The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, March 7, 1930


Redford Grocery Burglarized of Tobacco; No Clew

            Tuesday night last week burglars entered the wholesale warehouse of Radford Grocery Co. in this city and carried away about $300.00 worth of merchandise.  The burglars first broke into the railroad shops and stole two large crow-bars with which they prized off the south door to the warehouse, leaving the bars where they used them.

            The merchandise taken consisted of two and a half cases of cigarettes, principally Chesterfields and Old Golds, eight boxes of cigars, 130 pounds of tobacco, and a quantity of chewing gum.  The robbers left no clew.

Former De Leon Lumberman on Business in City

            Friends here were greeting Dick HUGHES Wednesday afternoon, who came to De Leon to look after some property which he still owns here.  HUGHES will be remembered as the genial manager of Buell Lumber Co. for five years, during and immediately following the oil boom.  He is still with the company in Dallas.

Mrs. Della Heath Married Recently

            A report has reached the Free Press of the marriage of Mrs. Della HEATH, daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Henry HEATH of this city, to Mr. McCARROLL, who is reported to live at Paint Rock.  The wedding occurred some three weeks ago at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. E. FORD, at Cisco.  Mrs. HEATH first married Arthur HEATH, who died in 1918.  She is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. FORD, who lived at De Leon for many years.

North Ward Honor Roll

Following is the North Ward Honor Roll for the term just ended as submitted by Paul MORGAN, principal of the school:

First Grade: L.S. UNDERHILL, Esther ANDERSON, Lela DENDY, Louise HOLLEMAN, Elizabeth MORELAND, Irene SLAUGHTER, Willie Mae WISDOM, and Esther DOLLISON.

Second Grade:  Rosa Lee McCURDY, Allan ANDERSON Jr., and Jack DUNNAHOO.

Third Grade: Syble ANDERSON, Billie LIVINGSTON and Louise PIERCE.

Fourth Grade: Atlas CHARLES.

Fifth Grade: C.L. MOHON, Jr, Vance ROACH.

Sixth Grade: Christelle HOLLEMAN and Lillie M. UNDERHILL.

Popular M-K-T Ry. Agent Returns to Duty After Leave

            Agent C.C. MALONE is back on the job at the local Katy station after an absence of about ten months.  Mr. MALONE has been off taking a needed rest, spending most of his time at Galveston, Houston, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Ft. Worth.  In addition to his duties as agent, Mr. MALONE is also train-master.  He expressed delight at being back on the job.  Mrs. MALONE is expected home soon also.

Neighbors Work for Uncle Homer Randolph

            The men of the Suez community met February 26 at Uncle Homer RANDOLPH’s and gave him a working.  Mr. RANDOLPH had the misfortune of getting his leg broken about a month ago.  Sixteen men with their breaking plows took in the working.

            Those who participated were: Jess BOOTH, Vol LOUDERMILK, Aaron REID, Dois MULL, Jack COTRELL, L. McCRARY, Jeff RANDOLPH, Carnis POYNER, Will FISHER, Oscar FISHER, John HOWELL, George JOHNSON, Joe CLEMENTS, Boss CLEMENTS, Walter CLEMENTS and Henry FRAZIER.

Child Ate Lye Last Week; Recovering

            Wednesday, March 5th, after Mrs. Robert GRIMSHAW had finished the family laundry work, and left a can of lye in the yard, with the lid securely fastened, Dorothy, her 3-year-old daughter, took a hammer and pried the lid off and ate a portion of the contents.  Her screams attracted the attention of her mother, who rushed to her.  She was painfully burned in and around the mouth and was at once attended by a local physician.  She is recovering.

Rabid Cat Bites Two Children Here Last Week

            Tuesday, February 25th, a stray cat came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. HAMPTON.  Dorothy, the 3-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Robert GRIMSHAW came to the HAMPTON home to play.  The cat bit the child just above the ankle, the bite not being painful, they were not alarmed.  The next morning the cat bit Elaine, the 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. HAMPTON.  The skin on the child’s foot was barely broken.

            There was no alarm until later in the day when the cat attempted to bite Mrs. HAMPTON.  Mr. GRIMSHAW shot the cat and sent the head to Austin for an examination.  Wednesday, a reply stated that the cat was affected with rabies.  The children are being treated by a local physician.

Alf Sloan to Open New Grocery Store Today

            The newest business concern in De Leon is Alf SLOAN’s Grocery and Feed Store.  It is located in the building at the rear of the Dependable Store building, next to the C.G. Foust Lumber Yard, and immediately across the street from De Leon Produce Co.  During the week, carpenters have been busy building counters, shelving and partitions, and painting and other renovation of the interior has been done.  The whole place is spick and span and wholly inviting.

