De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 11, 1929


Little Tots Pretty in Innocent Roles at Bathing Revue

            A group of tiny tots appeared in bathing costumes before an admiring audience at Liberty Theatre as a special attraction Thursday evening last week.  Both boys and girls were “on the program,” which consisted of nothing more than being admired, for everybody loves children in the age of innocence, two to six years of age.

            Mr. SATTERWHITE, traveling specialist, conducted the revue.  One tiny tot represented each business house in town, most of them wearing ribbon badges indicating which house he or she represented.  A loving cup and other prizes were offered.  Little Miss Polly TERRILL, representing the Ford Station, won first award and received the beautiful silver loving cup.  Other children receiving prizes were:  Edna Louise FOSTER, second, representing the Garner-Alvis Co. and little Joyce TATE, daughter of Mitchell TATE representing the Farmers & Merchants Natl. Bank.

Oliver Springs School to Open There Monday

            Oliver Springs school, with Paul HOLDRIDGE as principal, will commence the new year’s work next Monday morning and continue seven months.  Mrs. A.H. PERRY of Gorman will teach Intermediate work, and Mrs. Paul HOLDRIDGE, primary.  There are between fifty and sixty scholastics in the Oliver Springs district.  There is a good building which was modernized a year or so ago.

            Trustees of the Oliver Springs district are Ernest COGBURN, Clyde SETZLER and S.L. CANTWELL.  All are looking forward to a successful year’s work.

Walker Buys Back Kemp Service Sta.

            Bill WALKER this week bought the Kemp Service Station, located in the rock building, next door to Lambert Hotel.  Mr. WALKER sold this place to Mr. KEMP several months ago.  Mr. WALKER will continue to operate the Steakley station across the track, having a five year lease on same.  R.L. WOFFARD is in charge there while Mr. WALKER himself will spend much of his time at the Kemp station.

De Leon Girl Wins Tarleton Honor in Spanish Exam

            Last Monday at John Tarleton College, a test in Spanish was given.  The instructor asked all members of the class to write a list of words from memory.  Miss Opal HOWARD led the class with a list of 707 words, her nearest competitor scoring about 500 words.  The record is a very considerable one.  Miss HOWARD had two years in Spanish under Miss Virginia Grace WESSON a De Leon high school.

Had Tonsil Operation Friday at Gorman

            Mrs. W.W. GREGORY is at home following an operation for the removal of her tonsils at Gorman Sanitarium last Friday.  She is recovering nicely from the operation.

Electric Victim in Serious Condition Following Shock

            Free Press has the following clipping from the Sweetwater Daily Reporter regarding an accident which befell Guy ROACH, former De Leon man.  It follows:

            Guy ROACH, an employee on a local high line gang, was still in a serious condition here today as a result of burns and other injuries received yesterday when he came in contact with wires carrying 11,000 volts of electricity at the U.S. Gypsum company plant.

            ROACH’s principal injuries are internal, attending nurses say, caused by the terrific shock to the nerves and organs.  He was also severely burned about the neck and shoulders and the feet.  His condition was described at noon today as unchanged from that of late yesterday when he was resting fairly well.

            No one was present when ROACH was hurt.  He was finishing a paint job inside the substation at the gyp plant at the time and evidently came in contact with the wires while moving equipment around.  He is about 30 years old.

            ROACH’s mother, Mrs. J.D. ROACH, has been at his bedside at a Sweetwater hospital since the accident.  His sister, Miss Verna ROACH and Mrs. [?]ack SPARKS, returned from there this week and report the injured man out of danger.

Jurors Drawn for Dist. Court Comanche Mon.

            Following is the Jury list for District Court convening October 14th

Grand Jury

            H.R. JONES, Comanche; Earl S. MORRIS, Sipe Springs; T.R. LACY, Blanket 2; J. Willis ROBERTSON, Comanche 2; R.R. HARVEY, De Leon; W.L. BLAIR, Duster; W.D. STURKIE, Proctor; M.D. CARMICHAEL, Lamkin; J.W. ROBINSON, Gustine; J.R. CARROLL, Dublin 8; R.L. WEAVER, Blanket 2; P.K. MACKEY, Comanche; W.H. WILLIAMS, De Leon; C.A. GREENE, Comanche; Alvin BUNTING, Rucker; J.H. BRAGG, Blanket 2.

