The De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, October 18, 1929


Vital Statistics : De Leon Recorder

To Mr. and Mrs. John DAWKINS, De Leon, Rt. 2, a girl, Sept. 8, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WATTS, De Leon, a son, Sept. 11, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. Ivan ROSS, De Leon, Rt. 3, a son Sept. 15, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. Wiley BRIDGES, De Leon, a girl, Sept. 4, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. Walter PELL, De Leon, a girl, Sept. 18, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. W.M. BOYETT, De Leon, a son, Sept. 19, 1929.

To Mr. and Mrs. G.C. DAWKINS, De Leon, a son, Sept.  [no date supplied]1929.

Child Run Over By School Truck

            A.C. POLNAC was called to Stephenville Thursday where the child of his sister, Mrs. Henry TAYLOR, had been run over by a truck.  The child, a boy aged seven, was on the way to school riding on a truck, the family living in the outskirts of Stephenville.  As they neared the school ground the child fell from the truck and the wheel passed over him, resulting in paralysis to the lower half of the body.  However, injured as he was, Mr. POLNAC said, hopes are held out for his recovery.

Christie & Co. Open New Store in Garage Bldg.

            A new feed and grocery store and cream station was opened this week in the Nabors Garage Bldg., first door south of the Free Press office, by Christie & Co. of Dublin.  Mr. CHRISTIE has been here during the week superintending the opening of the store, which will be managed by George CHRISTIE, son of Mr. CHRISTIE.  Mr. CHRISTIE has been operating a similar business in Dublin for five or six years and has lived in that city for many years.

            Christie & Co. handle Bewley Mills Feed and carry a full line.  They will represent Mistletoe Creamery, buying cream direct from the farmers, and will also buy a general line of produce.

            Their grocery store will be opened as soon as fixtures can be installed and stock secured.  See their opening ad in this issue of the Free Press.

De Leon Boy Attending Church Meet in Tenn.

            Jack ROBERTS, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. ROBERTS left De Leon early Monday morning for Weatherford where he joined the Texas delegation leaving Tuesday to attend the General World Council of the Church of God, convening in Cleveland, Tenn., October 21-27.

            Upon reaching Weatherford, he found a friend, Joe BOUNDS, had been killed when the Chevrolet truck in which he and four friends were riding collided with a west bound freight train.  Three boys were killed instantly and two not expected to live.  Jack telephoned his family here telling them to come.  They left Monday night at 11:30 driving through and attending the funeral Tuesday afternoon at which nearly one thousand people were present.

Birthday Party

            Little Abb VESTAL, Jr. celebrated his 4th birthday at his home Tuesday, October 8, with a party.  More than  twenty of his little friends were invited and they greatly enjoyed many games and stunts pleasing to little folks.  Abb’s mother served lemonade and cake at the close of the play period to the following:

            Kenneth BASS, Bernile LARSON, Arlen LARSON, James BLITCH, Billie BLITCH, Doris BLITCH, Virginia EASTERLING, James SMITH, Lucile WOOD, Jean LEIGON, Mary Frances FUEL, Mary Joe IRWIN, Harold Everett SMITH, Billie SMITH, Harry STRICKLAND, Winnel and Mary SALTER, Billie Faye LONDON, Frances GREGORY, Zelda BUCHAN and Ben Everett BLITCH.

Pioneer Indian Fighter Passed To His Reward

            Richard R. BRASHEAR, aged Indian fighter and a citizen of Comanche county since 1961 [sic], died at his home in the north part of this city, at 5:00 o’clock a.m. Friday, October 11, 1929.  He was born in Mexico, Mo. October 25th, 1843, lacking only 15 days of reaching his 86th milestone.  The funeral and burial was at De Leon cemetery Saturday afternoon with Rev. Montie A. DAVIS conducting the service.

