The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, May 2, 1930


Mrs. J.M. Whaley Moved Her Store to Old Dependable Store

            Patrons of Mrs. J.M. WHALEY’s ready-to-wear store are notified that Mrs. WHALEY has moved from the Free Press building, to the north section of the building formerly occupied by Garner-Alvis Co., and opened for business there on May 1st.  She invited her customers and friends to visit her in her new location.

Shower Given by Mrs. Turpen Honoring Mrs. Hampton, April 8

            A shower was given by Mrs. J.C. TURPEN in honor of Mrs. Lonnie HAMPTON Tuesday afternoon, April 8.  Delicious punch and cake were served.  Gifts were received from the following:

            Mrs. Martha GRISHAM, Mr. and Mrs. W.S. GLOVER, Mrs. Bessie WALLACE, Mrs. Nola SINGLETON, Mrs. C.L. SHORT, Mrs. Walter CLEMENT, Mr. and Mrs. Milton GRISHAM, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. LEWIS, Miss Gladys ADAMS, C.H. SHARP, Miss Bonnie Mae LEWIS, Miss Artie SINGLETON, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BUNTING, Mrs. James MERRITT, Mrs. W.A. CRAWFORD, Mrs. Ester GRAY, Miss Avis PITTMAN, Mrs. Olivia SHORT, Mrs. Oma MORRIS, Mrs. C.W. PITTMAN, Mrs. Erma POWELL, Mr. and Mrs. S.E. glover, Mrs. Iva CRAWFORD, Mrs. Ila BUTLER, Mrs. A.D. HAZZARD, Mrs. W.S. ALLGOOD, Mrs. A.B. HAMPTON, Mrs. Daisy GRISHAM, Mrs. Bill SHORT, Mrs. Will PITTMAN, Miss Juanita LIGHTFOOT, Mrs. Bessie PAIR, Mrs. Dick JAYE, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence PITTMAN, Mrs. Bud CARLILE, and Mrs. J.C. TURPEN.

Two De Leon Students on Tarleton Honor Roll

            According to an announcement just issued from the registrar’s office at John Tarleton College, 67 students are on the honor roll for the six weeks’ period, ending Saturday.  Five students have straight A records; the other 62 made above a B in each subject.

            Among those making this fine record are Taylor DABNEY and Miss Opal HOWARD of De Leon.

R.C. Boswell Elected Supt. Downing School

            The Free Press has just learned that the Downing School Board recently elected R.C. BOSWELL to the position of superintendent of that school, and Mr. BOSWELL has accepted the place.  Downing has a scholastic enrollment of about 86, twenty of these in the high school age.  Three teachers are employed.  Mr. BOSWELL formerly taught at Downing, later teaching as Ward principal in De Leon for a number of years.

Mrs. J.N. Broughton Sustained Broken Hip in Fall Here Saturday

            Mrs. Mary BROUGHTON sustained a badly broken hip in a fall in the backyard of her home in the east part of town at 10:30 o’clock last Saturday night.  She had just returned from night preaching service at the Primitive Baptist church, Rev. BARRETT, the minister, and his wife, from Breckenridge, coming to spend the night in her home.  Before retiring she went into the back yard in the darkness to see about her chickens.  She stumbled over a stick of wood and fell, her hip striking the hard ground.  The curved bone above the thigh point was broken, leaving a deep injury which will be very difficult to heal. 

            A local physician was called and he in turn called a surgeon from Gorman.  They set the bone, however the following day, Sunday, she was carried to Gorman Sanitarium and on Monday the injury was reset.  The nature of her wound is so serious that surgeons say it will be two months before she can leave the hospital, or even change her position.  She has been very ill during the week and her suffering is intense.

            There have been a series of injuries from falls here of late.

            Uncle Jack MORTON stepped on the edge of a slight embankment at the W.R. GREENWALDT home a couple of weeks ago and sustained a badly sprained knee.  He is recovering.

            Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT is just recovering from a badly sprained foot and ankle, from which she was incapacitated for about two weeks.

            Mrs. J.H. STRUBE is gradually recovering from a badly sprained knee, the accident happening when she stepped from the platform in front of the New Hope church.

            Mrs. J.W. COLEY, mother of Miss Artie COLEY, fell and sustained a sprain from which she has suffered for the past two or three weeks.

