The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 30, 1930


Census Figures for Nearby Cities are Announced

            De Leon has a population of 1766, according to preliminary report of the census department.  Comanche’s population is 2428.  Dublin’s count totals 2272.  Gorman was hardest hit of all the towns in this section, dropping to 1148.  Desdemona chalks up a grand total of 609.  Cross Plains is another oil town with a glorified past, now numbering 1503 souls.

Carbon was never a large town, now showing 463 on the census rolls.  Rising star, like all the balance of us, hit bed rock – 1153.  Stephenville, the former six-thousand metropolis, has a total now of 3871.  Ranger is a thriving little city of 6153, the largest town in Eastland county.  Cisco comes next with a total of 5918.  Hamilton’s population this census is slightly over 2200.  Santa Anna, for the first time, is larger than De Leon – 1803.  Coleman is a nice town – 6077. 

            But Brownwood is the real metropolis of all the Central West Texas belt, her population being 12,781.

            Leeray and Jakehamon, sizeable oil centers with several hundred population in 1920, now register -  nothing at all.

E.E. Gentry Sold Garage Equipment to Emmett Crawford

            A deal was consummated some two or three weeks ago between E.E. GENTRY and Emmett CRAWFORD in which the latter became owner of Gentry’s Garage, Mr. GENTRY selling his tools and entire garage equipment to Mr. CRAWFORD.  Mr. GENTRY continues as manager of the Gulf Service Station, retaining his wash rack in connection with his service station.  Mr. CRAWFORD has had a number of years training and experience in motor repair.  He is an expert on carburetors and ignition and is a thorough mechanic.  He is operating the garage in connection with the Gentry station, and will appreciate a share of the motor repair business of the town.

De Leon Girl is Honored by San Antonio School

            Miss Merle TODD, who was formerly a student in De Leon High School, was honored by the South San Antonio High School, where she now studies, by being elected Princess of the Battle of Flowers.  The float which represented the South San Antonio school was an enormous rose garden, with the Queen, Princess and Duchess, dressed in afternoon costumes of rose and pink.  Second prize was awarded to them.  Miss Merle has only been in the San Antonio High School since December.

De Leon Man Opens Store No. 2 at Stephenville

            Moore’s Variety Store changed hands this week, coming into the hands of A.H. BIBBY of De Leon, who arrived in this city Tuesday with a corps of assistance to take an inventory of the stock, preparatory to opening Monday, May 26, with an inviting array of articles listed for the opening sale.

            Mr. BIBBY will have temporary charge of the business which is to be conducted along the most up-to-date lines, and will remain here for several weeks until everything is arranged to his entire satisfaction before returning to De Leon where he has owned and conducted a similar business for the past several years.

            Miss TATE, who has been with the firm at De Leon for some time, will assume the management of the store here after Mr. BIBBY’s return to De Leon.

            The business is home-owned and is conducted under the Ben Franklin league, which assures the buyer of getting the very best bargains obtainable in prices as well as quality of products.

“Dr. Weaver III” to Get M.D. at Dallas June 2nd

            Wayne R. WEAVER, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER of De Leon has accepted an appointment as internist at Baylor Hospital, Dallas, where he will enter upon his hospital duties on July 1st.

            Wayne WEAVER graduated from De Leon high school in 1924 and attended Baylor university from 1924 to 1926.  He will graduate from Baylor University College of Medicine, Dallas, June 2nd, receiving both the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Bachelor of Arts.

            Young WEAVER is a member of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity and during his senior year was elected to membership in the local honorary medical fraternity, Alpha Pi Alpha.

            WEAVER is a grandson of the late beloved Dr. T.P. WEAVER, who practiced  here at De Leon for many years and is a nephew of Dr. Sam WEAVER of Dallas.

Principal Morgan of De Leon North Ward has Tendered Resignation

            Paul MORGAN, for the past two years principal of the North Ward school in this city, has resigned his position and is moving on Friday of this week to a point near Sweetwater, a rural school of three teachers, where he will be principal.  He is making the change because of increased salary and other advantages which he considers in his favor.

            Mr. MORGAN has proved a popular teacher.  He taught departmental work in the South Ward before accepting the principalship at North Ward.  His work has been thorough and constructive.  He has natural qualifications which years of experience will still further develop.  He is working toward his degree.  His friends expect him to rise high in his profession.

