The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 28, 1930


Thieves Take $50.00 Worth Lamps from Ross’ Chapel Church

            Some time between Sunday, March 16 and Sunday, March 23, thieves entered the Methodist church at Ross Chapel and stole four Coleman lamps which had cost the congregation about $40.00.  The linen spreads were stolen from the pulpit, piano and table, and a hand painted drapery or banner, painted by Mrs. G.R. WRIGHT and presented to the church, was also taken.

            Anyone having a clew to identity of the thieves will confer a favor upon the congregation by letting the facts be known.

George W. Spencer Passed Away After Lingering Illness

            George W. SPENCER, old and honored citizen of this section for many years, passed peacefully to his reward, at 12:30 o’clock p.m. Monday, March 24th, 1930.  His last illness continued over a period of perhaps two years.  He was confined to his bed the greater portion of the time for some months.  His passing away was not unexpected.  While loved ones watched anxiously beside his bed, his immortal spirit passed peacefully back to the God who gave it.  He was not conscious immediately prior to his going.

            George W. SPENCER was born near Slate Springs, Calhoun county, Miss., August 21, 1851.  At death he had attained to the ripe old age of seventy-eight years, seven months and 3 days.  He was married to Miss Elvrena SIMS, on Dec. 31, 1876 at Walthall, Webster County, Miss.  Seven children were born into their home:  Jas. Estel SPENCER, Cisco; William Emmett SPENCER, Lubbock; Henry Askew (Jack) SPENCER, Dallas, Callie Emden, now Mrs. Louis LIGHTFOOT, De Leon; Lera, now Mrs. W.W. GREGORY, De Leon; Miss Vera SPENCER, Fort Worth, and Addie Alma, baby daughter, who passed away at the age of three years in 1889.

            Mr. SPENCER was converted and united with the Missionary Baptist church at the age of 17 or 18 years and continued a member in active relationship for more than sixty years.  It was about twenty-five years ago that he placed his membership with the De Leon Baptist church.  He was a Mason, and belonged to the local order of Woodmen of the World.

            He moved to Texas with his family, from Bellefountaine, Miss., in December 1897, locating on a farm a few miles east of De Leon where he lived for several years, then moved with his family to De Leon in the fall of 1906 where he has since made his home.

            Mr. SPENCER has two living brothers, H.C. (Clint) SPENCER, aged 84 years, Comyn, and W.L. (Billie) SPENCER, aged 75 years, De Leon, and one sister, Mrs. Charley SPRUILL, aged 72, De Leon.

            Mr. SPENCER was a man of retiring disposition, quiet and unassuming and lived his life in peace with God and man.  He was positive in his convictions and uncompromising in matters of principle.  Only those inside the circle of his intimate friends and family really knew the depths of his life and character.  While he earned a measure of success as he passed along the way of life, the measure of the man is not written in lands and chattels, but in upright sons and daughters who rise up to call him blessed.

            The funeral was from the First Baptist church, at 2:30 o’clock p.m. Tuesday with Rev. Montie A. DAVIS, pastor in charge, assisted by Rev. STRICKLAND.  Burial was at De Leon cemetery.  Active pall bearers were B.J. PITTMAN, R.R. HARVEY, Dr. A.M. ALLEN, Jeff SMITH, S.S. SMITH, J.F. CARTER, W.H. WILLIAMS and J.I. GRISHAM.

Jury List

            Following is the Grand Jury for the Spring term of Court:

First Week, April 21st

A.L. JENKINS, De Leon Rt. 2; W.J. FRITTS, Comanche Rt. 1; J.T. LANDRETH, May Rt. 1; W.B. BARRETT, Comanche Rt. 6; W.J. PRESTON, De Leon Rt. 5; J.R. LYNCH, Blanket Rt. 2; C.W. PITTMAN, De Leon Rt. 1; S.E. SEAY, Comanche Rt. 5; F.T. BRANDT, Carlton Rt. 1; Ben KOONCE, Desdemona; J.B. ALCORN, Comanche; L.W. FINN, Carlton Rt. 1; J.H. CHANDLER, Comyn; J.B. IRWIN, Gustine Rt. 1; G.T. RUDD, Energy; and J.E. ADAMS, Comanche Rt. 3.

