De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 30, 1929


De Leon Teachers Get Their Degrees

            Mrs. S.A. DUKE returned home Saturday from Denton where she attended school the past six weeks at the College of Industrial Arts and where she was awarded her A.B. degree.  Mrs. DUKE attended school at C.I.A. a number of years ago, before her marriage, but did not finish at that time.

            Miss Virginia Grace WESSON returned some days ago from Baylor University at Waco where she finished at the end of the summer school and was awarded her A.B. degree.  Miss WESSON has done most, if not all, of her college work at Baylor U.  Miss WESSON formerly taught Spanish here.  She will have charge of the English department this year.

            Miss Artie COLEY took a year’s leave of absence from the school here and attended C.I.A. at Denton last winter, and again this summer, receiving her Bachelor of Science degree at the end of the summer term.  Miss COLEY will be back at her post in the Home Economics Cottage with the opening of school.

            Mrs. J.E. SHORT, who has given such excellent satisfaction as a departmental teacher in the North Ward the past several years, studied the past two summers at Simmons University, Abilene, and received her A.B. degree there at the end of the summer school recently.  She will again teach in North Ward departmental work.

Court House News


H.W. PALMER, Comanche, Texas, and Miss Pallie Frances GARRETT, Richland Springs, Texas.

Marriage Licenses

R.E. PRESSLEY, De Leon, and Mrs. Callie BAYS, Dublin, Texas.

A.L. WHITLOCK, De Leon, and Miss Lucile AISHMAN, De Leon.

Real Estate Transfers

J.E. BOON and others to George ACKER, 100 x 162 ft. John DUNCAN survey No. 2, $10.00.

S.J. GRAHAM and wife to L. WEBB, part of John DUNCAN survey No. 2, $10.00 and other considerations.

L. WEBB and wife to Chas. WALKER, part of John Duncan Survey No. 2, $650.00.

R.T. BAILEY and wife to D.C. BAILEY, 138.4 acres John DUNCAN Survey No. 4, and 32 acres, John DUNCAN survey No. 5.  8000.00.

H.W. WILLIAMS and wife to J.E. BURT.  100 x 173 ft. out of Block 29, Comanche.  $200.00.

Mrs. W.D. RUDD to A.O. TULLY, part of Thomas A. THOMPSON Survey.  $750.00 and other considerations.

Mrs. I.N. WILCOXSON to A.B. HAWORTH, 160 x 200 ft. Block 2, Pavillion Park Addition, Comanche. $200.00.

Joe Farmer and Family Moving to Dallas

            Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARMER are leaving this week for Dallas where they will make their home.  Mr. FARMER established the first successful laundry in this city, and has operated same for a number of years, selling out to his son-in-law, W.J. ROSS.  ROSS and Forrest FARMER will continue to operate the plant.

            Joe FARMER is one of the most experienced laundrymen in this section of the State.  Few men know the job better.  He has an attractive offer from Dallas concerns, but he probably will accept other employment, desiring to get out of the heat for a while, he told the Free Press reporter.

C E George Resigned Position at Free Press

            C.E. GEORGE, for the past three and a half years linotype operator at the Free Press office, has resigned his position and has left the city.  Several places are open to him, some of these in nearby towns, and it is probable he will soon be located again not far away.

            Mr. GEORGE was among the most faithful employees this paper has ever had.  Next to Clyde HAMMERS, he was the fastest operator this paper ever employed.  The quality of his workmanship was above the average, and his faithfulness to his task was commendable.  Mr. GEORGE did work of a civic nature in the town for which most towns pay a commercial secretary a handsome salary.  Yet he did it without remuneration.  The routine tasks he performed for the Lions Club will be missed.

College Folks

Following is a list of fifty-eight De Leon young people who will go away to College this fall: 

Madge IRVIN, McMurray College, Abilene.

Paul PEARSON, N.T.S.T.C., Denton.

John Carl HASKINS, S.M.U., Dallas.

Ray HARVEY, Southern Methodist U., Dallas.

