De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 16, 1929

DeLeon Woman Lost Her Home in New Mexico Flood

            Mrs. Jack Seward, formerly Miss Stella TERRILL received a message Thursday morning just before this paper went to press, stating that her home had been washed away in a flood caused by a cloud-burst in San Marcial, N.M.  Mrs. SEWARD has been here some two weeks on a visit with TERRILL and SHARP relatives.

            From newspaper reports it seems that the Rio Puerco river came down on a rise because of a cloudburst and inundated the town.  Most of the houses are of adobe, the better class being stuccoed.  The mud walls caved in when the flood waters arose on them.  The crest of the flood passed Wednesday and left water standing from two to six feet in the town. The damage to property was tremendous.

            Mrs. SEWARD did not state what her loss would approximate.  In fact, she could not estimate it, not knowing the extent of the damage.  Mr. SEWARD was at Albuquerque, being in the employ of a railroad.

Had Operation

            Mrs. Jno. A MOHON was carried to Gorman early in the week, following a brief illness, and underwent a minor operation, necessitating that she remain in the sanitarium for several days.  She is now improving.

Man Died 12 Days After Wife’s Death

            William Henry POWELL, age 84 years, died at his home two miles north of town August 2.  He had been ill for many months.  The funeral service was held at the De Leon cemetery, conducted by Rev. Skaggs, Saturday afternoon after which his mortal remains were laid to rest there.

            Mr. POWELL was born near Birmingham, Alabama and, with his family, came to De Leon 27 years ago.  He has continually resided here since then.  He was a faithful member of the Baptist Church for more than fifty years.  His loving companion preceded him, dying just 12 days prior to his death. 

            He leaves seven children.  They are: Mrs. L.C. PILCHER, De Leon; Mrs. Mary WEEDEN, Pittsburgh, Texas; J.N. POWELL, Dawson county; Mrs. O.M. KIDD, Dawson county; I.N. POWELL, J.M. POWELL and W.M. POWELL, De Leon.

T.W. Hattox Enlarging Store

            T.W. HATTOX, who operates a store and filling station on the  De Leon-Sipe Springs road, about seven miles west of town, is having an addition built in order to take better care of his trade.  Mr. HATTOX handles groceries, oils and automobile accessories, and does a thriving business there.

Family Reunion

            Mrs. R.L.WALL had the pleasure of having her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren together the past ten days for the first time in ten years.  Those attending were:

            Mr. and Mrs. Bob ILES and children, Harold and Eunice of Phoenix, Ariz.; Mrs. Harold McDUFFEE and small son, John Robert, of La Plata, Missouri; Mrs. Geo. M. DONNELL and children, Waldene and Helen, Mexia, Texas; and Miss Della WALL who spent the summer in Brownwood attending Howard Payne College, and Miss Cora WALL who attended school at John Tarleton College.

Strickland-Fisher-Nelson Reunion Largely Attended

            The Strickland-Fisher-Nelson Reunion was held August 1-2 on the W.C. FISHER farm, ten miles southwest of De Leon. The meeting was held out in a beautiful pecan grove on Copperas creek and a hundred or more relatives attended.

            The program was begun at 10:30 o’clock August 1, with O.P. FISHER, president, and L.R. WILLIAMS, secretary, in charge.  Congregational singing was the first order of the program being led by L.R. WILLIAMS.  Prayer was led by Uncle Charley CARRUTH.

            Greetings from the three families were given by O.P. FISHER, M.H. NELSON and W.A. STRICKLAND.  Response was made by B. Ray McCORKLE.  Special music was arranged and furnished by O.M. STRICKLAND and others.

            In keeping with the staunch character of these old pioneer families, Rev. G.M. STRICKLAND, an old Baptist preacher, preached a stirring old-time sermon.

            At 12:00 o’clock a fine dinner was served, consisting of barbecued beef and stew and many other things the good ladies had prepared.  Uncle Jimmie ROSS from De Leon offered thanks.

            At 1:30 p.m. was a business meeting, all officers and committee being re-elected.

The program for the afternoon consisted of quartette by Henry JOHNSON, Stetson BINGHAM, L.R. WILLIAMS, and Ben STEPHENSON.

A solo was sung by Miss Bonnie STRICKLAND “When They Ring Those Golden Bells for You and Me.”  Songs were led by Bro. Willie SKAGGS.

