing the meat supply, a valuable automatic washing machine and other household and personal effects.

            The exact manner in which the fire originated is not known.  Mrs. ROBBINS suffered an attack of rheumatism and Miss Estelle, a daughter, lighted a fire in the stove to heat an iron.  It is presumed that the fire in some manner started from this cause.

            The property was the old STRONG place.  The house was large and well built.  The ROBBINS family had resided there for perhaps ten years.

            The flames had gained such headway when discovered that only a mattress and a few quilts could be saved.  Sam WARREN, who was staying at the ROBBINS home, lost all his personal effects, including a set of false teeth which he had removed for the night.  His loss is considerable.  Mr. ROBBINS carried insurance in the sum of $2,000.  The loss is estimated at $3,500.00.

Morris to Open Miniature Golf Course Monday

            A miniature golf course is nearing completion on the C.C. MORRIS property, across the street south from Higginbotham Hardware.  The course is a very elaborate and difficult one, attractively laid out, standard size 18 hole course.  Cottonseed hulls have been used for greens.  Trees on the plot furnish shade and likewise hazards.  Ladies will be asked to wear tennis shoes while playing, in order to prevent sharp heels from cutting the greens.

            The course will be open to the public next Monday, Curt MORRIS told the Free Press.  Some special features to advertise the course will be provided and announced in a few days.


            De Leon Lodge No. 175 I.O.O.F. elected new officers for the ensuing term and they were duly installed July 10th as follows:

            A.C. POLNAC, Noble Grand; T.D. CROCKETT, Vice Grand; I.F. BAY, Secretary.  A large attendance was present and much interest was manifested .  The Lodge meets each Thursday evening.

Ray Harvey Made Honor Roll at S.M.U. for Last Semester of Year

            Among the 301 students at Southern Methodist University making the honor roll the last semester of 1929-30 school year, was found the name of Ray HARVEY, De Leon young man, son of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.  Ray is to be congratulated upon his scholarship attainment, which represents earnestness and hard work.

Forty-Two Persons Attend Family Reunion at Cook Home Here

            On Sunday, July 13th, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK of De Leon, Rt. 5, were made glad by having all their children at home for a family reunion.  There are ten children in the COOK family, three of their daughters being married.  There are five tiny grand children to make the hearts of the parents happy.  Dinner was served to the forty-two members of the happy gathering in the COOK home at noon.  Everything good to eat was had in abundance.  Chicken in every manner in which chicken may be served; delicious salads, vegetables, cakes, pies, iced drinks, melons, fruits, cantaloupes, altogether making a repast fit for kings.

            Those present were Mr. and Mrs. S.T. COOK and the children who are at home, Emmett, Webb, Garland, Peggy and Bryant.  Those residing from under the family roof are Mrs. Clyde HOWERTON and family, Independence, Kan.; Mrs. Milton HUFF and family, Ft. Worth; Mrs. Roy LINDLEY and husband, Lubbock; Dayne COOK, Big Lake and Perry COOK, of Lubbock.

            Others present were Mr. and Mrs. W. TOLAND and family; Mr. and Mrs. R.C. BOSWELL and family; Mr. and Mrs. Perry ST. CLAIR and family; Mr. and Mrs. LINDLEY and daughter of Breckenridge; Mrs. A.A. APPLEBY and daughter, Mrs. J.E. McCAIN and baby daughter, the latter from Comanche; Mrs. ST. CLAIR and daughter, Miss Ruth.

            It is the purpose of the family to make the reunion an annual affair.

Child Drinks Gasoline

            The 18-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. JAMAR happened to drink some gasoline Sunday afternoon.  A cup of gasoline was left, by mistake, in reach of the baby.  She was taken to Gorman and is slowly recovering.  The JAMAR family live in the Trinity community.

Mrs. Hubert Couch Dies After Brief Illness

            Mrs. Gladys HUNT COUCH was born in Boyce, La. March 12th, 1911, and died at De Leon Friday, July 11th, 1930 at 3:30 p.m., her age at time of death being 19 years, 4 months and 29 days.  She was married on July 10, 1926 at Shreveport, La. To Hubert COUCH of this city.

            To this union there were born two children, Dolores, age 2 years and 10 months, and Cameron Winfield, 9 days old.  She also leaves an aged mother and two sisters at Boyce, La., where at her request, the body was taken for burial, accompanied by her mother, who so tenderly cared for her during the last week.