            The last illness of Grandfather BRASHEAR was a brief one.  All his life he was hale, hearty and active.  He took cramps the night before and this, added to the ravages of old age on his frame, soon took him away.  He was father of four sons and three daughters, all married.  Three of his sons and his daughters were present at the funeral service.  His children are Richard, Clovis, N.M.; J.W., Hico; Garland, Gorman; R.C., Uvalde; Mrs. BURLESON of Oklahoma; Mrs. HAY of Corsicana; and Mrs. GALLOWAY of Winters.

The aged wife survives him.  She left this week going to Uvalde to make her home with her son there.

Richard Rhodes Brashear

            During the long life of BRASHEAR he saw much of the Mexican people, at one time going into Mexico to Monterey and Tampico.  In late years Pete HERNANDEZ and his good wife had been friends of BRASHEAR and when he died they, with three or four other Mexican relatives of HERNANDEZ asked to pay a tribute to his memory, singing sacred songs in Spanish by the graveside.  Their tribute was an impressive one to those in attendance.

            BRASHEAR, as a lad of ten, crossed the state line into Texas on December 1, 1853, his father having joined a wagon train from Illinois bound for Texas, visited Dallas, then a mere village, Denton, where was located an army post, and finally came to Gainesville where the family made their home for ten years.  BRASHEAR served for several years as a Texas Ranger.  His wife was formerly Miss Josephine OWEN.  They have been married for sixty-one years.

Married at Breckenridge

            Edwin BROWN, son of Mrs. E.T. MILLER, was married last Sunday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock to Miss Thelma TOMA of Breckenridge.  The marriage vows were taken in the presence of a few friends and relatives, Rev. MORGAN, a Baptist minister, officiating.  Miss TOMA is daughter of a Gulf employee, her father being head carpenter for the Gulf in the Breckenridge district.

            Edwin BROWN is well known and liked in De Leon.  He graduated at De Leon high school in the class of ’28, and soon thereafter accepted a position with Carter & Bagwell Chevrolet Co. as parts man at Breckenridge, a position he has held satisfactorily the past 14 months.  The young couple will continue to make their home in that city.  Best wishes are extended them.


            Miss Connie Logsdon and Mr. Percy YOUNG were happily united in marriage October 2 at 2:30 p.m. in Knox City.

            Mrs. YOUNG is the oldest daughter of Jet LOGSDON and was reared to young womanhood in De Leon.  She has a large circle of friends here.  Mr. YOUNG is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed YOUNG, who formerly lived here.

            Their many friends wish for them much happiness.

Ford Dealer Gets Badly Sprained Ankle

            Grady TERRILL, Ford Dealer, is going on crutches as a result of a badly sprained ankle.  The accident occurred Thursday last week when he stepped on a rock and turned the ankle seriously tearing the ligaments.  He was in bed a few days, but is now up, though much handicapped.

Breckenridge M.E. Pastor Died Thursday

            Rev. S.J. RUCKER and wife attended the funeral of Dr. Emmett HIGHTOWER, pastor of the First Methodist Church at Breckenridge, whose death occurred at his home in that city Wednesday, October 9.  He had been ill for almost a year and an assistant pastor had supplied for him.  Dr. HIGHTOWER was one of the best known and most capable men in the service of the Conference.  He was in the prime of life.  He has visited the De Leon church on several occasions.  Following the funeral service at Breckenridge his remains were carried to Georgetown where burial took place, Friday, October 11th.

De Leon Band Now Has 47 Members Being Instructed

            Just how Prof. HOWARD manages it is a mystery but he is instructing forty-seven members in the De Leon Band, two days a week.  The only way he can do it is to take some of them in groups.  A majority of the members are making satisfactory progress.

            Alf SLOAN is president of the Band.  Mrs. Alpha NUNNELLEY is secretary and treasurer.  Mrs. A.M. ALLEN and Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN are acting as collectors.  The band will play a concert next Sunday afternoon, at the band stand, at 3:30 o’clock.

