The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, June 27, 1930


De Leon Girl Achieves Distinction at Baylor U.

            Waco, Texas, June 27 – Blanche Bernice INZER, of De Leon, achieved the distinction of having her name on the honor roll at Baylor University for the spring term’s work, having averaged 85 to 90 or better on all courses and examinations during that quarter, according to a report just received from the office of Dean W.S. ALLEN.  A total of 297 students made the honor roll.

Stores to be Closed on July Fourth Here

            Following a custom of many years standing, De Leon business firms will not be open for business on July 4th.  The day falls on Friday, one week from today, and the town will be closed as on Sunday.  This notice is being published that no one may come into town expecting to transact business, and be disappointed.

            A petition was circulated Thursday and the following firms indicated their intention of remaining closed, meat markets, drug stores, etc. as on Sunday:

De Leon Steam Laundry

De Leon Free Press

Texas Electric Service Co.

Southwest Gas Co.

C.L. Kinchin

Dave Finkelstine

J.I. Grisham

Western Union

Higginbotham Bros. & Co.

Terrill Grocery Co.

T.P. Weaver & Son, 1:00 p.m.

A.M. Allen

J.M. Radford Grocery Co.

Plemmons Drug Co. 1:00 p.m.

A.C. Martin

O.M. Terrill

Security State Bank.

E.E. Dabney

Bibby Variety

De Leon Produce Co.

T.H. Nance

C.G. Foust

H. Hampton

Alf Sloan

C.F. Cathey

Holdridge & Sons


W.E. Howell, Sr.

W.W. Walker

J.W. Howard

J.R. Estes

W.L. Blair

M. Livinston Shop

V.V. Bell

J.W. Haynes

Morton & Sikes

C.M. Waltrip

M.E. Rhoades

W.H. Smith

City Meat Market

A.A. Hansford

Mrs. Edmondson

J.T. Edmondson

Mack Williamson

F. & M. National Bank

Butler & Morton

Strickland & Terrill

Plans to See if Parrot Lives to be 100 Years Old

            In the family of Uncle Jack Morton there is a pet, a parrot, which Mrs. Abbie ATLEE, once foreign missionary to Mexico, brought back to this country, and it has remained in the family for twenty-six years.  Uncle Jack, who was 84 years “young” this week, told friends that he has heard parrots live to be a hundred years old, and he proposed to “stay around and see if it’s true.”

            Uncle Jack’s relatives and close friends observed his 84th birthday with a picnic at McCharen’s Lake.  In a pretty grove a few hundred yards west of the lake, seats were arranged and a table improvised in the shade of the trees.  Those women of the MORTON household certainly are good cooks!  Such a wealth of good food is seldom seen – fried and baked chicken, country style boiled ham, vegetables, salads, cakes and pies, and icy drinks to go with it.

            The occasion was a happy one for the elderly man who has traveled a long way down the road of life, and yet has preserved his youth to a remarkable degree.  Few men at his age are as young in spirit.  And his normal faculties are well preserved.  He is active, hale and hearty, and very few Sabbath days have come within the past year – or many years, when he failed to be found at his place in the House of God.  He belongs to that school of old pioneer Methodist ministers, the kind who founded churches without church buildings, and who held great revivals beneath the friendly shelter of brush arbors, a trail-blazer, who labored so long and so earnestly, often “without money and with price.”  Too much honor cannot be paid these old servants of God, while yet a remnant of their tribe remains to bless the earth!