Second Week, April 28th

S.E. GLOVER, De Leon Rt. 1; J.E. TURPIN, De Leon Rt. 1; L.C. BURT, Comanche; J.W. HOWARD, De Leon; T.F. McCULLOUGH, Comanche Rt. 3; E.C. ESTES, Gustine Rt. 1; O.E. GREGG, Gustine, Rt. 1; Chas. CRAIG, Carlton Rt. 1; J.M. MARSHALL, Comanche; D.C. NORTON, De Leon; G.E. MORTON, De Leon; H.F. NORTHCUTT, Comanche 3; G.H. YORK, De Leon; Robert STEWART, Comanche Rt. 3; R.C. DABNEY, Blanket; L.B. MORTON, De Leon; J.D. MAUPIN, Gorman Rt. 2; M.F. WILLIFORD, Zephyr; Clyde NABORS, De Leon Rt. 1; P.J. COX, Gustine Rt. 1; T.A. SINGLETON, Rucker; E.D. HOLDEN, Comanche Rt. 2; C.L. ROE, Comanche Rt. 2; F.M. FILES, Gorman Rt. 2; W.M. GRIGSBY, Comanche Rt. 4; O.R. FERRILL, Blanket; O.B. BRINSON, Proctor Rt. 1; W.A. SPRINGER, Dublin Rt. 8; C.J. CAMPBELL, Lamkin; S.F. KINNARD, Proctor; W.E. SMITH, Sipe Springs; W.H. CLARK, De Leon Rt. 5; W.D. CHAPMAN, Comanche Rt. 2; A.D. KAY, Proctor; Jesse BARKER, De Leon Rt. 5; and Jesse BOOTH, De Leon Rt. 4.

Third Week, May 5th

W.D. CARLTON, Proctor; J.L. BARNES, Comyn; W.M. LITTLE, Comanche Rt. 5; Ed BLACK, Comanche Rt. 2; W.A. LINDLEYDesdemona; A.J. HUGGINS, Zephyr; Chas. HARVEY, Carlton; J.A. VINSON, Dublin Rt. 3; Fred ROLLINS, Gustin Rt. 1; J.H. WILLIFORD, Hasse; J. TATUM, Lamkin; A.M. RUTH, Comanche; G.M. SCOTT, Gorman Rt. 1; Bruce LANE, Comanche Rt. 5; Ed HOWELL, Energy; W.W. CHANCELOR, Comanche Rt. 5; Elmer WEIDNER, Dublin Rt. 8; W.M. HAYNES, Gorman Rt. 1; A.C. HUMPHREY, De Leon; W.J. ADAMS, Energy; A.T. PERRY, Comanche, J.A. DUKE, De Leon, Rt. 1; C.D. HARTMAN, Comanche, Rt. 2; W.A. BRYSON, Dublin, Rt. 1; W.G. PARKER, Comanche Rt. 5; Ed THOMAS, De Leon, Rt. 2; T.D. ROBINETT, De Leon Rt. 2; C.C. SHANKLES, Comanche; E.C. VINES, Comanche Rt. 5; D.W. UPHAM, Carlton; Sam C. CARTER, Comanche Rt. 2; W.B. RAY, De Leon Rt. 1; W.W. SMITH, Comanche Rt. 2; W.B. HORTON, Comanche Rt. 2; E.K. THOMAS, Rt. 1.

Fourth Week, May 12th

R.A. JOHNSTON, Proctor Rt. 2; W.J. SCOTT, Desdemona; J.L. ELLIS, Comanche; J.B. ALDRIDGE, Comanche; W.M. HOLDRIDGE, De Leon; A.J. BOLAN, May Rt. 1; E.F. JOINER, Desdemona; Elmer CARAWAY, Gustine; Ida LANE, Comanche Rt. 5; J.N. EVANS, Proctor Rt. 2; A.L. CHAPPELL, Sidney Rt. 1; E.W. SHORT, De Leon Rt. 5; F.L BOLTON, Gustine; J.N. BOWEN, Proctor 1; J.D. BEATY, Comanche Rt. 4; G.R. SANDERS, De Leon Rt. 1; T.H. PURVIS, Proctor Rt. 2; Roy HENSON, Gustine; R.A. SMITH, Proctor Rt. 2; L.R. AUVENSHINE, Comanche Rt. 2.