            The membership of the band is as follows:

            Clarinets:  Everett HANSFORD, Mrs. E.E. GENTRY, Robt. TERRILL, John Travis MOHON, Merton BELL, Kenneth FINKLESTINE, Martha F. RUSSELL, Mrs. Ed SHORT, Mattie BLANTON, Eugenia GENTRY.

            Trumpets: Alexander ALLEN, Conner JETTON, Henry Garland PEAVEY, Theron BUCHAN, Ruel LOCKE.

            Trombones: H. PEAVEY, Bill PIERCE, Cecil COOK, Roy HAZLEWOOD.

            Bass: Alf SLOAN.

            Base Drum: Vance SINGLETON.

            Alto Saxophones: Mrs. Feltz TERRILL, Mrs. John NUNNELLEY, Emmett LOCK.

            Altos: Mrs. Vance SINGLETON, Mrs. Alf SLOAN, Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN.

            Tenor Saxophone, E.E. GENTRY.

            Soprano Saxophones:  Glenn MORTON, Charles CHRISTOPHER.

            Baritone:  Bonner NABORS

            Alto: Mrs. ALLEN


            Trombone: Billy WILLIAMS.

            Clarinets: Adrian GRIZZELLE, Sarah JETTON.

            Baritone: Olive W. BUCHAN, W.F. GLAZIER.

            Trumpets: Willis LIGHTFOOT, Peyton WEAVER, Sam WEAVER.

            Snare Drums: Norman HAMMERS, Mrs. Bonner NABORS, Bertie SNEAD, Marjorie MORRIS.

            Tenor Banjos:  Rodney CULPEPPER, Clayton ELLIFF.

Tomlins Organize Cosmetics Business

            Mr. and Mrs. D. TOMLIN, now of 115 South Patton St., Dallas, have recently organized a new company for the manufacture and sale of cosmetics.  They were formerly engaged in a similar business in Ft. Worth.  The new firm bears the name of “Marie Tomlin,” and advertising matter carries a good photograph of Mrs. TOMLIN.  There are a score or more different items in the “Marie Tomlin” line and it is all high class merchandise if one may judge from a liberal box of packages received by Mrs. R.L. SCOTT early this week.

Volley Ball Teams Organize Tues.

            Those who wished to play volley ball met and organized October 15.  The following officers were elected:

President, Imogene MULLOY.

Secretary-Treas., Mattie BLANTON

            The two captains are Ada SMITH and Lois BELL.  The volley ball and net have been ordered.  The girls expect to begin playing Monday.  All girls interested in volley ball report to either of the captains.

Junior Class

            The present junior class met Thursday, September 26 to establish a new form of class management.  The following committees were appointed by president PEARSON:

            Social Committee:  Faye RUCKER, Mildred TOLAND, Virginia GREENWALDT, Myrdelle KEMP, Grace SMITH, C.B. GREGORY, Adwin SCOTT, Curtis TERRY, Chelsea Dell BLACK, Evelyn BOSWELL.

            Program Committee: Jack DONOHUE, Evelyn KINCHEN, chairman, Eloise NANCE, Imogene MULLOY, Conner JETTON, Kate HOLLAND, Alton SADBERRY.

            Banquet Committee: Clarence LIGHTFOOT, Zadie McCHAREN, Owassa WHITLOW, Meta McCHAREN, Belle MAY, Mildred TOLAND, Chrystine NELSON, Ada SMITH, Louis ROSS.

            Finance Committee: Grace SMITH, chairman, Aline PITTMAN, Weldon WARE, Arlena JONES, Dwight BOSWELL, Christine NARRY, Lottie ROBINETE, Carver HUDDLESTON, Ruby WIDEMAN.

            Class Council:  All Class officers and – Mildred TOLAND, Faye RUCKER, Alma Nell TATE, Margie GRISHAM, J. DONOHUE, Curtis TERRY, Clarence LIGHTFOOT, C.B. GREGORY.