            Those attending Uncle Jack’s birthday party were:  Rev. and Mrs. C.N. MORTON and daughters, Malvin, Frances and Mary Ida, Strawn; Rev. M. K. LITTLE, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Grover KIKER, son, Hubert and daughter, Mary Louise and Mrs. W.P. CAMPBELL, Green’s Creek; and the following from De Leon and vicinity:  Mr. and Mrs. George MORGAN and sons, Jack, Charles, Kenneth and Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. John MORGAN and children, Thelma Pearl, and Johnnie Jr.; Manuel MORGAN; Mr. and Mrs. E.W. MORTON and son, C.G.; Mr. and Mrs. Perry ST. CLAIR and sons, Billie and Mack; Mr. and Mrs. L.B. MORTON and daughters, Doris, Kathrine and Jean; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREENWALDT and children, Louise and Billie; Mr. and Mrs. Newman POUNDS; Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER; A.C. KIKER and daughter, Miss Bernice; Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT and daughters, Virginia and Elaine.

Free Press’ 41st Birthday is Last Week in June

            With this issue, the Free Press passes a milestone.  The last week in June is the paper’s birthday, as observed on the official records, and the paper is Forty-One years old.

            Early this week a man from out of town came and asked “have you got one of those big papers you put out several months ago?”  He referred to the Fortieth Birthday Edition, which came from the press just one year ago this week.  People have continued to call for copies of the Birthday Edition frequently all year.

            Why did we not have a Birthday Edition this year?  Because it is not the policy of the Free Press to put on too frequent special editions.  The editor of this paper prefers a steady week by week business, rather than to have it come by spurts and jerks.  Special editions encourage people to “wait for the big papers” instead of spending their advertising appropriations regularly – and more wisely.

            The Free Press has been under the present ownership and management since 1914, except for a period of 19 months during the World War, and the present owner has been connected with the paper since 1910 – a period of twenty years.  John J. SWITZER, now of Royce City, founded the Free Press in 1889.  Other men who have owned and edited the paper in the intervening years are John ADAMS, B.L. NANCE, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, TIMMONS & CALLAHAN, S.N. STEPHENS and Jack STEPHENS.  The present owner of the Free Press has been connected with the paper more than twice as long as any other owner.

American Express co. Now Delivers in City

            The American Express Co. has extended their service in De Leon, establishing delivery service in the business district.  The first the Free [Press] knew of the new service was when L.U. “Peggy” O’NEAL came up this week with an Express package which had arrived for the office.  The delivery service has been on for almost a month, it is stated.  Young O’NEAL is now Expressman, under C.C. MALONE, Agent.  He has been working around the depot for the past five years.

Chance Meeting Proved to be Happy Event

            Mr. and Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER had as their guests on June 22nd, Mr. and Mrs. L.W. HIGHTON, Caraday, Texas, Ab DENMAN and two little daughters, Annie Belle and Angeline, of Lamkin, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. DENMAN, Roby Texas, together with Mr. and Mrs. J.A. DENMAN of this place, all spending the day pleasantly together.  The odd feature of this occurrence was that none of the guests knew the others were coming on that particular day.

Former Police Chief Returns From Business Trip to Ala., Ga., Fla.

            John NABORS returned this week from an absence of several weeks from this city, going to Florida, Georgia and Alabama in the interest of De Leon Peanut Co.  While in Alabama, he visited at his former home, Alexander City, which he had not revisited since he left there 36 years ago.  The country there is much changed, he said.  Fields that were formerly cultivated are now grown up in pine timber.  A majority of the people he knew are long since gone.

            Mr. NABORS’ business took him as far as Panama City, Fla.  He made the trip in his car, crossing the Mississippi river going on the new bridge at Vicksburg, and returning at a point lower down the river, being ferried across.

Boy Severed Leaders in Foot with Hoe

            Charles MORGAN, 13, one of the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. George MORGAN, is nursing a very badly injured foot as a result of a severe cut sustained while he was at work at hoeing last Friday.  The hoes had just been sharpened and Charles drew the handle between his legs, accidentally striking the blade with one foot against the leaders just above the heel of the other foot.  The sharp blade cut to the bone, severing the leaders.  The boy received surgical treatment at Gorman, and is recovering.

