The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, December 13, 1929


John Ware Was Instantly Killed in Auto Mishap

            When John WARE was returning to his home from Downing at a late hour last Saturday night, the Ford roadster he was driving crashed into a cement bridge two miles south of town, and he was instantly killed.  Another car arrived at the scene of the accident a few moments after it occurred.  The occupants picked up the dying man and summoned aid.  WARE was thrown clear of the machine, his head striking a wing of the concrete structure and his skull crushed.  He died instantly.

            Those who heard the machine passing stated that it was traveling at a very high rate of speed.  It is possible that he struck the immovable object going at 60 or 70 miles per hour.  One can only picture the effect of the sudden stop of the man, and on the machine.  The car was almost a total wreck.

            WARE was 36 years of age.  He leaves a wife and daughter, aged 4, besides his mother, Mrs. Fannie WARE of Duster, and brothers, Dock of this city, and Jim of Duster.  The funeral was at De Leon cemetery Monday afternoon with Rev. W.L. SKAGGS conducting the service.

            WARE was a salesman for Strickland & Terrill, local Ford dealers.  He was big hearted and likeable.  Around his human frailties, if he had such, and all men do, we would cast the mantle of charity and forgetfulness, and commend him for the good qualities which characterized his daily life.  Sympathy is extended to the bereaved ones.

J. Doss Miller, Sr. is Recovering From Recent Heart Attack

            J. Doss MILLER, Sr. is somewhat improved from a recent serious illness, having a heart attack about Thanksgiving.  On Saturday following Thanksgiving Day he was critically ill.  He is up most of the time because of the nature of his illness which does not permit him to lie down in comfort.  His nights are more restful now, and he is thought past the danger of the attack.

            Mrs. J.B. POOL of Hico was here the past week at his bedside, and Mrs. WILLIAMSON of San Antonio, and Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER, of Junction, are now guests in the home.

Leland Nabors, Football Star, Is Seriously Ill

            Leland NABORS, son of R.T. NABORS, is in the Gorman Sanitarium, in a serious condition following an injury sustained when he attempted to lift the back of a car or truck, at his home six miles west of this city on Monday before Thanksgiving.  Just how the injury was sustained, this paper is not informed, but NABORS was badly ruptured.  His condition during the past week has been such as to cause serious apprehension.  An operation was performed last week.

            NABORS is captain of the Bearcats, high school football team.  Receiving his injury before Thanksgiving, he was not permitted to play in the “turkey day” game, but was present and on the sidelines.  Friends hope for his speedy recovery.

Mrs. H.M. Locke Had Operation

            Mrs. H.W. LOCKE, formerly of this city, now of Cisco, underwent an operation for kidney trouble at Dallas early this week.  A wire to her daughter, Mrs. S.R. UPSHAW here, stated that she had passed successfully through the ordeal and gave promise of early recovery.

Tate Bagwell is Dead in Oklahoma After Operation

            Tate BAGWELL, son of J.W. BAGWELL of Kenefic, Okla., a brother of Billie BAGWELL who was for years employed by Higginbotham Bros. & Co. here, died at 10:00 o’clock a.m. last Saturday morning.  His remains were laid to rest at Caddo, Okla. On Sunday following.  BAGWELL was unmarried.  He was a little more than thirty-four years of age.  He was born and reared in De Leon, J.S. BAGWELL formerly engaging in the blacksmith business for many years in this city.

            Tate BAGWELL entered the army during the World War.  He became ill at Charlotte, N.C. and an operation was performed there.  This was followed by a series of operations, four in all, the last one being a short time before his death.  He never went overseas.  His state of health would not permit.  He never got further than Mineola, L.I.  His last two operations were in government hospitals in Oklahoma.

            Physicians made the mistake of telling Tate his health was permanently gone.  He grew despondent.  Years of ill health with no promise of recovery will break down the strongest human resistance.  Intense suffering makes inroads on the mental powers.  A feeling of dependence on the part of a young man whose hands were skilled to labor and whose ambitions were keen, was unbearable.  He planned and executed his own death with a precision not lacking in any detail.  An empty strychnine container in his room, and a note of four words, told the tragic story.

