De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 10, 1929


Mrs. W. Egbert is Hurt in Fall

            Mrs. W. EGBERT fell while climbing the stairs at the Bakery last week and was confined to her room for a few days.  She was considerably bruised.  A physician was called.  It was not found necessary to remove her to the hospital.  She is recovering nicely.

Holdridge Chain Store to Open in Downtown Bldg.

            There are five links in the “Holdridge Chain,” and the second Holdridge store is being opened.  The links are Melvin, Caver, Marvin, Lee and W.C., all “sons of their father,” and all associated with the HOLDRIDGE business.  Paul, the sixth son, is now teaching school and is not connected with the business.

            H.B. HOLDRIDGE opened his suburban store, opposite the Humphrey addition 6 years ago.  The business has enjoyed a healthy growth.  Departments have been added.  Today, they handle groceries, work clothes, feed, flour, automobile necessities, and do blacksmithing.

            The Holdridge Feed mill has become a fixture and a community asset.  It is a well known fact that feed produced on the farm has several times the nutritive value if it is properly ground and blended into mixed feeds.  And that’s just how HOLDRIDGE & Sons are serving the community.

            By the end of the week the new Holdridge Chain store will be opened in the building formerly occupied by the Davis Motor Co., across the street south from Higginbotham Bros. & Co. Drygoods.  A stock of groceries will be carried, also a big stock of feed and flour.  Melvin and Lee will be in charge of the downtown store, while Caver, Marvin and W.C. will continue at the No. 1 store and feed mill in Humphrey addition.

George Hammett New Manager for Ice Company Here

            George HAMMETT and family are again making De Leon their home, moving here from Gorman several days ago.  Mr. HAMMETT has been with the Ice Co. for the past three years, being stationed at Rising Star, Cross Plains and Gorman.  He is experienced in the handling of ice making machinery, and will be able to handle the local plant in satisfactory manner.  The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. HAMMETT will welcome them back.

            H.H. HICKS, who has lived here the past year as resident manager, coming here from Arkansas, has returned to his former home, Jonesboro.

            The ice season is now opening up and capacity will soon be required of the plant.  This industry furnished employment for quite a number of men six or eight months in the year.

Big Catfish

            Jim JOINER and Bill GLAZIER thrilled natives with the sight of a big catfish Wednesday afternoon which Jim described as being “as long as your leg.”  Just how much the fish weighed, Mr. JOINER did not say, but from the description the Free Press got of it, it must have been a whale of a catfish.  They landed it on a pole somewhere up in the west.

Former De Leon Girl Married at Goldthwaite

            Mr. and Mrs. A.H. BIBBY went to Goldthwaite Sunday for a visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ira HARVEY.  It was learned that Miss Lilla, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. HARVEY was to be married on Tuesday, past, to Mr. Frank BROADDUS of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Miss Lilla is a very excellent young woman and has many friends in this city who extend congratulations and best wishes.

Ward School Students Win Writing Awards

            Seven students in South Ward have won awards in Muscular Writing, their work being done under Miss Iris MOHON, instructor in writing, and their papers judged by W.S. BENSON & Co., at Austin.  The awards consisted of small gold pins and these were given the students making 80 or over in the tests.

            Seventh grade pupils winning were:  Wenonah HUMPHREY, Martha Frances RUSSELL, Robbie  Jean MILLER, Iris WALDRIP, Irma DUKE and Jeanette EGBERT.

            Fifth Grade winner was Elizabeth WILLIAMS.

Mrs. Clark Had Operation Friday

            Mrs. Willis R. CLARK of Ranger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr., had an operation at Gorman sanitarium Friday last week.  The operation was reported successful and she is recovering.  Mrs. SCHUMAN of this city is in charge of the case as a special nurse.  Mrs. CLARK’s little girl is spending some days with Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL here.

North Ward Honor Roll

            First Grade:  Allen ANDERSON, Jr., Jack DUNNAHOO, Katherine BOND, Rosa Lee McCURDY, and Claude UNDERHILL.

            Second Grade:  Hazel WARE, Sybole ANDERSON, Beatrice FRANK, Helen WALL and Louise PIERCE.

            Fourth Grade:  C.L. MOHON, Jr.

            Fifth Grade:  Oneta POPE

Had Operation

            Roy SMITH, head mechanic at the Ford station, has been in Dallas the past two weeks where he had a minor operation and is much improved.  He expects to be able to resume work in a few days.

Aged Man Had Cancer Operation

            L.D. LILES, aged 79 years, who resides at Carbon, had an operation at the Gorman Sanitarium Tuesday this week for the removal of a cancer from the side of his neck.  He stood the operation nicely and seems on the road to recovery.

            Mr. LILES is father of Mrs. W.S. SNEED and step-father of J.M. (Farmer) JONES, both of this city.