            Mr. SLOAN has arranged to handle, besides his general grocery line, feeds from the Schapman Milling Co. at Sherman.  The line embraces every kind of feed for poultry, baby chicks, dairy cows, and all livestock.  Everything is new and fresh and attractive at the new store.

            Mr. SLOAN needs no introduction to the De Leon public.  He has been with Higginbotham Bros. & Co. for the past fifteen years, seven years of this as manager of their Grocery department.  He is thoroughly acquainted with the line and is confident of his ability to handle the business profitably.  He extends to all his friends and the public generally a cordial invitation to visit him in his new store.  Mr. SLOAN said he expected to be open by today—Friday.

Honor Roll for Sabano School for Fifth Month

            The honor roll for Sabano school for the fifth month is as follows:

Eighth Grade: Oza NABORS.

Seventh Grade:  Elgie TERRY, Wade NABORS and Nathilee BOYD.

Sixth Grade:  Odell OTWELL.

Fifth Grade: Gladys LIGHTFOOT and Hiram LOCK.

Fourth Grade:  Iva Ree WILKERSON, Claude DUPRIEST, Jim Edd LIGHTFOOT, and Glen GRISSOM.

Rook Club

            Mrs. Sam SELF entertained the Rook Club last Thursday, February 27 with a St. Patrick party.  The house was beautifully decorated in green and white.  Green and white candy and mints were passed among the guests.  Score pads, tally cards, and the menu all carried out the patriotic color of our ancient Irish Saint.

            Mrs. R.L. WHALEY was presented with a beautiful set of green fruit bowls as a reward for finding the tiny clover leaf which was hidden.

            A delicious Irish salad on lettuce, sandwiches, pickles, cake and punch were served to the following:

            Mesdames LEIGON, JETTON, LIGHTFOOT, ROWE, McIVER, BUCHAN, WHITTLE, Everett SMITH, Roy BUTLER, JAYE, ALLEN, EASTERLING, WHALEY, Frank SNEED, Harold WILLIAMS, POLNAC.  Mrs. LIGHTFOOT won high score.  Mrs. LEIGON will be hostess to the club Thursday, March 14.

Miss Irma Wright and C.A. Fitzgerald Marry Sunday

            Miss Irma WRIGHT, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. T.C. WRIGHT, was married Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Marietta, Okla., to Claude A. FITZGERALD, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD of De Leon, the ceremony being said by the pastor, the Rev. L. HALL, who used the ring ceremony.

            The bride attended Teachers College here and FITZGERALD has been connected with a local firm for several years.  The couple will make their home here.

            Denton relatives and friends who accompanied the couple were her parents, her sisters, Mrs. Roy AMYX, Misses Waldine and Mary Ruth WRIGHT, her brother, T.T. WRIGHT, Jr. and AMYX.  –Denton Newspaper

Miss Ruth Harvey Becomes Bride of Mr. Floyd Young

            Miss Ruth HARVEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY of De Leon, and Mr. Floyd YOUNG, of San Angelo, were married February 27, 1930 at 6:00 p.m.

            The ceremony, which was attended by Mrs. Leroy WREN, of San Angelo, sister of the bride, and Miss Doris AYERS of this city, was said by Rev. Montie A. DAVIS, pastor of the Baptist Church.

            The bride was attractive in an afternoon dress of Napoleon blue, with accessories of beige.

            The couple left immediately after the ceremony for a short wedding trip, after which they will be at home at San Angelo, Texas.

            Mrs. YOUNG, who has been head of the Commercial Dept. in the Moran High School, is a former student of John Tarleton Agricultural College at Stephenville and Simmons University at Abilene.  Mr. YOUNG, who attended Texas A. & M., now owns, with his brother, the Acme Top and Awning Company of San Angelo.


Mrs. Vernon BELL was guest of her sister, Mrs. Sid GAMLIN, in Hasse Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY were guests Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. ASHBY of Trent.

Mr. and Mrs. P.B. SHIRO, former owners of De Leon bakery, now of Dallas, were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. D.A. STEPHENS here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON of Junction, were here this week visiting her father, W.B. McKEMIE.  Mr. PATTERSON is County Sheriff of Kimball county, having been elected to this position at last general election.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP and children were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd SHARP in Dallas.

Mesdames W.L. STEAKLEY, W.E. HOWELL, Sr., L.W. EASTERLING, and A. SLOAN attended the Presbyterian meeting at Comanche Wednesday afternoon.

C.L. KINCHEN of Abilene was a weekend visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN.

Joe STRICKLAND and his daughter, Miss Hazel, of Ft. Worth, are here this week visiting his parents, Rev. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND, and his brother Mose STRICKLAND, who is slowly recuperating from a recent serious illness.  J.E. THOMAS of Ft. Worth also accompanied them.

