De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 21, 1929


B.J. Pittman Jr. Married at Quanah

            Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN are at home from Quanah where they were present at the marriage of their eldest son, B.J. Jr. to Miss Marion FRIZZELL, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. FRIZZELL of that city.  The wedding was solemnized in the home of the bride’s parents before an altar erected of flowers. Pretty little flower girls and charming bridesmaids appeared with the happy pair who took the vows before Rev. NORMAN, pastor of the Quanah Baptist Church, using the impressive ring ceremony.  Ralph PITTMAN, younger brother of the groom, was best man, and the father of the bride gave her in marriage.

            The hour of the wedding was 10:00 o’clock a.m. on Tuesday, and immediately following the wedding the happy young couple left in Mr. PITTMAN’s big Studebaker, for the mountains of Colorado, on a two or three weeks honeymoon trip.

            Both PITTMAN and Miss FRIZZELL are graduates of Baylor University, she having received her degree only recently.

Former Husband and Wife Re-United in Wedding Ceremony

            Twenty-four years ago, at LaGrange, Miss Lillian CHURCH was married to R.N. VERDERY.  They lived together for several years and were separated.  After a time she was re-married to A.H. HAZELWOOD and reared a family consisting of three children.  Some months ago the husband of her second marriage died in this city.  Tuesday, June 18, Mrs. HAZELWOOD was remarried to her first husband.

            The wedding ceremony was performed at the home of Mrs. HAZELWOOD at two o’clock p.m. with Justice H.C. HEATH performing the civil ceremony.  The ceremony was witnessed by the three children of Mrs. HAZELWOOD and a neighbor.

            Mr. VERDERY is of LaGrange, Texas, where he has lived for many years.  He is a successful business man there.  Mrs. VERDERY has many friends here, having lived in this city for a number of years.  The best wishes of all attend them.


            The sinking sun of a beautiful June evening cast long shadows around the home of John Daniel HAM, the summer the Infinite called him from labor unto rest.  His long wish to be called while still in normal strength was realized.  He walked into his bedroom where his wife sat talking with friends, intending to join the party in conversation.  As he entered the door the brittle thread of life snapped, the heart ceased to beat and in a moment his immortal spirit went out to meet the God whom he trusted.

            In his going away there was no evidence of suffering, indeed, it is doubtful if he realized even for a moment, that he had reached the end of life.  Friends and loved ones laid his form upon the bed.  His benign face reflected the peace and goodness that characterized his life.  He lived and died at peace with God and man.

            A devout Christian since early manhood, John HAM lived his religion.  He was a member of the De Leon Methodist Church in official capacity for almost half a century.  For many years he taught a bible class, and on last Sunday morning was at his post, apparently in his usual health.  At the eleven o’clock worship hour he came down the aisle and took his accustomed seat beside his wife.  Last Tuesday evening he was present in Teachers Council and entered into the planning for a revival campaign which is to begin soon.  Wednesday evening at prayer meeting he discussed the deep things of God with the people he labored with and loved.  He attended the last meeting of the Board of Stewards early this month.  His presence and wise counsel will be greatly missed with this body.  Few men attain the record for service he held in the church.  He gave liberally, served faithfully and loved much.  He believed God in the beautiful scripture verse: “Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you a crown of Life.”

            John Daniel HAM was born in Comanche county, Texas on July 29, 1857, and spent his entire life in the county.  He was one of the first white children to be born in the county, sharing the honor of first place with John McGUIRE.  He was born on the farm of his father, W.A. HAM, on Sweetwater Creek, some ten miles southwest of De Leon. 

            Schools were scarcely known in his early childhood.  He owed his early education, he said, to one, W.D. MARKHAM, his brother-in-law.

            His father died about the year 1893; his mother in 1910.

            Mr. HAM was in De Leon when the town was founded, entering the lumber business here in about 1881.  A little later he sold his business to the Campbell Lumber Co., and accepted a position as manager of the yard.  Later he bought back the yard and continued in the lumber business for probably thirty years.

            He has had other business interests, lands, etc. throughout the years, and at his death was a major stockholder in the Farmers & Merchants National Bank.  His business career was a successful one.

            On Nov. 10, 1887, John HAM and Hattie Irene SHANNON were united in marriage.  The wedding ceremony was performed in the first Methodist church to be erected on the lot where the church now stands, the present church being the third to be built there.  To them were born two children, James Ottis HAM, and Willi Ve[?], who is now Mrs. H.J. STOCKMAN of Akron, Ohio.  There are three little grandsons in the STOCKMAN home, ages two, four and five.  Mrs. STOCKMAN came from Ohio to attend her father’s funeral.

            There was only one organization Mr. HAM placed ahead of the Masonic lodge – that was his church.  He was a faithful and consistent Mason.  He was a member of the Blue Lodge.  He was a Shriner.  He was a Knight Templar.  He belonged to the Eastern Star.  Only last Saturday night he met with the Blue Lodge in their regular meeting.  He served the lodge in official capacity, but was as happy to mingle with his brethren “just as one of the boys.”

            A complete story of the life of this great and good man would fill a large volume.  The writer is happy to simply state that we knew him from intimate association for more than a quarter of a century, knew him in church, in lodge, and in business and social relationship.  And having such knowledge, we delight to point out his character and personal attainment as an example worthy for any young man to strive to emulate.

            Funeral and burial occurred Thursday afternoon commencing at 1:30 o’clock which was after the hour this paper went to press.