            While returning from Cleburne in a car with her grandson, Jack PEARSON, Grandmother PHILLIPS, 80, suffered a badly sprained back last Sunday and has been confined to her bed since.  The accident happened when the car ran upon a bridge where the approach was imperfect.


Christine PAINTER entertained her classmates with a slumber party on last Thursday evening.

Mrs. Lela WHITTINGTON died in the Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman on Thursday night, April 24.  Rev. T.N. CARTER, pastor of the Comyn church, conducted the funeral service for Mrs. WHITTINGTON on Saturday afternoon and the remains were laid to rest in the Comyn cemetery.  The only immediate member of Mrs. WHITTINGTON’s family surviving is a son, W.C. WHITTINGTON.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. KINNARD and family received a message Wednesday night, telling of the death of Mr. KINNARD’s brother, D. KINNARD, of Wichita Falls, who was killed in a car wreck.  Mr. KINNARD and family left early Thursday morning for the funeral at Wichita Falls.

T.P. PATTERSON left Monday for Temple, Okla., to visit with his daughter, Mrs. A.R. JARRETT and family.

A.E. GILCHREST, who has been seriously ill the past week, is reported but slightly improved.

Miss Doris DOGGETT, who taught in the Trinity school this year, left Friday afternoon for Sudan, where she will visit for a few days with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. B.O. BYERLY.

Oliver Springs

The most enjoyable affair of the season was a rabbit drive Friday with the co-operation of many of the patrons.  Many rabbits were killed.  Through the courtesy of several grocery stores who donated different things and the ladies of the community, a nice lunch was spread.  Stores contributing were J.W. HOWARD, Holdriddge & Sons, A. & P., Terrill Grocery, Smith Grocery and Barry Ice Co.

Mrs. C.W. COGBURN has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. T.H. COGBURN of Dallas the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. PARKS, formerly of Dallas, have moved to this community for an indefinite period.


Following is the Honor Roll for the Beattie School for last month:

First grade:  Mildred MUSIC, Cereta HOLDEN, Evale McCORKLE, Lena DRENNAN, Maxie HARRIS, Clyde REED.

Second Grade:  Estelle JAMAR, Cleta LOUDERMILK, Lavelle KEITH, Christine BOOTH.

Third grade:  Lavoice HALBROOKS, Erma ANGLIN, Redies GREEN, Lloyd REED.

Fourth grade:  Bill CHANDLER, Nioma UNDERWOOD, Wade BUTLER.

Fifth grade: Leon HORTON, Howell McCORKLE, Ray McGINNIS, Junior BOOTH, Eula Mae HADDOX, Gertrude HADDOK, Joyce WILLIAMS, May ELMS, Maria FISHER, Hazel EVERS, Opal CLARK, Della FOSTER.

Sixth grade:  Toye KEITH, Buddie DRENNAN, Tommie ROE, Trudie HORTON

Seventh grade: Hilma ROGERS, Cecil FISHER, Bert FRAZIER, Andrew UNDERWOOD, Horace GUYE, L.C. LOCKE.

Eighth grade: Maurene BOOTH, Lily Bell FISHER, Paulina GREEN.

Ninth grade: Opal HALBROOKS, Lois PILCHER.

Tenth grade: Paul FISHER, Jesse JOHNSON, Zora ANDRESS, Era ANGLIN, Lucile COAN, Lee Ada FRAZIER, Lona UNDERWOOD.

Eleventh grade: Herrell KELLY, Cula BINGHAM, Floy EVERS, Jewel HALBROOKS.


Mr. and Mrs. J.C. PEAK and daughters, and Miss Robbie Lea ADAMS visited Mr. and Mrs. Pat PEAK of Gorman Saturday.

Opal LAMINACK and Caswell WILFORD of  Comanche, visited S.W. LAMINACK and family Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. E.F. JOINER has recently returned from an extensive trip into the west and southwest.  They stopped for brief visits at Sanderson and other points.  They were also in the Pecos valley and the region about El Paso.  Mr. JOINER swam in the Rio Grand River in order to get some first hand information as to how things were carried out of Mexico.  He did not remain on foreign soil long so it is presumed that he likes it better on this side of the river.

W.A. GUTHERY and family spent Sunday visiting with his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY.

Mrs. KIMBROUGH of Breckenridge spent Sunday with her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY.

