The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, February 14, 1930


Victor Man Was Victim of Heart Attack Saturday

            Last Saturday afternoon, at about three o’clock, Lewallen MALONE, Victor man, died suddenly of heart attack.  MALONE, and a neighbor, John DYSON, were walking across a field.  Mr. MALONE complained of being exhausted and sat down.  When he rested a little and attempted to go on, he found himself unable to do so.  Mr. DYSON, realizing that something was seriously wrong with his companion, called to some friends who were plowing not far away, and also to a man passing in a car.  When these arrived at the scene, MALONE was already dead.  The cause of his death is attributed to heart failure.

            David Lewallen MALONE was born April 13, 1976, being 53 years, 9 months and 25 days of age.  He was born in Mississippi, and came to Texas about 34 years ago.  In 1899 he was married to Miss Tular JAMES and to this union was born three daughters and one son, all surviving except one daughter who died in infancy.  His daughters are Miss Ima MALONE and Mrs. Sullivan MAUNEY, the son, Eugene, these together with his wife survive.

            Mr. MALONE was an honest and upright man, dealing honestly and justly with all.  He was kindly and neighborly, and was spoken well of by the many friends and neighbors who knew him.  He was converted some time ago when Rev. W.L. SKAGGS was conducting a meeting, but did not unite with the church.  The funeral service was conducted at the Victor cemetery Sunday afternoon and his body laid to rest there.  Sympathy is extended to those whose hearts are made heavy by his passing.

Local Tailor Had Tonsil Operation Sunday

            C.L. KINCHEN, Sr. is nursing a sore throat this week as a result of a tonsil operation at Blackwell Sanitarium last Sunday morning.  Mr. KINCHEN went up to Gorman, had ‘em out, and after resting up the balance of Sunday, was back at work Monday morning, as usual.  The operation is “no joking matter,” but is not nearly as serious as people formerly regarded it, and in most cases, wonderfully beneficial.

Little Miss Nell Nabors is Back Home

            John NABORS drove to Dallas Tuesday and brought home his young daughter, Nell, who had an operation to straighten her hand and a lower limb, at Baptist Sanitarium a week or so ago.  The extent of her improvement is not apparent as yet since her limbs are encased in plaster cast.  She will remain at home two weeks, then go back to the hospital for the removal of the casts.  In a period of months she will go back to the hospital for further examination and possible treatment.  It is known that the operation was in a large measure successful and she will have much better use of her limbs.

Mrs. E.E. Gentry to Open Beauty Shop

            Mrs. E.E. GENTRY has been in Fort Worth the past two weeks attending the Sellers School of Beauty Culture, and will remain there for the completion of a two-months course.  She wrote the home folks that the course is very thorough, the school being affiliated with the Nation Schools Association, a recognized organization of schools of this kind.

            After the completion of her course, Mrs. GENTRY will return here and open a shop of her own at some convenient location in the business section where she will extend a cordial invitation to her friends to patronize her.

Otis Harvey Married Sherman Girl Recently

            The Free Press has just learned of the marriage of Otis HARVEY to Miss Kathrine EVERHART, of Sherman.  The wedding, according to the report reaching this office, occurred some weeks ago.  Mr. HARVEY met Miss EVERHART when he went to Sherman to engage in the automobile business, two or three years ago.  He sold the Sherman agency and moved to Grand Prairie a few weeks ago, and it was soon after this that he went back to Sherman to claim his bride.

            Mr. and Mrs. HARVEY are now at home in Grand Prairie.  The many friends of Mr. HARVEY at his “old home town” wish for him and his chosen life companion, the greatest measure of happiness and success in their marital relationship.

This Family Having Its Share of Illness

            It would seem that the family of T.R. MORELAND, former De Leon man, is having its share of trouble.  Mr. MORELAND himself is at the home of his son, W.E. MORELAND, at Putnam, and is unimproved after suffering 14 months with cancer.  He is being nursed by Mrs. MORELAND tenderly through what is feared to be a hopeless illness.

            Mrs. John SLAUGHTER, daughter of Mr. MORELAND, is now under treatment at Graham Sanitarium at Cisco and is critically ill.

            W.E. MORELAND of Putnam has been under the treatment of physicians for more than a year.

            Guy MORELAND has been confined to his bed in Ozona most of the past year.

            Fie MORELAND, youngest son of the family, was badly gassed while gauging a tank some time ago, and is slowly recovering.  De Leon friends will sympathize with this well known family in their illness and misfortune.

De Leon’s Fifth Barber Shop in Humphrey Addn.

            There is a new barber shop in town, the fifth for this city.  The new one is being operated by A.W. BINGHAM and is located in Humphrey Addition, adjoining Holdridge suburban store.  Mr. BINGHAM came here from Throckmorton, where he engaged in the barber business the past six years.  He is a son of Dad BINGHAM, of Beattie.  He has been in operation about three weeks.

