The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 20, 1929



            The long span of four score years that numbered the days of the earthly pilgrimage of J. Doss MILLER, Sr., came to an end while he sat in his home here last Sunday at noon.  His going was as calm and peaceful as the passing of a shadow across the bosom of a placid lake.  He knew full well that the Infinite in his mercy had permitted him to linger, living as it were, on borrowed time.  As life’s twilight shadows lengthened, he dwelt at peace with God and in the bosom of a loving family, whose tenderness and care knew only earthly bounds.  In the moment of death he was happy, surrounded by those he loved and who loved him best.

            J. Doss MILLER did not make peace with God in the twilight of life.  God’s peace and impelling love found a place in his heart and life sixty years ago.  During three score years he followed in the footsteps of a Savior whom he loved and trusted.  He was a just man.  He was a “four square” man.  He was a friend to men, a citizen, a leader.  Endowed by the Infinite with many talents, he early in life pledged his great faculties to doing good.  His life’s influence has blessed many.  His career was crowned with outstanding success.  “Then shall the king say, thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.”

            J. Doss MILLER was born in Greenville, S.C. on September 27, 1849.  His ancestors received a grant of land from a foreign crown, and the land is in the possession of the family to this day.  When a lad of eight, he moved with his parents to DeSoto county, Miss., and resided there for many years, coming to De Leon in the year 1885 and has made De Leon his home since then.  He acquired much land soon after coming here, and his business success has been outstanding.  He has for many years been prominently connected with banks at De Leon, Waco and Ft. Worth.  He was an influential factor in many movements which have served to develop the town and the community, and his influence has been felt throughout the central west.

            Some twenty-five years ago, Mr. MILLER pioneered the Elberta peach movement, planting the first Elberta orchard on a commercial scale ever planted here.  Also, about the same time, he brought the first registered Shorthorn cattle to this section.  He developed his herd personally for a number of years, then turned them over to his son, J. Doss Miller, Jr. who “carries on” in this important industry, having developed one of the finest in the central west.

            An influence for good which perhaps nothing else in his life surpassed, was his service as teacher of an adult bible class in the Baptist Sunday School for many years.    Scores of people have “come and reasoned together” and have listened to his teachings of wisdom and Godly counsel. And as an officer and liberal supporter of his church, his service and counsel have had much to do with the development of a spiritual atmosphere in the church and community.

            In the school of old pioneers whose lives had much to do with writing the early history of De Leon territory is to be found the name of MILLER along with a large group of sturdy and dependable old pioneer families.  These have typed the ideals of citizenship, and they were high ideals.  Their principle was laid deep and firm in truth and honor.  Future generations will rise up to revere their memory.

            There are eight children surviving besides the faithful and heart-broken wife and mother.  They are J.C. MILLER, Wichita Falls, C.C. MILLER, De Leon; Mrs. Nora CHAMBERS, Waco; Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN, Young, Ariz.; Mrs. J.B. POOL, Hico; Mrs. J.E. WILLIAMSON, San Antonio; Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER, Junction, and J. Doss MILLER, Jr., De Leon.  There are 18 grand children and 14 great grand children.

            The funeral was from the family residence Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock.  Rev. C.N. MORTON, Rev. Geo. ROSS and Rev. Montie A. DAVIS, spoke words of sympathy and comfort in the home.  Mr. REESE, a warm friend of the deceased from Comanche, led a prayer and R.R. HARVEY, a close friend and co-worker, led the final prayer at the graveside.  A quartette composed of C.H. SHARP, Marvin HOLDRIDGE, Ernest RIPPETOE and R.L. SCOTT, sang.

            Active pall bearers were B.J. PITTMAN, R.R. HARVEY, H.G. TERRILL, W.R. GREENWALDT, W.H. WILLIAMS AND R.L. SCOTT.