Mrs. Archie Lee is Given Shower Last Monday

            On Monday afternoon Mesdames J.A. MOHON and C.L. KINCHEN gave Mrs. Archie LEE, a miscellaneous shower in the basement of the Baptist Church.  Mrs. Joe ASHBY presided over the bride’s book.

            Mrs. KINCHEN led the bride into the room and introduced her to each lady, and little Misses Margaret SHARP and Mary Alice ROLLINS gave readings.  Little Miss Josie Beth ALLEN sang a pretty solo and was encored with Mrs. MOHON at the piano.

            Delicious iced lemonade was served by Misses Eldora COOPER and Evelyn KINCHEN to seventy-seven guests.

Carl Brumbelow Injured in Fall; Sprains Wrist

            Carl BRUMBELOW happened to an accident which may result seriously, while assisting in putting up a telephone line near the home of his father, J.L. BRUMBELOW, this week.  BRUMBELOW stumbled over a piece of loose wire and fell head-first into a deep ditch, seriously spraining and possibly breaking his wrist.  The extent of the injury had not been determined when the Free Press learned of the accident.

            BRUMBELOW, an honor student at John Tarleton College recently, also finished in the piano department and a broken wrist would seriously impair his ability to play.  He is a pianist of more than average accomplishment.  He has several compositions to his credit already and will compose during his enforced idleness while recuperating from his injury.

Hulsey Takes Lease on Two Gas Stations

            Tonk HULSEY last week took a lease on De Leon Service Station, located across the street east from Walker’s Filling Station.  This week he leased.  Mr. HULSEY is in charge of the Hiway Service Station, just across the street south from the first one leased.  Mr. HULSEY is in charge of the two places and is getting along nicely.  He invited all his friends to drop around for their automobile necessities.

            Both these stations are ideally located, and now that the tourist season is about to commence, Mr. HULSEY should have a very fine business for the coming three or four months.

Woodlie Butler Sells Interest in Sherman Chevrolet

            Woodlie BUTLER recently disposed of his interest in the Chevrolet Station at Sherman where he went from here as partner with Otis HARVEY.  BUTLER has had an operation within recent months, and has not regained his health, according to reports.  He will take a rest and doubtless undergo other treatment.


Mrs. French ROBERTSON of Haskell was spending the week here, guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave SWITZER and Miss Lela GARRETT, all of Mangum, were among those attending the HAM funeral here Thursday.

Dallas RIPPETOE, fourteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest RIPPETOE happened to a painful accident a few days ago.  He was shocking barley when a beard from a barley head got in his eye.  He was at once brought to a local physician, but he failed to remove it.  He was rushed to Gorman to a specialist and it was found the piece of barley had worked back behind the eye.  The barley was removed.  He is recovering nicely.

Uncle Shug BLAIR, who is an old pioneer settler, is very sick.  He is living 7 miles north of De Leon in the Round Grove community.

Durwood THOMSON, nephew of O.L. THOMSON, was here Wednesday visiting his relatives.  Young THOMSON has been for eight or nine years in Dallas and works for the American Exchange National Bank, having a valuable position.

Miss Alma CORNELIUS from Pioneer is here, guest of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. CORNELIUS.

Mrs. TALLEY, formerly Miss Zillah HANCOCK, is here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Mrs. Claude SIDES and children of Amarillo are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.E. CLARK.

Miss Ruth JENKINS of Rising Star, spent the weekend here visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. Marvin HOLDRIDGE.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack WOODARD entertained Sunday the following relatives:  Mrs. WOODARD’s uncle, Rev. Charles WILLIAMS of Clint, John WILLIAMS of Brownsville, Lon WILLIAMS of Weatherford and her mother, Mrs. N. NOEL of Dublin and brother, J.U. NOEL of Brownfield.

Loraine WOOD and Jewell HOLLEMAN have gone to San Antonio where they will attend a military training school.

Rev. and Mrs. R.E. SMITH from Waco are here visiting their daughter, Mrs. Don SORRELL and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert McCARTY from Lawn are here visiting his sisters, Mesdames C.L. KINCHEN and George MARTIN.

Miss Ethel COZART entertained the young folks of the community with a birthday dinner Sunday.  Miss COZART received many beautiful presents.

Miss Lela ECHOLS is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. R.M. BREEDLOVE of Soda Springs.

Aunt Bettie OWEN is spending the summer with her daughter, Mrs. Daniel FARROW at Clyde.

Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN left Wednesday morning to return to their home at El Dorado, seventy miles south of San Antonio, after a week’s visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Shaver.


Mrs. Emma CUMMINS and children from Olney are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John KAY.

Evelyn Mae WILSON of Ranger is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Abb WILSON.

Verna KAY and little son of Corsicana is visiting J.M. KAY and family. 

Jean MALONE is visiting her sister near Gorman, Mrs. Doll MAUNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis BRUMBELOW is visiting Shug BLAIR.  Mr. BLAIR was very sick for a few days at Round Grove.


Mr. and Mrs. Clayton CROW of Waco visited Mrs. CROW’s parents, G.D. GARY, last week.  Mrs. CROW was formerly Miss Lillian GARY of this community.

G.W. GOODSON and family visited his parents, J.V. GOODSON of Lingleville last Sunday.

Little Buster HART had a light attack of diphtheria last week but is better at this writing.

Allene SITTON has been sick with the measles.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.