Two Are Hurt When Big Sedan Went Off Roadway

            An unfortunate accident occurred on the De Leon and Gorman highway shortly after noon last Friday, resulting in the serious injury of two De Leon ladies, Mrs. N.T. HASKINS and Miss Ruth HARVEY.  The two were driving to Gorman in Mrs. HASKINS’ Buick Sedan.  The driver of a truck near Willow Branch, was loath to give his share of the roadway.  In attempting to pass, the wheels of the Buick struck the loose gravel and while not driving very fast, Mrs. HASKINS lost control of the machine which plunged head-first down a ten-foot embankment, some twenty-five yards east of the Willow Branch culvert.  Some say the car turned over, others that it was broken up in the headlong dive off the roadway.

            The occupants of the car were thrown through the windshield, then back into the rear of the car.  The front seat of the car was broken out and lying back flat.  The two were removed from the wreckage by passersby, who were immediately upon the scene.  It was found that Mrs. HASKINS had sustained a severe cut on one of the lower limbs, and Miss HARVEY sustained a broken nose.  Both were badly bruised and shocked.  They were immediately taken in a car to Blackwell Sanitarium where medical attention was given them.  While painfully and seriously injured, both are recovering nicely.

Among the Free Press’ Oldest Subscribers

Mrs. Jesse JOHNSON, De Leon Rt. 4, renewed her subscription to the Free Press several days ago.  She is a daughter of the late H.P. BIFFLE, her mother, Grandma BIFFLE, dying some time last year.  Mrs. JOHNSON said the Free Press has been coming to her home since the paper was established in 1889.

            H.C. HEATH is another of the old timers who renewed his paper recently.  Mr. HEATH commenced when the paper began and his name has been on the mailing list continuously since then, more than 40 years.

            Uncle Charley MORRIS was in De Leon long before there was a Free Press, being one of the businessmen who subscribed to a fund to get a newspaper here.  He renewed this week.

Birthday Dinner

            On Sunday, January 26, Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH surprised her husband with a birthday dinner in honor of his birthday.  Uncle Charley is a pioneer citizen of Comanche County and his many friends wish for him many more happy birthdays.  The table groaned beneath the load of good eats, such as turkey and trimmings, ham, string beans, cream potatoes, vegetable salad, fruit salad, apple pie, pickles and many other good things.  Mr. CARRUTH received many useful gifts.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Dave LEWIS, Cisco; Mr. and Mrs. O.E. COZBY, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. NUNNELLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie NUNNELLEY, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH, Mr. and Mrs. Willie CARRUTH and children, Miss Vergie MUNN, Stanley and Dale COZBY and Mrs. Mollie BARNES.

Bridge Club

            Mrs. R.L. WHALEY entertained the Bridge Club Friday evening, February 7, in honor of Miss Agnes HUGHES of Dallas.  The home was beautifully decorated.

            Mrs. Joe ASHBY and Charlie ROSS won high score.  Delicious refreshments, consisting of coffee, pie and whipped cream were served to the following:

            Messrs. And Mesdames Dewey DANIELL, M.D. STEWART, Chas. ROSS, A.C. SHUMAN, S.A. DUKE, Grady TERRILL, W.H. SMITH, H.H. CARLILE, Joe ASHBY and Misses Grace MAYO, Belle CLARK, Gorman, Agnes HUGHES, Fort Worth, Mary KIMBLE, Pauline BILLS and Mr. Tad CARTER and Mr. Herbert WEAVER.

Mrs. Meredith Guyger Honored by Shower

            Mrs. Meredith GUYGER, formerly Miss Willie Maude GREENWALDT, was honored by a shower on last Friday evening, given by Mrs. A. HANSFORD, Mrs. Will COLEY and Mrs. Bonner NABORS, at the home of Mrs. NABORS.

            The home was decorated with hearts carrying out the Valentine scheme.  After several games were played, a messenger, little Richard MOHON, called for Mrs. GUYGER and presented to her a huge valentine box, which contained many lovely gifts.

            Refreshments were served to about thirty guests.

J.E. Short is New Proprietor of H.E. Whittle Service Sta.

            J.E. (Edgar) SHORT closed a deal with H.E. WHITTLE some days ago for the Whittle Service Station, adjoining Chevrolet Station.  Mr. WHITTLE is retiring from the business and Mr. SHORT is already in charge.  Mr. SHORT has many friends in the De Leon section and will doubtless make a success of the business.


Mr. and Mrs. J.D. NARRY and daughters, Misses Christine and Frances have returned from Weatherford, where they attended the funeral of Mr. NARRY’s mother, Mrs. J. NARRY, who had been an invalid with paralysis.  She leaves an aged husband with whom she had lived happily for 59 years, and ten children.  This is the first death to occur in the immediate family.  Friends of Mr. and Mrs. NARRY sympathize with them in their hour of bereavement.

Mrs. Terry THOMPSON has returned to her home in Hico after an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Oscar COX.

