De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 7, 1929


Mrs. Lloyd Hampton Carried to Dallas

            Lloyd HAMPTON is here this week and stated that he recently transferred his wife from a Stamford hospital to one in Dallas where she will be under the care of specialists.  She was immediately taken out of a plaster cast, in which she has been confined since the accident some weeks ago in which she was severely crushed.  Her condition is improving.

Miss Urselle Self Weds Archie Lee

A wedding that was in every sense a genuine occurred last Saturday morning, June 1, when Miss Urselle SELF became the bride of Archie LEE.  Not even members of Miss SELF’s family knew of her intention to be married until she made the announcement Saturday.  The young couple drove to Comanche, unaccompanied by relatives, and after procuring the license, drove to the home of Rev. Gordon BARRETT, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Comanche, and took the marriage vows at 10:00 o’clock a.m.  They then returned here and after a brief stay, left at about 11:00 o’clock a.m. for Austin, San Antonio, and Galveston, to be gone for awhile on a honeymoon trip.

Friday afternoon friends called at the SELF home and in joking manner spoke of weddings.  Miss SELF assured them that when she was married she would have a church wedding to which all of her friends would be invited.  No one dreamed that at that moment her beautiful wedding costume, go-away things, etc. were laid out in her room upstairs, merely waiting for the ushering in of the morrow and of June, the month of weddings.

Miss Urselle is the youngest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF and was reared in this city.  She received her education in De Leon schools and after finishing the course went to C.I.A. where she prepared herself to teach domestic science.  She taught a number of years, the last three or four at Carbon high school where her wok was a pronounced success.  Mr. LEE came to De Leon from Clifton, where he grew to manhood, his parents living there at the present time.  He came here three years ago in the employ of the Humble Company and at present holds an excellent position as engineer at the Comyn plant.  The best wishes of many friends will go with Mr. and Mrs. LEE as they start life together.

Painful Accident

            Joe HAMPTON, the 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe KEMP suffered a painful accident while playing with some other boys Sunday afternoon.  He was hit in the eye with a shot from an air rifle fired by Anthon LEIGON.  He was rushed to Gorman and the shot was removed by an eye specialist.  The youngster is recovering nicely.

Uncle Doss is Now Great Grandfather

            About twenty-five years ago Uncle Doss MILLER became a grandfather.  Then came Father Time and turned the intervening cycles – and now Uncle DOSS is a Great Grandfather.  And he lacks a lot of being really old yet.

            A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Maurice PITTMAN on June 3rd.  She weighs nine and a half pounds and they say chances are good that she’s going to look like her grandmother.  In which case Uncle DOSS is still to be congratulated.  The little one was named Jeannine.

11 Year Old Boy Loses Finger in Planter

            John William, the eleven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. A.V. BOSWELL suffered a painful accident Tuesday afternoon while planting peanuts.  While he was stirring the sticks around, his team started and his finger was caught in the planter plate and the end of his finger was cut off.  He was brought to town and the finger was severed at the first joint by a local physician.  He is recovering nicely.

Child Ill Following Peculiar Accident

            A little son of Mr. and Mrs. Payne SLAUGHTER sucked a head of millet or some similar grass, into its throat and lungs Friday last week.  Not finding relief at a nearby sanitarium, the child was taken to Dallas where the grass was removed by a difficult operation.  The little one developed pneumonia and last account was very ill.

Former Teacher Here Gets Ranger Position

            Miss Alpha MOORE, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A.L. MOORE, is to be congratulated upon her selection on the faculty of Ranger schools for the coming year.  R.F. HOLLOWAY, formerly county attorney of Comanche County, who is the son-in-law of Rev. Randolph CLARKE, is superintendent of the Ranger school system.

Seven Sons and Daughters of This Family Graduates

            In the recent graduation exercises of De Leon high school, Miss Grace, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam SHORT, received her diploma.  There are six daughters and one son in the SHORT family and all of them are graduates of De Leon high school.

            In addition to the fact that all merely “graduated” is a fact worthy of more than passing interest that five of the seven were honor graduates, winning either the place of valedictorian or salutatorian in the several classes in which they have finished.  All have attended college except Miss GRACE and she is yet to go.

            The five older of the SHORT children are engaged in the teaching profession.  One formerly taught in De Leon high school.  Another now teaches in the South Ward.  Everywhere they have gone they have given satisfaction.

