The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, April 4, 1930


“Boy” May Resent Being Called “Girl”

            Last week the Free Press carried an announcement of the birth of a baby “girl” at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O.E. RIPPETOE in this city.  The story was all right, except the youngster is a “boy.”  Perhaps he may grow up and call the Free Press’ hand on our error.  We apologize.

Comyn Vocational Teacher Gets Job at A. & M. College

            A.B. EMMONS, for three years a teacher in the Comyn school, and who taught Vocational Agriculture there this year, has severed his connection with the school and left Wednesday for College Station where he accepted a position on the teaching staff of Vocational Agriculture at the College.  Mr. Emmons got his course in agriculture at A. & M. and it is a distinct compliment to him that he is employed to teach there.  His home is Clarendon.

            The course in agriculture at Comyn school will be carried on by Supt. Sam CHATHAM, who has been employed to teach the course there the coming year.  This course has been efficiently taught in the Comyn school for a number of years, and is highly valued.

Self Rink Opens Season at Cisco

            The Self Roller Rink was removed the past week from the Lambert lot in this city, where it had been since before Christmas, to Cisco.  Autrey SELF is in charge and opened several days ago and early patronage indicates that he will do well in the “big dam” city.  Earl McCLELLAN, who was formerly co-manager with SELF, is not with the Rink now, having accepted a position with one of the big oil companies in the southwest Texas field.

Mrs. W.P. Weaver Gave Bridge Party

            Last Friday evening, Mrs. W.P. WEAVER entertained at Bridge, honoring her sister, Miss Bertha ROSS, whose birthday was being observed.  Miss ROSS was declared holder of high score at the conclusion of the playing, and was presented with a beautiful cake, with candles, around which much merriment centered.

            Twenty-eight guests were present, there being seven tables.  Mrs. R.N. HILL won high score for the ladies and R.N. HILL for the men.  Mrs. WEAVER, assisted by Mrs. Chas. ROSS, served refreshment to these guests:  Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS, Chas. ROSS, H.G. TERRILL, Joe ASHBY, W.H. SMITH, R.N. HILL, R.L. SCOTT, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, S.A. DUKE, Dewey DANIELL, A.C. SCHUMAN, H.H. CARLILE, Mrs. W.H. CLARK, Misses Bertha ROSS and Grace MAYO of Gorman, W.P. and Herbert WEAVER.

Two De Leon Young Men Enjoy Thrill of Airplane Trip

            John D. HARVEY and C.L. KINCHEN, Jr., students at Simmons University, Abilene, were about to take the bus for a trip to Dallas last week when they investigated and found the airplane fare just one dollar higher.  So they booked passage on one of the tri-motored planes, making regular schedule from El Paso to Dallas.  The plane they traveled in had a capacity of sixteen passengers, with two men at the controls.

Johnnie Gooden Got Arm Severely Cut in Automobile Mishap

            The Free Press learned that a week ago Sunday Johnnie GOODEN, who resides on the Lyman FORREST farm, two miles east of town, suffered a painful and serious accident.  He was engaged in trying to crank a car.  The machine started rolling and he went around to the side and thrust in his arm to cut down the gas, just in time to get his arm caught between the windshield and a tree.  His forearm was cut, several large blood vessels and leaders being severed, it was reported.  Local physicians gave him first aid and he was later carried to Gorman Sanitarium.

Houston Patterson Gets Glad Surprise at T.B. Sanitorium

            Houston PATTERSON went to the tubercular Sanitorium at Carlsbad early in March to enter as a patient.  He spent a week taking the various tests preparatory to his entry, and when he had finished the various required tests the physicians advised him “that he did not have tuberculosis.” 

            PATTERSON has a “collapsed lung,” which has carried a small quantity of fluid.  But his condition is rapidly improving and before many weeks he will perhaps have fully regained his health.

J.B. Wilson, Sr. Died Monday at Granbury

            J.B. WILSON, Sr. died at his home at Granbury Monday and was buried there Wednesday.  He was an uncle of the J.B. WILSON who formerly lived in De Leon.  The elder WILSON had lived in Granbury for fifty years.  He was 74 years of age.