Fifth Week, May 19th

R. GREENWALDT, De Leon; J.J. TATE, Comanche; O.G. NABORS, De Leon Rt. 4; A.E. HALFORD, Comanche Rt. 5; O.A. BRAZIEL, Indian Gap; C.M. MEDFORD, De Leon Rt. 2; J.W. BLACK, Comanche Rt. 5; C.W. HOUCK, Sidney; E.M. WATTS, De Leon; R.T. STEPHENS, Comanche; J.H. McKENZIE, Comanche Rt. 3; I.S. FORD, Gustine; C.P. LIVINGSTON, Blanket; Ed LIGHTFOOT, De Leon Rt. 4; Jack MOORE, Comanche; J.G. CHUPP, De Leon Rt. 4; D.M. BEATY, Proctor; Jim PETTIT, Gustine Rt. 1; J.W. YOUNG, Comanche; J.B. POGUE, Comanche Rt. 5; J.O. HAM, De Leon; J.V. SPRUILL, De Leon Rt. 3; J.A. RACHEL, Sipe Springs; J.L. BISHOP, Proctor Rt. 1; Jno. DUPRIEST, De Leon Rt. 4; H. APPLEWHITE, Dublin Rt. 1; L.N. GRISSOM, Proctor Rt. 1; C.C. HAYNIE, Comanche Rt. 1; W.D. TOLAND, De Leon Rt. 2; H.A. LANDRETH, May.

Snowy Anniversary

            Thursday marked the 23rd anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Howard SHORT and for the first time they observed it with a “snow storm.”  Mr. and Mrs. SHORT were married on March 27, 1907.

Mrs. Moore Appointed Census Enumerator

            Mrs. O.H. MOORE of the Jakehamon community has been appointed census enumerator for that part of Comanche county north and east of M.K.T.R.R.  The census is a government activity and people are asked to give the enumerators their hearty co-operation in giving correct information in all matters upon which questions are propounded.  As regards farms, crops, etc. the census this year covers a wider range than heretofore.  Mrs. MOORE or her deputies will see each resident of the territory assigned her and secure the information required.

Miss Gussie Insall Played in Octette Recently

            Miss Gussie INSALL of this city, accompanied the Dragoo Octette Saturday to Sweetwater, where they rendered a concert at the First Presbyterian Church Sunday night and at the High School Monday morning, returning home Monday afternoon.

            Miss INSALL is a member of the Octette, composed of violin teachers of Eastland and Ranger.  She plays first violin with Mrs. Dragoo CATON, who has an artist’s degree in violin, piano and voice.  She has studied extensively in Europe.

            Miss INSALL has studied with Mrs. Dragoo CATON the past two years and is one of her most advanced students.

Former De Leon Girl Married in Dallas

            Free Press is in receipt of information of the marriage of Miss Bertie Estelle BOOTH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer BOOTH of De Leon, Rt. 4, to Mr. Virgil Irving HOOPER, of Dallas.  The wedding occurred on March 15th.  Miss BOOTH has lived in Dallas for five or six years, being employed by Universal Film Exchange, Inc., a moving picture booking house there.  She is a graduate of De Leon high school and is a beautiful and accomplished young woman.  Mr. HOOPER came to Dallas from New York and is in the employ of the Lone Star Gas Co., traveling for them.  The couple are at home at 4936 Mission Ave., Dallas.  Best wishes!

Mrs. H.G. Terrill Gave Bridge Party

            The pretty home of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. TERRILL was thrown open to their friends Friday evening last week when Mrs. TERRILL entertained at bridge, 7:30 to 10:30 o’clock.  The twenty guests present entered heartily into the games, high score for the ladies going to Mrs. S.A. DUKE and for the men to W.P. WEAVER.  Mrs. TERRILL served a delicious refreshment to Mrs. W.H. CLARK, Miss Bertha ROSS; Messrs. And Mesdames Duke WHALEY, W.P. WEAVER, CARLILE, SCHUMAN, R.N. HILL, DANIELL and SCOTT.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emmett RIPPETOE March 21, an eight pound girl.

Pete McCLELLAN of Iraan visited last week with his grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Mrs. S.J. COLLINGS of Ballinger is guest of her mother, Mrs. C.E. BASS.

Howard McCLELLAN of Iraan visited last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN.

W.M. MYERS, who has been seriously ill with pneumonia, is slowly recovering.

Mrs. Tom CLARK has returned home from Gorman Sanitarium and is recovering from pneumonia.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis WOLFENBARGER of Kokomo were weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. GILCHREST.

Jennins NOEL of Brownfield is guest of his aunt, Mrs. Jack WOODARD.

Mrs. A.B. CAMPBELL, daughter Willie Faye, and son, George Owen, of Hillsboro, were here this week guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George COZBY.

Mrs. Sam NOEL is in Breckenridge, guest of her daughter, Mrs. Robert FRIERSON.

S.K. NOEL, H.H. PEEVY and Arthur STEPHENS have gone to Waco where they have employment.

Mrs. Mitchel BAILEY of Desdemona was guest Sunday of her mother, Mrs. E.C. WOODARD.

