De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 14, 1929


 Unavoidable Car Accident Caused Death of Child

            When little Mary Evelyn RAY and Coy OTWELL, ages eight and nine years, were returning from the rural mail box, half a mile from their home last Friday morning at about 11:30 o’clock they overtook a wagon in which Marshall VAUGHN, a neighbor boy was driving toward their home.  They hopped into the back of the wagon, the end-gate being removed, and played, jumping in and out, as the wagon took them back toward their home.

            The OTWELLS live on the one side of the road and the RAYs on the other.  As they came to the OTWELL house they slipped from the wagon and started to run toward the house.  Just at that moment, E. IVERSON, engineer at the Magnolia Pumping Station, came by in a Chevrolet Coupe.  The OTWELL child got across ahead of the car but the little girl was struck by the machine, the car passing over her body.  The car was being driven at a very moderate speed.

            Mr. IVERSON immediately stopped and ran into the house with the injured child, then hurried to town for a doctor.  Every attention was given the little one, but death was inevitable.  She passed away about twelve hours following the accident.  In his attempt to avoid the accident, Mr. IVERSON had swerved somewhat off the roadway, thus lowering the bottom of the car, which crushed the child as it passed over.

            While the parents are grief-stricken over the loss of their little one, they do not attach any blame to the driver of the car, who it is evident did everything in his power to avoid the fatal accident.

            The funeral service was held at De Leon cemetery at four o’clock Saturday afternoon and a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends gathered to express their sympathy to the parents and to lovingly lay the little form away in the “silent city of the dead.”

Rev. L.C. Tedford is New Pastor of Baptist Church

            At a business meeting of the congregation held last Sunday, Rev. L.C. TEDFORD of Clarendon, Ark. was called to the pastorate of the First Baptist Church at De Leon.  The pulpit committee had labored long on the task of locating just the proper man for the place and their recommendation of Rev. TEDFORD met the approval of the congregation.  The pulpit committee was composed of R.R. HARVEY, B.C. CHAMBERS, and E.R. McCLELLAN.

            Rev. TEDFORD came to De Leon recently and preached to the congregation (hence in his coming he will not be as a total stranger.  He made a very favorable impression during his visit here.

            A native of the state of Arkansas, Rev. TEDFORD received his degree from Ouachita College at Arkadelphia and went to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Louisville, KY. where he finished the course in theology.  His wife is also a graduate of Ouachita College and did special work in W.M.U. courses while at Louisville.  Rev. and Mrs. TEDFORD have no children.  They are quite young, he being scarcely past thirty, having completed his education about two years ago.  From the best information the Free Press editor has, he will be the youngest Baptist pastor to serve the De Leon church in its history.  However, he has been doing pastoral work during the years he has pursued his course of study, and has pastored the Clarendon, Ark. Church the past two years.  His recommendations are very flattering indeed.  He will arrive in about six weeks.


            The marriage of Miss Edna Merritt, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.D. MERRITT, to Bonner NABORS occurred at the bride’s home in De Leon at six o’clock p.m. Wednesday, June 12th with Rev. S.J. RUCKER performing the wedding ceremony.  Only a few friends, besides the families of the young people were present to witness the ceremony and to extend their congratulation and best wishes.

            Immediately following the wedding the young couple left on their honeymoon to be gone for several days .

            A few friends have known of the approaching marriage of this popular young couple for some weeks, they not electing to keep it a strict secret.  A new home has been planned and is to be erected immediately on an attractive lot in the southeast portion of the city.

            Miss MERRITT is a very excellent young woman, possessor of charm and grace that is altogether lovable.  Her cultural attainments are many and her friends are numbered by scores and hundreds.  She has taught in the Ward schools of De Leon for a number of years and her work has been in every way constructive and satisfactory.  De Leon school board regretted her retirement from the faculty.

            Young Mr. NABORS has been for a number of years in the employ of the government, at the local post office.  He has proved himself honest, capable and industrious and has the confidence and admiration of a very large circle of friends.  The best wishes of their many friends go with this popular young couple as they launch out on the eventful voyage together.


            In a home ceremony performed by Rev. E.W. BRIDGES, Miss Dorothy HARDY became the bride of Mr. Cecil NELSON at 3124 Morrow Avenue, Waco, Texas.  Only close friends and relatives of the couple witnessed the service.

            Miss HARDY wore a green lace afternoon frock, entered with her father, J.D. HARDY.  She was attended by Miss Frances LACKEY, who chose a chiffon georgette frock in rainbow colors.  Both Miss HARDY and Miss LACKEY carried corsages of sweetheart buds.  The bridegroom was attended by Lewis KINCANNON.  The wedding marches were played by Mrs. A.L. WADE, who played Schubert’s “Serenade” during the ceremony.  Prenuptial music was “When You are Truly Mine,” sung by Mrs. Louise Somner BROGDON, and Miss Marian MILLER, piano.  After the ceremony, a reception for members of the wedding party and friends was held with Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HARDY, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil NELSON, Mrs. M.B. NELSON, De Leon, Miss Frances LACKEY and Lewis McKINNON receiving the guests.  Claude SUMMERLIN and Elaine PRICE served punch and cake.  The wedding cake was topped with a miniature bride and bridegroom. Immediately after the ceremony, the couple left for De Leon, Abilene, and Dallas.

