De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 23, 1929


Court House News

Notice of Intention to Marry

R.E. PRESSLEY, De Leon, and Mrs. Callie BAYS, Dublin.

A.L. WHITLOCK, De Leon, and Miss Lucille AISHMAN, De Leon.

Marriage Licenses

J. Everett HANSFORD, De Leon, and Miss Mildred M. VAN ZANDT, De Leon.

Armer N. ANDERSON, Blanket, and Miss Ada Eugenia BECK, Comanche.

Real Estate Transfers

D.A. BROWN, and others, Trustees of Comanche Circuit Methodist church South, to J.J. ROGERS, 3 acres J.H. WATSON survey.  $50.00.

J.L. KEITH and wife to Jesse L. HAYES, 27 acres James HAMILTON survey No. 86, 50 acres James HAMILTON Survey No. 87. $4000.00.

J.W. HAMILTON and wife, to C.W. BUTLER, 146 x 90 ½ feet, John DUNCAN survey, No. 2. $1000.00.

E.E. DABNEY and wife to H.G. TERRILL, Lots 8 and 9, Block 17, De Leon.  $1500.00.

J.L. TABER and wife to J.B. ADCOCK, 53 1/3 acres James HAMILTON survey.  $2800.00

W.E. Butler Visited Aged Father in Miss.

            All of the five children in the BUTLER family were present at the home of their aged father in La Fayette Springs, Miss. Last week, except J.E. BUTLER of this city.  The elder BUTLER is 80 years of age.  W.E. BUTLER and wife of this city, Roy BUTLER and wife of Cisco, and Mr. BUTLER’s sister at Paris, all made the trip to Mississippi in cars.  They visited various points in three counties while there.

            Other De Leon and nearby people Mr. BUTLER saw while in Mississippi were: J.C. HOOKER, Jim HARRIS, W.W. MATHIS, Frank HODGES, Van HYDE, Gene GLOVER, now of Ft. Worth, and Lige GRISHAM and family of Goran.

            W.E. BUTLER said his father lives in the house that was occupied by Dr. RUSH when he first started practicing medicine.

Miss Mary Kimble Now Employed at Higginbothams

            Friends of Miss Mary KIMBLE will welcome her back to De Leon after an absence of several years at Breckenridge.  Miss KIMBLE, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE, has been employed by a dry goods firm in Breckenridge, and has accepted a position with Higginbotham Bros. & Co. here.

Lloyd Hampton is Again in Chevrolet Business in Okla.

            Lloyd HAMPTON, for many years in the insurance business in this city, who entered the Chevrolet field first at Rising Star and later at Stamford, selling out both concerns, has again entered the Chevrolet sales field, this time at Sayre, Okla.  HAMTPON has been looking for an opportunity to re-enter the automobile business for some months and believes he has found a promising field in the Oklahoma town.

            Mr. HAMPTON would probably not have left Stamford but for a serious accident in which Mrs. HAMPTON almost lost her life.  She was ill for many weeks, and it was during this trying period that he sold out.

            Friends will be glad to know that Mrs. HAMPTON is now almost recovered from injuries received when a party crashed into their car with another machine a mile from Stamford several months ago.  For many weeks she was encased in a plaster cast and her life was almost despaired of.  She is now up and walks about normally.  Little Miss Mary, daughter of the HAMPTONs, is on a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON, here.

Nath Nabors Now on Road to Recovery

            Nath NABORS, former road commissioner, who was partially paralyzed by a stroke last summer, told the Free Press editor this week that he has taken a change that he believes will lead to his full recovery.  For almost a year he has not been able to bring his hand up to his face.    He can now place his hand on the back of his neck with ease, and his benumbed fingers are taking new life.  He seems on the road to full recovery.

            Mr. NABORS also told the editor of a rather odd and unusual incident occurring recently.  When the first talking pictures were presented in De Leon, Mrs. NABORS, their daughter, Mrs. Ancil HILL, and her baby, all came to see and hear the picture, being three generations witnessing the first of a new and wonderful invention.

Van Zandt-Hansford

            The following announcement has been sent out this week:

            Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT announce the marriage of their daughter, Mildred to Mr. James Everett HANSFORD Wednesday evening, Aug. twenty-first, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine at seven o’clock.

            The announcement came as a surprise to many who had not known of the approaching marriage, however, close friends had been let into the secret. The happy young couple went to the home of Rev. and Mrs. M.A. DAVIS, accompanied by Miss Alpha MOORE and E.L. LOCKE, and the wedding ceremony was performed there. 

