The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 14, 1930


Mrs. Gillock Buys New Permanent Machine

            Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK, who operates De Leon’s beauty shop, is home from Dallas where she purchased the New Duart Permanent Waving Machine.  This is the machine that produces the Croquignole and Realistic curl, the one much sought after now.  Mrs. GILLOCK will also continue to give the Eugene and Gloria curl with her old machine, but her capacity for service is now doubled.

            Mrs. GILLOCK has had five years experience in beauty culture, and has built up a creditable business, customers coming regular from many surrounding towns for service.

Rural Mail Patrons Must Paint Mail Boxes and Posts

            An amendment to the Postal Laws and Regulations made January 2, 1930 makes it compulsory to have all posts or supports made of a neat design, of either wood, iron or concrete and must be painted white.  All patrons of rural mail routes will be notified of this change and will be given a reasonable time to comply with these regulations, after which they will be reported to the Department for failure and service withdrawn until complied with.  This is no new idea of the rural carriers or postmaster, but a law made by Congress.


W.S. GLOVER, Rt. 1

J.W. JONES, Rt. 2


George MOHON, Rt. 4

W.M. COLEY, Rt. 5.


Mrs. L.J. Grisham Had Birthday Party

            Mrs. L.J. GRISHAM of near Rucker, celebrated her birthday with a quilting party at her home Friday of last week.  It was Mrs. GRISHAM’s 50th birthday, and many neighbors and friends came to offer congratulations and to join in the festivities of the day.  Of course a bountiful dinner was spread at the noon hour, and about five quilts were finished during the day.  About fifteen children were present, besides the following ladies:

            Mrs. John GRISHAM, De Leon; Mrs. B.B. GILDER, De Leon; Mrs. Lee NABORS, De Leon; Mrs. Johnnie Lewis FORD, Ranger; and Mesdames Will PITTMAN, Lula PITTMAN, C.L. SHORT, Nettie SHORT, Iva CRAWFORD, Ila BUTLER, O. Bell JAY, J.R. DEATON, Lela FLATT, Daniell HARDIN, Faye WALLACE, Bessie PAIR, Buena PRESSLEY, Arthur HAZZARD, Lula Merle MAUNEY, Thomas SINGLETON, Daisy GRISHAM, Effie GRISHAM, Sanford ALLGOOD, Ressie WALLACE, Oma MORRIS and Miss Bonnie May LEWIS.

Rising Star Man Bought Café Here

            Mr. and Mrs. J.R. WILKISON of Rising Star are now making their home in De Leon, having purchased the Lambert Café, known as the Green Lantern Café.  Mr. WILKISON has had experience in the Café business and should do well here.  He told the Free Press editor he visited towns from Ft. Worth to Brownwood throughout this section, before deciding on De Leon as his “best bet.”

Greenwaldt Golden Wedding Anniversary  1880 – 1930

Large Crowd Witnessed Ceremony at Church

            Fifty years of married life is an experience coming to but few, and a proper observance of the completion of such a period is wholly in order.  Mr. and Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT reached that important milestone in their journey of life, on Monday, March 10th.  As a fitting observance of the occasion, they issued formal invitations and their friends and neighbors assembled at the Methodist Church at 7:30 o’clock p.m., and they were married all over again-their Golden Wedding!

            The ceremony was said in its entirety, according to the Methodist ritual, the ring ceremony being used, accompanied by soft music and Pastor S.J. RUCKER’s earnest benediction.  The bridal couple were fittingly dressed for the occasion, and the bride carried a shower bouquet.  The weight of years has rested but lightly upon them.  The iron gray hair of the groom and his erect bearing suggested fewer years than have in reality passed over his head.  The bride’s chestnut brown hair is scarcely marked with a suggestion of gray, and she appeared as one yet in middle life as she came down the aisle, accompanied by her grand daughter, Miss Jamie GREENWALDT, maid of honor.  Billie GREENWALDT, youngest grandchild, aged 10, acted as best man, gravely passing over the ring to the minister when the appointed time had arrived.

