The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, February 7, 1930


Aged Pioneer of De Leon Died Here Recently

            The death of Mrs. Sarah Ann GILMORE, aged De Leon pioneer woman, occurred at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.N. BROUGHTON on Jan. 17, 1930.  She had been critically ill for some time prior to her death, and during her last illness friends and loved ones watched faithfully by her bed until the death angel came and wafted her immortal spirit away to the realm of eternal rest.

            Grandmother GILMORE was a devout Christian in life and as she drew near to the time of her translation, she rejoiced.  She told those near to her that “it is sweet to die and go to be with Jesus.”  In fact, all through her long and tedious illness she talked of God and Heavenly things.  To her, religion was a potent and powerful solace, and God and Christ as real as hands and feet.  She never lost an opportunity during those last days to commend her way of life and her God to those she knew and loved, and even when she was dying almost with her last breath, she sang, “O For a Closer Walk With God,” the feeble tones being plainly audible to those who watched beside her through the long night vigil.

            Before her marriage, Mrs. GILMORE was Sarah Ann HAMPTON.  She was born in Troup County, Ga. on Feb. 23, 1841, being almost 90 years of age.  She grew to womanhood in Georgia moving thence to Texas and was married to C.W. GILMORE at Marnedine, Texas, they moving to Arkansas for some years, moving thence to Mississippi where they resided for many years.  They finally returned to Texas.  Eight children were born to them, four of these surviving her.  They are J.T. GILMORE, De Leon, Mrs. M.F. BROUGHTON, De Leon, Mrs. L.L. MILLER, De Leon and Mrs. S.M. MATKINS, Mississippi.  There are 8 grand children and six great grand children.  One brother, C.G. HAMPTON, De Leon, also survives her.

            The conversion of Mrs. GILMORE dates back 42 years, to the year 1888, she being baptized on the fourth Sunday in September in that year.  Her life was filled with love and service.  Her devout and Godly example touched and helped many.  Eld. BARRETT, Primitive Baptist minister from Breckenridge, conducted the funeral service and her mortal remains were laid to rest here on January 18th, 1930.

G.M. Strickland is Expected Home Soon

            Relatives here have information that G.M. (Mose) STRICKLAND, who has been critically ill for several months, and who had a major kidney operation at Baptist Sanitarium at Dallas some ten days ago, is making rapid recovery of his health following the operation.  Surgeons attending said he could come home in “eight or ten days,” and that period has almost elapsed.  Friends here rejoice with this good family in the promised recovery of Mr. STRICKLAND’s normal health.

Brother of De Leon Woman Died After Operation

            Marvin K. COLLIE, brother of Mrs. A.M. ALLEN died at a Dallas Sanitarium where he went for a minor operation, shortly after noon last Sunday.  Mrs. ALLEN was notified and with her sister from Gorman, went to Dallas immediately.  COLLIE was reared in Gorman and was editor and publisher of the Gorman Progress for many years. 

            The Dallas News of Monday carried the following story regarding the death:

            Surgical effort to save him futile, Marvin Key COLLIE, 40, who for many years was chief clerk in the Fire Insurance Commission offices in Austin, died Sunday afternoon in a local hospital.  He underwent an operation Saturday.

            Mr. COLLIE moved to Dallas three months ago to assume management of the Texas Audit Bureau.  For ten years since leaving State department work he had been conducting an agency at Ranger.

            His wife formerly was Miss Gladys STANLEY of Amarillo.  Funeral services and burial were held at that city Tuesday.

            A son, Marvin Key COLLIE, Jr., and a small daughter, Doris, also survive.  Their address in Dallas is at 620 Junius street.

            Also surviving are five brothers and six sisters, J.T. COLLIE, Lubbock; W.M. COLLIE, Dallas; B.M., T.M. and W.B. COLLIE all of Eastland; Mrs. T.F. MORROW and Mrs. J.E. WALKER, Jr., Gorman, Eastland County; Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, De Leon; Mrs. T.J. HALEY, Eastland; Mrs. Lex REESE, Lubbock, and Mrs. C.M. FISH, Snyder.

Beattie Man is Dead from Self Inflicted Wound

            Becoming despondent over family worries, Charlie Burton FENWICK, 49, Beattie tenant farmer, is alleged to have taken his own life at his home two or three miles northwest of Beattie and 13 miles southwest of De Leon at about 1:30 o’clock p.m. last Saturday.  FENWICK is alleged to have slashed his throat with a sharp razor, severing the outer jugular vein and the large muscle of the neck on the left side.  Since no one was present, it is not known whether his wound proved fatal quickly or not.  An inquest was held by a Justice of the Peace from Comanche, and Higginbotham Bros. & Co., undertakers from this city were called to the scene and prepared the body for burial.

            Shortly after noon Saturday, FENWICK had a disagreement with his family.  He is alleged to have threatened violence, they leaving home.  Two married daughters of FENWICK and their husbands, not knowing of the trouble, came to the house a about dark.  Upon entering they discovered the grim tragedy and reported same.  FENWICK is said to have objected to the recent marriage of one of his daughters, which is alleged to have precipitated the trouble.  He was morose and brooded over his troubles, it is said.