            Miss VAN ZANDT is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K.M. VAN ZANDT, and is a graduate of De Leon high school and studied at Abilene and also at John Tarleton College.  For the past year or more she has been employed as stenographer and bookkeeper in the Farmers & Merchants National Bank in this city, and will continue in this position.  She has may accomplishments and graces that have endeared her to the hearts of her circle of friends.

            Young Mr. HANSFORD, only son of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. HANSFORD, has grown to manhood in De Leon and has a host of friends in and around this city.  He graduated from De Leon high school and their romance has continued over a period of years.  He is associated with his father in business and has accumulated some property, a part of which is a pretty little home on the block south from the city hall where the young couple will reside.  The best wishes of many friends go with these popular young folks as they start life together.


            The Free Press has received the following announcement:  Mr. and Mrs. J.B. MARSHALL announce the marriage of their daughter, Thelma, to Mr. Joe C. WILLIAMS at their home Monday morning, Aug. Nineteenth, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine at eight o’clock.

At Home, Spur, Texas, Sept. 1, 1929

            It just so happened that young Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS appeared at the Free Press on the same day the announcement arrived, on their way to Cloud Croft, N.M. on their honeymoon.  They visited briefly with his parents on De Leon, Rt. 3.

            Mr. WILLIAMS is our own Joe WILLIAMS, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS and was reared here at De Leon.  He finished A.& M. College, and has since taught Vocational Agriculture.  He taught a year at Heidenheimer, and it was here that he met Miss Thelma MARSHALL.  Later Mr. WILLIAMS went to a larger field of work, at Spur, where he teaches Agriculture.  But his attention kept reverting to Heidenheimer.  So in order that his interest might all be centered at one place, he induced Miss MARSHALL to join him in the land of his adoption.

            Mrs. WILLIAMS was reared at Heidenheimer and is a most attractive and lovable young woman.  She took her high school work there and after finishing, attended Baylor at Belton.  She is as accomplished in the fine arts as she is lovely in appearance, and will make an ideal companion and home maker.

            Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAMS will be at home in Spur after September 1.

Genial A & P Manager Away on Vacation to “Cuba”

            When Dick HARRIS, popular young manager of the A & P Store left a few days ago for his vacation, he told friends he was off for “Cuba.”  Just where he went is a question.  However, in his absence Mac WILLIAMSON of Dublin is “carrying on.”

Pretty Party for Miss Van Zandt

            On Monday evening, August 19th, at the home of Mrs. T.P. WEAVER, Mrs. John WEAVER, Mrs. Dewey DANIELL, and Miss Dora AYERS entertained with a shower honoring Miss Mildred VAN ZANDT.

            As the guests entered, they registered in the bride’s book, presided over by Miss Margaretta SANDERS of Ft. Worth.  Then they were served punch by Misses Lillian HANSFORD and Ruby VAN ZANDT.  After the guests were seated, a radio program was enjoyed, during which time a surprise came over the air.  It was announced that a request had been received for “Wedding Bells are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine,” dedicated to Miss Mildred VAN ZANDT.  This was complied with, much to the confusion of the honoree!  Several contests were then engaged in, and the prize winners presented to Miss VAN ZANDT—a large basket of beautiful gifts.  After these were examined, lunch was served and the guests departed.  Out of town guests were Misses Margaretta SANDERS of Fort WORTH, Jewell HUTCHINS and Grace MAYO of Gorman.

De Leon Friends Honor Mrs. Seward

            Monday, August 19th at four o’clock, friends of Mrs. Jack SEWARD gathered in the basement of the Baptist church for the purpose of honoring her with a miscellaneous shower.  Mrs. SEWARD recently lost her home in San Marcial, New Mexico by flood waters.

            Mrs. I.E. REYNOLDS of Ft. Worth entertained with two pretty solos after which Mrs. Roy HAMMERS called Mrs. SEWARD to the telephone.  She was met in the hall by Mesdames Otis BUCHAN and R.L. WHALEY with a large basket laden with many useful gifts.

            At five o’clock Mrs. INZER invited the guests out on the lawn where she and Mrs. R.L. WHALEY served iced melons to about fifty ladies.

Former De Leon Jeweler Was on a Visit Here

            Mr. and Mrs. Henry THOMSON and their three children, from San Diego, Calif., were here Saturday last week for a brief visit with his mother, Mrs. E.C. THOMSON, and brother, O.L. THOMSON and family.  Henry has lived in San Diego the past seven years, having been with the American Jewelry Co. for six or more years.  His brother, J. Elvin THOMSON and family, also live in or near San Diego.  S.W. KENWARD is another former De Leon man now making his home there.


Miss Audie PERDUE of Goree, who has been visiting for several weeks with her sisters, Mrs. Ben KOONCE and Mrs. Roy GUTHERY, has returned home.