            Preceding the ceremony Miss Bernice KIKER sang, “We’ve Been Pals for Fifty Years,” a pretty medley of old southern melodies.  Miss Gussie INSALL, violinist, played “I Love You Truly,” and “The Bridal Chorus,” with Mrs. Jno. A. MOHON at the piano.  Little Miss Josie Beth ALLEN sang “Silver Threads Among the Gold” immediately following the ceremony, while the bridal couple stood facing the audience for a moment before passing down the aisle, to the basement, where a reception was held.  In the receiving line were Mr. and Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT, Miss Jamie GREENWALDT, Master Billie GREENWALDT and Mr. and Mrs. Meredith GUYGER.  Presiding at the punch bowl were Misses Mary Alice GREENWALDT, Geneva COLEY, Myrdelle KEMP and Rowena ROSS.  Congratulations were extended the “bride and groom.”

Area Pioneer Citizens

            Mr. and Mrs. GREENWALDT are among the early residents of this section.  They moved here from Madison county, Miss. In 1891 and resided on their farm, Three miles northwest of town for thirty-five years, rearing their family of two sons and a daughter, and commanding the respect of all who knew them.  They were successful in their material affairs, and are now retired and living in this city.

            Charles L. GREENWALDT was born in New York state, near Canajoharie, some 200 miles west of New York City, Sept. 24, 1854.  He moved with his parents to Illinois in the winter of 1868-69, remaining there on year.  The family then moved to Madison county, Miss. Where he grew to manhood and was married.  He resided in Mississippi twenty-one years, moving thence to this place.

            Martha Alice ROSS was born in Madison county, Miss. April 20, 1860 and grew to young womanhood there.  She was married to Charles GREENWALDT on March 10, 1880.  She was a daughter of Jake ROSS, and a sister of Jas. T. ROSS and Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH, both of this place.

            Their three children are Lewis and Walter GREENWALDT of this place, and Mrs. R.P. BARBER of Kress, Texas, near Plainview.  There are nine grandchildren.

            Mr. and Mrs. GREENWALDT are very happily situated in the evening of life.  Surrounded by loved ones and many friends, their days are filled with happy interests.  Thus far their faculties are remarkably well preserved, and each bids fair to walk for many days down the way of life before the great Judge of us shall say it is enough!

Rev. Geo. R. Ross, Born February 11, 1850, Died March 7, 1930

Age 80 years and 24 Days.

            Thus would begin the epitaph of our friends and brother, who for many years, more than most of us can remember, has lived a life of usefulness among us.

            Bro. ROSS was born in Lauderdale county, Alabama on the above date.  He moved with his father and mother to Arkansas in 1851, living there near Hot Springs until 1862, when they moved to Harrison County, Texas.  They lived there until the close of the Civil War in 1865, when they moved again to Armstrong in Erath County, where he grew to manhood and remained in the same community until his death.  He was a son of Rev. Reuben D. and Martha A. ROSS, pioneers who settled at Round Grove 65 years ago.

            Bro. ROSS was married in 1871 to Patsey L. ELY and reared a family of six children, Tip ROSS of Eastland County, Mrs. Lena HAMMETT, Mrs. Ollie KAY and Mrs. Annie KAY, who live in and near De Leon, the late Mrs. Rebecca FUNK and Geo. M. ROSS, of Port Arthur, Texas.  Some years after the death of his first wife, Bro. ROSS married Mrs. Rose E. SPARKS with whom he lived until his death.

            Bro. ROSS began teaching school before he reached his majority and taught for 25 years at Round Grove, where most of the older generation went to school to him.

            He was converted and joined the Baptist Church when a young man and was a charter member of the Round Grove church, organized on the second Saturday in July, 1871.  This was two years before the start of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and was at that time, as far as his father could ascertain, the most western Baptist Church in the United States.  The Baptist Church at San Diego, Calif. was organized two years later.