            Honorary pall bearers: C.R. CARRUTH, Rev. A.F. NABORS, W.L. SPENCER, Estelle SPENCER of Cisco, John NUNNELLEY, Dr. J.E. SELF, Dr. H.H. INZER, Dr. Geo. BLACKWELL, Gorman; E.E. DABNEY, A.C. MARTIN, F.T. DANIELL, W.H. POOL, Waco; L.B. RUSSELL, Comanche; C.L. GREENWALDT, W.E. LOWE, C.M. CARAWAY, F.E. CARTER, Stephenville; C.R. AYERS, Dallas; Edd GLOVER, George ROBINSON, Waco; R.Z. SOLLEY, W.A. NUNNELLEY, J.A. CHAMBERS, Ike BRUMBELOW, G.B. CLARK, Henry C. BARLOW, McKinney; Craig M. LOGAN , Clifton; N.T. HASKINS, John NABORS, W.B. RAY, B.O. KOONCE, J. F. CARTER and Dr. Sam WEAVER.

            Out of town relatives here for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. J.W. CHAMBERS, Waco; Mr. and Mrs. J.B. POOL and children, Hico; Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN and son, Thomas, Yuma, Ariz.; Mr. and Mrs. J.E. WILLIAMSON and daughter, San Antonio; Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER and family, Junction; Mr. and Mrs. Arno SHOWE and daughter, Waco; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice PITTMAN, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. W.B. CHAMBERS, Waco; Mrs. Marshall STERLING and son, Dallas; Claude MILLER, Walter MILLER and Clint MILLER of Walnut Springs, and Mr. and Mrs. Hub MILLER, Ft. Worth.

            Out of town friends were: Estelle SPENCER, Cisco; Mr. and Mrs. Earl MORRIS, Sipe Springs; Mrs. E. WILKERSON, Sipe Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. SMITH, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. L.B. RUSSELL, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HULSEY, Comanche; Miss Isabel GUINN, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. REESE; Mr. and Mrs. Bob HAYNES; Mr. Finis EVANS, Wichita Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver JONES, Sipe Springs; Mr. and Mrs. O.H. MOORE, Desdemona; Mr. Fred ROBERSON, Waco; Rev. and Mrs. C.A. MORTON, Hico; Mr. and Mrs. E.S. JACKSON, Hico; Mrs. E.K. RIDENHOWER, Hico; Mrs. Clint RICHBOURG, Hico; Ovid McCARTY, Bluff Dale; Payton McCARTY, Bluff Dale and Henry McCARTY, Bluff Dale.

Mrs. John Lowery Died This Week

            Mrs. John LOWERY of the Robinson Springs community, passed away at her home last Wednesday night.  The writer learned of her death just before going to press and details are not obtainable for this issue.  A fuller account of her life and death will be presented in a later issue.

Mrs. Maggie Morgan’s Condition Unimproved

            Reports concerning the condition of Mrs. Maggie MORGAN, who has been ill for many months, are to the effect that she is not improving.

John Ware

            John WARE was born October 30, 1892 at Gorman, Texas.  He died December 8, 1929.

            Mr. WARE was the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WARE.  When a child he moved with his parents to Duster, where he grew to young manhood.  He was married in 1920 to Miss Berta DAVIS and moved to De Leon where he resided until his death.  To this union there was born one child, John L., age 4.

            Mr. WARE was a kind and affectionate husband and loving father.  He provided well for his family.  He leaves besides his wife and daughter, an aged mother and two brothers, Dock and Jim WARE to mourn for him.

            The funeral was conducted by Rev. Willie SKAGGS and his remains were laid to rest in De Leon cemetery amid many beautiful flowers to await the resurrection morning.

Mrs. John Nabors is Seriously Ill

            Mrs. John NABORS continues critically ill at their home in this city.  Mr. NABORS, De Leon’s chief of police, stated that her condition is not improved.  She has been in a serious condition for more than a week.

G.M. Strickland Again in Hospital

            G.M. (Mose) STRICKLAND suffered a second attack of illness within the past few days, and was carried back to the hospital at Comanche for continued treatment.  He was in the hospital there a few weeks ago, and came home seemingly improved.  He was able to come to town for brief trips to his business at the Ford station.  But for the past week he has again been confined to his bed.  Kidney disorder is the cause of the illness.