            In the removal of Mr. MORGAN, the Methodist Sunday School suffers the loss of a superintendent.  He has held this important position for the past two or three years.  The school has made strides toward advanced standards under his leadership.  The people of his church will sorely miss him.

Newton and Irvin to Handle Ice Here

            Workmen are busy this week building an ice vault in the building next door west from the Western Union Telegraph Co. where H.E. NEWTON and Will IRVIN will engage in the ice business this summer.  They are rushing the equipment to completion and will be ready for business before the end of the present week, it is stated.  They will truck ice here from a nearby town, Free Press has been told.  Lee IRVIN will be resident manager of the new business.

Mixon Family Reunion Held Near Dallas

            Mr. and Mrs. W.C. MIXON were in Dallas recently to attend the MIXON family reunion.  The reunion was held on May 10th and 11th, at the MIXON family home, six miles northwest of Dallas, where the family has resided for a number of years.

            Mr. and Mrs. MIXON, Sr. are 74 and 69 years of age, respectively, and their eight sons and daughters assembled at their home in reunion on the dates mentioned, spending a most happy two days together.  Mr. and Mrs. MIXON are native of Mississippi, coming to Limestone county, Texas, in 1893 and living there several years before moving to Dallas county.  W.C. MIXON “strayed off” in 1903, coming to Comanche county, married here and has since made this vicinity his home.  Other brother and sisters live at Dallas, Birmingham, Ala., Mineral Wells, and Ft. Worth.

Wheel of Car Ran Over Chest of Child Aged 4

            The story of how the front wheel of a Chevrolet Coach passed over the body of a four-year-old child on the street of this city just before six o’clock last Friday afternoon, is being related here.  Strange to say, the child is living and gives every evidence of full recovery.

            The little one suffering the accident was the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LIGHTFOOT, service station operator at Rucker.  The child ran into the street just ahead of a car being driven by Lewis EASTERLING, linotype operator for the Free Press.  EASTERLING was returning from Waco.  He was driving up the main drag at a very moderate speed when suddenly the head of the child was visible over his front fender.  That was the first he knew of its presence.  EASTERLING said it was a queer sensation to feel the wheel of one’s car bump over an object which he knew was the body of a little child.  He stopped and drew the limp form from under the car.  The child was given first aid, then taken to Gorman and placed under X-ray which disclosed no broken bones.  The wheel passed over the upper portion of the chest at shoulder joints, which partially protected it.  Although desperately ill, the little one soon rallied and is now thought to be out of danger.

L. W. Easterling Ill in Waco Sanitarium

            L.W. EASTERLING, Katy engineer, is suffering from gall stones and is a patient at Colgin Sanitarium at Waco.  Mr. EASTERLING was accompanied there by his son, Lewis, on Thursday of last week and underwent a minor operation for relief upon his arrival.  He has continued ill during this past week but it is thought he may possibly get by without the major operation.  Mrs. EASTERLING has gone to Waco to be with him.  His immediate recovery is anticipated. 

Ross and Miss Leila Jenkins Close School Year

            Mr. and Mrs. Ross JENKINS and son and Miss Leila JENKINS have returned home from Trent, where Ross and Miss Leila just closed a successful school year.  There were six high school graduates at Trent and twenty-four graduates from the grammar school.  Honor awards were presented six girls, who were neither absent nor tardy and eleven awards for faithful endeavor and scholarship awards to the highest ranking student of each grade.

            Special mention was given to eleven pupils, who won first places in the Taylor County Interscholastic League Meet and fifteen second places.

            Letters were awarded to eight girls who won their fourth consecutive year in basketball.  This year the team played ten games, tied one and lost none.  Ross JENKINS, who was Supt. Of the school was basketball coach.  He has been re-elected for next school year.  Miss Leila was also re-elected but resigned to go to college.

Birthday Party

            Mrs. Cleburne BROWNLEE gave a birthday party recently honoring her small daughter, Nella V’s fourth birthday.  After a number of interesting games were played, cake and ice cream were served to a number of little friends.


D.D. LEWIS and wife of Cisco were visiting with R.P. LEWIS and family this week and attending the school play at this place.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. KOONCE and C. WEIR were called to Rotan this week on account of the serious illness of Tommie WEIR.

Titus GUTHERY, who has made his home in the west for the past several years is spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY, and other relatives in this community.  Mr. and Mrs. GUTHERY will go with him into south Texas, where they will visit with Curt GREGORY and others.

