De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 5, 1929


[Transcribers note: The first page of this issue had a big piece torn off before it was filmed.  Therefore, a number of articles are missing from the issue.  Another piece was torn off on one of the subsequent pages resulting in a partial transcription of another article.]

Wayne Weaver Goes to Work at Rusk Insane Asylum

            Wayne WEAVER has gone to Rusk to accept work for the summer at the State Hospital for the Insane.  He is taking a course at Baylor Medical College at Dallas, leading to his M.D. degree and lacks one year of completion.  The practical experience he is gaining will be valuable.

Old Time Minister on Visit to Friends Here Last Saturday

            Rev. Wm. LINDLEY, a minister of the Christian church, who lived in this section as far back as the early 80’s, and until about 15 years ago continued to reside here, was back last week visiting with old friends.  His home is near Eastland.  Rev. LINDLEY once pastored the Christian church in this city.  During his absence he has lived in New Mexico, at Albany, and in Stephens county.  He is 75 years of age and enjoys excellent health, he stated.

Mrs. Spencer Dead

            Mrs. Virginia SPENCER, wife of W.L. SPENCER, died at her home near the north ward school at 1:30 Sunday following a long illness.  The funeral was at the Baptist church and burial was at DeLeon cemetery at 4:00 o’clock Monday.

            An account of the life of this good woman is being prepared by another and will be presented in the Free Press the coming week.

Things We Forgot or Couldn’t Do

            In the Birthday Edition published last week, it was the purpose of the Free Press to mention every business of any nature whatever, inside the city limits.  But naturally, this was a big task.  We find that we forgot some.

            L.L. LIGHTFOOT operates a filling station on the De Leon- Desdemona highway, in the edge of town.  Mr. LIGHTFOOT has a place there convenient to the trade and sells iced melons and fruits in season, just now coming into the best season of the year.  His name was unintentionally omitted from the list.

            Mrs. Oscar HOWARD sells insurance.  Mrs. HOWARD wrote some of the special articles for the Birthday edition, but when the paper came out, her insurance business was not mentioned.  We forgot it.

            Some of the oldest of the old-timers may have felt that we didn’t want their stories because we never got to them.  That’s wrong.  We had the list of all we could think of.  But after getting into the subject of “Pioneer Days in Texas” we found that a big book could be written on the subject.  So naturally enough, we could not get it all in one 28-page edition.

            And a number of the old citizens who spent the major portion of their lives in other states might have been [part of paper torn off here].

            …..Pat CARNES has the “sheepskin” diploma of his grandfather, issued in an early day Texas College, away back the other side of 1850.  Billie CARNES, until a few years ago, had an old gate leg table, brought by the CARNES ancestors from England.  All these relics would have made good stories.  We couldn’t handle them.  Perhaps, someday, the Free Press will have another Birthday and can take more time and present a fuller, more complete story.

Holmes Broke Record Growing Big Cabbages

            J.D. HOLMES brought to Free Press the second biggest cabbage of the season last Saturday.  The big “fruit” weighed 16 pounds and was a good substitute for other big one he brought in a week previously, same weighing 19 ¾ pounds and which he took back home and made into sour kraut.

            The second cabbage was displayed in the window at Free Press office and created quite a lot of interest from passersby who did not know cabbage heads would grow so large.

Mrs. Schuman Hostess at Bridge Party

            Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN was hostess to members of the Bridge Club and friends at her pretty home here on Tuesday afternoon.  Arriving guests passed down a receiving line after which they were served punch at a table presided over by Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.  They were then ushered to their tables by Mrs. W. CLARK, who gave them their tally cards.

            Nine tables were arranged for the women and five rounds of Bridge were played.  High honor went to Mrs. W.P. WEAVER in the Bridge games.  Mrs. BLACKWELL of Gorman was highest at the Fifty-two tables.

            The appointments cleverly carried out the patriotic suggestion.  At the close of the playing, refreshments were served.

            The club meets next with Mrs. Fred NABORS.  The following members and guests were present:

            Mrs. LEE, Mrs. B. NABORS, Mrs. WORTHY, Mrs. SCOTT, Mrs. KEITH, Mrs. Will WEAVER, Mrs. Dave TERRILL, Mrs. Rollie HILL, Miss Bertha ROSS, Mrs. Autrey SELF, Mrs. LOWE, Mrs. KINCHEN, Miss Evelyn KINCHEN, Mrs. T.C. SMITH, Mrs. LEIGON, Mrs. SNEAD, Miss MOORE, Mrs. JETTON, Mrs. HAMMERS, Mrs. MORRIS, Mrs. McCLELLEN, Mrs. Lee HOLDRIDGE, Miss Eloise NANCE, Mrs. May WHALEY.

            Out of town guests were: Mrs. PARKER; from Gorman Mrs. Ed BLACKWELL, Mrs. SCALES, Mrs. BROGDEN, Mrs. Howard DEAN, Mrs. BOAZ, Mrs. RICHARDSON; from Dublin Mrs. TALLEY, Mrs. McCLUSEY.


Mr. and Mrs. Fess PARKER and children of San Angelo are here this week visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.L. PARKER on Route 4.

Mr. and Mrs. T.H. LOCKE and sons returned the past week from a two-weeks visit with relatives and friends in the state of Alabama, Mr. LOCKE’s old home.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay MORRIS arrived this week from Big Lake and will visit in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will MORRIS.  He is leaving soon for Chicago where he will take a course in electrical engineering.

Mr. and Mrs. W.R. HEIZER returned last week from College Station where he was in school at A. & M. college for the summer.  They have gone to Throckmorton where he took up his new position on July 1st as teacher of Vocational Agriculture.

George ROSS, Jr., accompanied by his wife and 11 year old daughter, arrived Monday from Port Arthur and are here visiting for some days with his father, Rev. George ROSS and other relatives and friends.  George, who formerly taught in DeLeon high school and later at Blanket, has been for the past 11 years with the Gulf Refining Company at Port Arthur.

Mr. and Mrs. E.M. LUSK, and his sister, Miss Katy Mae LUSK, all of Denton, arrived last week and will make their home here, Mr. LUSK to be employed at the Hampton Poultry Farm.  The Lusk family are relatives of Mrs. HAMPTON.  Miss Katy Mae recently took her degree from C.I.A. at Denton.

Mr. and Mrs. M.O. PITTMAN of Anson are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben FURNACE had as guests the past week their youngest son, J.B. (Pete) and wife of Jerome, Arizona, also their eldest daughter, Mrs. W.C. PARKER of Eskato, Texas.  Saturday morning, Mr. and Mrs. Earl SMITH of Belton arrived, Mrs. SMITH being their youngest daughter.  Thus having all their children but one son present, Joe, being unable to leave his place of business at this time, Mr. and Mrs. SMITH returned home late Sunday afternoon, taking with them their little niece and nephew, Katherine and Jack DUNNAHOO, for a few days visit.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL and son, Russell, left early in the week for Anson for a visit in the home of Mr. HOWELL’s brother.

Mrs. J.J. HEATH left the latter part of the week for Trinidad, Colo. To spend some weeks with her sister, who resides in that city.


Miss Faye FINCONO of Desdemona, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Georgia GOODSEN.

Will GARY and wife of Seagraves, are visiting his parents, C.D. GARY.

A.H. BEATY and wife and children from Loraine visited their daughter, Mrs. Leo SMITH and Mrs. Mental YOUNG here last week.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.