Jury 2nd Week.  Oct 21st

            H.G. LIVINGSTON, Gustine 1; H.H. CROKER, Comanche 3; D.F. McCARTY, Sidney; C.C. FRITTS, Hasse 1; F.L. RHODES, Gorman A; A. RACKLEY, Comanche; T.W. HADDOX, Gorman 4; H.L. BEATY, De Leon 4; B.C. Lusk, Sidney; C.S. EDINBURG, Gustine; S.J. MULL, Comanche 4; J.H. HOLMES, Proctor 1; W.P. WHITLOW, De Leon 4; J.C. LaGRONE, Comanche 1; J.F. POWERS, Comanche 2; K.D. JONES, Sidney; W.H. YOUNG, Gustine; Porter McCARROLL, Comanche; R.T. JANES, Sidney; E.H. McCARTY, Dublin; V.L. COOK, Gustine; S.C. LYNCH, Proctor 2; J.W. HARKINS, Comanche; S.M. BOYDSTUN, Energy; M.O. ODELL, Gustine; J.O. JONES, Comanche; D.S. SUMNERS, Sipe Springs 1; A.A. PHIFER, Comanche; W.H. SLIDER, Comanche; Earnest ROCK, Comanche; H.F. HOWINGTON, Comanche; J.H. ARTHUR, Comanche; L. LESLIE, Proctor; J.H. McNUTT, Comanche; R.J. FULKS, Comanche 5; L.E. WESMORELAND, Comanche 3.

Jury 3rd week, Oct. 28th

            O.E. RIPPETOE, Dublin 3; W.N. HUDDLESTON, Gorman 4; C.B. BURT, Gustine 1; Mart SHERRILL, Comanche; S.D. LINDSEY, Comanche; R.L. POYNER, Comanche; C.J. GRAHAM, Sidney; R.W. CAYLE, Gustine; W.A. PETTITT, Gustine; W.B. HAMILTON, Comanche; Hayes GLEATON, Gustine; Hobert ATTERBURY, Comanche 1; Joe TUPIN, Comanche; G.P. FOSTER, Sipe Springs; E.S. GAMBLIN, Hasse; Herman RAUHUT, Blanket 3; S.A. MOORE, Comanche 2; E.E. HAWKINS, Comanche; T.C. FREEMAN, Comanche 5; C.F. CARAWAY, Energy; H.L. WILLINGTON, Gustine; Preston TATE, Comanche; J.B. LACY, Sidney; L.R. DANIELL, Carlton 1; J.C. GADDY, Comanche; C.B. WILLIAMS, Comanche 4; Elgin HAYES, Proctor; M.J. SAULTER, Hasse; J.B. FIELDER, Comanche 2; R.J. SEAL, Comanche; B.R. ROE, Sidney 2; C.O. HATLEY, Proctor 1; F.A. FERIL, Sidney; C. BOWMAN, Comanche 3; Andy JOHNSON, Comanche 5.

Jury 4th Week, Nov. 4th

            W.H. WOOLEY, Gustine; T.W. JACKSON, Gustine 1; A.H. GRAY, Comanche 2; T.H. GOSSETT, Proctor; R.L. LANE, Comanche 5; E.H. SEAY, Comanche 5; I.M. VINEYARD, Comanche; M.O. LANE, Sidney 1; W.L. REED, Comanche 2; E.H. LONG, Comanche 5; W.D. CHAPMAN, Comanche 2; J.R. BROOKS, Proctor 1; S.D. EDINBURGH, Comanche 3; B.A. RILEY, Comanche; Porter B. RANKS, Comanche; L.E. BAYS, Comanche 2; Will KERLEY, Comanche; J.J. JOHNSON, Comanche 2; John H. SIDES, Blanket 2; C.L. HARVEY, Comanche; J.F. BOLTON, Comanche; W. H. TATE, Comanche; D.T. BOYD, Comanche 2; F. NEAL, Dublin 1; D.Y. REED, Proctor 2; S.M. ELLIOT, Comanche; J.F. WILLIAMS, Energy; W.G.E. WEST, Comanche; J.A. BRADSHAW, Comanche; J.J. CANTRELL, Carlton 1; J.G. BEAN, Gustine; J.W. WHITESIDES, Sidney Star; G.R. ROLLINS, Gustine 1; M.D. WILLIFORD, Comanche; E.E. GAGE, Comanche; W.C. MALLONEE, De Leon.

Jury 5th Week, Nov. 11th

            J.B. DENMAN, Lamkin; W.F. CLAYTON, Lamkin; W.F. EANES, Comanche; J.W. ROLLINS, Energy; J.B. COOPER, Carlton 1; A.L. FAULKNER, Comanche 1; L.C. HILL, Lamkin; W.H. HOWARD, Comanche; E.A. BROOKSHIRE, Carlton 1; W.W. LAIRD, Lamkin; W.S. BEAN, Comanche; L.R. HASLEY, Comanche; G.F. ASKIN, Carlton 1; D.W. BEAM, Comanche; J.W. TATUM, Comanche; W.P. MAGNESS, Energy; C.E. FROST, Comanche; Jim W. GRAHAM, Comanche 4; E.S. FAGAN, Comanche; W.D. RENFRO, Comanche; L.K. STAMEY, S. Springs; W.R. McGLOTHLIN, Energy; Clarence HUETT, Comanche; L.F. MORRIS, Comanche; J.R. COAN, Gorman 4; Garner LLOYD, Comanche 2; J.A. MIMS, Carlton 1; Jim MOODY, Comanche; D.M. BRIGHTMAN, Comanche; D.L. HALL, Sidney; C.M. WAGNON, Sidney 1; A.J. CAMP, Sidney; H. BARNETT, Gustine 2; Joe HAMILTON, Energy; J.S. JACKSON, Lamkin; C.A. HAYES, Gustine 2.