Guy Roach Severely Burned in Accident Recently

            Guy ROACH, who is employed by West Texas Utilities Company at Hobbs, New Mexico, was severely burned in an accident there May 26th.  A man working for the same company, without warning, turned on the water and steam and it hit ROACH in the back.  He ran and stumbled into the slush pit.  He was badly burned from his hips to his ankles.

            He was immediately taken to the Sanitarium at Carlsbad, New Mexico, where he received treatment.  His mother, Mrs. J.D. ROACH and sister, Miss Vivian, have just returned from there and brought him home.  He is now at the Gorman Sanitarium.

            ROACH was nearly electrocuted several months ago at Sweetwater.

Miss Alpha Moore Becomes Bride of Ronald Shands

            On Tuesday morning, June twenty-fourth, at ten o’clock, Miss Alpha MOORE, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE, and Mr. Ronald A. SHANDS of Stamford were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents.

            The ring ceremony was said by Rev. Tom WALKER of Stephenville before an altar of ferns and daisies, lighted by yellow tapers.

            Preceding the ceremony, Miss Pauline HEAD of Ranger sang, “At Dawning.”  She was accompanied by Miss Chrystelle HEAD, Ranger, on the violin and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT at the piano, who also played the wedding march from Mendelssohn as the wedding party took its place before the altar.  During the ceremony Miss Chrystelle HEAD played MacDowells “To a Wild Rose.”

            Miss MOORE had as her only attendant, Miss Virginia Grace WESSON.  Miss WESSON wore a dress of blue chiffon with pink accessories and carried an arm bouquet of pink gladiola.  Mr. Iral C. INZER of Cisco attended Mr. SHANDS as best man.

            The bride was charmingly attired in a yellow chiffon dress with blue trimmings.  Her hat was of yellow lace straw with blue band, and her slippers were of corresponding blue.  She carried a shower bouquet of yellow gladiola.

            The couple left immediately after the ceremony for their home in Stamford.  The bride’s traveling suit was an ensemble of dark blue crepe with accessories of beige.

            Mrs. SHANDS was for a number of years, a teacher in De Leon schools.  In this position she proved most popular, both with the pupils she taught and faculty and school officials.  A year ago she left De Leon schools of her own accord, to accept a similar work at Ranger.  It was here that she met Mr. SHANDS and the romance had its beginning which culminated so happily for them.  Former pupils of Mrs. SHANDS, and in fact scores of friends here, congratulated her in the days immediately preceding her marriage, the social honors paid her both in this city and at Ranger being expressive of the love and esteem in which she is held.

            Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. N.F. SHANDS and daughter, Mrs. V. R. SWANSON, Mineral Wells; Misses Pauline and Chrystelle HEAD, Ranger; Miss Jewell TAYLOR, sister of Mrs. MOORE; Aaron HULL, Mineral Wells; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. MIXON, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SCOTT and daughter, Elaine, Mesdames W.H. CLARK and H.F. SHORT and Miss Mary Alice SHORT.

 \Shower is Given for Bride-Elect

            On Thursday night, June 19th, Mrs. Will CLARK and Miss Virginia Grace WESSON entertained with a miscellaneous shower at the home of Mrs. CLARK, honoring Miss Alpha MOORE, bride-elect of Mr. Ronald SHANDS of Stamford.

            The home and lawn were attractively decorated in yellow and white to carry out the chosen color scheme of the bride.

            Miss Bernice KIKER presided at the bride’s book, and Miss Mary Alice SHORT and Mrs. Bonner NABORS were at the punch bowl.

            As the guests registered, they were presented with vari-colored balloons were found to contain various toasts.  One to the bride, one to the in-laws, one to the bride’s mother and another to the groom.  Miss MOORE’s balloon contained instructions to follow the scattered bows until she came to a pot of gold.  This was found in the living room, filled with many beautiful and useful gifts.

            Refreshments of yellow brick cream and cake further carried out the chosen color scheme.


Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS, who has been in poor health for several weeks, is making some improvement, and her friends hope that she will soon be well.