            The FENWICKS had 12 children.  They were married in 1902.  In 1895 he was converted at Tennyson Chapel, in this county, and united with the Congregational Methodist Church.  He was born in Comanche County and spent his life within the confines of his native county.  He is represented to the writer as being of kindly disposition and well liked by his neighbors.

            The funeral service was conducted by Rev. Frank SKAGGS at Sand Hill cemetery, at 2:30 o’clock last Monday afternoon where his body was laid to rest.

A Card of Thanks

            To our many friends in De Leon, it is our one great desire to more than cordially thank you for the kindness, love and great efforts you put forth at the time of our great loss of wife, of a much-grieved husband and the mother of the children left to grieve the loss.

            It was clearly seen that nothing was left undone that could be done during the long siege of sickness, and as condition grew worse, the flow of love and kindness was more flowing, until all was finished.  We are unable to speak words that will explain our very heart thankfulness, to never be forgotten by us.

            D.Y. (V.?) CHANDLER, De Leon

            Mrs. H.A. HANSON, Sherman

            Mr. and Mrs. R.B. CHANDLER, Waco

            Mrs. Nora YOUNG, Inez

            G.A. WALREAVEN, Van Alstyne

Charley Freeman Burns Hands Severely

            Charley FREEMAN, who is employed by Central Texas Produce Company happened to a painful accident while trying to start a car.  He lighted a blow torch and his glove, being saturated with gasoline, caught fire and severely burned both hands and arms.  He was immediately attended by a local physician and is recovering nicely.

Bridge Party

            Last Monday evening Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN was hostess to a number of friends at a Bridge party.  Seven tables were arranged for twenty-eight players, and the games were highly enjoyed by all present.  High score for the ladies went to Mrs. H.H. CARLILE, and for the men to Mr. Joe TURPIN of Comanche.  Refreshments consisted of cherry pie, whipped cream and coffee.  The following were present:  Mr. and Mrs. Joe TURPIN of Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Rollie HILL, Mr. and Mrs. Will WEAVER, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Mr. and M.D. STEWART, Mr. and Mrs. H. CARLILE, Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. G. TERRILL, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey DANIELL, Mrs. W.E. LOWE, Mrs. Bob WHALEY, Mrs. Bill CLARK, and Miss Bertha ROSS.

Rook Club

            Mrs. Bob WHALEY entertained the Rook Club at her home Thursday, January 30.  The rooms were decorated in cut flowers and the Valentine motif was carried out both in the decorations and favors.  A novelty contest which ended with a prize by Mrs. Hiram SMITH, gave an added zest to the game.

            Guests and Club members present were:  Mesdames Curt GREGORY, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, H. CARLILE, C.H. SHARP, C.C. NICHOLS, Hiram SMITH, A.M. ALLEN, O.M. BUCHAN, J.H. GRIZZELLE, Joe ASHBY, Frank SNEAD. 

Local News

            Mrs. Amie JAYE, mother of F.O. JAYE, has returned from a six weeks visit with her daughter at Stamford.  While a guest in her daughter’s home, Mrs. JAYE received the sad news of the death of her aged mother, Mrs. L.A. HAYNES, who was almost 90 years of age, at McLean, Texas.  The death of the aged woman occurred on January 23rd, during the intensely cold weather, and Mrs. JAYE, with her daughter and son-in-law, made the journey to McLean, in the panhandle country under great hardship on account of frozen roads and snow banks, some drifts encountered being as much as six feet in depth.  Mrs. HAYNES was buried at McLean on Jan. 25th.

            Mr. and Mrs. Austin SMITH and children left Wednesday for their home in California.  They were accompanied as far as Sweetwater by his mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

            Mrs. J.W. DECKER has returned from Lingleville after a two weeks visit in the home of her son, John DECKER and family.

            Chas. MORRIS, who went to Dallas a couple of weeks ago to attend a convention of dry cleaners and dyers, found employment plentiful in Dallas for skilled labor in his line and remained there for the present to work.  MORRIS has had a number of years experience with J.T. EDMONDSON in a modern dry cleaning plant here, and such experience enables him to demand an excellent salary.

            J.F. McKELVEY has returned from Dallas where he underwent an operation for rheumatism and is recovering nicely.

            Mr. and Mrs. H.S. COLLINGS and small daughter, Edith Ray, of Midland, have returned home after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. Mary C. HARDIN of Clairette visited her daughter, Mrs. L. ELY, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie PARKS and family have moved to the old LOWERY homestead.

The honor roll for this month is as follows:

First Grade: Troy WEST, Bonnie Faye CUMMINGS, Durwood PARKS, Alvis FORREST, Doyle ELY, Wayne BLANKENSHIP, Oll Marie BLANKENSHIP, Wilma Faye KIMMELL, Roy McADAMS, Arlie Lorene FORREST, Troy BARKER, Wanda CARR.

Second Grade: Melton DECKER, Eugene CARR, A.J. STEWART, Thelma FORREST, L.G. BARKER, Oscar MILLER.