            Byron SHORT, the only son of the family, is a professor in the Engineering department of State University.  He is building quite an enviable reputation there, having been in his present situation for a number of years.  During his student years there he won one of the highest honors the university bestows.

            The children’s names, in their order, are Lois, Gladys, Byron, Gertrude, Phyllis, Marion and Grace.

Death of Aged Citizen

            After illness of several months, A.J. BROWN of Victor, passed on to his reward Saturday night, June 1, at 9:15 o’clock.  Mr. BROWN was born in Georgia, came to Texas in 1904 and from West Texas to this county several years ago.

            In his going, the community lost one of its most substantial citizens.  He loved his family, his country, his God, and was a devoted member of the Methodist church for more than fifty years.  A sweet and patient sufferer during his months of illness.

            Those who will miss him most will be the devoted wife, Mrs. Martha BROWN, and his children, Joe and Will BROWN, Miss Myrtle BROWN, Rev. A.J. BROWN, Jr., of Roaring Springs; Mrs. B.M. JACKSON, Mangum, Okla.; Mrs. H.S. McCRUM, Brownwood; Mrs. Inez HAWKINS, Ranger.

            Funeral service was conducted in the home at 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon by the pastor of the Methodist church, De Leon, after which the remains were laid to rest in the DeLeon cemetery.

Tomb Erected to Pvt. Jesse Allen

            The Smith-Heath Post, American Legion, last Sunday afternoon, erected a marble tombstone at the grave of Pvt. Jesse J. ALLEN who lost his life in the World War.  A goodly audience was present.  Little Miss Delta Lee HOLDRIDGE gave a pretty patriotic reading.  Rev. DAVENPORT and R.L. SCOTT made short talks.

De Leon Boy Gets Degree at State

            Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL and son, Russell, went to Austin Sunday in their car, to be present at the graduation exercises Monday night in which their son and brother, Paul HOWELL, was receiving his degree in Architectural Engineering.

            This is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL to receive his degree from State, and the third son, Russell, is a student there.

Birthday Dinner

            Mr. and Mrs. W.T. McARTHUR OF Abilene are visiting in the home of their daughter, Mrs. J.M. NASH, of De Leon, Route 2.  A birthday dinner was given last Sunday in honor of Mrs. McARTHUR’s 66th birthday.  Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. W.T. McARTHUR, Mr. and Mrs. B. CRABB and son Billy; Mr. and Mrs. E.J. SIMMONS and baby, Bobbie Gene; and Mrs. Mae McARTHUR, all of Abilene.  Others present were Mrs. Jessie BROWNING and son of Denton, Mr. and Mrs. V.B. HODGES and sons and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. NASH and family.

Charles Blassingame Has New Barber Shop

            The newest business in De Leon is the barber shop recently opened up by Charley BLASSINGAME, in the building adjoining J.W. HOWARD on the south.  Mr. BLASSINGAME, who is an old-time barber here “hung out his shingle” there some ten days or two weeks ago.

            Charley BLASSINGAME barbered in De Leon nearly twenty years ago and has worked here off and on during the intervening years.  He invites his friends around to get a sample of the same good service he has always given.

Rook Club

            Mrs. Fred NABORS was hostess to the Rook Club on Thursday, May 30.  There were five tables, high score going to Mrs. H.G. CARLILE.

            Delicious refreshments were served to the members and the following guests.  Mrs. CARLILE, Mrs. PARKS, Mrs. FARMER, Mrs. HANCOCK, Mrs. SLOAN, Mrs. WHITTLE, and Mrs. MABEN of Ranger.

            The Club meets with Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN Friday, June 7.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. Willie PARKS has been critically ill for the past week.  She is better at present.

Mr. and Mrs. Ancil HILL went to Mineral Wells Sunday to meet Mrs. HILL’s sister, Miss Dessie LEE, who is going to visit with friends here.

Mrs. H.S. ECHOLS is at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. R.M. BREEDLOVE who is seriously ill with supposed appendicitis.

Mrs. LOVE is well on her way to recovery.  She is now with her mother, Mrs. Will PARKS.

Orbie Lee HANEY has almost thoroughly recovered from his operation.  He was seen picking berries last week.

New Hope News

Eloise HODGES is spending the week with her grandmother, Mrs. G.L. LEE.