Mrs. Arthur BRAZELL and daughter, Joyce, of Coleman, is spending this week visiting with her father, W.N. KOONCE, and other relatives.

W.A. LINDLEY, O.S. ROBBINS and O.H. MOORE were in Comanche this week in the interest of the school at this place. 

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. CLARK had the misfortune to be in a rather serious car wreck last week.  Mr. CLARK had driven out from the Gregory filling station near the school house when another car was passing and the passing car was unable to slow down or miss Mr. CLARK.  Mrs. CLARK was injured in such a way that medical aid was required.  She is thought to have had two ribs broken and this together with the shock so injured her that she has been confined to her bed since the accident.

S.A. JOHNSON and family of Rising Star were in this community Sunday.  Mr. JOHNSON is a trained and accomplished song leader and while he lived in this community, gave freely of his time toward the training of a class and by reason of the excellent leadership of Mr. JOHNSON the class was developed to a high point of perfection.  The singing class and all the community are glad to have Mr. JOHNSON and his family with us.

Mrs. Odell BURROUGHS, formerly Miss ROBBINS, is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS.  Mr. and Mrs. BURROUGHS now live at Electra, where Mr. BURROUGHS has charge of a department in a gasoline production plant.

C.M. MIEARS and E.H. REDWINE have each purchased new cars this week.

Mr. and Mrs. STURDIVANT of Comyn visited their son, W.H. STURDIVANT and family Sunday.

One of the merriest parties given this year was at the home of Miss Gracie LANE Saturday night.  Nearly fifty young people gathered at the home of this popular young lady and spent the evening in merry making.  After this program of the evening had been carried out, Miss LANE served ice cream and cake.  At a late hour the youngsters broke away thanking Miss LANE for a very enjoyable evening.


Aunt Martha BRUMBLEY is on the sick list.

Mrs. Geo. ROSS and granddaughter, Miss Ella SPARKS of Comyn attended services here Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. BLASSINGAME of Big Spring visited his parents last Sunday.


Almost everyone from this community attended the singing at Robinson Springs Sunday night.

Elda GOODSON and Ted HAY attended the party at Earnest RIPPETOE’s last week.

Sand Hill

A large crowd from here attended the singing at Beattie Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben FRANKLIN of Gatesville visited relatives in this community the past week-end.  Geo. and Charlie LEDFORD returned home with them.

Mr. and Mrs. L.T. PITTS went to McCamey last week.  They will stay there this summer.

Uncle Mancel JENKINS and Bill HALBROOKS attended church services at Beattie Sunday morning.

Mr. Carl WELCH and mother, spent the week in Wink, Texas, visiting relatives.

Allen CLEMENTS visited Joe CLEMENTS and family during the week-end.

Misses Gertie and Nora PILCHER spent the week-end visiting relatives at Beattie.

The singing at this place is improving all the time.  Singers from everywhere are invited to come and participate.

Robinson Springs

June 10, 1930, Mrs. Perry MORING organized a “Sunshine Club.”  The purpose of this club (or aim) is to spread sunshine throughout the community among the sick, afflicted, poor, and the old.  A gift box containing various articles for an invalid is almost finished.  Among these is a scrap book containing many pleasing things for a “shut-in” to look at.  The club will visit among the old and sing songs for them and do such work that will brighten the lives of all concerned.  At present fifteen (15) members have been initiated, all of which are young girls ranging in age from 12 to 20.  At each meeting finished articles are turned in, others are assigned, a short program is given or games played and refreshments served.

Miss Modess WEST, who has been in Dallas for several months returned home last Saturday.

Clyde WEST has a badly sprained wrist, caused by a fall from a tree last Saturday.

Little Charline PARK is suffering severely of throat trouble.

Bobby MORING is in Huckabay this month visiting his brother, Homer BRUNSON.