            M.A. EVITT was born in Walker, Ga., December 25, 1854 and departed this life on December 9, 1929 at Idalon, Texas.

            Mr. EVITT came with his family to De Leon in 1893 where he resided until 1901.  He moved in that year to Knox County where he lived until 1907 and from there moved to Idalou, Lubbock Co., where he lived until his death.  He was the father of Mrs. Osco STEWART, formerly of De Leon.  Mr. EVITT professed faith in Christ at an early age and lived a consecrated Christian life.  Truly a good man has gone home.

            -A Friend, Will SMITH

M.O. Solley Doing Nicely in Oklahoma

            Mr. and Mrs. M.O. SOLLEY and children are here this week from Marlow, Okla. Visiting with relatives.  They are well pleased with Oklahoma and are doing well.  Mr. SOLLEY told the Free Press editor that he made 10 bales of cotton, 600 bushels of corn, 900 bushels of peaches from 400 young trees, 2000 pounds of grapes, and 500 gallons of dewberries this year.  They will return to their home immediately after Christmas.


Miss Marguerite SHOWN left Thursday afternoon for Monte Vista, Colo., where she will spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SHOWN.

Mrs. M.J. CARGILE and Mr. and Mrs. Richard CARGILE and children of Ardmore, Okla., are visiting Mrs. M.J. CARGILE’S son, W.T. DICKEY and family and Mrs. Richard CARGILE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. CHANDLER.

Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS have as their guests for the holidays, their relatives, Mrs. Calvin CARAWAY and baby of Big Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. S.F. STRUBE and children left Wednesday for Pampa where they will make their home.  Mrs. STRUBE has employment with the Magnolia Oil Co. of that place.

Mr. and Mrs. A.A. GRIMES are the parents of a new baby girl born Dec.12th.

Mr. and Mrs. George CARAWAY and children of Big Lake are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY and Mr. and Mrs. S.D. STRONG.

Little Ruth GEORGE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. GEORGE is very ill with pneumonia.

Miss Gladys WRIGHT entertained with a birthday party Friday afternoon honoring Geraldine SIDES and Eloise HODGES ninth birthdays.  Those present were Geraldine SIDES, Eloise HODGE, Clara May STEELE, Voncile ALSTON, Louise TREADWAY and Annie Lois DRY.

Miss Julia HAVIS, who is teaching expression in Big Lake, is expected home this weekend to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS.

A.B. LAMINACK and family of Comanche spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S.W. LAMINACK.

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. GEORGE and children of Roby are expected to arrive Monday to spend the holidays with Mrs. GEORGE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. GILDER and other relatives.

Mrs. Warren SPENCER visited with her mother, Mrs. ARMSTRONG of Dublin on Monday.

Alvin BOYKIN of Oglesby is visiting his brother, J.N. BOYKIN and family.

Mr. and Mrs. B.O. BYERLY and children of Sudan are visiting with Mrs. BYERLY’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. PITTMAN and baby of Dallas are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Van DODGEN.

E.L. MILLS of Matador was here last week visiting with his uncle, J.D. MILLS and family.

C.G. SPENCER of Crawford, W.A. SPENCER of O’Donnell, Mr. and Mrs. RUCKER of Stephenville visited with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.C. SPENCER last week.

J.D. MILLS and family, whose home during the past year has been near Stephenville, have moved into the Comyn community.

Vernon LAMINACK and family are moving this week to their home near Comanche

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. LITTLE and children have moved to Megargle where Mr. LITTLE has employment.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed HALL and children went to Alexander Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. HALL’s brother-in-law, B.D. MILLER.


Mrs. Henry Moore EVANS of Wichita Falls is here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN.

Mrs. J.E. McCAIN and baby, of Comanche, were here this week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. APPLEBY.

L.D. MERRITT had as a visitor last week, his uncle, L.L. EDWARDS, and son, Frank, from Anadarko, Okla.  Mr. EDWARDS lived in De Leon 38 years ago.  He was returning from a visit with his daughter in California.