            The Social Committee met Oct. 3 and a social has been planned by Misses Rozelle and Grace SMITH to be given at their home Thursday night, October 19. –Contributed.

Miscellaneous Local News

            Mr. and Mrs. R.L. JACKSON have sold their residence property in the southwest portion of the city to Mr. ROGAN, formerly of Dublin.  The JACKSON family has moved to Weatherford, where their son, Andrew, is attending school at Weatherford College.          

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. ROBERTSON of Cisco were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer MARCHBANKS and small daughter, Marilyn, have returned from Ennis where they attended the funeral of his mother, Mrs. A.H. MARCHBANKS.

Mary Nell is the name of the little baby girl who came to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney HUGHES of Breckenridge, October 12, 1929.  Mrs. HUGHES will be remembered as Miss Lillie Mae LOCKE.

Mr. and Mrs. John DUPRIEST of De Leon Rt. 4 are the proud parents of a baby girl, born into their home on October 2nd.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. WELCH have returned home from five or six weeks visiting with their children at Ranger, Lamesa, Olney, Maytown, and in Oklahoma.

Uncle Jack MORTON returned home last week from Strawn and Colorado, Texas, where he visited among his children.  He had been out of the city for several weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. E.K. ROGAN, parents of Mrs. Raymond RAGLAND, formerly of Dublin, have moved to De Leon and will make their home at the Jackson place in Heath Addition.

Miss Louise GARDNER, teacher in the Duster school but whose home is in Comanche, was visiting in the home of De Leon friends Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. J.B. BLITCH of Cisco were here last week end, guests of their son, Joe BLITCH and family.

Mrs. M.A. IRVIN is in Stamford visiting her son, Henry IRVIN.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN and Mrs. Ben HOWE are in Wichita Falls visiting their children, Mr. and Mrs. C.J. THOMPSON and Mr. and Mrs. H.W. EVANS.

Roy NABORS of Stephenville was here last week end visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray FLETCHER of Abilene were here Sunday visiting his sister, Mrs. W.L. SALTER and family.

A nine pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS on the 9th of October.

Mr. and Mrs. Kos MYERS went to Ft. Worth Saturday in response to a message stating that his mother was ill.

Mrs. FREEMAN of Cross Plains is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Jim JOINER.


Mrs. R.S. CARR of Bunyan, Mrs. R.P. LEWIS’ mother, visited here Sunday.

Miss Odell ROBBINS, teacher of the intermediate grades, has improved the appearance of her room by putting up framed pictures.

Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS are rejoicing over the arrival of a 10-pound boy at their home.

Herman COOPER of Houston has been visiting with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.


School closed last Wednesday for seven days in order for the children to help harvest peanuts.

C.H. TURNER has moved to C.C. MILLER’s farm.  W.A. CUMMINS moved to the C.H. TURNER home.

Mrs. Wes NICHOLS and children of Highland, also Mrs. Ernest DURHAM and son of Dublin, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Charles NICHOLS.

Edwin BROWN and Thelma TOMA of Breckenridge were married Sunday.  Mrs. Ed MILLER, his mother, gave a supper in their honor Sunday evening.

Oliver Springs

A baby boy came to brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.N. PANGLE, October 14th.  The little one has not been named.

Mr. Lloyd ECHOLS of Seymore visited H.S. ECHOLS Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ECHOLS, parents of H.S. ECHOLS, who have been here the past few months, returned to Seymore.


Mrs. Van DODGEN is in Dallas visiting with her daughter, Mrs. M.O. PITTMAN.

Wade NANCE, who spent the summer in Fayetteville, Ark., returned last week.

Miss Lela VAUGHN of Stephenville spent the week end visiting her father, J.H. VAUGHN.

G.G. WILLIS and son, Sam, who have had employment in an oil refinery at Port Arthur during the summer, came home last Friday.


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