High School Orchestra Organized Recently

            A high school orchestra has been organized with a membership mainly out of De Leon Band members.  The personnel consists of a number of players already well experienced and the orchestra is expected to do good work during the school year.  The membership list is as follows:

            Susan SCHMIDT, violin; Marjorie MORRIS, drums; Orlena JONES, violin; Mary Alice SHORT, violin; Martha Frances RUSSELL, clarinet; Cecil COOK, trombone; Conner JETTON, trumpet; Theron BUCHAN, trumpet; Mattie BLANTON, clarinet; Sarah JETTON clarinet; Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, piano; Alexander ALLEN, trumpet.

B. G. Club

            The Bachelor Girls met September 25 and re-organized their club.  The following officers were elected:

            President, Merlin GOOCH; Vice-president, Modet FARROW; Sec. and Treas. Mildred GARNER, and Reporter, Ruth HOWE.  We will decide on our colors and motto next meeting.  You will hear more of us in the future.

Miscellaneous Local News

            Judge F.B. BLAIR of Nashville, Tenn., who has been here the past two months settling the estate of his brother, the late “Shug” BLAIR, has completed his work and will return to his home this week.  There were seventeen heirs to the BLAIR estate, deceased having no children.

Mesdames Lula JONES, J.P. SMITH and C.H. STRINGER, all of near Gorman, were here visiting with friends Wednesday.  Mrs. JONES is the mother of Lon and John JONES, twin boys, who were reared in De Leon.  Lon is now operating a garage in Roscoe and John is building steel tanks in Canada, having left De Leon with the builders of the first steel tank tower in the middle of the street in De Leon some 23 years ago.

            Pete SHAVER went to Luling Sunday to visit his son, Brown, and family.  He was accompanied home by his granddaughter, Dorothy, who has entered school here.     

            Mr. and Mrs. William FINCHER have returned from a two week’s visit with relatives at Lubbock and Slaton.

            Mrs. Bertha JONES with her son and daughter of Altus, Okla. were visiting Mrs. Wesley JONES last week.

            Miss Mary COOK and Lowell ROBINETTE from Decatur were Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will ROBINETTE.

            Taylor DABNEY was here Sunday from Stephenville visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY.

            Mr. and Mrs. Ira KAY and children moved to Roscoe last week where they will make their home.

            Mrs. Curt MORRIS and children spent last week end in Breckenridge with her sister, Mrs. D. WEBB.  She was accompanied home by her mother, Mrs. SWEARINGEN, who will spend some time visiting here.

            Mrs. Feltz TERRILL and son, Feltz, Jr. and H.C. WEATHERFORD visited her sister, Mrs. W.B. BUTLER in Breckenridge Saturday.

            Mrs. Marvin HANCOCK has gone to Waco for a visit with her sister, Mrs. B. HAMILTON.

            Miss Gladys WATERS, daughter of George WATERS of Harlingen was here the past week, guest of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS and other relatives.

            Graves ROSS returned home from Dallas Saturday where he had been for some weeks taking treatment.  He was under the care of Dr. Sam WEAVER, and his condition is much improved.

            Forest SPENCE was visiting his mother, Mrs. Wesley JONES, this week.

            Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY is home from a visit with her father, Dr. J.D. GOWEN at Christoval.


Mrs. Verna KAY and son John of Corsicana visited the KAYs here.  Verna returned home Sunday and John will remain here for some time.

Mr. Tillman DYSON and family of Desdemona visited Jim DYSON and family Sunday.

Mrs. Emma CUMMINS had a very severe attack of tonsillitis the past week but is improved now.

Oliver Springs

E.M. OTWELL received a message from Austin Saturday advising the presence of all who had been near the rabid pup in the past week as there were so many unnoticeable ways in which the poison could prove dangerous.  As all of the family that were not bitten did not take the treatment, they left shortly after receiving the message.  All members of C.T. NABORS family left Saturday also. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.K. NIX and family, Mr. J.N. NIX and Mr. and Mrs. R.D. BAGGETT, all of Eastland, and Mr. and Mrs. L.C. COZART, were guests of G.H. BAIRD Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PARKS of St. Joe have moved to this community.

Hyson ECHOLS, Jr., eleven months old son of H.H. ECHOLS, is very sick.  It was found necessary to summon a physician.