            J.W. BAGWELL, now 69 years of age, and his wife, Tate’s kindly step-mother, were at home when the tragic incident occurred.  Immediately physicians were summoned.  Nothing could be done.  He was discovered at 10:00 o’clock last Friday night.  Billie BAGWELL was notified at Breckenridge.  Accompanied by J.F. CARTER, the two drove all night, arriving in Kenefic about ten o’clock Saturday morning, some fifteen minutes before Tate passed away.  He was conscious until an hour before his going.

            J.W. BAGWELL’s first wife, and a grown son, Gordon, died while the family resided in De Leon and are buried here.  In his span of life, Mr. BAGWELL has drunk to the dregs the cup of sorrow.  His many friends here deeply sympathize with him in his grief.

Mrs. Maggie Morgan Gradually Declines

            Mrs. Maggie MORGAN continues critically ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. Jonah BOYETT, at the old TERRY homestead, two miles south of town.  She has been ill for many months, and desperately so in the recent past.  At this time her condition remains unimproved.

Western Union Now Managed by a De Leon Girl

            The Western Union Telegraph Co. has maintained an uptown office in De Leon for perhaps ten years, and so far as the Free Press recalls, no De Leon girl has been in charge, until Miss Vivian BOSWELL was given the managership this week.  Miss BOSWELL succeeds Miss Willie O’SHIELD who has given excellent satisfaction as operator-manager for more than a year.  Miss O’SHIELD was transferred from De Leon to Grand Saline, to managership there.

            Miss BOSWELL has been telegraphing for perhaps two years, starting in as a student under a former girl manager here.  The “language of the wires” is not to be learned in a day.  But Miss BOSWELL persisted, and has held several subordinate positions in south Texas, one in Louisiana, and comes back to De Leon from her last assignment at Cross Plains.  Friends congratulate her upon her appointment and extend her a welcome back home.

South Ward Honor Roll

Following is the honor roll for the South Ward for the second six weeks period:

First Grade:  James BLITCH, Chas. BRAGG, Billie CLARK, Billie PEAK, Johnnie Randall PEEVY, Kenneth SELF, Bruce TERRILL, Gladys CULPEPPER, Virginia EASTERLING, Mary Frances ELLIS, Jean LEIGON, Mary Jean NEWTON, Mary Jene VAUGHN.

Second Grade:  Mary SALTER, Darleen VAN ZANDT, Helen HALL, Lorene WALTRIP, Curtis MORRIS, Montie DAVIS, Dennis NORTON, Richard MOHON, Clark DUKE, Joseph MILLER.

Third Grade:  Josie Beth ALLEN, Ruby Lee PELL, Catherine SNEED, J.B. CREED, Elaine SCOTT, Royce STRINGFELLOW.

Fourth Grade:  Frances HALL, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Dora Laura PEEVY, Margaret SHARP.

Seventh Grade:  Pansy MULLOY, Azalee CLARK.

Grandmother Robinett Observed 90th Birthday

            Grandmother Sarah ROBINETT, mother of S.B. ROBINETT, who resides with her son three miles west of this city, observed her ninetieth birthday at the home on Tuesday, December 3rd.  She was born on Dec. 3rd, 1839, and has spent a life of activity and energy.  Besides a few of the infirmities of her advanced age, she is as hale and hearty today as many people of far fewer years.

            Relatives and friends planned a birthday celebration all unknown to Grandma.  It was up about noon when the relatives and friends began to arrive, when she first realized that her birthday was being so thoughtfully remembered.  There was a big turkey ready to serve, with all the good things that go along with it to make a splendid feast.  The occasion was a happy one for Grandma, likewise for all who were privileged to be present.  Many pretty and useful gifts attested to the love and esteem in which this good woman is held by her many friends and loved ones.

            Among the gifts, Grandma received two boxes of candy from R.R. HARVEY, and a letter of kindly expression which she wished gratefully to acknowledge.

Self Rink is Moved to City for Holidays

            The Self Roller Rink was this week moved from Comanche to this city and erected on the Lambert lot, first location south of the City Hall.  The equipment arrived Monday and by Thursday night had been re-assembled and put in operation.

            The Rink was opened in this city back in the late summer, moving from De Leon to Olden where they did quite well for several weeks.  They then moved to Comanche for a few weeks, and are now back home for the holidays.