            Talks were made by C,H. SHARP of De Leon, Uncle Richard McCORKLE of Sidney, E.E. DENEY of Comanche, and Mrs. A.L. FISHER of Comanche.

            Those of the NELSON family not present were:  Mrs. M.E. NELSON and son, Butler of Trent, Texas; W.M. NELSON and family of Abilene, Texas; Mrs. W.M. COOPER and family, Trent, Texas.

            Those of the STRICKLAND family not present were D.M. STRICKLAND and family of Fairview, Okla.; S.J. STRICKLAND of Ft. Worth, Texas.

            All of the FISHER family was present.

            Old time friends out of the county, attending the reunion were Uncle Tom McCRARY, Fisher county; Uncle Jack FULGHUM, Clay county.

            The reunion is to be held at the same time and place next year.  The public in general is invited.

Ross Family Holds Reunion

The children, grand children, and great-grandchildren of Jacob A. ROSS, deceased, met on July 25th at the McCharen Lake, for an all day picnic.  Fun was started in the early morning when the lemonade was being made.  The entire day was spent in merry-making.  At noon the table was loaded with all the good things that could come from farm and store.  Watermelons, peaches and grapes were enjoyed the entire day. 

            The family will meet next year the last Thursday in July at the McCharen Lake.

            The following were present:

Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS, De Leon; Mrs. C.W. BARTLETT and Frances, Dallas; Mrs. W.P. WEAVER, Herbert and Dick, Allene, Peyton, and Eugene, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Willie Joe ROSS, Delia Beth and Tommie, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Willie CARRUTH, De Leon; Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT and Jamie and Mary Alice, Louise GREENWALDT, De Leon; Mrs. Mollie ROSS, Sidney; Mr. Harvey ROSS, Clona and Mona, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Archie BOYD, Deviddie and Elwood, Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. Frank ROSS and Margaret of Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Ira ROSS, Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. Ollis CLAYTON, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. Perry ROBINSON, Comanche; Mrs. L.F. MULL and Mollie, Doyce, Earnest, and Bobby, Comanche; Mrs. Willie ROSS, De Leon; and the four KAY boys.

U.C. Nowlin Died at Rotan and was Buried Here Saty.

            The death of U.C. NOWLIN, or “Uncle Lish,” as he was commonly known here, occurred at 11:30 o’clock p.m. Thursday, August 8th, 1929.  Death came after much suffering.  He was an invalid for three years, and had been a cripple since a child.  Death occurred at the home of his son, W.H. NOWLIN, where he had lived for some years.

            Ulysses Cicero NOWLIN was born in Pontotoc county, Miss. May 31, 1842, being past 88 years of age.  When he was five years old, erysipelas settled in the bones of his limbs, and he was a cripple for life.  For this reason he was unable to participate in the Civil War, a fact which he always regretted.  He was married to Miss Martha  ROBBINS in 1865, the year following the close of the war.  Ten children were born to them, five of whom are living:  W.H. NOWLIN, Rotan; Mrs. Nannie Warren, O’Donnell; Mrs. Lena FORNEY, California; Mrs. Minnie SHORT, Toccopola, Miss. and Mrs. Howard F. SHORT, De Leon.  There are a number of grand children.

            Mr. NOWLIN was converted at an early age and united with the Missionary Baptist Church and his life was exemplary always in that faith.  While a semi-invalid for many years, he filled the place of a citizen in every respect, and was loved and respected by the hundreds and thousands with whom he associated during his long life.

            Uncle Lish had no particular malady when he died.  He had lived and toiled for 88 years and his body simply wore out, like a machine that has reached the limit of its power to serve and can go no further.  His life was a useful one.  He stood four-square with his fellow man.  “His works do follow him.”

            The funeral and burial was at De Leon cemetery Saturday morning, Aug. 10, with Revs. M.A. DAVIS and J.M. STRICKLAND in charge.

De Leon Girl at Harvard University

            Miss Lois SHORT, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT, has been studying this summer at Harvard University.  The Free Press only recently learned of this fact.  She has taught for some years at Liberty, near Houston, having also been formerly a member of the faculty of De Leon High School.