Downing News

Miss Larue HATLEY is at home from an extended stay at Duster where she has been nursing in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. WALLACE.

Lofton BISHOP of Brownwood spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BISHOP.

Mrs. Kate BOYD and daughter of Ranger were visitors of Mr. Walker BOYD and family Sunday.

Sam GRISSOM and family visited Houston GRISSOM and family at New Hope Sunday.

New Hope News

Miss Enola McCHAREN spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. F.M. CHAMPION of Breckenridge.

Miss Clara WILKERSON visited the first of the week with her sister, Mrs. Ben BURROW of near Ranger.

Mr. and Mrs. John DUPRIEST are the parents of an eleven pound baby girl, born October 2.

Grandmother PERKINS spent several days the first of the week with Mrs. G.L. LEE.

Rev. Earl LIGHTFOOT and family of Coleman were visiting the first of the week with his sister, Mrs. Mug DANIELS.


Mr. and Mrs. Glen GEORGE of Fort Stockton spent last week visiting with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. GEORGE and family.

W.P. PULLEY of Cisco spent the week end visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY and children.

Miss Velma GEORGE went to Gorman on Thursday of last week where she had an operation for the removal of her tonsils.

Mr. and Mrs. Clint SPENCER and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. STURDIVANT and grandson spent last Wednesday in Stephenville visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. SPENCER’s granddaughter, Mrs. Paul SPENCER.

Basket ball season is here.  The teams have been organized and captains elected.  Fifteen boys came out for practice.  The girls reported fourteen as ready for practice on the team.  Barnett HAMMOND and Haskell HAZZARD were chosen as captains of the boy’s team and Vera HANCOCK as captain of the girls team.  The first game for the boy’s team is scheduled for Friday, October 18.

Mr. and Mrs. V.G. DODGEN have as their guest this week, Mr. DODGEN’s sister, Mrs. L.OL. EVERETT of Waco.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy GEORGE are the parents of a baby girl, born Sunday, October 6.  The little one has been named Billy Louise.

Mr. and Mrs. Jess BARNES and Mr. and Mrs. Buddy HUDSON went to Desdemona Sunday to visit with Mr. BARNES’ brother, Kirby BARNES and family.


Curt GREGORY of south Texas is visiting with relatives and friends in this community.  His family is with him and they will remain here for several days.  Mr. GREGORY formerly lived here and was highly esteemed as a good and progressive citizen.  His friends are glad to have him with them.

Marchall WINNEGAR, the young son of Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR, came near meeting with a serious accident Saturday afternoon when a car struck him, knocking him down and going partly over him.  In some manner he escaped without being seriously hurt.

Mr. and Mrs. SHAHAN are the parents of a new girl at their home.  Mrs. SHAHAN was formerly Miss Opal McKINNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. John LINDLEY and children are visiting this week with W.A. LINDLEY and family and T.L. OSBORN and family.

Curley LOHMAN and family have returned from an extended visit with Mrs. LOHMAN’s mother in Coleman.

T.L. OSBORN has sold his home place to W.L. MOORE and will move to Arizona where his son has large ranch holdings.  Mr. OSBORN and his family have many friends here who will regret to see them move away.  Their moving will take from the school Miss Alma OSBORN, one of our most popular and deserving pupils 

Mr. and Mrs. Paris CLEMMONS and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin CLEMMONS of Big Springs have been visiting with M.J. KEITH and family.

W.N. KOONCE has had installed at his place a complete set of wagon scales such as would be found at any public weighing yard.  Mr. KOONCE handles considerable cattle, hogs, feed, etc. and finds the scales very useful in determining the weight of such things without the necessity of long hauls for weighing purposes.

Lawrence and George HUGHES left this week for west Texas where they will resume their work in the pipe line department of an oil company.

Mr. and Mrs. Rotan PEAK of Girard are visiting with J.C. PEAK this week.  Mr. PEAK formerly lived here.

Doris HUGHES has started to school at this place.

Mrs. G.E. RILEY and Misses Lucille RILEY, Ruthel RILEY and Bartene MOORE and Jack RILEY visited H.M. FINCANNON and Minor WALLACE at the Gorman Sanitarium Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. E.S. WHITE is reported very ill.  Her friends hope for her recovery.

Mr. C.H. WYNN had the misfortune to turn his car over between DeLeon and Comanche last week while going to Comanche.  No one was seriously injured.

Mr. and Mrs. E.S. WHITE are the parents of a new baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. KEITH were at Victor Sunday visiting with his daughter, Mrs. Fred NEWTON.

Mrs. J.H. ADAMS and children spent Saturday visiting with her sister, Mrs. W.J. MUNN at Desdemona.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry WILLIAMS visited Sunday with his sister, Mrs. J.S. PEAK. 


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