            Mrs. COUCH was a patient sufferer for eight months with tuberculosis.  She was conscious until the last minute and knew she was going but was perfectly reconciled and ready.  She told each one goodbye with a smile and quietly fell asleep in Jesus.  She lived a quiet and submissive life.  Her loved ones and friends were rewarded with a smile for the many kind deeds they did for her.


Mrs. KAUFFMAN, mother of Mrs. J.L. BARTON, is here this week for a visit in the home of her daughter.

Miss Leila JENKINS has accepted a position to teach departmental English in the Gorman school.  She has just returned from taking a six weeks course at Tarleton College.  Mr. and Mrs. Les BURGESS and baby, who have visited in the JENKINS home the past week, left Saturday, accompanied by Miss Leila, to visit Carlsbad Cavern and will go from there to Denver for two weeks.  Ross JENKINS, also studied six weeks at Tarleton, and left Monday for A.& M. College, where he will continue his studies the coming six weeks.  He is superintendent of schools at Trent again next year.

Mr. and Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW and family, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A.L. UPSHAW of Houston and Mrs. J.J. MILLS of Comanche, are spending this week in Glen Rose.

Mrs. R.R. HARVEY has gone to Alvin to attend the bedside of her father, B.T. HIGGINBOTHAM, who suffered a stroke of paralysis recently.

Mrs. Harrison WALKER and son, Harrison Jr., were here last week from Waco guests of her father, J.W. HAYNES and Mrs. W.J. IRVIN.  Mmes. IRVIN and HAMNER accompanied her home for a visit.

Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN, Mrs. E.E. GENTRY and Otis BUCHAN went to Itasca Sunday in response to a message stating that Mrs. W.B. BLAIR was painfully injured in an automobile accident.  She had started here for a visit, when only a short distance from home, her car went into a ditch.  As a result three of her ribs were broken and she was bruised and scratched.  The children were uninjured.

Raymond BUTLER of Iraan is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Miss Olive Winters BUCHAN is in Dallas, visiting her uncle, W.E. TERRY and family.

Vernon and Veldon SIDES of Pasadena, Calif. are visiting relatives at this place.

Elton BOSWELL, who is working for the Humble Co. at Hobbs, N.M. underwent an operation at that place recently and is recovering.

Miss Vivian BOSWELL, who is Western Union operator, has gone to Breckenridge for a week’s vacation.

Dock SIDES has returned from a six months’ visit with relatives in California.

Mrs. J.M. NASH has gone to Abilene for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. McARTHUR.

Mrs. Pearl NANCE FUNKHOUSER of Ft. Worth is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry NANCE.

W.W. NANCE has returned from Ft. Worth, where he has taken treatment for the past week at a sanitarium.  He is very much improved.

Alan SHORT of Iraan is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Howard SHORT.

Miss Virginia CURRIE of Ennis is guest of her aunt, Mrs. Clark NICHOLS.

Miss Oleta MACON of Dallas is visiting Miss Joyce MACON.

Miss Ila WALTRIP of Stamford was a week-end guest of her parents here.

Bettie Jean BUTLER will spend this week with her aunt, Mrs. TERRILL.

Hezzie DEAN has been elected principal of the Lowell school for next year.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther STEWARD and children of McCamey are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN.

Mrs. J.H. DAWKINS of Ft. Worth is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. GRAHAM.

Mr. and Mrs. T.F. BUTLER from Lufkin are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. MAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon McKELVEY of Tulsa, Oklahoma, are visiting his father, J.F. McKELVEY and family.

Mrs. R.W. YOWELL has returned to her home at Waco, after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Will CLARK.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. BOSWELL of Harold, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.V. BOSWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McCARTY of Lawn are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Claude KINCHEN and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Gideon COLEY of San Antonio are visiting his mother, Mrs. J.W. COLEY.

Oscar BROUGHTON and family of Rising Star, were here Tuesday visiting his daughter, Miss Opal BROUGHTON.

Will PARTIN of Lindsey, Okla. Spent last week with his sister, Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS.

Mr. and Mrs. F.R. SIDES and Miss Ivy SIDES of Estancia, are visiting their sister, Mrs. Payne SLAUGHTER and family.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Coy COWAN at Dallas July 3rd.  Mrs. COWAN was formerly Miss Lynette MACON.