Otis STOCKBRIDGE of Texon is visiting with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. OSBORN.

Raymond and Novis LINDLEY have returned home from an extended visit with their grandfather and other relatives in Knox County.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom WEIR of Rotan, parents of Mrs. Bob KOONCE, are spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. KOONCE.

Mrs. B.M. KEITH of Dublin spent last week visiting with M.J. KEITH and family.  Mrs. KEITH has reached a mature age and has seen much of the hardships incident to pioneer life.  She has the distinction of having been the first white woman to be married in Eastland county.

Lillian and Estelle ROBINS, Raymond and Novis LINDLEY, Frank PENDLETON, Jack and Ruthell RILEY, Ruthell CLARK, Bartene MOORE, Thurston CARR and Gwendolyn ROBBINS attended a picnic by the League at Bass Lake last Thursday evening.

Oakley WIER of Houston is visiting with his sister, Mrs. R.C. KOONCE, this week.

W.F. HALE, Supt. of the Transcontinental Oil Producing Co., and family are taking their vacation in West Virginia.  They will be gone about three weeks.

Gwendolyn ROBBINS met with a painful accident last week.  In some manner she stepped on a piece of glass cutting her foot severely.  The wound bled so freely that the attendance of a physician was required.

Mrs. J.F. BODINE of McCamey is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.A. CLARK.

Miss Odell ROBBINS and Miss Lucille RILEY were visiting with home folks over the weekend.  They are in summer school at John TARLETON, finishing their work there during the summer and both will teach in the school at this place.

Mrs. SANDY who was formerly Miss Bessie GREGORY is spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. GREGORY.

Ralph ROBBINS of this community has been in Abilene for the past several days spending some time with his kinsman,  Reg ROBBINS, who has recently made himself famous in the great endurance flight at Fort Worth.  While there Ralph went up with Reg on extensive flights and at great heights but is not sure yet that he will take up aviation.


Evelyn and Norma Wilson of Ranger visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. WILSON, Sunday.

Mrs. Alice TURNER visited relatives near Comanche Sunday.

Oliver Springs

S.L. CANTWELL and mother and young nephew, B.C. CANTWELL, left for Austin Friday on business.

Mrs. A.B. HAMPTON and two sons, Lonnie and Chester are visiting in Arkansas where they formerly resided.

New Hope News

Mr. Pick CHAMBERS and family of Snyder visited last week with Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie CHAMBERS.

Mr. Jack BOYD and family moved to Stephenville last Saturday.

Bro. A.F. NABORS and wife and son of De Leon visited last Sunday with Oscar NABORS and children.


Mrs. Ford CURRIE of Ennis is visiting her sister, Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS.

B.S. NEAL from Grapevine is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. Walton LOCK and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Pete CAMBELL of Texon are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob DYSON.

Mrs. J.T. YOUNG is visiting her brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. MADDOX of Eastland.

Mrs. M.O. PITTMAN from Anson is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Mrs. Willie SANDERS from Eastland is here, guests of her sister, Mrs. S.G. CARNES.

Dale WILSON from Brownwood is here this week, guest of his aunt, Mrs. J.M. WHALEY.

Mrs. H.G. TERRILL and children and Miss Nina Beth TERRILL have gone to Brownwood to visit relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY and children and Mrs. Ora BROWNLEE and children were weekend visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Bascom BIBBY of Olney.

Mrs. J.D. HORN and son, Billie, are here from Mineral Wells visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER.

Mrs. John DYSON and small son, Robbie, of McCamey are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN.

W.T. HAZZARD is at home after a month’s visit to his old home at Slate Springs, Miss.  He  reports fine crops and an enjoyable time.

Mrs. A.C. COZBY and daughter, Eloise and Miss Eldora COONER have gone to Cisco to spend the week with their sister, Mrs. R.L. WILSON.

Mrs. FLETCHER from Corpus Christi, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. W.L. SALTER, has gone to Greenville to visit relatives.

Mrs. Grover WEBSTER, whose home is El Paso, but who has been visiting her parents, W.G. KIMBLE and wife here, was visiting with relatives in Eastland Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.T. WILLIAMS and her mother, Mrs. FROZZARD, are leaving Sunday for Sulphur, Okla., taking home Mrs. FROZZARD, who has been here for some weeks visiting her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. W.J. SCOTT and children and Mrs. Arthur WARREN and small daughter, Glenda Fay, have gone to Denton for a few day’s visit with their sister, Mrs. Will AKERS and family.

Mrs. G.W. SPENCER happened to the misfortune of getting a grain of sand in one of her eyes last week.  Her sons, Emmett from Cisco and Estel from Lubbock have been at her bedside.


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