C.L. KINCHEN, Jr., Simmons U. Abilene.

Henry G. SHARP, N.T.S.T.C., Denton.

Andrew JACKSON, Weatherford College, Weatherford.

Cecil (Honk) IRVIN, Davis-Elkins, Wheeling, W. Va.

Dick and Miss Allene WEAVER, State U., Austin.

Wayne WEAVER, Baylor Medical College, Dallas.

Mary Alice GREENWALDT, Texas Womans College, Ft. Worth.

Blanche HANSFORD, Texas Womans College, Ft. Worth.

Joe and Paul HOLLEMAN, Texas Tech, Lubbock.

Taylor DABNEY, Texas Tech, Lubbock.

Bill INZER, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss.

Launa FRETWELL, T.C.U., Ft. Worth.

Louise LESTER, T.C.U., Ft. Worth.

Roger CHAMBERS, Howard Payne College, Brownwood.

Fred HOWE, Daniel Baker College, Brownwood.

John D. HARVEY, Simmons U., Abilene.

Emmett Lee HOWARD, Simmons U., Abilene.

Walter LOWE Jr., State U., Austin.

Willie Mae JETTON, College of Industrial Arts, Denton.

Coale NANCE, S.M.U., Dallas.

Foster RUCKER, Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Dorothy WILSON, N.T.S.T.C. , Denton.

Addie Gayle MIXON, N.T.S.T.C., Denton.

Waynie McCHAREN, National Business College, Abilene.

Florence PILCHER, National Business College, Abilene.

Nerine DONOHUE, National Business College, Abilene.

John Tarleton College:


Bell Family Has Reunion Here

            The BELL descendents celebrated a family reunion Sunday for the first time in twenty-three years, at the beautiful new home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon BELL.

            Refreshment consisting of ice cold melons and lemonade were served to the following:  Mr. and Mrs. C.S. BELL and children, Bertha, Alvia, Katherine, and Ida Frances; Mrs. Sidney HAMON of Dallas; Mrs. S.S. BELL and children of Ft. Worth; Mrs. J.W. SUDBURRY of Oneca, Fla; Mrs. Dave LOTHINGER and daughter of San Antonio; Mr. and Mrs. Finis BELL of Denton; Mr. and Mrs. M.O. BELL and daughter, Gretna, of Goldthwaite; Mrs. Arden BELL and son, A.J., of Stamford; Claude FITZGERALD of Denton; Mrs. Addie FITZGERALD and family of De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon BELL and family; Mr. and Mrs. Dick BELL and family; Mrs. HICKEY of Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne BELL and Ann SHARP and Merton BELL from Luling.  Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD and daughter, Miss Virginia.

Miss Margaretta Sanders Married Thursday

            Miss Margaretta SANDERS, for several weeks bookkeeper for Central Texas Produce Co. here, later holding a similar position with Armour at Lampasas, resigned her position last week because of her approaching marriage to John A. COFFEY.  Mr. COFFEY’s home is Sulphur Springs.  He teaches mathematics in Big Springs high school.  The wedding was solemnized at Fort Worth last Thursday, the young couple going on a brief honeymoon before going to Big Spring where he takes up his position early next week.

            Miss SANDERS proved herself a young woman of splendid character during her brief residence here.  Few have the faculty of acquiring friends as she has.  And in turn was captivated by the friendliness of De Leon’s young people.  The young man she has chosen to be her life companion is reputed also to be of excellent character.  He visited here early this week with his bride-to-be before they went to Ft. Worth to be married.  Many friends here wish them much happiness.


            The marriage of Mr. R.E. PRESSLEY, to Mrs. Callie BAYS, occurred at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, Thursday, August 22nd, at 11:00 a.m.  Rev. NABORS pronounced the marriage ceremony.  Mr. PRESSLEY is a prominent farmer living near Rucker for a number of years.  Mrs. BAYS is a daughter-in-law of Sam BAYS, who resides in the Highland community.  Best wishes are extended by many friends.