I.C. and R.M. REDWINE of Salem spent Sunday with their brother, E.H. REDWINE and family.

At the last meeting of the school board Miss Delia WALL was elected as a member of the faculty of this school.  It is considered fortunate to have been able to secure Miss WALL’s services as she has to her credit a most complete record of successful teaching.  The teachers for this place for next year have all been employed.  They are as follows:  O.H. MOORE, Misses Odell ROBBINS, Lucile RILEY and Delia WALL.  The largest scholastic enrollment in the history of the school is expected next year and with the addition of Home Economics, Farm Shop Work, Field Agriculture and the extension of the high school to include another grade and the excellent financial condition of the school makes a reasonable assurance for the continued successful operation of the school.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. F. TARRANCE and daughters, Ina Mae and Cora, entertained and served dinner to forty-one young people Sunday.  After dinner, all gathered in cars and went to the singing at Jakehamon.

Mr. and Mrs. HARRIS and Earl STEWART, all of Robinson Springs, went to Liberty to a cemetery working and spent the week-end with old friends.

Miss Idelle MORING, who has been teaching at Liberty, is visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Perry MORING.

The honor roll for April is as follows:

First grade:  Durwood PARK, Avis FORREST, Doyle ELY, Wayne BLANKENSHIP, J.C. McADAMS, Wilma KIMMELL, Wanda CARR, Bonnie Faye CUMMINGS.

Second grade: Melton DECKER, Wesley KIMMELL, Oscar MILLER, A.J. STEWART, Eugene CARR and Thelma FORREST.

Third grade:  Elephare DECKER, R. MILLER, Floyd ELY, Charles KEE, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, Ozella DENDY and Luetta KIMMELL.

Fourth grade:  Vera BARKER and Mozelle STEWART.

Fifth grade:  Janice BRUMBELOW, Marie ELY, Thelma and Velma MILLER, Aline KIMMELL, Charlotte MILLER and LaBon SPRUILL.

Sixth grade:  L.V. PARK, Horace SPRUILL, Alvin PRICE, Thelma BARKER, Ruth CLARK, Inez DECKER, Cora TARRANCE, Virginia TOLER and Josie BLOYD.

Seventh grade:  Wilma MILLER, LaVeda MACON, Hollis DYSON, and John KEE.

High School:  W.L. MOORE, Mattie SPRUILL, Dale KAY, Lucile KEE, Elaine BARKER, La Joyce MACON, Adina KIMMELL, Aulton BRUMBELOW, Ina Mae TARRANCE and Jewell SPRUILL.


Miss Bertha LUCAS entertained the following girls last Friday night with a slumber party:  Inez HART, Florence CLINE, Nellie GOODSON, Marie MOORE, Dessie LUCAS, Edith CLINE, Belva GARY, Johnnie HART, Grace DIXON, Irene CLINE, Cliftine GOODSON and Esther Lee GARY.  All had a great time.

Mrs. Travis PARTIN and children of Big Spring visited last week with her sister, Miss Bertha LUCAS.


Mrs. S.G. PARKS went to Sherman the latter part of last week to visit a month in the home of her son, L.D. PARKS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton GILLOCK and son, Billie Gene, of Baird, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK.

Henry PATE has returned from Van where he has been employed since the first of the year.

Mrs. Jack PRICE of Nacogdoches is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Mrs. C.J. HUDKINS of Grapevine is guest of her daughter, Mrs. M.G. CURRY.

Mrs. Everett TERRY and sons from Coleman are visiting her mother, Mrs. Lou TINDALL.

Mrs. Julia WILLIAMS has returned from Cisco, where she spent the past week, guest of her niece, Mrs. R.L. WILSON.

Miss Janice KEE, who is teaching at Anson, is expected home this weekend, this being the last week of the school.

Mrs. Alton BAGGETT has returned to her home in Temple after a week’s visit with her sister, Mrs. Karl SMALLWOOD.

Mrs. Stuart CATE and baby, of Breckenridge, were visiting in the home of her mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH, here this week.

Miss Marion SHORT has been elected primary teacher in the New Hope school for the coming year, with Jno. LIGHTFOOT, who has taught as principal there for a number of years.

Miss Gertie and Hezzie DEAN of Stephenville were week-end guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry DEAN.


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