Mr. and Mrs. J.J. WILLIS have moved here from Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Owen NABORS of Austin have been here this week as guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie BLASSINGAME have returned from Arizona.

Bob MACON from near Houston is guest of his cousin, T.J. MACON.

Miss Stella NANCE of Dallas was a week-end visitor in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE.

Mr. and Mrs. Luther HAYNES of Brownwood, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Jack HAYNES.

Mrs. Mary MAY has gone to Comanche to spend the summer with her daughter, Mrs. Julia CARNES.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer BYRD of Ranger are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bee GILDER.

Mr. and Mrs. Autrey SELF of Olden were guests Monday of his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

An 11-pound baby girl was born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence FLOYD on De Leon Rt. 5, on Thursday, June 26th.  All doing nicely.

Mrs. Roy MAMMERS was in Waco last Sunday, guest of her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton BLACK.

Mrs. J.C. POPE has gone to Bartlett where her husband accepted a position some time ago.

Mmes. N.T. FREEMAN of Dublin and HILL of Ft. Worth are guests of their sister, Mrs. J.N. JOINER.

Mrs. Maud HAMNER of Smackover, Ark. is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.T. FORTUNE.

Miss Lera SINGLETON of Durant, Okla., is visiting Misses Lillie and Lora SINGLETON and other relatives.

J.T. ELY has gone to Crowell for a visit with his uncle, Joe ELY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben CARTER and Mrs. Roy BARDWELL of Hillsboro were weekend guests of his mother, Mrs. M.E. CARTER.

Misses Mildred GOOCH and Vera MAHAN have gone to Hamilton where they are taking a nurse’s course at the Hamilton Hospital.

Miss Bernice INZER has returned from San Antonio.  She was accompanied home by her sister, Dr. Faye GENTRY.

Mrs. Sallie MILLER WILLIAMSON and small daughter of San Antonio, are guests of her mother, Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Mrs. T.C. SMITH has gone to Stockton, Calif. To visit for several weeks in the home of her son, Austin, and family.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. LARSON and children have returned from a visit with her mother, Mrs. ERIKSON, of Clifton.

“Jim White” is the name of the infant son, born Monday this week into the home of Rev. and Mrs. Joseph PATTERSON, at Santa Anna.  Their eldest son, “Joe Red,” is now aged three.

Craig NICHOLS, who has just finished a course at Tyler Commercial College, is at home visiting for a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS.

Carl BRUMBELOW has been elected Supervisor of Public School Music of the city school of Ranger.  There are about 1400 children under BRUMBELOW’s supervision.

Mrs. PETTY and granddaughters, Misses Jewell and Dorothy N. BROWN and Aurelo PETTY of Zephyr, were guests Sunday of their daughter and aunt, Mrs. E.A. TERRILL and family.

Mr. and Mrs. John STEAKLEY and children of Plainview and Mr. and Mrs. Bill STEAKLEY of Sherman, were week-end visitors with Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY.

R.A. UNDERHILL has taken his wife to Carlsbad Sanitarium for treatment.  He hopes to find a house where he and his children may remain near the mother while she is treated.  M.E. RHOADES accompanied UNDERHILL to Carlsbad.

Mr. and Mrs. Maye RIGGS and sons of Dallas and Mrs. RATLIFF and children of Stamford and Mrs. W.J. PHELPS, spent last Sunday with their sister and niece, Mrs. Lillie BURNS of Desdemona.

Sherrod STOVER, teacher in the Panhandle school the past two years, is at home for the summer with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. STOVER at Desdemona.  He plans to attend school, probably at Texas Tech, next winter.

Uncle Bill McKEMIE left early in the week for Junction to visit in the home of his daughter, Alice, and incidentally to “hook a few big ‘uns’” in the Llano. 

Billie Buck BLAIR, who has been visiting with his grandmother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN, returned to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BLAIR at Itasca, Monday, Mrs. BUCHAN going to Dallas to accompany him.


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