His Three Children Earn $465.00 Month

            Growing fine crops is a splendid accomplishment, and raising thoroughbred livestock is more splendid still.  But rearing a family of thoroughbred children is the best accomplishment of all.

            Homer BOOTH, a farmer in the Suez community, told the Free Press a story that any parent might relate with pride.  He has three children, two sons and a daughter, whose combined monthly earning totals $465.00.  All of them have common school education, none attended college, however, a fact for which he expressed regrets.  The daughter finished the tenth grade at De Leon high school.

            Elton, 24, the eldest son, is a gauger for Humble at McCamey.  L.D., 19, the youngest, is warehouseman for Humble at McCamey.  Miss Bertie, between the ages of the two sons, has been four years with the Universal Film Corp., in the booking office at Dallas.  She visited her parents the past week.

            Mr. and Mrs. BOOTH are naturally proud of their children.  They have a right to be.

Party to Colorado

            Mr. and Mrs. Jno. A. MOHON and Mrs. A.K. BENDER had as their guests recently, Mrs. J.V. RUNDELL and son, Albert of Ft. Worth, and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer RUNDELL of Kansas City.  After a short visit here, Mrs. BENDER joined the RUNDELL party on a two weeks trip to Canyon City, Colo. Where all will visit in the homes of relatives.

Clubs and Other Organizations to Resume Meetings

            De Leon Club women and the members of other civic and social organizations here are planning to resume activities with the coming of September.  In fact, some of the social clubs have already had the first meeting of the new season.  A number of members of the various clubs are just now returning from vacations, and at the same time two or three score of young people are getting ready for departure for widely scattered schools and colleges.  Labor Day will find people pretty well settled into the fall routine.

            The Parent-Teachers Association will probably have its first meeting on Thursday the second week of school.  Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE is general president.  Mrs. Oscar HOWARD is local president of the North Ward, and Mrs. W.S. SNEED of the South Ward organization.

            The Shakespeare Club meets for the first time in the new season on September 11.  Mrs. S.G. PARKS is the president, and will be the first hostess.  The Club recently issued an attractive year book, outlining a very interesting miscellaneous program for the year.

            The Bridge Club has already held the first meeting of the season.  Mrs. W.H.C LARK is president.  Mrs. Fred NABORS was the first hostess.

            The Rook Club is another popular organization among De Leon society women.  Mrs. Fred NABORS is president.  The date of the first meeting has not been announced.

            Mrs. A.M. ALLEN is president of the Forty-Two Club.  This is one of the oldest clubs in point of organization in the city.  Mrs. Louise LAMBERT will be the first hostess of the new club year.

Civic Bodies

            The Lions Club meets each second and fourth Wednesday, at noon, with a luncheon.  This organization is not a seasonal body, meeting regularly throughout the year.  B.J. PITTMAN is president, J.D. TATE, Secretary.

            The American Legion is another organization that has felt the effect of the summer slump, and has met infrequently during the past few weeks.  This body, also, will doubtless take on new life with the coming of fall.  D.C. NORTON is Post Commander.

Family Reunion

Mr. and Mrs. F.H. LINDER, who have resided in this city for the past year or more, were present at a family reunion at “Two Draw Lake,” near Post, Texas, recently in which Mr. LINDER’s mother, Mrs. N.A. WEAVER of Carbon, was the honored guest.  Mrs. WEAVER celebrated her 75th birthday on the date the reunion was held.

A bountiful dinner was spread, and a cake bearing 75 candles was the center of attraction.  Many beautiful gifts were presented her.  Of her 14 children, eleven were present, and there were seventy grand children, and eleven great grand children.  Many visitors were also present, Mrs. LINDER told the Free Press. 

Bridge Club

            On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Fred NABORS entertained the Bridge Club in honor of her friend, Mrs. A.C. COZBY of Dallas.