Third Grade:  Charles KEE, Anita KIMMELL, Marjorie BRUMBELOW, Ross MILLER, Elephone DECKER, Ozella DENDY, Floyd ELY.

Fifth Grade: Janice BRUMBELOW, Charlotte MILLER, LaBon SPRUILL, Marie ELY, Velma MILLER, Thelma MILLER, Aline KIMMELL, Mozele STEWART, Cavell ELY.

Sixth Grade:  Thelma BARKER, Virginia TOLAY, Josie BLOYD, L.V. PARK, Alvin PRICE.

Seventh Grade: Wilma Carroll MILLER and John T. KEE.

High School:  Mattie Mell SPRUILL, Adina KIMMELL, Elaine BARKER, W.L. MOORE, Jack BRUMBELOW, LaJoyce MACON, Lucile KEE, Ina Moe TARRANCE.

St. Joe

Mrs. M.L. MORRIS is very ill this week.

C.G. MORTON is home from A. & M. College.

Miss Verda JOHNSON is on the sick list this week.


Mr. and Mrs. HAZZARD of Eastland spent Sunday visiting with their son, Boyd HAZZARD and family.

Mrs. J.J. REDWINE of Salem visited with her son, Earl REDWINE and family Sunday.

George Elton BRAZELL visited his sister, Mrs. Jack OWEN, of Desdemona Sunday.

Mrs. E.H. REDWINE received a message from LaVera, Calif., Wednesday informing her of the death of her father at that place.  Friends of Mr. and Mrs. REDWINE extend to them their sympathy in this bereavement.

Miss Pauline RAY, who has charge of the music department of the school, gave the music club a party last Thursday night.  The young people gathered at the school and all went in a body.  A merry time was spent at the home of Mr. RAY.  Games were played, contests were given and a luncheon was served to her guests by Miss RAY, who proved herself to be a splendid entertainer as well as a successful music instructor.

C.M. MIEARS and son were in Mangum this week with a truck load of oats for the market there.

Lee HUGHES of Ft. Worth spent the week visiting with his brother, Jesse L. HUGHES.

Wade SALYER and George left this week for Colbert where they expect to be employed.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREGORY have recently returned from a visit with Mrs. C.C. SANDY, who was formerly Miss Bessie GREGORY.

The Honor Roll for last month is as follows:

First grade: Ruth HARLESS, Dalhart KING, Allen GREGORY and Felton BRAZELL.

Second grade:  Arlind WINNEGAR.

Third grade:  W.D. KOONCE, Maurine MOORE, Gwendolin ROBBINS.

Fourth grade: Orbra WAYLAND, Clara DISHMAN, S.W. LAMINACK, Jr., George BRAZELL, Maxine HALE and Joyce ?EWS.

Fifth grade: Elmon WAYLAND, Hugh WYNN, Mildred McKINNEY, Herschel MOORE, Emogene ADAMS, Glenville HALE and Nellie LOHMAN.

Sixth grade: Arthur WYNN, Evelyn LANE, Wilda LAMINACK, Byron LAMINACK, Dorothy DISHMAN, Macie JOHNSON, Abbie LEWIS and Alma GREGORY.

Seventh grade:  Robbie Lee ADAMS, Lounette LINDER, Estelle ROBBINS and Madgealine McKINNEY .

Eighth grade: Bartene MOORE and Sarah HUGHES.

Ninth grade: Raymond LINDLEY, Jack RILEY, Dorris HUGHES, Novia LINDLEY, Lillian ROBBINS and Madelin LAMINACK.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur WRIGHT of Waco have moved here.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUKE have returned from Iraan.

Miss Hazel HUDDLESTON of Eastland was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. HUDDLESTON.

Mrs. Bill CARAWAY of Eastland was a guest last week of her sister, Mrs. C.L. HUDDLESTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee BARTON and children of Stamford have moved to De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. S. GRAHAM of Cross Plains have moved to De Leon to make their home.

Taylor DABNEY of Stephenville, was a visitor Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD were Sunday visitors with their son, Emmett, in Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl McCLELLAN and children have gone to Iraan to make their home.

Miss Alpha MOORE of Ranger was week-end guest of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE.

Mr. and Mrs. G.E. HOOKER of Breckenridge are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter KIMBLE.

Ocle BIBBIE, Dublin Variety Store proprietor, was visiting his brother, A.H. BIBBY, here on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER of Throckmorton, were visitors Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON.

Mr. and Mrs. G.E. HOOKER of Breckenridge, were guests in the home of Mrs. HOOKER’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE, here this week.

Mrs. Harrison WALKER and son, Harrison Jr. of Waco were weekend guests of her father, Jack HAYNES, and family.


Willie SHOEMAKER and Raymond JAMES have gone to Oklahoma City where they expect to work.

Clayton SMITH visited his sister, Mrs. Horace MORRISON, in Dublin Sunday.

Dewey GOODSON and family from Olden and J.V. GOODSON of Lingleville visited G.W. GOODSON of Sunday.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.