Mrs. A.J. DANGERS of Pecos was a weekend guest of her sister, Mrs. Oscar COX.

Mrs. Stuart CATE and son, Thomas STUART of Breckenridge, are guests of her mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

Mesdames CAMPBELL and WILSON of Houston, are guests of their sister and aunt, Mrs. R.L. MORELAND.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY recently visited in the homes of their sons, Robt. And Bill, at Denison. 

Rev. Stanley CARRUTH of Meridian is here, guest of his cousin, C.R. CARRUTH and other relatives.

Pete McCLELLAN of Iraan is here visiting his grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett SPENCER of Lubbock are here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. SPENCER.

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BLITCH of Cisco were here last week, guests of their son, M.E. BLITCH and family.

Mrs. W.C. STREETY and Mrs. May WHALEY are in San Angelo attending their daughter and sister, Mrs. H.P. RUSH, who recently underwent an operation.

Mrs. Thurman SMITH of Ft. Worth is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. REED.

Mr. and Mrs. Dolph SMITH and son, Ariton of Gorman, were weekend guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. BROWNLEE.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. COZBY and daughter, Eloise of Grand Prairie, were guests of Mrs. COZBY’s mother, Mrs. R.L. COONER Sunday.

A baby boy, “Percy Ray,” weight 10 pounds, came to live in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry KENNEDY of this city on January 31.  All doing nicely.

Mrs. J.M. WHALEY suffered a painful accident one morning this week when operating a wringer on an electric washing machine.  Her hand was caught in the wringer and one finger was badly cut, requiring several stitches to close the wound.  While painful, the injury is not serious.

Jack SPARKS, who is employed by the Humble Oil Co., at Houston, came here to visit his wife and son last week and while visiting here, underwent an operation at Gorman and is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie BUTLER and family of Breckenridge were guests Sunday of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Cager MOHON happened to a painful accident last Wednesday, stepping on a loose board in his garage and spraining an ankle.  He is on crutches and will be absent from his job for a few days.


Little John Ross KAY, who has been very ill, is better.

Mrs. Ode McADAMS is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Rupert BLANKENSHIP have a baby girl in their home.

The community was made sad Saturday by the death of D.L. MALONE.

Mrs. Lewis BRUMBELOW has returned home after spending a week with her son, Mr. and Mrs. John BRUMBELOW.

Robinson Springs

L.C. MASON has resigned from the road business at present and has taken up the duties of the farm.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM of Desdemona spent the week-end with homefolks, Mr. and Mrs. Quincy CHATHAM and sister, Lillie Mae.

Miss Inez DECKER had the misfortune of breaking one of her fingers while playing ball at school Tuesday.

Mrs. W.C. KIMMELL has been ill for some time.  Other than Mrs. KIMMELL, there is no serious illness in the community.


Grandmother GRYCE of Desdemona passed to her eternal home Sunday.

Mrs. R.P. LEWIS has been rather ill but is reported as improved.

Downing News

Grandma GRISSOM is back home from the Gorman Sanitarium and is improving.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff LOUDERMILK, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde JENKINS and Miss Ada SMITH of De Leon visited Mr. G.H. LOUDEMILK Sunday.

Mrs. Helen NABORS visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.N. BOWEN Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN of De Leon visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HOLMES Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Houston GRISSOM of New Hope visited I.N. GRISSOM Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. B. DIXON and family of Proctor visited her sister, Mrs. W.P. BOYD Sunday.


Rush GEORGE, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. GEORGE of Comyn, and Miss Ella LAMBERT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. LAMBERT of Abilene were married in Abilene Saturday night, February 8.  Both Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE are ex-students of Abilene Christian College, and were in school there when the romance began.  They will make their home in Abilene.

Mrs. Elmer SPRUILL, who underwent an operation a few days ago at the Blackwell Sanitarium, is recovering nicely and was able to come home on Tuesday of this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard HOLLAND are the parents of a baby boy born Feb. 6.  Leonard Winford has been chosen as his name.

Lee McCLELLAN of Marlow, Oklahoma, spent the weekend with his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON and family.

Mrs. J.R. HAVIS of Roaring Spring is visiting her son, E. HAVIS and family.

Mrs. Z.Z. McKINNON visited with her sister, Mrs. C.D. LEWALLEN of De Leon last week.

Oliver Springs

This community, in the past two weeks, has been visited by several rabid dogs.  A large white bull dog, which proved after examination to be mad, was found standing on the front porch of Mr. G.H. BAIR early Friday morning.  The dog is said to have belonged to Mr. BURNS of Gorman.  It is reported that fifteen rabid dogs have been killed within the past week.

St. Joe

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. YOUNG had a family reunion Sunday.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. F.L. MORRIS and family, Mr. and Mrs. Carl YOUNG, Mrs. M.E. BLUE and children and Mrs. Roy TATE.



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