            Cecil is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.  He was reared to young manhood here.  About three years ago he went to Waco where he has a position with the McFadden Cotton Company.  Returning, they will be at home at 3124 Morrow Avenue, Waco, Texas.

Large Per Cent De Leon Teachers Away at School

            Next school year De Leon school will have the largest number of teachers with degrees in the history of the school.  Five of the seven high school teachers, and four in the Ward schools will have degrees from some higher institution of learning.  High school degrees will be by Mr. RUSSELL, Mrs. CAMPBELL, Miss GRENWALDT, Miss WESSON and Miss COLEY.  In the grades, Mrs. HALL, Mrs. DUKE, Mrs. SHORT, and Miss SMITH will have degrees.

            Supt. D.M. RUSSELL has gone to A. & M. College to remain there for a three weeks period, doing special work toward another degree.  He holds a degree from A. & M. in agriculture.

            W.Z. COMPTON, who is principal of the high school and coach of athletics has gone to A. & M. College to attend summer school.

            Miss Bertha ROSS will study at Sul Ross Teachers College at Alpine this summer, working toward her degree.  She will teach mathematics again in the high school here the coming year.

            Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL, who teaches English in De Leon high school, and who took her Bachelors degree before coming to De Leon, is to receive her Masters degree at Simmons University where she is studying this summer.

            Miss Virginia Grace WESSON is to attend summer school at Baylor University at Waco this summer, where she will receive her degree.  Miss WESSON teaches Spanish in the local high school.

            Miss Artie COLEY has been out of the school on a year’s leave of absence.  She is studying this summer at C.I.A. where she spent the last school year, and will receive her degree at the end of the summer term.

            Mrs. S.A. DUKE is away at Denton taking summer work at C.I.A. where she will receive her degree at the end of the summer term.  Mrs. DUKE is employed in the grades here.

            Miss Della WALL, principal of the South Ward, is doing summer school work at Howard Payne College at Brownwood.

            Miss Phyllis SHORT has gone to Austin to study for the summer months at State University.

            Mr. and Mrs. Paul MORGAN and little son are in Alpine for the summer, Mr. MORGAN studying at Sul Ross College.  Mr. MORGAN has been re-elected principal of De Leon North Ward.

            Mrs. J.E. SHORT left last week to enter school at Simmons University at Abilene.  This is Mrs. SHORT’s second summer in succession there and she will receive her degree at the end of this summer’s work.

            Miss Lucile VAUGHN, a newly elected grade teacher, went to North Texas Teachers College at Denton where she will spend the summer studying.

            Miss Roger Mae SMITH, another newly elected grammar school teacher is continuing her studies at Baylor College, at Belton, and expects to receive her degree at the end of the summer course.

Pythians Elect New Officers on Monday Night

            De Leon Knights of Pythias elected the following new officers for the coming half year beginning July First at their regular meeting Monday night:

            J.H. RHODES, Chancellor Commander

            D.C. NORTON, Vice Chancellor

            E.L. SMITH, Prelate.

            F.H. LINDER, Master of Works.

            S.R. UPSHAW, K.R. of S.

            A.A. HANSFORD, M. of F.

            B.J. PITTMAN, M. of E.

            C.E. GEORGE, M. of A.

            W.E. HOWELL, Inner Guard.

            J.T. EDMONDSON, Outer Guard.

            Charley MORRIS, Lodge Deputy.

Newly Married Pair Building New Home

            In this issue is an account of the marriage of Bonner NABORS and Miss Edna MERRITT.  This popular young couple are having a new brick bungalow erected on their lot in the southeast portion of the city, on the place formerly owned by Charlie ANDERSON.  The new house will be of five rooms with bath and will be modern in every respect.  Work is to commence immediately, it is said.

V.V. Bell Building Modern Brick Home

            V.V. BELL, who resides at the place formerly owned by Dr. INZER, in the northeast portion of the city, has arranged for the construction of a modern brick veneer residence on the lot where the old house stood.  Workmen are already engaged at the task of removing the old house and preparing for the handsome new structure Mr. BELL proposes to erect.  This is a very enterprising move on the part of Mr. BELL and the Free Press congratulates him.

Jeff Smith Has Been Ill Past Eight Weeks

            Jeff SMITH has been ill at his home in the southeast portion of the city the past seven or eight weeks.  His malady was an inflammation of his side, caused perhaps from working when he had fever.  He is now slightly improved, being able to be up and walk about the house.