            Those from De Leon attending the funeral were Mrs. J.M. WHALEY and daughter, Lady Grace, Rev. and Mrs. S.J. RUCKER, W.W. NANCE and Mr. and Mrs. Simon SMITH.

Mrs. J.O. Patterson Died at Lubbock Home

            A telegram came to relatives here Thursday morning telling of the death of Mrs. Oscar PATTERSON early Thursday, at Lubbock.  Both Mr. and Mrs. PATTERSON have had pneumonia.  He is recovering.  The PATTERSONS lived in De Leon for many years.  He was connected with John GRISHAM in the barber business.  Later he worked at Lubbock, then held a position in Kansas for a time, later returned to Lubbock, and was working at the barber trade when he and his wife were stricken down.

            Mrs. PATTERSON was perhaps in the early thirties.  She was a native of Oklahoma.  She is survived by her husband and a little daughter, aged about nine years.  Her burial will be in Oklahoma.

Entire Gustine Faculty Re-Elected Recently

            Superintendent O.B. ROSE and the entire Gustine school faculty have been re-elected, according to L.F. McCLELLAN, President of the Gustine School Board.

            Those on the faculty besides Mr. ROSE are: A.D. PETTITT, Principal; Clifford ALLEN, teacher of High School English; Mrs. Howard MOORE, teacher of High School History; Miss Hazel PORTER, teacher of fifth and sixth grades; Mrs. O.B. ROSE, teacher of fourth grade; Mrs. B.A. HOWELL, teacher of the second and third grades and Miss Imogene COUCH, primary teacher.

     Cooper Again to Head Sidney

            J.B. COOPER, superintendent of the Sidney Public School since 1925, was re-elected for another term. In addition to his work as superintendent, Mr. COOPER has charge of the industrial work and agriculture class, and under his direction the members of his class have assisted in terracing ten farms in the school district during the present school year.

     Culpepper Re-elected at Proctor

            S.B. CULPEPPER has been re-elected superintendent of the Proctor Public Schools, having been employed for 12 months instead of 9 as his contract has called for during the past two years.

     Chatham Again at Comyn

Sam CHATHAM has been re-elected superintendent of the Comyn schools and also will have charge of the agriculture work, succeeding A.B. EMMONS.  –Comanche Chief

Rook Club

            Mrs. W.C. LIGHTFOOT was hostess to the Rook Club, Thursday, March 29 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.  Six games were played after which a most delicious refreshment of tuna salad on crisp lettuce, potato chips, butter sandwiches, and white cake with whipped cream and coffee, was served to the following:


            All assured their hostess of having spent a most delightful afternoon.  The club meets April 10 with Mrs. C.H. SHARP in the home of Mrs. Grady TERRILL.

Miss Myrtle Upshaw Entertains with “42”

            Miss Myrtle UPSHAW entertained with a Forty-Two Party Saturday night, March 29, in honor of her school mates home from college.

            After several games of Forty-two, refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake were served to the following guests:  Marjorie SWAGERTY from Randolph; Willie Mae JETTON, C.I.A.; Dick WEAVER, Texas University; Mildred JOHNSTON, Tarleton; Ruel LOCKE, Roy NABORS, Emmett LOCKE and the hostess.

Joint Birthday Party

            Monday, March 31, Mmes. W.R. and John L. WARE gave a birthday party honoring their daughters, little Misses Hazel and John L. WARE’s birthdays.  Hazel was nine years old and John L., aged 5.  The home was beautifully decorated for the occasion.  Many interesting games were played.  The little ladies received many useful gifts.

            Delicious refreshments, consisting of ice cream and cake were served to the following guests:  Misses Mary Jo IRVIN, Bobbie Joe HOLLEMAN, Merle BONDS, Wilma TAYLOR, Elizabeth MORELAND, Katherine BONDS, Sybil ANDERSON, Louise HOLLEMAN, Mable SMITH, and Masters Billie LIVINGSTON, Bennie STEPHENS, J.D. ROACH, Jack SPARKS, Jr., Junior ANDERSON, Derwin and Charles NABORS and John Robert ADCOCK.