Miss Velma BELL of Hawley was a weekend visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.V. BELL.

Henry ROGERS, resident of this city many years ago, was here for a brief visit Monday.  ROGERS is manager of the R.& R. chain of Theatres with headquarters at Sweetwater.  His wife is a patient at Scott & White Sanitarium at Temple, where she had a recent operation and is recovering.

Mrs. T.D. WEBB of San Angelo is guest of her sister, Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Luke BAGWELL and family have returned from Alexander where he has been employed the past several months.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bill DENDY, February 26th, a boy.

Miss Zora BAKER, of Stephenville, was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam BAKER.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee KEMP, February, a boy.


Mr. and Mrs. Bob BLACK of Desdemona visited Mrs. BLACK’s mother, Mrs. S.A. RIPPETOE, Sunday.

Mrs. Mattie HOUSE of this community, who has been very ill, is slowly improving.

Mr. WELCH and family of West Texas moved to this community last week.


Mrs. F.E. COWAN of Alexander is visiting this week with her daughter, Mrs. W.F. HARVEY and Mrs. S.W. COWAN.

Mr. and Mrs. C.O. PELL and children spent the weekend visiting with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Will GODDARD of Hasse.

E.G. THOMAS of Everyman, spent last week in the homes of his children, the Ed THOMAS and H.O. GEORGE families.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert GEORGE and family of Roby are spending the week visiting Mrs. GEORGE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. GILDER and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and baby and Mr. and Mrs. Lee HOLLAND and children went to Breckenridge Wednesday in response to a message telling them of the serious illness of their brother, Bob HOLLAND.

O.O. and Elmer GREGG and their father, Will GREGG, visited during the latter part of last week with Mr. and Mrs. Bill GREGG of Albany.

An elimination for debating teams was held last Friday and the following boys and girls were selected to represent our school:  Blake MORRISON, Warren CAPPS, Gladys DICKEY, and Kirk DOGGETT.

J.W. EASLEY and son, Earl, went to Tyler last week.  They brought back several hundred berry plants of the canning variety.  They already have several acres planted in berries and are planning to increase this acreage enough to make berry growing one of their important farm crops.

St. Joe

Misses Geraldine, Leona and Jessie May MORRIS, Mr. and Mrs. George MORRIS and Faye LOCKE and L. MORRIS, B.J. McCLELLAN, Monroe MORRIS, took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J.R. JOHNSON Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie MORRIS and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jessie MORRIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Felix MORRIS spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. M.L. MORRIS.

Mr. and Mrs. O.F. BLOYD spent Sunday with Clark BLOYD and family.

Miss Dora MORRIS spent Saturday with Miss Earline MORRIS.


Miss Annie BRUMBELOW has returned home after spending a week with her brothers at Eliasville.

C.C. MILLER carried a truck load of hogs to Ft. Worth Wednesday.

Mrs. Sid BRUMBELOW is having trouble with her eyes again and is confined to her home.

Robinson Springs

Tuesday of last week the manual training boys met Mr. BARTON at Mr. KAY’s to lay off terraces.  Monday of this week the class, accompanied by Mr. MORING, their teacher, pruned Jim WEST’s orchard.  Tuesday they laid off terraces on the L.C. MACON place.

Jim WEST has been very ill for the last several days but is improving now.

Mrs. W.L. MOORE has also been on the sick list.

Miss Bess UNDERMOOD was absent from school Monday due to a brief illness.  Mrs. Perry MORIING taught in her place.

Rev. Gordon BARRETT of Comanche could not deliver his expected sermon here Saturday night and Bro. DAVIS of De Leon, who was to fill his place, was taken ill, but Bro. NEWTON of De Leon delivered a good message to the people at the appointed hour for service.

The honor roll for February is as follows:

First Grade:  Faye KIMMELL, Bonnie Faye CUMMINGS, Wanda CARR, Ollmarie BLANKENSHIP, Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Truett MILLER, Roy McADAMS, Troy BARKER, Alvis FORREST, Lorene FORREST, Doyle ELY, Durwood PARK, Clyde WEST and J.C. McADAMS.

Second Grade:  Wesley KIMMELL, Thelma FORREST, Oscar MILLER, L.G. BARKER, A.J. STEWART, and Melton DECKER.

Third Grade:  Charles KEE, Ross MILLER, Floyd ELY, Anita KIMMELL, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, Elephare DECKER, Luetta KIMMELL, and Ozella DENDY.

Fourth Grade:  Vera BARKER and Mozelle STEWART.