Mrs. Lynn GRISHAM and daughter, Dorothy Ann of Quanah, were guests last week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benton GEORGE.

Mrs. Dora WEBB has returned to her home at Pampa after a three weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Curt MORRIS.

An infant son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Guy SMITH at Ft. Worth, June 23rd.  The baby lived only a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon DOSS and son of Matador, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard CLEGHORN of Dublin, were week-end visitors with their father, George MOHON and daughter, Miss Lillian.

Mr. and Mrs. O.D. SOLLEY have returned to their home at Duncan, Okla. After a week’s visit with relatives.  They were accompanied home by his mother, Mrs. S.J. SOLLEY who will visit there indefinitely.

Last Tuesday afternoon at 6:30 Miss Lola BELL gave a miscellaneous shower honoring Mrs. Cecil SHORT.  The bride received many beautiful and useful gifts.  Punch and sandwiches were served to a number of ladies.

Sam SHIPMAN, who formerly lived here, died at his home at Stamford Tuesday, July 15th.  He was buried at Highland Wednesday afternoon.

Buffalo News

Miss Olean BRINSON visited her sister, Mrs. J.L. PARKER of Downing last week.

Relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Mike ROACH from Ft. Worth and Winters visited with them last week.

Those who visited in the home of John HANSON Sunday were: Buck GREGORY and family of Eastland, Mr. and Mrs. John PARKER of Downing, Oliver BRINSON and family, Mr. and Mrs. E.G. GREGORY and daughter, Valda, L.L. BELYEU and family, Mrs. T.J. HANSON, V.A. GREGORY and J.D. BAUGH, Mr. and Mrs. Guy CARNES, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie ALLEN and baby spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. HANSON.


A family reunion was held at the home of W.A. LINDLEY where many of the relations of Mrs. LINDLEY gathered and enjoyed the day together.  Mrs. Fred HOLLAND, mother of Mrs. LINDLEY, Whit SIDES and family, Basil BROWNLEE and family, Sam LOFTON and wife and many others whose names were not learned, there being thirty-four with Mrs. LINDLEY.

The singing school was begun Monday morning, taught by Mr. Carl BRUMBELOW and sister, Miss Grace.  There was a full attendance from the beginning.  It is thought that additions to the teaching force will have to be employed.  Much interest has been shown in both vocal and instrumental music in this community.  Many from outside the community have enrolled in Mr. BRUMBELOW’s class.  The school board at this place purchased a piano more than a year ago for the school and has in every way encouraged the development of such musical talent as might be in the community.  The music school is starting off well and will be a definite success.

Robinson Springs

Thirty-two of the thirty-five members of Robinson Springs attended the Club encampment at Lake Eames, July 10 and 11.  All members reported a delightful trip and wish to extend the highest honor to County Agent BARTON for planning such an encampment and carrying out all events to perfection.  We are also proud of our club as a whole.  Miss Elain BARKER won first place in canning and Roger CHAMBERS won second in poultry judging which entitles both members to a trip to A. & M. Short Course.  Aline KIMMELL won honorable mention in canning.  Dick KEE won second place in a swimming contest.  The Robinson Springs girls beat Comyn in baseball 12-5.  Robinson Springs placed in all events entered.  There were 300 4-H Club members present at the encampment.  Robinson Springs was the only club to have uniforms and in the club colors.  The boys wore striped overalls, white shirts and green ties.  The girls wore green and white romp suits and green sun hats.  Our Club was first on the program stunt night.  Our club gave a style show with both boys and girls and some singing was rendered, accompanied on the guitar by Dale Kay.  Our club received many compliments for achievement by Judge LUKER.  Mr. GANTZ and several men and women of Comanche did likewise.

A singing school will be conducted at the school building all next week from July 21 to July 26 inclusive by Earnest and Walter RIPPETOE.  The school will begin at 9 a.m. and close at 4 p.m.  Three nights out of each week will be devoted to singing also.  Each student from this community will be charged a fee of $1.50 and those outside will be charged $1.00.  Anyone of any age are welcome to attend the school and endeavor to make it the best school ever taught in this section.

Miss Lillie Mae CHATHAM, who is attending Brantley-Draughon Business College, Ft. Worth, is making splendid advancement in her school work.  Her general average is about 95.


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