L.W. EASTERLING, Katy engineer, is now at Eastland, employed by the E.W.F. & G.R.R..

Mr. and Mrs. H.T. STRICKLAND of Abilene were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BROWN.  Mrs. BROWN and Mrs. STRICKLAND are sisters.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred ADCOCK have returned from Floydada where they went a month ago to make their home.  They may return to Floydada at some time in the future, but for the present they will reside here.


Mr. and Mrs. J.N. BOYKIN and children spent Saturday in Hamilton visiting Mrs. BOYKIN’s brother, R.O. BANKHEAD and family.

Mrs. Elmer MAYES and children and Mrs. Richard MAYES of Graham arrived Sunday to visit their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. EASLEY and family.

Dovie, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Van GODDARD, who are here from California, is suffering with a broken thigh bone.  The accident occurred last Thursday afternoon when the little fellow overturned a motorcycle frame which fell across his body.  He was rushed to Gorman for treatment and is recovering nicely.

A rabbit drive was made in the Roch community last Thursday.  The ladies gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bill DOGGETT where lunch was prepared and served.  150 rabbits were killed.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete PELL are in Fort Worth this week where he is having his eyes treated by a specialist.

The Comyn Dairy team composed of Wade GEORGE, N.C. SPICER, Kermit BARNES and Webb COOK won in the Heart of Texas Dairy Show at Dublin.  They were awarded Hughes trophy, given to high team in vocational agriculture.

Downing News

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DILLIN of Comanche spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. HATLEY.

Following is the honor roll for the month just past:

First Grade: Ennis LOUDERMILK, Ruth YATES, Chaney PIPER, Glen Dale MORRISON, Dorothy COTTRELL, Curn WATSON, Jack LASSATER, John D. HULSEY, Alton KENNEDY.


Third Grade: Truman HORNSBY, Eddie Myrie GUNN, Jack PIPER, Edward ROGERS.

Fifth Grade: Harold GRISSOM.

Sixth Grade:  Louise SHUPP.

Eighth Grade: Lizzie PORTER.

Ninth Grade:  Carl WATSON.


A.J. CUMMINS celebrated his 76th birthday Sunday.  Children present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed LAWRENCE, Hico; Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BRUMBELOW of Eliasville, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. WILSON of Ranger and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. CUMMINS, De Leon.

Uncle Billy HAROLD, who fell more than a year ago and broke his thigh, celebrated his 90th birthday Sunday.

Mrs. J.W. THOMAS is on the sick list this week.

St. Joe

Miss Bernice McKELVEY gave a quilting at her home Wednesday.  The following were present:  Mesdames Frank PARK, Carl DUKE, Auther WARREN, Fred NABORS, Lee NABORS, Nath NABORS, Bob SADBERRY, Charley MORRIS, Jessie MORRIS, H.S. FREEMAN, O. F. BLOYD, J.A. DUKE, William DUKE, Ansel HILL, Henry REED, R.S. WALL, and Misses Lucile McKELVEY, Gladys NABORS and Irene DUKE.

Mr. and Mrs. Arden LOCK spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H.L. LOCK and family.

J.T. McCLENNAND is very ill this week.

Robinson Springs

James LITTLE was called to the bedside of his sister, Mrs. Orval McINROE in the Stephenville hospital Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. McINROE was very low Sunday night; but Monday some hope was held for her recovery.  The infant son was also out of danger Monday.

On leaving the school building in his car Monday afternoon, Mr. LITTLE ran over little Durwood PARK.  The child received no injury except a badly bruised foot.  The accident could not have been avoided as the child ran toward the car attempting to catch it, his foot slipped and was caught in a wheel.

Miss Wilma MILLER, who has been suffering from scratches as a result of being thrown by a horse into a barbed wire fence, is recovering and expects to be back in school in a few days.

Robinson Springs was well represented at the Interscholastic League meet at Comanche Friday and Saturday.  Misses Mattie SPRUILL and Elaine BARKER won first place in junior spelling.  Miss Vertna WEST and Thelma BARKER won first place in arithmetic.  Miss Lucile KEE won third in extemporaneous speaking and several second and third places were won by the pupils of this place.  This school had to compete against Class B schools.  The declaimers from here were La Joyce MACON, senior girl; LaBon SPRUILL, junior girl; Marjorie BRUMBELOW, sub-junior girl.  These girls did exceedingly well under the circumstances and expect to try again next year.


Mrs. Sylvia WHITE of Ranger spent Sunday visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS.

Mrs. C.E. RILEY of Coleman is visiting this week with G.E. RILEY and family and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. SHORT of the Robinson Springs community.


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