            Bro. ROSS began preaching at the age of 27 and was immediately ordained and began his ministry to this and surrounding communities and continued for more than 50 years.  Striving by precept and example to show the love of Master for his children and to lead the lost unto him for salvation. 

            As a citizen Bro. ROSS never shirked the duties and responsibilities that fell to his lot, declaring that it was even more incumbent upon him as a minister to attack evils that destroy homes and corrupt government.  As a youth he exposed himself to the attacks of the savage red man and the desperado and thief in the defense of his neighbors lives, to create a better and safer country in which to make their homes.  He lived to see a great country grown out of it, honored and loved by all who knew him.

            The funeral services were held at the church and were conducted by Bro. J.A. BAYS of Lingleville, Rev. Gordon BARRETT of Comanche and Rev. W.J. NELSON of Taylor, Texas.  His pastor, Bro. W.L. MARTIN acted as master of ceremonies.  Nearly a score of his brother ministers were present with a great congregation of people.  After the ceremony, the body was carried to the cemetery by Masonic brethren of Armstrong Lodge No. 445 of which he was a member for more than 50 years, and laid to rest with their beautiful and impressive ceremony.  He was buried by the side of his first wife, near where his father and mother and all of his brothers and sisters, except one, are at rest to await that great day when the dead in Christ shall rise to meet with Him in glory.


            Mr. Ronald DILLIN of Comanche and Miss Larue HATLEY of Downing were happily married Wednesday, March 5.  A.F. NABORS of De Leon conducted the ceremony.

            Mr. DILLIN is a son of Mr. and Mrs. George DILLIN, who has lived in Comanche for many years and is well known there.  Mrs. DILLIN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.O. HATLEY of Downing, and is liked be everyone who knows her.

            Four of their friends accompanied them:  Arl HATLEY, Romy GRISSOM, Miss Ora CHAMPION and Miss Nadine DILLIN of Comanche.  The young couple will make their home in Comanche.    


Guy HARMON, former druggist here, was in the city visiting his mother, Mrs. G.E. MURPHY this week.  His home is Waxahachie.

Mrs. Leona SPICER, her father, Mr. Robert NORTHCUTT and Mr. and Mrs. Gene HUDSON attended the funeral of Mrs. THORNBERRY at Thurber Monday.  Mrs. THORNBERRY formerly lived in the Live Oak community.

Mrs. Leroy WREN has returned to her home in San Angelo after spending a week as guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Miss Gertrude and Hezzie DEAN, daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. DEAN of De Leon, Rt. 4, were home last weekend from John Tarleton College.

Mrs. M.O. PITTMAN of Anson is here spending the week as guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Ben MACON and small son, Billie, and Miss Mabel MACON of Dallas were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. L.C. MACON.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd ELY, Mrs. Joe ELY and son of Quanah are here visiting their mother and grandmother, Mrs. George ROSS.

Jim PITTMAN, brother of B.J. PITTMAN, and son-in-law, B.V. BOLINGER, of Ranger, were here Wednesday.  Mr. BOLLINGER is a candidate for Tax Assessor of Eastland county.

Mrs. W.E. NABORS has returned to her home in Kerrville after visiting her brother, J.F. McKELVEY and other relatives.

Relatives who attended the GREENWALDT Golden Wedding celebration here last Monday night were:  Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH, Miss Mary CARRUTH; Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER; Mr. and Mrs. Ollie ROSS; Mr. and Mrs. GUYGER; W.J. ROSS and baby; Mrs. Perry ROBERTSON and children, Comanche; Miss Rowena ROSS; Miss Bertha ROSS; Lewis GREENWALDT and family; Mr. and Mrs. R.P. BARBER and daughter, Sarah Maye, Kress.

Mrs. M.E. PARKER has returned to her home in Leuders after having spent the winter in the homes of her children, Mrs. Charley MEDFORD, and Dave and Audie FLOYD.