Court House News

            Real Estate Transfers

J.T. BINGHAM and others, to G.M. STRICKLAND, W1-2 N1-2 NE1-4 Sec 45, E.T.R.R. Co Survey, 40 acres.  $600

A.J. MOORE, Guardian, to G.M. STRICKLAND, an undivided interest in -2 N1-2 NE1-4 Sec 45, E.T.R.R. Co Survey.  $600

Mrs. Arminda HANSON and others to J.L. HANSON, 114 acres John DOOLING survey.  $1425.00

J.B. ADCOCK, and wife, to J.W. TABOR, and wife, 136 ¾ acres Farris GAITHER survey.  $2800.00.

R.M. BURNS and wife, to H.I. THOMAS.  Part of Block XI, De Leon, Texas.  $600.00.

P.A. PETTIT and wife to County Board of School Trustees, 7 acres Wm. E. HATTON survey.  $84.00.

Frank NEAL and wife to J.M. HUGHES, 91 acres A.M. McLAUGHLIN survey. $3500.00

George H. BELEW to I.L. MORRIS Estate, W1/2 Block 2 Morri Heights Addition, Sipe Springs, Texas.  $10.00.

J.W. TABOR and wife, to Effie STEVENS.  1 acre Ruck Transportation Co. Survey, $1.00.

L.B. RUSSELL and wife to E.A. HILL, 110 acres, Comanche County School Land survey.  $4000.00.

R.J. ADCOCK to J.B. ADCOCK.  A. ADCOCK homestead, Gustine, Texas, $1500.00.

Physician and Family Home from Colorado

            Dr. J.T. PLEMMONS, his wife, daughter, Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY, and grand daughter, Miss Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, are home from a pleasant visit to Colorado Springs and Denver, making the trip by automobile.

Farm for Sale

            The old Henry WARREN farm, 160 acres, 130 acres in cultivation, two sets of improvements, sandy land suitable for peanuts and truck or fruit farming.  At a bargain. –See B.J. PITTMAN, Administrator.


Ms. G.C. WEBSTER of El Paso was here this week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Mrs. M. FROSSARD of Sulphur, Okla., mother of Mrs. H.T. WILLIAMS, is here for a visit with her daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon PAINTER recently returned from a two weeks visit with his sister, Mrs. D.R. McCOUN, at Corpus Christi.

Worth COOK left some days ago for New Orleans where he transferred from the Pacific Coast, being connected with the Marine Corps.

Miss Mary CROWNOVER, former Western Union Telegraph manager here, now of Weatherford, was visiting friends here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. THRASHER and daughter of Snyder, Okla. Were here recently, visiting in the home of her mother, Mrs. FINCHER, and with other relatives and friends.

Fred SCHMIDT, who has held a position as telegraph operator at Granger during the summer months, has returned home and will be in the graduating class at high school next year.

Mr. and Mrs. A.Z. O’SHIELD of Riverbank, Calif. were here Wednesday visiting his sisters, Miss O’SHIELD, Western Union manager.

Mrs. Howard D’SPAIN and her daughter, Mrs. Hugh WAGGONER of Cisco, were guests in the home of Mrs. L.C. BILLS Wednesday.

Tom NANCE, one of the sons of W.W. NANCE, has gone to Lampasas to accept a position in one of the Armour plants, located in that city.  Young NANCE received his training in his father’s plant here, and was able to get a good place.

Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON is home from attending a family reunion of relatives at Floydada, being accompanied home by her son, Rev. Joseph PATTERSON, and grand daughter, Miss Martha REDWINE of Plainview.

Mrs. E.E. DABNEY and A.C. MARTIN are home from a two weeks trip to Colorado, accompanying Mr. and Mrs. V.G. LOCKE and little son of Cisco. They also visited with relatives in Oklahoma en route.

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. JARRETT and daughter, Miss Charlotte, and their three sons, were here from Temple, Okla. for a visit with her father, T.P. PATTERSON, and with other relatives this week.  Mr. JARRETT has been superintendent of schools at Temple for seven years.

Mrs.  F.L. RANDALL is slowly recovering from a very serious attack of ulcerated tonsillitis and has been confined to her bed all week but will probably be up by Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester PILCHER and son of Kansas City, Mo., and Mr. H. PILCHER of Amarillo have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim PILCHER of this city.  Mr. and Mrs. PILCHER had all of their children at once recently for the first time in eight years.

Mrs. G.E. EPPLER from St. Louis is here, guests of her Uncle A.H. BIBBY and family.