            Skating is a healthful and pleasant sport, and the Rink will prove a popular resort for holiday parties, no doubt.  Children flock in by dozens and not a few more elderly people enjoy the pastime.

            Autrey SELF and Earl McCLELLAN are actively in charge of the Rink, with Pete McCLELLAN and Murray NICHOLS as floor managers.  Coming at this season of the year, the Rink should draw a large patronage.

Former Garner-Alvis Manager Visits Here

            E.W. OWEN of Hillsboro, formerly manager of the Garner-Alvis Co. store in De Leon for a number of years, was shaking hands with De Leon friends here last Sunday.  Mrs. OWEN accompanied him, spending the day with friends.  Mr. OWEN is selling Chevrolet cars with Ben CARTER at Hillsboro and is doing nicely, he stated.


Mr. and Mrs. H.M. SEXTON are the proud parents of a baby boy.

Austin HOLMES, who is attending Randolph College at Cisco, was home Sunday.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Hollis PEARCY Dec. 7.

Mrs. L.D. HEARNE and small son, Billy, from Mineral Wells are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER.


Howard MOORE and sisters, Misses Susie and Vera May of Mansfield, Ark., spent the weekend with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. H.J. MOORE and family.

Rush and Vernon SIDES left Monday for Pasadena, Cal.

The RIPPETOE Quartette will sing at the Comyn school auditorium Friday evening.

Mrs. S.F. KINNARD, who has been ill for several days is reported improving at this time.

Mrs. CRAWFORD of Beaumont visited last week with her brother, D.E. PARSLEY and family.

Misses Mollie, Jewell and Eula GRISHAM visited during the weekend with their cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Burl WHEELER of Abilene.

Mrs. Dutch CULWELL and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY and baby spent Thursday with Mrs. CULWELL’s mother, Mrs. FERGUSON of Stephenville.

J.H. VAUGHAN and daughter, Miss Lela went to Anson Saturday to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Holden VAUGHAN.  Brooks VAUGHAN returned with them on Sunday to spend the holidays with his grandfather and other relatives.

Mrs. H.O. GEORGE and daughters, Miss Velma and Brooks VAUGHAN left Tuesday for Everman where they will visit a few days in the home of their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. THOMAS.

F.P. BARKER received a message Tuesday calling him to the bedside of his brother-in-law, W.A. SOUTHALL of Blair, Okla.

Cecil DICKEY left Tuesday for Big Lake where he will remain to work during the winter.

Little Wanda and Relta GRISSOM, children of Mr. and Mrs. A.H. GRISSOM, have pneumonia.  At this time, both patients are reported doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Ves SPRUILL and family who have resided for several years in the Comyn community, moved last Thursday to the Robinson Springs community.  Their daughter, Jewell, remained here to attend school.  She will make her home during the winter with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Hardy HAZZARD.


Mr. and Mrs. Ira KAY of Rochester were weekend visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. TOLAR.

H.E. WHITTLE has gone to Mineola for several days visit with his mother, who resides in that city.

Mrs. E.E. DABNEY accompanied her daughter, Mrs. V.G. LOCKE of Cisco, to Dallas early this week. 

Mrs. And Mrs. Will TAYLOR of Walnut Springs were weekend guests with their daughter, Mrs. Karl SMALLWOOD and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben CARTER and her mother, Mrs. BARDWELL, of Hillsboro, were Sunday visitors in the home of CARTER relatives here Sunday.

Eddie VALENTA, son of Mrs. Laura J. VALENTA, is here from San Antonio and will remain with his mother over the holiday period, possibly longer.

Mrs. Paul MORGAN, accompanied by her little son, Bobbie, and sister, Miss Mary MERRILL, of Spearman, Tex. went to Temple early this week where Mrs. MORGAN will go through the Scott & White Clinic, and perhaps take treatment.

Claude FITZGERALD, of Denton, was visiting in the home of his mother, Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD, here the past week.


Odis CLINE, who has been working at McCamey for some time, returned home last week.

Miss Olga SMITH left Sunday for an extended visit with her uncle, Buck SHELTON, in Oklahoma.