Mrs. Buchan is Hostess to Clubs

            One of the most pleasant social events of the season was witnessed Friday, June 7th, when Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN was the charming hostess to the “Rook” and “42” Clubs.

            The reception rooms were beautifully decorated with baskets of sweet peas, while a huge cut-glass vase of gardenias added to the loveliness of the room.

            The guests arrived at 2:30 and began playing at 3 o’clock.  There were four tables of Rook and five of “42.”  Each guest was allowed her choice of 42 or Rook.

            After having played a short while, delicious fruit punch with the pink and green ice was served by Eugenia GENTRY, Olive Gene LEIGON, Zelda Elaine and Olive Winters BUCHAN.

            Playing was continued until six o’clock when the lovely refreshments of pink and yellow angel food cake and pink, green and yellow brick ice cream was served to the following:


            The guests, other than Club members were: Mesdames A.E. HAMPTON, Alf SLOAN, Ralph BENDER, Vance SINGLETON, Grady TERRILL, C.L. KINCHEN, Feltz TERRILL, L.W. EASTERLING, Earl McCLELLAN, J.H. BUCHAN and HANCOCK and Misses Bertie SIMMS and Mary Louise GRIZZELLE.

            The out of town guests were: Mrs. Woodley REID of Roby, Mrs. Thurman SMITH of Fort Worth, Mrs. Willie BUTLER of Breckenridge and Mrs. ELMORE of Illinois.

Bridge Club

            On Tuesday afternoon, June 4th, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY entertained the Bridge Club with 4 tables of Bridge.  Mrs. SHUMAN won high score.

            An ice course was served the members who were present and the following guests:  Mesdames Rollie HILL, Loy HILL, D.L. TERRILL, ELMORE, HAMPTON, Y.L. DABNEY, Mrs. Clay DABNEY of Fort Worth and Miss Bertha ROSS.

            The Club will meet with Mrs. S.G. PARKS on Tuesday, June 18th.


Mrs. Otto WEST, formerly Miss Minnie NABORS, was here the week end to attend the funeral of the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. RAY.  She was accompanied by her adopted son, aged eight years.  Their home is Kansas City.  Mrs. WEST was a daughter of the late Will NABORS.

Mrs. R.L. WILSON, formerly Miss Charlotte COONER, and her sister-in-law, Miss Allene WILSON, of Cisco, were visiting her mother and other relatives here Monday.

Ralph DUKE, who taught at Merkel the past two years was at home this week.  He is leaving immediately for some point in the Davis mountains.  He plans to return to Merkel to teach.

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall GREER and children have moved from this city to Plainview, where he has employment in a drug store.

Mr. and Mrs. L.B. JAYE are here this week from Helper, Utah, visiting in the home of his brother, F.O. JAYE.

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. THOMPSON and baby of Wichita Falls spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.E. HOWE.

Jess MACON of Gorman and his father, T.J. MACON, spent last week in Dallas visiting their son and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Ben MACON.

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN will leave Saturday for Wichita Falls and from there they will go to Quanah Tuesday where they will attend the wedding of their son, B.J. Jr. to Miss Marion FRIZZELLE.  The young couple will tour the Yellowstone National Park on their honeymoon and will be at home in Dallas after July 1st.

New Hope News

Talmadge and Glen HADGES have been visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES.

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest HOLDRIDGE visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HOLDRIDGE on last Saturday night.

Mr. Houston GRISSOM and family visited Mr. Sam GRISSOM and family of Downing last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis HOLDRIDGE visited Mr. and Mrs. Earnest HOLDRIDGE of St. Joe last Sunday.

Mattie Sue SLAUGHTER spent the past week with Mrs. Payne SLAUGHTER of De Leon.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. L.C. MACON has been ill with malaria fever the past month, but is now recovering.

One of our teachers for the coming year, Mr. MORING, and family have moved into the teacherage.


Mr. and Mrs. J.R. O’BRIEN and daughter, Vivian, of Cisco were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Abb WILSON Sunday.  Vivian will spend three months with her grandparents.

Mrs. Earnest DURHAM and son, R.E. from Dublin were weekend visitors in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles NICHOLS.


Miss Anna Bell DUNLAP of Gorman spent last week visiting her sister, Mrs. J.W. HONEYCUTT.

Mrs. O.T. BYRD and Mrs. W.H. HAMMOND of McCamey spent a part of last week visiting with Mrs. O.H. MOORE who is a sister of Mrs. BYRD.

This community was made sad upon hearing of the death of R.S. CARR last Saturday morning.  Mr. CARR lived in this community until a few years ago when he moved to the Bunyan community but had always made frequent visits back among the people here and with his children who still reside here.  Mrs. R.P. LEWIS, O.F. CARR and R.S. CARR, Jr. are his children who still make their home near this place.

Ras and Tom ROBBINS of McCamey visited with their brother, C.S. ROBBINS and family the past week.


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