Mrs. Tom TRENT of Waco was guest in the home of her sister, Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE the past week.

Mrs. Albert BALLARD and son, Autrey, of Shallowater are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.D. McCARROLL.

Mr. and Mrs. K. WILSON and family of Long Beach, California, are  visiting her sister, Mrs. J.P. TODD.


Mrs. Ola STONE and nephew, Stanley SLATON of Denton county have been visiting their grandmother, Mrs. W.M. NEWTON.

A party was given at the home of Mr. Houston CROW last Saturday night.  It was enjoyed by the young folks in this community.

Miss Marie MOORE, who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Earl HOFFMAN of Carlton, returned to her home Sunday.

Mrs. Duree PAIR and little son, Ronald, of Houston are visiting Mrs. PAIR’s mother, Mrs. M.B. HART.  Mrs. PAIR and son will return to their home soon.  She will be accompanied by her sisters, Misses Inez and Johnnie B. HART, who will stay a few weeks with her.

H.I. THOMAS and family of Stephenville spent last week-end with F. THOMAS and family.

New Hope News

Mr. R.S. McCHAREN had with him the first of the week some of his brothers from Mississippi.  Aunt Mat SLAUGHTER of Gorman and Mr. and Mrs. Valle McCHAREN of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. F.M. CHAMPION of Ranger also visited the McCHAREN family.

Mr. and Mrs. Finish SIDES, Mrs. Basil BROWNLEE and Mrs. Fred HOLLAND visited last week with relatives in west Texas.

S.N. WILKERSON and family returned home from a three weeks visit with relatives in Alabama.

Mr. Jim DUPRIEST and family of Mexico [sic] have been visiting the past week with his brother, John DUPRIEST, and other relatives here.

Mrs. Whit SIDES spent Tuesday with her daughter, Mrs. Clyde HODGES of Round Grove.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. Noah ATCHLEY is in Big Spring at the bedside of her sister who is at the point of death.

Debbs ECHOLS is in San Angelo where he will remain several weeks.  He is employed by his uncle, E. MILLER,  in the harvesting of maize.

The singing school began Monday with about 5 pupils in attendance.  The school is progressing nicely under the able direction of Earnest RIPPETOE.  Misses Luella and Louise PIERCE are visiting with E.M. OTWELL and attending school also.  Miss Myrtle WEST with J.G. PERRRY and Phil REED and Misses Idell and Latrone McGUIRE with R.H. REED.  

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar STEWART are visiting with Mrs. STEWART’s sister, Mrs. J. CANTWELL.


J.J. PARDUE and family of Goree has been visiting with Roy GUTHERY and other relatives in the community the past week.

Tince BRAZELL, son of Morgan BRAZELL, had the misfortune to get hurt in a rather serious way a few days ago when he fell in a cement pit at some construction work at the school building.  His leg was not broken but the injury was such that the attention of a physician was required.  He is recovering.

Mrs. W.A. LINDLEY spent the day with her sister, Mrs. LOFTON, last Friday.

Several from here attended the funeral of Mr. NOWLIN at De Leon Saturday.  The deceased had many friends and acquaintances in this part and was an uncle to O.S. ROBBINS of this community.

Miss Audie PARDUE of Knox county is spending several weeks visiting with Mrs. Roy GUTHERY and other relatives and friends in the community. 

Mr. Clyde McKINNEY of this place and Miss Juanita RIDER of De Leon have been married for some weeks but have only recently made public information about it.  These young folks kept the secret well; only a few of the most intimate friends had knowledge of it until last week when in some manner the news got out.  The best wishes of their many friends in this community go with these young people.  Both are well known and have a host of friends.  Mr. McKINNEY has had to be confined in a sanitarium nearly all the time for the past five months recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile wreck.

School will begin at this place the first Monday in September which has been the custom here for a number of years.  This will fall on the 2nd day of September.  The teachers for this year will be O.H. MOORE, Prin., Miss Odell ROBBINS, intermediate and Miss Lucille RILEY, primary.


Friends of Mrs. C.C. MILLER will be glad to hear she is improving.  She is still confined to her bed.

Mr. and Mrs. M.B. PAIR of Lubbock are visiting Mr. and Mrs. R.L. PAIR.

Mary Belle WILLIAMS of Waco is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. JOHNSON.

Miss Rudell DYSON of Abilene was spending the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim DYSON.


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