Ras ROBBINS of McCamey is spending his vacation visiting with his brother, O.S. ROBBINS and family.

Mrs. Johnnie KOONCE took her Sunday school class on a picnic party last Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. KOONCE has a large and interested class and the picnic was given them because of the excellent attainments made.  They went to Bass Lake where some swam while others played games and lunch was served.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE and children were in Carlton Sunday visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. HILL.

Zollie KOONCE was elected president of the singing class at this place Sunday afternoon in the place of S.A. JOHNSON, who recently moved to Rising Star.

Mrs. S.W. LAMINACK, who has been ill for the past several weeks, is up again.

Willie GROGAN has moved to the Layton place.

George HUGHES, who has been working away, is home for vacation.

Miss Maurine COOPER of Breckenridge is visiting with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.


Mr. and Mrs. Edwin CLINE of Cisco visited in the home of R.C. CLINE this week.

Clyde CROW, who has been working at Olney for some time, is at home now.

Miss Irene BROWN of St. Joe, has been elected primary teacher of the Victor school.

Mrs. Joe SHOEMAKER is visiting her parents, R.D. HOOD this week.


Mrs. N.L. PERKINS is leaving this week for a visit in Oklahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MAHAN held a party Saturday in honor of their little daughter’s sixth birthday.  Games were played and cream and cake served to Bob MILLER, Louise EOFF, Erwin ST. CLAIR, Marjorie BRUMBELOW and Ruth MAHAN.


Mr. and Mrs. Ollie DYER and children of Nocoma are visiting in the home of their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. KINNARD.

Lloyd LEE of Slocum spent the weekend in the home of his sister, Mrs. W.W. HODGES.

Zack HALL and father, Tom HALL of Oklahoma City and Raymond HALL of Chicago, are visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Ed HALL and family.

Brooks, Ray, Margaret and Annie Laura VAUGHAN of Anson are visiting their grandfather, J.H. VAUGHAN.


Mrs. W.C. STREETY and Mrs. May S. WHALEY were attending the commencement exercises at John Tarleton on Monday this week where Miss Frances ANDERSON was graduating.

Mr. and Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW entertained in their home Tuesday, May 27, Mrs. Henry LOCKE of Cisco, Mrs. Fred ATCHINSON and daughter, Anna Beth of Dallas, Mrs. Sidney HUGHES and daughter, Marinell of Breckenridge, and Mr. and Mrs. Doyle LOCKE and son, Malcom, of May.

Russell HOWELL has returned home from school at State University.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude FITZGERALD, of Denton, were week-end guests of his mother, Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD.

Miss Ella BROWNLEE was a weekend visitor with her sister, Mrs. Dolph SMITH and family at Gorman.

Mrs. T.C. SMITH is visiting her sister, Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY at Jakehamon.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD were guests Sunday of their son, Emmett, in Abilene.

Miss Addie Gayle MIXON has accepted a position as primary teacher in Bays school near Lingleville.

Mrs. G.E. HOOKER of Tyler was a guest Sunday of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Louie CORBELL of Port Lavaca is guest of his mother, Mrs. H.W. CARBELL and family.

T.P. NARRY of Weatherfield was a guest last week of his son, J.D. NARRY and family.

Mrs. STAGGS and daughter, Miss Justine of Weatherford, were guests last week of their daughter and sister, Mrs. J.D. NARRY.

Miss Gladys SHORT has returned home from Breckenridge where she taught Home Economics the past year.

Mrs. V.G. LOCKE of Cisco was here on Wednesday visiting her parents and attending a bridge party given by her mother that afternoon.

Clyde NEWTON and George ROLLINS, who are employed by the Humble Oil Co., at Putnam, have been transferred to Hobbs, New Mexico.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete SHAVER have returned from Jackson, Tennessee, where they attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. George PHIFER.

Brown SHAVER was week-end visitor with relatives here.  He was accompanied home by his daughter, Miss Dorothy.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BAGWELL and children of Breckenridge were guests Sunday of her mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.  The children are spending the week here.

Mrs. E.J. WISDOM and little son went to Kokomo the past week-end to visit with her parents, being accompanied home by Miss Athalie WOOD, her sister, who visited here.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. BEATY and children, of Loraine, are here for a visit with their daughters, Mesdames A.L. SMITH and A.M. YOUNG of Victor community, also with John NABORS and family.


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