De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 6, 1929


Tennessee Judge Here to Settle Up Blair Estate

            Judge F.B. BLAIR of Nashville, Tenn., a brother of the late “Shug” BLAIR, has been here for some days working toward settling up the estate of his brother.  “Shug” BLAIR died at his home five or six miles east of De Leon on June 23rd and was buried in Round Grove cemetery.  He was an old settler here.  Having no children, his estate which runs into a considerable sum, will be divided among the rest of his kin, his wife also being dead.  There are seventeen heirs, Judge BLAIR told Free Press editor. These are widely scattered, some being in New Mexico and other distant points.  A sister-in-law of Mr. BLAIR, Mrs. BRUMBELOW, who lived with him after the death of his wife, has been taken care of liberally by common consent of the heirs to the estate.  Judge BLAIR said a fitting monument would be placed at the grave of his brother while he is here.

            John BLAIR, who formerly lived here, now of Woodson, accompanied Judge BLAIR here this week.

Farm Residence of T.M. Jenkins Burned Friday

            When the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. JENKINS burned six miles west of town at 4:00 o’clock p.m. last Friday, a couple of chairs were destroyed that were 110 years old.  The chairs were made in East Texas by the father of Mrs. JENKINS, and were treasured as an heirloom.  They had hickory split bottoms, and the frames and rounds were perfectly sound.

            Among the other things lost was a hymn book which was some 75 or so years old and he valued it highly.  Deeds and valuable papers were also destroyed, but most of these had been recorded and he will suffer no loss in them.

            Mrs. JENKINS was at home alone when the fire occurred.  She was sitting in her living room reading.  Hearing a slight roar, she investigated to find the interior of a side room filled with flames.  Three men, Messrs. LEDFORD, WHITE and ADAIR, were not far away and arrived in time to save a few bed clothes and dresses.  Mr. JENKINS was in town.  Their loss is estimated at from $3,500.00 to $4,000.00 with no insurance.

Sisters Meet for First Time in 45 Years

            Two weeks ago Sunday Mrs. Jack HAYNES had the surprise of meeting her sister, Mrs. ELLIS of San Antonio, in the home of another sister, Mrs. Julia CARNES, at Comanche.  She was accompanied home by her sister who spent several days visiting her.  Jno. MAY and family of Ft. Worth also came for a visit with Mrs. HAYNES.  Their mother, Mrs. Mary MAY, was present also.  She has reached the ripe age of 81.  Mrs. ELLIS has resided in San Antonio for twenty years.  It was the first time Mrs. HAYNES had seen Mrs. ELLIS in 45 years.

            They attended the Rebekah association in Comanche last week.  Mrs. MAY is visiting with her grandson, Oscar CALLOWAY in Comanche, after which she will return home.

Cozby Family Had Reunion at Vera

            Mr. and Mrs. Ellis COZBY were present at a very pleasant family reunion, held at the home of his mother at Vera, twenty miles west of Seymour, during the past week.  Mr. COZBY and his brother, Lewis COZBY of Des Moines, N.M., had agreed to meet at the home of their mother, the brothers not having seen each other for seventeen years.  Their sister and her husband reside at Vera.  It is reported that they ate up vast quantities of fried chicken, and other things in proportion, and had a most enjoyable reunion. 

Brick Garage Building Being Erected Soon

            L.G. MILLER and Bud GLOVER are having a brick garage building, size 30x40 feet, erected on a lot immediately across the street from Holdridge & Sons Humphrey Addition store.  The building is being set back from the corner to allow for parking space.  Both MILLER and GLOVER are experienced automobile mechanics and should do well in the business in which they will engage.

Cut Off Toe

            Bryant LESTER, five, otherwise known as “Jiggers”, suffered the misfortune to get the little toe of his right foot cut off when his cousin, Christine LESTER, slammed a door.  He cried a little—mightily little—when the doctor finished cutting the toe off, proving himself a “game” youngster for his years.


Mr. and Mrs. Dolph SMITH and son, Arlton of Gorman, were Sunday visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. BROWNLEE.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. WOOD, who have made their home at Sherman for the past several months, are returning to this city to reside soon.

Mrs. H.B. SCOTT, mother of the Free Press editor, is here for a visit with numerous relatives and friends.  Her home is San Angelo.

Mesdames Henry GILDER, Arthur VINSON and Dalt GILDER have returned from a visit with their daughter and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Albert GEORGE at Roby.