Wife of Railroad Man Had Operation

            Mrs. W.M. WYLIE is in the Scott & White Sanitarium at Temple recuperating from an operation which she underwent there recently.  Her condition is satisfactory, and she is expected home soon.  Mr. WYLIE is section foreman on the Katy here.


A.T. UNDERHILL, daughter and son, ages 14 and 11, respectively, left on Thursday for Denton where they will make their home.  They formerly lived here, and have been here, their last residence for some months.  They have lived at Denton for several years.

“Billie Charles” young son of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. GRAY, arrived at their home in the city on April 13th.  Mr. GRAY is manager of the Blair store here.

Comyn News

Miss Bessie Ruth IRVING of Desdemona spent the weekend with her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. GRISSOM and family.

Mrs. Claude SIDES and daughters, Jerine and Georgia, of Amarillo are here for an extended visit with Mrs. SIDES parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.E. CLARK.

Mrs. J.A. VANCE of Ranger visited last week with her sister, Mrs. S.W. LAMINACK.  Miss Barbara DEAN, who was here visiting with her mother accompanied Mrs. VANCE home for a few days. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.L. LYLES and children of Waxahachie came in Sunday for a visit with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. F.G. GILCHREST and family.

Dayne COOK of Big Lake is spending his vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom COOK.

Mr. and Mrs. C.E. FLOYD and their children spent Sunday with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. WILSON of Cottonwood.

Mrs. Fred HOLLAND and Mrs. Will LINDLEY left Saturday for a visit with relatives in West Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirby BARNES and children of Cisco spent Sunday with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES and family.

Oliver Springs

The sandstorm of last Wednesday did much damage to the growing crop and worse to the gardens.  There was scarcely any watermelons or cantaloupes left.

There were four who graduated from grammar school this year.  They were Cecil THOMPSON, Vaughn PANGLE, Carmen BAIRD, and Jean PANGLE.  Mr. B.J. PITTMAN of De Leon presented the diplomas to the honored graduates, and he also made a very interesting speech to the people.  The program was enjoyed by all but everyone missed the presence of Mrs. PERRY, the intermediate teacher as she had many interests in the program.  She was absent on account of the illness of her mother who is very low with blood poisoning.

Mrs. Will PARKS was called to the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Coy LOVE Sunday.  It is doubtful as to whether or not she will live, it has been reported.

New Hope News

Little Miss Frances LIGHTFOOT, the daughter of Mr. Edd LIGHTFOOT, gave a birthday party on Friday of last week.  She invited several of her little friends and they all had a wonderful time.

Mr. Sam GRISSOM and family, Mr. Romie GRISSOM and mother, Mr. Houston BEATY and mother of Downing and Melvin HOLDRIDGE and family of De Leon spent the day Sunday with Mr. Houston GRISSOM and family of this community.

Miss Adell and Mr. Roy MILLER, of Docum, visited their grandmother, Mrs. G.L. LEE last Sunday.

Robinson Springs

Our 4-H Club is progressing nicely and now have thirty two members.  The officers are Alvis KINNARD, president; Alton BRUMBELOW, vice-president; LaJoyce MACON, secretary; Lucile KEY, reporter; Hollis DYSON, yell leader.  Our local leaders are Mr. Ike BRUMBELOW and Miss Thesil ALLEN.  We expect them to make this year better than before.

Mr. and Mrs. Tilman DYSON and family, Mrs. Floyd MOORE, Lucile KEY and LaJoyce MACON were guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DYSON and family Sunday.

Misses Adina, Anita, and Alene KINNELL returned to school after being out a month with the measles.  We are very glad to have them back.


E.R. REDWINE had the misfortune to fall from a loaded wagon and sustained painful though not serious injuries.  In passing through a gate, the fore wheel of the wagon hit a heavy gate post in such a way as to throw Mr. REDWINE out directly under the wheel at which time the team ran away.  He was doubled up under the wheel; both wheels on one side of the wagon passed over him.  He has been confined to his room since then but it is thought he is recovering.

Mr. and Mrs. D.D. LEWIS of Cisco, accompanied by their daughter, Miss Nellie, spent Sunday visiting with R.P. LEWIS and family.  Mr. LEWIS was a citizen of this community for many years prior to boom days at which time he moved to Cisco.

R.S. CARR of Bunyan, a former citizen of this community, visited his son, O.F. CARR Sunday.  He was accompanied by his daughter of Ranger, Mrs. J.B. AMES.

S.O. RILEY and family of Coleman visited with his father, G.E. RILELY and family Saturday and Sunday.

Wade SALYER is selling his farm equipment, houses, hogs, etc. and is preparing to move to Glen Rose to make his future home there.

A birthday party for Miss Gayle REED was given at the home of Mrs. Zollie KOONCE last Wednesday night.  A most enjoyable time was spent by the young folks.  Refreshments were served by Mrs. KOONCE.


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