            Mr. C.M. LARGENT of Merkel and Miss Bertha ROGERS of Abilene were united in marriage Sunday morning at 9:00 o’clock a.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY of this city.  Montie A. DAVIS, pastor of the First Baptist church officiated.  Following the ceremony, the young couple left for Dallas and Ft. Worth where they are spending the week

            Mr. LARGENT, Jr. is the son of C.M. LARGENT, Sr., prominent stockman of Merkel.  Mrs. LARGENT is the daughter of M.E. ROGERS of Iredell.  They will be at home on the LARGENT ranch near Merkel.

Father of Wyatt and Frank Hodges Died in Mississippi

            Wyatt and Frank HODGES recently received the sad message that their aged father, B.F. HODGES had passed away at his home in Mississippi.  He was born in 1843, being 86 years of age.  HODGES brothers visited in the old home last summer.

            A clipping from a Mississippi newspaper gives the details, as follows:

     In Memory

            On Thursday night, March 6, God called to rest Mr. B.F. HODGES.  He had suffered much in the last four months, being confined to his bed every day.  Friday afternoon funeral services were conducted at his home by Rev. BROWN, a man who had known the deceased for some twenty-five years.  Rev. BROWN was assisted by Rev. A.N. GORE, the Methodist pastor of the Toccopola church.

            He was 86 years of age.  He was a highly respected citizen of Thaxton community as he lived there most of his life.  He was a devout Christian man, having professed faith in Christ at the age of 16 years, united with the Baptist church.  He knew what hardships were and how to bear them as he was a soldier in the war and even in his last illness he wanted to die, and wanted to be no trouble to anyone.

            He was married first to Miss Florence WARDLAW, and to this union was born seven children.  His first wife dying in early life, he was married a second time to Miss Fannie POLK who also died in early life.

            At his death he was living with his third wife, who was all a wife could be to a husband, for she was never too tired, or too busy to do anything for him in his last days.  He leaves his wife, Mrs. Dallie HODGES, four sons and two daughters, Mr. Frank and Wyatt HODGES of De Leon, Texas, Edd HODGES and Mrs. Dowe BEVILL of Thaxton, Mr. T.C. HODGES and Mrs. L.L. GRISHAM of Pontotoc.

Quilting Party

            March the twentieth was a great day to all who attended the quilting party given by Mrs. Bert ST. CLAIR and Mrs. Beulah BOYD.  There were sixty-four women present.  Everyone had something good to eat and to tell.  There were nine quilts quilted and six of them hemmed.

            New Hope, Victor, Round Grove, St. Joe, De Leon, Comyn, Downing, and Van Dyke were well represented.


            There were thirty-two children present.


Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BUTLER and children of Breckenridge, Mr. and Mrs. Woodley BUTLER and children of Grand Prairie and Mrs. A.N. TANKSLEY of El Paso, were guests Sunday of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN entertained last week-end as guests, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McCARTY of Lohn and Mrs. J.A. WILLIS of Clovis, N.M. and son, C.L. KINCHEN, Jr. of Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil NELSON of Waco were week-end guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.

Ray HARVEY of Dallas was guest Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Bob GLOVER of Stephenville was a week-end visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed GLOVER.

Miss Madge IRVIN of Abilene was a visitor Sunday with her father, L.A. IRVIN.

Estel SPENCER of Cisco visited with his mother, Mrs. George SPENCER Sunday.

Mrs. A.K. BENDER has gone to Comanche to visit her daughter, Mrs. Johnnie MOHON.

Mrs. Stuart CATE of Breckenridge visited Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH.  Mrs. SMITH accompanied her home for a ten days’ visit.

Robinson Springs

            The honor roll for March is as follows:

First Grade:  Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Oll’ Marrie BLANKENSHIP, Doyle ELY, Dean MILLER, Durwood PARK, Wanda CARR, Bonnie Faye CUMMINGS, Arlie FORREST, Avia FORREST, Wilma KIMMEL and Troy BARKER.

Second Grade:  Ahelma FORREST, A.J. STEWART, Eugene CARR and L.G. BARKER.