J. Hugh NOEL of Meadon was a weekend guest of his sister, Mrs. J. WOODARD.

Mrs. Leslie BURGESS and son, Billie, of McCamey, are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS.

Mrs. And Mrs. Clarence STATUM of McCamey are guests of her mother, Mrs. J.N. HAYNES.

Robinson Springs

An elimination for the interscholastic league will be made for most of the literary work and part of the physical events this week or first of next week.  The Junior spelling contests have already been selected.  Miss Mattie Mell SPRUILL and Elaine BARKER are the two junior girls.

The teachers’ training course for the Sunday School ended last Friday night.  The following received diplomas:  L.C. MACON, Perry MORING, Floyd WEST, Doyce SHORT and Lloyd WEST and Mesdames L.C. MACON, Elmer SHORT, Quincy CHATHAM, Perry MORING and Misses Jewell SPRUILL, La Joyce MACON and Lillie Mae CHATHAM.  The ones who took the course gave Bro. DAVIS, the teacher, a fruit pounding Friday night.   

Downing News

            The Declamation contest was held Friday, March 7.  Miss Jamie GREENWALDT of De Leon was the judge.  Those winning first places are as follows:  sub-junior girls, Ruth YATES; sub-junior boys, Edward ROGERS; junior girls, Myrtle HAFFORD; junior boys, Harold GRISSOM; senior boys, Harold GRISSOM.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert LOUDERMILK of Santa Anna were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ollie LOUDERMILK Saturday and Sunday.

J.B. GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. McNUTT and family were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.C. GUNN Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SHRUPP and family visited Walter SHRUPP of Desdemona Sunday.


Our declaimers were eliminated last Friday morning in chapel.  Those who will represent Duster in the county meet are as follows:

Sub-junior boy, Evan HOLMES; sub-junior girl, Faye ANGELIN; junior boy, H.V. EWING; junior girl, Eunice HOLMES; senior boy, Roy HAYNES; and senior girl, Esther GREER.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. Lena SMITH has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. F.G. TARRANCE of Robinson Springs the past few weeks.

Mrs. R.M. BREEDLOVE is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS and other relatives here.  She expects to leave for Iraan soon.


Mr. and Mrs. A.B. LAMINACK of Comanche visited with S.W. LAMINACK Sunday.

Mrs. Lizzie MOORE spent the weekend visiting with her daughter, Mrs. C.H. WYNN and family.

Z.L. KOONCE has recently constructed a complete concrete cellar.

Miss Dixie LAMINACK, who is attending school at Comyn, spent the weekend visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. LAMINACK.

A.V. GUTHERY spent Sunday visiting with her grandmother, Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY.

Little Miss Pauline HALE, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. HALE had a number of her friends with her Sunday afternoon for lunch and a party, it being her birthday.

Ila Mae KOONCE was taken sick at school Monday.

Balls and bats have been purchased for baseball at school.  This popular American sport will soon be in full swing.

Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS were in Hamlin Sunday visiting with their daughter, Mrs. GUTHERIE and family.

Ras ROBBINS of McCamey was visiting with his brother, O.S. ROBBINS and family this week. 


Mr. and Mrs. Jim ONSTOTT of Dublin and Mrs. K.N. SPENCER of Comyn accompanied Mrs. ONSTOTT’s mother, Grandma CARAWAY, to Abilene Sunday, where she will visit for some time with her daughter, Mrs. S.G. GENTRY.

Mr. and Mrs. J.J. MONTAGUE are the parents of a baby girl, born on March 8.  Myrtie Helen has been chosen as her name.

Miss Lela VAUGHAN of Stephenville spent the weekend with her father, J.H. VAUGHAN.

Mr. and Mrs. F.G. GILCHREST and children left Wednesday afternoon for Waxahachie in response to a message telling them of the death of Mrs. GILCHREST’s father.


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