Mr. and Mrs. J.V. SMITH and family and Mr. and Mrs. O.A. BEAVERS and family who have lived here for the past several months have moved to Arizona.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. BROWN of Fort Worth and Mr. and Mrs. George BROWN of Los Angeles, Calif. Spent the weekend with their sister, Mrs. Pete SHAVER and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil COONER of Fort Worth were week end visitors of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.P. LLOYD.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodie BUTLER and children of Dallas are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Mr. and Mrs. COLLING of Abilene were week end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. BUTLER.

Mrs. LOTHRINGER and baby of San Antonio were here the past week, guests in the house of her mother, Mrs. T.L. FITZGERALD.

Miss May McMURRAY of Spearman, Texas, was here last week guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. Paul MORGAN.  Mrs. MORGAN and Bobbie returned home with her for a visit with her mother.

Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT has returned after an extended visit with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert BARBER in Kress, Texas.

Mrs. Bill MYERS and daughter, Hattie Belle, attended the funeral of her sister, Mrs. V. SCOTT, in Dallas last week.

H.B. GILMORE and family of Mercedes are spending the week visiting their daughter and sister, Mrs. M.B. LEECH of near Desdemona.

Roy GREENWALDT, who studied two years at Southwestern University, Georgetown, has been at home with his parents a couple of weeks.  He left Tuesday for Dallas where he has a position with S.W. Traction Co., and will not attend school this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison WALKER and son, Harrison, Jr. of Waco, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim PRESTON and Luther HAYNES of Brownwood were Sunday visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack HAYNES.

Mrs. W.E. MORELAND and children of Coleman are here visiting relatives and friends while Mr. MORELAND is at the bedside of his father, Tom MORELAND, who is seriously ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John SLAUGHTER, in Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON and daughter, Mary, stopped here for a visit with relatives and friends while en route to Sayre, Okla. to make their home.

W.W. NORMAN, who has just returned to this city, told the Free Press editor that he had been confined in M-K-T hospitals at Waco and St. Louis since the 14th of June.  He had an operation for relief of a trouble affecting his hip and spine, and now feels like a new man.  He has had this trouble about ten years.

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. COLEY and their seven-months-old baby, Marilou, were here the last of the week from San Antonio visiting his mother, Mrs. J.W. COLEY.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.C. NEWTON, an eight pound boy on August 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe BLITCH have moved back from Waco.

Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL has moved to Colorado City.

Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER accompanied her daughter, Mrs. J.D. HEARN, to her home in Mineral Wells.

Dale SADBERRY of Pecos was a weekend guest of his mother, Mrs. Fronie SADBERRY.

Mrs. Joe KEMP and family have joined her husband in San Rita, N.M. where they will reside.

Mrs. Arnold HUGHES and children of Dallas are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. DOMINY on Route 1.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER was buried at the Comyn cemetery Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock, August 30.

Miss Grace BOYD went to Iraan last Sunday where she has accepted a position as a book keeper in a hotel.

Mrs. Hill SUMMERS and children have moved here from Menard.  Mr. SUMMERS is at present in business in Hamilton.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WILKERSON and little daughter, Katherine of Waco, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. WILKERSON, on Route 1.


Mr. and Mrs. Guy HOOPER are the proud parents of a new boy at their house.  The youngster is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. G.M. WADE.

Otis STOCKBRIDGE of Texon, who has been visiting with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. OSBORN, has returned home.

Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGAR and children are away on a visit in the west and will pick cotton while there.

Miss Pauline RAY will teach a music class at this place beginning as soon as the school work is organized.

Roy OSBORN, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.L. OSBORN, has returned to Coleman where he expects to enter the employ of one of the large oil companies in the production department.

Curly LOHMAN and family are away for two or three weeks picking cotton in west Texas.

W.N. KOONCE has been ill for the past several days, his condition being such as to require the attendance of a physician on several occasions.  It is hoped he will be up soon.

Clyde McKINNEY is reported to be improving with the condition he has had which has kept him confined to his room most of the time for some months.

Ralph ROBBINS has been in Abilene for the past several weeks where he has been taking lessons in flying an aeroplane under the direction of his cousin, Reg ROBBINS of endurance fame.

New Hope News

Miss Waynie McCHAREN, accompanied by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN  [went] to visit Mr. and Mrs. Valle McCHAREN at Abilene last Sunday.  Miss Wayne will attend the National Business College there.

Mrs. Will LOCK and children and Mr. Damon SCOTT of St. Joe visited O.M. LOCK Sunday.

Mr. Byron LOCK of Harmony and Hasker LOCK of St. Joe visited their aunt, Mrs. G.K. LEE on Wednesday evening of last week.


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