Third Grade:  Elephone DECKER, Ozella DENDY, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, Anita KIMMELL, Pauline DENDY, Chas. KEE, Ross MILLER and Floyd ELY.

Fourth Grade:  Ardie WEST, Mozelle STEWART and Vera BARKER.

Fifth Grade:  Velma MILLER, Marie ELY, Thelma MILLER, Aline KIMMELL, Charlotte MILLER, LaDon SPRUILL and Janice BRUMBELOW.

Sixth Grade:  Horace SPRUILL, Virginia TOLAR, Thelma BARKER, Ruth L. CLARK, Inez DECKER, L.V. PARK and Alvin PRICE.

Seventh Grade:  LaVeda MACON, Hollis DYSON(?), Vernon STEWART and Myrtle WEST.

High School:  Dale KAY, Mattie M. SPRUILL, Adina KIMMELL, Elaine BARKER, Lucile KEE, Joyce MACON, Ina Mae TARRANCE, Jewell SPRUILL, Floyd WEST, Johnnie SHOEMAKER and Jack BRUMBELOW.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles CLINTON from Throckmorton visited Mrs. CLINTON’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAY, last week-end.

Saturday new trustees for the following year were elected.  They are W.C. KIMMEL, J.F. DYSON, S.J. BRUMBELOW, Tom FORREST, A.C. STEWART, C.W. PARKS, J.W. WEST.  We know that they will do their best to improve the school.

The trustees say that if nothing happens we will have a nine months’ school.


Mr. and Mrs. C. HAMMOND are the parents of a baby boy, born on Friday, March 28.

Mrs. F.E. COWAN, who has been visiting for some time with her daughter, Mrs. W.F. HARVEY and family, has returned to her home at Alexander.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer MAYS and family and Mrs. Richard MAYS left Monday for their home at Graham, after having visited for several days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. EASLEY.

S.F. KINNARD left Wednesday afternoon for Bonham in response to a message telling him of the death of his sister, Mrs. Marvin WALKER of that place.

S.T. COOK left Tuesday for Fort Worth, where he will remain for several days taking treatment from an Arlington physician.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. VESTAL and baby of Houston spent Monday night with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY.  Mr. and Mrs. VESTAL were enroute to California.

A.B. EMMONS, who has been connected with the Comyn school during the past three years has resigned to accept a position in the Agricultural Department of A. & M. College and left Wednesday to take up his work there.

The oil well which was spudded in last Wednesday at noon on the W.B. SCOTT ranch, two miles east of Comyn, has been shut down for about ten days in order to have time to bring in more needed materials.  A large crowd came Wednesday to witness the spudding in of the well and to enjoy the barbecue which was served at noon to the 600 or more people present at that time.

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. BOYKIN and children spent the week-end in Oglesby, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BOYKIN and other relatives.

The gayest party of the season was the party given by Miss Lucile RILEY for Dorris HUGHES last Tuesday night.  More than fifty young people gathered at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. RILEY.  The party, while not exactly formal, yet was well planned by Miss RILEY assisted by Miss ROBBINS and so well carried out as to make a most enjoyable affair for the young people.  Refreshments were served at a late hour and after a brief speech by young Mr. HUGHES, the youngsters went their way, sincerely thanking Mr. and Mrs. RILEY for the nice time they had had.

The trustee election on Saturday resulted in the election of J.W. ALSTON, C.M. CARAWAY, J.H. CHANDLER, Ernest RIPPETOE and H.J. MOORE.  The hold over members of the board are C.S. DRY and Whit SIDES.

Downing News

A surprise birthday party was given by Inzer HOLMES and Grady COAN Saturday night, March 29, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HOLMES of this community.  Supper was served to 37 friends and relatives.  Everyone reported an enjoyable time.

The 4-H Club is going to entertain Tuesday night, April 1, at the home of their President, J.P. YATES with a party.

J.C. McGINNIS and son, Gale, visited in Fisher county Thursday and returned Friday with their grandmother, Mrs. STEVENS, who will visit in this community.

Leonard WILSON and wife of Vandyke, Mr. and Mrs. Harve LEWIS and Mrs. GRAHAM of White Spur visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. SHUPPS Sunday.