            There were four tables.  Mrs. CARLISLE won high score.  Refreshments were served members present and the following guests:  Mesdames MADDEN, Chas. ROSS, A.C. COZBY, Emmett SMITH, KEITH, Charlie RICHARDSON of Desdemona; Misses Bertha ROSS, Edras THOMPSON and Eldora COONER.

            Mrs. Hiram SMITH will be hostess to the Club on Sept. 17th


Mr. and Mrs. George ROLLINS and children motored to Marlin the past week end to visit with Mrs. J.E. SELF and Mrs. Jno. NUNNELLEY, who are spending some weeks there.

Miss Marie PITTMAN of Breckenridge is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Whit PITTMAN.

Mrs. George VAUGHN and children of Eldorado, Texas, are here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete SHAVER.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald SORRELL have removed to Waco after making their home here for the past several months.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl DUKE left some weeks ago for Iraan, where he is employed in the oil fields.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. WREN of San Angelo were the week-end guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe TAYLOR and family moved to Waco last week where they have purchased a home.

Carl MACON from Dallas was here last week visiting his grandfather, T.J. MACON, and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Bascom BIBBY were guests the past week end of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. BIBBY and Mrs. Ora BROWNLEE.

Pete NANCE was at home from Lampasas the week end.  Free Press made an error recently in reporting “Tom NANCE” as having accepted a position at Lampasas.  It was Pete.

Mrs. Nellie GREGORY, who moved to Albany several years ago but who formerly lived here, was taken to the Humble hospital at Cisco Saturday for an operation.  The operation was very serious.  She is not improving.

Misses Modell and Pearl TATE spent the past week in Brownwood with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. WALKER  of Illinois are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie SHARP of Dallas spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP and family.

Mrs. C.L. PILCHER and daughters, Misses Mary and Florence and Miss Nerine DONOHUE have returned after a week’s visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey PILCHER in Geary, Okla.

Mr. and Mrs. Dick BELL and daughter, Miss Lois, and grandson, A.J. BELL of Stamford have returned from a visit with Mr. BELL’s sister, Mrs. J.W. SADBERRY of Oneca, Fla.  Mrs. SADBERRY accompanied them home.

Little Misses Talma and Mary Jacqueline RICE are spending the week visiting in the home of their aunt, Mrs. Billie BAGWELL at Breckenridge.

Mrs. J.B. WILLIAMS and two little sons have gone to New Mexico for a visit with Mr. WILLIAMS, who is working for a railroad there.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. PHELPS are home from Gorman where they operated the dining room at the Gorman Hotel for some months.

Paul HOWELL, who graduated at State University last June, accepted a position shortly afterwards with the Johns-Manville Roofing Co. and was sent to New Orleans where he is now employed.


Petty HUESTER of Cisco and wife are living in this community during the time Mr. S.A. JOHNSON is taking his vacation.  Mr. HUESTER is supplying for Mr. JOHNSON who is superintendent of the Humble Pipeline Station.

O.H. MOORE and family were in Carlton Saturday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HILL, parents of Mrs. MOORE.

Miss Ila ROBBINS is meeting with a good success in her Art class in Desdemona.  She has had all the students she could well handle and the class of work turned out has been excellent.  Miss ROBBINS is to be congratulated on her success.

Mr. BLACKBURN of Desdemona was at the singing here Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Baxter RAY and daughters, Misses Pauline and Loraine, were attending the singing at this place Sunday afternoon.

A car wreck of serious consequence occurred at about noon hour Sunday near the Twin Oaks Hotel in Desdemona.  It seemed that four boys, ranging in ages from about six to fourteen, were on their way from Sunday School when in some manner the car was overturned and the boys were injured.  One child, the youngest of all, is thought to be in a critical condition.  The boys had just passed Mr. Jim KOONCE and Miss Ila ROBBINS and these young people extricated the boys from the wreckage and rendered such aid as possible.

Oliver Springs

Ancil HILL happened to a very peculiar but painful accident last Thursday.  While fixing a flat on his car, Mr. HILL let one of the tools being used to prize the casing from the rim, slip and strike him in the eye.  It was feared he might lose his eye sight but it is better now and he can see out of it.