R.L. DAY of Grady, New Mexico, visited his mother, Mrs. W.T. DAY last week.  Mr. DAY lived in this community before moving to New Mexico.

Miss Mona SMITH, who lives at Fredericksburg is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. J.B. SMITH.

Lawrence MARTIN and family of Cisco spent Sunday with Mrs. MARTIN’s mother, Mrs. W.T. DAY.

Aunt Fannie BROWN is seriously ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M.D. WHEAT in this city.  Aunt Fanny is of the rapidly passing school of old pioneers and her many friends hope for her speedy recovery.  She is about 81 years of age.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. CLARK and children of Ranger were Sunday guests of Mrs. CLARK’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr.


Mr. Sid and Ike BRUMBELOW are building a new house for their aunt, Miss Bean BRUMBELOW in the Round Grove Community.

Mrs. B.M. CARSON of Abilene and Mrs. T.J. WILSON of Ranger visited their father, A.J. CUMMINS Sunday.

Mrs. J.W. THOMAS is visiting her son, Jim and family in Dublin this week.

Miss Hallie DYSON visited her sister, Mrs. Myrtie MOORE at Desdemona last weekend.

As Will KIMMELL, Arthur MOHON and D.L. MALONE were returning from Dublin one night last week, Mr. KIMMELL was at the wheel and failed to see a truck standing on the road between De Leon and Dublin, smashing up the car considerably.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. LOWERY is still on the sick list and seems to be very low.

Mrs. Perry MORING received a telegram from her sister in Stephenville Sunday morning telling her to come at once as her father was very ill.  When Mrs. MORING arrived she found her father somewhat better but still in a bad condition.  Her father has been suffering for some time with pneumonia.


Rosalie GOODSON of this community visited her grandmother, Mrs. A. GOODSON of Lingleville last Sunday afternoon.  Mrs. GOODSON was very ill.

Ed RIPPETOE of this community and Mr. COOK of De Leon went to Arlington Monday.

Highland 4-H Club -  On October 23, the students of the intermediate and high school room, organized a 4-H Club.  The following officers were elected:  Irvin REEVES, President; Willard THIEBAUD, Vice-President; Ada Lou KEITH, Secretary; Rosalie GOODSON, yell leader; and I. HIGGINBOTHAM, Reporter.  Mr. Howard KEITH was elected local leader for the boys and Mrs. Arthur ADAMS for the girls.  Mrs. Ava THIEBAUD and Arthur ADAMS represent the school as local leaders.


I.C. REDWINE and family of Kokome spent Sunday visiting with E.H. REDWINE and V.C. WAYLAND of this community.

R.D. HOOD, who has been on the sick list the past week is reported better.

Edwin LINDLEY of Midland is visiting at the school at this place.  He was formerly a student at this school.

W.N. KOONCE and family visited with his daughter, Mrs. BRAZELL at Coleman this week.

Mrs. Mary ROBBINS, mother of O.S. ROBBINS, spent the weekend visiting with Mr. ROBBINS and family of this place.  Mrs. ROBBINS is making her home at Corsicana but formerly lived at this place when Jakehamon was a city of considerable proportions.  She formerly operated a store here and was postmaster until the post office was discontinued.  Mrs. ROBBINS has a host of friends and acquaintances here who are glad to see her.  She was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Nathan HAWKINS of Corsicana.

Mrs. R.M. REDWINE of Edhobby spent Sunday visiting with her son, E.H. REDWINE and family.

A fire broke out in the school building last Monday morning and it looked for a while like the building would be lost but by fast and hard work by the large boys and the timely arrival of G.E. RILEY and W.D. PARKER, the building was saved.  The fire started from a defective flue.  Much of the walls and top was torn away in an effort to get to the fire.  Repairs have been made and all the flues inspected and repaired.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. OTWELL has been visiting her son, E.M. OTWELL and family, also Mr. and Mrs. C.T. NABORS.

Miss Doyce REED gave a party to the pupils attending school and other young folks of the community Friday night.  Everyone expressed an enjoyable time.  Many games were played inside the house with Mr. and Mrs. HOLDRIDGE as directors.  The Misses COLEY of De Leon were present.  A tray of delicious pecan candy was passed to the guests as refreshments.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.