Fifth Grade:  Labon SPRUILL, Marie ELY, Aline KIMMELL, Janice BRUMBELOW, Charlotte MILLER, Velma MILLER and Thelma MILLER.

Sixth Grade: Alvin PRICE, L.V. PARK, Thelma BARKER, Josie BLOYD, and Virginia TOLER.

Seventh Grade:  La Veda MACON

High School Students:  Lucille KEE, La Joyce MACON, Ina Mae TARRANCE, Jewell SPRUILL, Elaine BARKER, Mattie Mell SPRUILL, Alton BRUMBELOW and W.L. MOORE.


A.C. YOUNG has recently purchased a new Ford Coupe.

Mrs. R.P. LEWIS is in the Brownwood sanitarium where she is taking treatment for an ailment with which she has suffered for some time.  Her many friends hope for her early recovery.

Curley LOHMAN and his family are away visiting in Coleman county and have been delayed because of the serious illness of their child.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. GUTHERY spent Sunday with their son, W.R. GUTHERY and famiy.

Mr. and Mrs. E. DISHMAN of Ranger spent Sunday visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. DISHMAN of this community.

Miss Madge McKINNEY is spending the week visiting with her sister, Mrs. J.T. COOPER at Breckenridge.

Thomas ROBBINS, who has been spending a vacation visiting with his brother, O.S. ROBBINS and family, has returned to his work at McCamey.

Warren KELLEY, brother of J.H. ADAMS, who has been visiting in this community for the past two weeks, has returned to his command.  Mr. KELLEY is a soldier and will be stationed at Phoenix, Ariz. For a time.

Raymond HUGHES, who has been kept from school on account of illness, have returned now.

Arthur BRAZELL, who has been ill for the past two weeks, is reported as much improved and will soon return to his home.

W.N. KOONCE was honored last Saturday with a birthday party and dinner.  His children, some of whom live at a considerable distance, gathered at his home for the event, along with other friends and the day was spent happily together.  Mr. KOONCE, while not an old man, yet he is among the pioneer citizens of this place and has seen this section grow from a struggling settlement to a prosperous community and has taken an active interest in the welfare of this community.  He has reared a large family of children, all of whom are worthy citizens.  They many friends of Mr. KOONCE wish for him many more such happy birthday.

The Honor Roll for this school is: First Grade:  Pauline HALE, Ilamse KEONCE; Ruth HARLESS, Dalhart KING, Allan GREGORY, and Curtis REDWINE.

Second Grade: Hermon WAYLAND.

Third Grade:  W.D. KOONCE, Maurine  MOORE, A.V. GUTHERY and Gwendolyn ROBBINS.

Fourth Grade:  Maxine HALE, S.W. LAMINACK

Fifth Grade:  Mildred McKINNY, T.P. JOHNSON, Emogene ADAMS and Glenville HALE.

Sixth Grade:  Macie JOHNSON.

Seventh Grade:  Jack KOONCE, Robbie Lea ADAMS, Alpha LEWIS, Lounete LINDER, Estelle ROBBINS, Madge McKINNEY and Guandola BRAZELL.

Eighth Grade:  Bartene MOORE, Sarah HUGHES, Grace LANE.

Ninth Grade:  Jack RILEY, Dorris HUGHES, Novis LINDLEY, Lillian ROBBINS, and Madalin LAMINACK.


Following is the honor roll for the Beattie school this month:

First grade:  Clyde REED, Mildred MUSIC, Eva McCORKLE, and Coreta HOLDEN.

Second Grade:  Estelle JAMAR, Lavelle KEITH and Christine BOOTH.

Third Grade:  Lavoice HALLBROOKS and Erma ANGLIN.

Fourth Grade:  Wade BUTLER.

Fifth Grade:  Marie FISHER, Irene FISHER, Delia FOSTER, Mae ELM, Opal CLARK, Gertrude HADDOX, Eula Mae HADDOX, Joyce WILLIAMS, and Gilbert MOORE.

Sixth Grade:  Pauline ROE and Trudie HORTON.

Seventh Grade: Ruth ELMS, Cecil FISHER, Burt FRAZIER, Andrew UNDERWOOD, Horace GEORGE, L.C. LOCKE.

Eighth Grade:  Maurine BOOTH and Odessa HELM.

Tenth Grade:  Jesse JOHNSON, Lucile COAN.

Eleventh Grade:  Cula BINGHAM, Floyd EVERS and Jewell HALBROOKS.

Downing News

Mr. and Mrs. Jack BOYD and family from New Hope were visiting his brother, W.P. BOYD and family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard WILSON of Comanche visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. SCHUPPS Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. LOUDERMILK have returned from Brownwood where they have returned from Brownwood where they have been at the bedside of their son, Holder, who has had pneumonia.


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