Left from last week:

The community was made sad by death of Mr. Jim RAGLAND which occurred last Saturday morning.  The family has our deepest sympathy.

Rufus OTWELL and family and mother of St. Joe and Homy BROWNLEE of De Leon visited Jack OTWELL Sunday.

During the school months Claude DUPRIEST won a prize in Miss ENOLA’s room for being the best pupil for the whole school term.  Kenneth CHUPP also won a prize for not missing a day during the term.  John LIGHTFOOT gave prizes in his room for the ones making the best grades.  The girl winner was Odelle OTWELL and the boy, Wade NABORS.


Mr. and Mrs. B.T. HIGGINBOTHAM  and son, of Alvin, Texas, arrived some days ago and visited in the home of his daughter, Mrs. R.R. HARVEY and with other relatives and friends.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM, it will be remembered, was a pioneer merchant in De Leon.   

William WHITE, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. J.V. WHITE, who is employed by the Associated Press at Dallas, spent a portion of the week here visiting in the home of his parents.

Mrs. J. ASHBY and son, J.D., Mrs. Ted McGEE and small son, Ted Jr., were here Sunday from Merkle visiting their son and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Joe ASHBY.

Mrs. M.B. NELSON has gone to Waco for a few days to visit with her son, Mr. Cecil NELSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude SMITH of Waxahachie are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy, born May 30.  Mrs. SMITH was formerly Miss Elva WALTRIP of this city.

Miss Artie COLEY and mother returned to this city from Denton Sunday,  Mrs. COLEY to remain here while Miss Artie is to return to Denton to study during the summer months.

Dick WEAVER was home from State University over the last week end attending the graduation in which his sister, Miss Allene, finished.  He will study at the University this summer.

Guy HARMON and son, Freddie, were here from Waxahachie last week visiting his mother, Mrs. G.E. MURPHREY and with numerous friends.  The young son, aged only fifteen years, recently graduated from Waxahachie High School, finishing the course in three years, and will now enter Trinity University there.

Mr. and Mrs. E. GALLOWAY from Dublin visited her sister, Mrs. A.J. WOODARD Sunday.

Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON from Stamford is here visiting her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Alan BIBBY.

Mr. and Mrs. Woodley REID from Roby are here visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. REID and Mrs. E.J. WEATHERFORD.

Miss Gladys ASTON has returned to Hillboro after spending the past week with her uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WARREN and family.  Miss ASTON will attend college there again this summer.

W.M. RAY of Enterprise, Alabama, was here this week for a short visit with his brother, W.B. RAY and family of De Leon, Rt. 1.  Mr. RAY is the County Demonstration Agent in his home county in southeastern Alabama and came to Texas primarily to attend the Rotary Convention is session in Dallas.  Mr. Ray lives in the county that was so seriously damaged by the great floods in that state a few weeks ago.

Miss Eldora COONER visited Sunday with her sister, Mrs. R.L. WILSON and family in Cisco. 

Mrs. Ava COLLING from Midland is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar BUTLER

Mr. and Mrs. Riley WORTHY are in Fort Worth visiting her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Carl TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay DABNEY of Fort Worth were visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY this week.

Mr. and Mrs. H.B. BOSWELL of Harrold, Texas, have returned home after a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.V. BOSWELL.

C.R. REDDEN, Jr., is home from A. & M. College after receiving his degree in electrical engineering last week.  He has secured an excellent position with the General Electric Co. at Schnectady N.Y. and will take up his work about August 10.

Little Miss Janette EGBERT has gone to Dallas to spend a month with her sister, Mrs. E.E. MERRILL.


A.J. BROWN, for several years a citizen of this community, passed away Saturday night at 9:15.  The funeral services were held at his home Sunday eve at 3:30 o’clock and the remains were taken to De Leon cemetery for burial:  Mr. BROWN had been ill for several months, having never recovered from the influenza of last winter.  He was nearing 80 years of age and leaves a wife and seven children.  He was a member of the Methodist church.

Buck SHELTON and wife of Oklahoma visited his sister, Mrs. Bell SMITH last week.

Miss Ahmina SMITH, who has been with her grandmother, Mrs. J.B. SMITH, for several months left for New Mexico Monday where she will visit with her sister, Miss Opal COATS.


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