Mrs. J.B. GUNN and Mrs. W.H. McNUTT of Coleman, A.L. GUNN of Comanche, Mrs. L.E. PETRESS of De Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Bud McGINNIS of Downing visited J.C. GUNN and family Sunday.

John LOUDERMILK and family of Brownwood, Mrs. Clyde JENKINS and Mrs. Tom LOCK of De Leon visited their father, G.H. LOUDERMILK here Sunday.

Murray and Lee LOUDERMILK of Brownwood visited in the home of their father, Walt LOUDERMILK, Sunday.

Mrs. C.O. HATLEY has been in Comanche this week at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. LaRue DILLIN. 


The honor roll for the school for last month follows:

Ninth Grade:  Bruce LAMINACK, R. LINDLEY, Jack RILEY, Dorris HUGHES, Novis LINDLEY, Lillian ROBBINS, Madalin LAMINACK.

Seventh Grade:  Robbie Lee ADAMS, Lounette LINDER, Estelle ROBBINS.

Sixth Grade:  Alma GREGORY, Abbie LEWIS, Macie JOHNSON, Dorothy DISHMAN, Evelyn LANE.

Fifth Grade:  Hugo WYNN, Mildred McKINNEY, Hershel MOORE, T.J. JOHNSON, Emogene ADAMS, Glenvil HALE.

Fourth Grade: Maxine HALE, Clara DISHMAN, George BRAZELL.

Third Grade:  Lee B. McKINNEY, W.D. KOONCE, Gwendolin ROBBINS, Opal HUGHES, Maurine MOORE, A.V. GUTHERY, Juanita LOHMAN.

Second Grade:  Herman WAYLAND, Raymond HUGHES.

First Grade:  Ila Mae KOONCE, Ruth LARLESS, Dalbart KING, Felton BRAZEL, Alvin JOHNSON, Allen GREGORY, Curtis REDWINE, Pauline HALE.

Oliver Springs

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. DOMINEY and children and Mr. and Mrs. B. SETZLER of Robinson Springs, are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. BIBSON of Rule this week.

Miss Audie Mae HULSEY spent the weekend with home folks at Downing.

Mrs. H.H. BAIRD and son, Hyson, Jr. visited her mother at Gorman Sunday.


Last Friday morning the men of the community met at the Baptist church, and went on a rabbit drive.  Many rabbits were killed in the morning and evening, estimated at about one hundred and fifty.  K.E. SMITH killed the most.  Dinner was served at the arbor.

Rob LEWIS was elected captain of the Victor men baseball team and F. NEWTON, sub-captain.

A “42” party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. YOUNG last Friday evening.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE of this community busily engaged in taking the census.

S.A. JOHNSON and daughter, Miss Macie, and Bartene MOORE assisted in the singing services at the workers convention at the Methodist church at Desdemona last Tuesday night.

Dood RILEY is home for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY.

On April 1st the Victor school children secured a  truck and came in a body to spend the day visiting with the Jakehamon school.  Some ball games were played and a general sing program for more than an hour was put on by the children of both schools.  Then Friday the Jakehamon children went to Victor where there was a public dinner in connection with a rabbit drive.

Miss Windola PRICE, who is a student at John TARLETON College spent the week-end with home folks.

Mrs. T.W. GARY and son, Buster, of Baird, and Mr. and Mrs. A.A. BEATY of Coleman visited Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GARY and family Sunday.  Mrs. GARY returned with them for a visit.

R.L. GARY is now in Moran.

Lowell News

Henry GRAHAM is in the Gorman Sanitarium, where he underwent an operation last week and is getting along nicely.

Walter KEITH has returned home from Hobbs, New Mex.

Miss Loveda CLAYTON is visiting her sister, Mrs. Fred KEITH at Ft. Worth.


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford PARKER of De Leon have moved to the M.M. DIXON farm.

Joe Edwin is the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. DIXON of Lafayette, Tennessee.  Mrs. DIXON was formerly Miss Velma STEWART, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. STEWART, formerly of this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Wiley COOK are rejoicing over the arrival of a little girl, Betty Sue, in their home.


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