Miss Gladys ASTON surprised her many friends by announcing her marriage late Monday afternoon.  Miss ASTON was married to Mr. Perry GRANT of Hillsboro.  She has been attending school at Hillsboro the past year and there she met Mr. GRANT.  She has made her home with her uncle, Mr. Arthur WARREN, now of this community.  She is loved by everyone who knows her and is one of our most highly respected young ladies.  We extend congratulations and wish them much happiness.

Little Miss Wynell BAIRD is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. D.W. BAGGETT of Eastland.

L.C. COZART and family spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. EZELL of Desdemona.

Mrs. Mancel SMITH is visiting her parents, G.W. REED.

Mr. Gilly REED is on the sick list this week.  He has a bad case of tonsillitis. 


Mrs. B. WILLIAMS and children of Desdemona visited Sunday school Sunday.  She is visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John KAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus WILSON and little son, David, of Memphis, Tenn. visited his brother, W.J. WILSON, the past week.

Mrs. C.C. MILLER is able to be up again.

Mrs. Lela KEE and children of Breckenridge spent the past week in the homes of her sisters, Mrs. M. MAHAN and Mrs. Ruby BARKER.

Concord church called Rev. CARTER of Robinson Springs for pastor.  The church organization now is as follows:  C.C. MILLER, superintendent; Frank KAY, Bible Class Teacher; Mrs. Jno. KAY, advance class teacher; Adell MILLER, Junior teacher; Mrs. Ollie DYSON, Card Class; Mildred MILLER, secretary; Messengers to association: M. ROSS, Adell MILLER and Lillie DYSON.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and little children and Mrs. Payne SLAUGHTER of De Leon are visiting relatives in New Mexico.

Miss Virgie MUNN of De Leon has been visiting this week with her sister, Mrs. Ed LIGHTFOOT.

Miss Anice LOCK visited last week with relatives and friends of Downing and also was the pianist for the Methodist revival.

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LEE of Bowie visited his mother, Mrs. G.L. LEE, Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL are the happy parents of a ten pound baby boy born on the thirteenth of August.  His name is Corbett INZER.

Mr. and Mrs. Lea FULLER also are the parents of a baby boy born on the twenty-fourth.

Mr. J. C. LOCK spent Monday night of last week with Mrs. Will LOCK and children from St. Joe.

Grandmother OTWELL visited last week with her son, Jack OTWELL.

Mrs. T.H. LOCK  and sons and Mrs. Clyde JENKINS of De Leon visited last Thursday with their father, Mr. Hardy LOUDERMILK of Downing.


Last year an attempt was made to write weekly news of Comyn interest to the De Leon paper, but this attempt finally died out and seeing that Comyn needs to be in the news items of paper as well as other De Leon trade territories, we will make another attempt so as to get better acquainted with people of other communities as well as ourselves.

Last Saturday night about 8:00 o’clock, fire was discovered in the branch back of the tank farm.  Humble Co. turned in the fire alarm and the fire was extinguished in a very short time.  The fire did no damage only to grass and few trees outside of their fence.  About four acres of grass was burned.

O.M. SKIPPER purchased a new Ford this week.  So far Mr. SKIPPER has been unable to hold any debates on Ford or “Chevy.”  We are allowing him another week.

Mrs. V.D. DODGEN is visiting with her daughter, Mrs. M.D. PITTMAN in Dallas.

J.N. CRAWLEY, relief operator of Waco, is now working at the Comyn station.

Riley JONES, operator at Comyn station, was transferred to Albany during the week.

C.P. IRVIN (Honk) resigned August 19th to return to Elkins University in West Virginia.

M.H. ALEXANDER purchased a new Ford roadster and seems to need a larger cap now.

G.C. ELLIS injured his thumb while helping clean out a tank and was under the care of a doctor for several days but now is able to report for work.

H.S. BAKER had a slight attack of appendicitis last of the week but is now able to work.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.