Mrs. J.G. MAIN of Iredell was visiting with her sister, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN, here this week.

J.P. TODD was home from San Antonio last weekend, and when he returned Monday Mrs. TODD and the two young daughters, Merle and Ruby, accompanied him.  They will make their home in San Antonio for the present, where he has railroad employment.

Mrs. W.E. HOLLAND of Dublin, mother of Frank HOLLAND, is here for an extended visit in the home of her son.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. PRICE, late of Lawton, Okla., are here for the holiday period with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Tom NEELY, old time citizen of this community, is here this week and states that he is moving back from the panhandle and plains country.

Sam JENKINS of Waxahachie was here last week, guest of his brother, W.C. JENKINS.

Mesdames Mollie CLARK and Lee GLEASON of Houston and Waco, are here visiting their mother, Aunt Fannie BROWN.


W.T. WILSON and wife are on the sick list and have been confined to their rooms for the past week.


Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CLINE and children attended the funeral of their brother and uncle, Mr. Clay LESTER at Shiloh Sunday.

Mr. Elda GOODSON visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.V. GOODSON of Lingleville, last week.

Oliver Springs

Following is the honor roll for the second month of school:

First: Raymond THOMPSON, Maurice ECHOLS;

Second: Arvil C. SETZLER and Howard RONE;

Third: Billie BURLESON, Lewis COGBURN, B.C. CANTWELL and Will Vell HILL;

Fourth: Alverine NABORS;

Sixth: Iris WARREN;

Seventh: Byrum RONE, Ora Mae RONE;

Eighth: Otha WARREN and Carmen BAIRD;

Ninth: Brooks WARREN

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie CANTWELL and son moved to Littlefield last week.


Mrs. C.A. COUCH of Dallas has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. A.L. McANALLY this week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.S. DISHMAN of Ranger moved into this community and will make their home on the E.S. MERRICK farm.  Mrs. DISHMAN is no stranger here as she lived here for some years before the oil boom days.  They have entered their children in school here.  These children are considered advanced in art and will make good additions to the classes to which they have been assigned.

O.S. ROBBINS is now driving a new Ford closed car which he purchased last week.

Miss Alma GREGORY spent the weekend with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. NABORS of Desdemona.

Charlie BROWNING and wife have moved from this community to a farm north of Desdemona.

O.F. CARR, who has lived in this community for the past several years will move to Alameda, where he will have charge of a stock and grain farm.

Mrs. Nora PEAK of Desdemona visited with Mrs. J.C. PEAK Saturday night and Sunday.

F.E. OSBORN and Dude RILEY spent the weekend with G.E. RILEY and family having just returned from Arizona where they had been visiting with F.L. OSBORN and family.

Mr. and Mrs. D.D. LEWIS of Cisco visited with R.P. LEWIS and family this week.

Mr. CROSS, formerly employed here in the railroad yards, has moved to Dublin where he will make his home.

Dick STURDIVANT and family have moved to the W.L. MOORE place and Mr. STURDIVANT will undertake a commercial poultry business.  It is thought by many that this business will be engaged in by many people within the next few years.  Mr. STURDIVAN’s adventure will be watched by many people.  The agriculture class of the school has already visited his place.

Miss Lucile RILEY was absent from her school work one day last week on account of illness.

W.A. LINDLEY has recently purchased the J.H. WOODARD place on the Leon river.  With this addition to his other farm and pasture lands makes Mr. LINDLEY one of the best farm and ranch arrangements that could be had.  On the WOODARD tract more than 100 acres are covered with bearing pecan trees which Mr. LINDLEY plans to develop to its best while he grows cattle on the grass.

New Hope News

Little Frances LIGHTFOOT, daughter of Edd LIGHTFOOT, was carried to Blackwell’s Sanitarium at Gorman last Saturday afternoon for the removal of her tonsils.

Mrs. ROGAN and children of DeLeon spent Tuesday with her daughter, Mrs. Raymond RAGLAND.

Miss Zadie McCHAREN has been staying at Ranger for several weeks taking treatments.  It is reported that she is gaining health fastly [sic].


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.