De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 12 1929


Brother of Joe Farmer Died at Waco Last Sunday

            Joe FARMER returned from Waco early in the week where he had gone Saturday in response to a message that his brother, I.T. FARMER, of McGregor, was critically ill at a Waco sanitarium.  His brother died, Mr. FARMER stated, at noon Sunday, of a complication of measles and pneumonia.  He was 58 years of age.  The funeral and burial was held Monday at Harris Creek cemetery, between Waco and McGregor.

            At the time Mr. FARMER returned, the wife of his brother was very ill of measles and pneumonia and fear was expressed that she would not survive.  The many friends of Mr. FARMER will greatly sympathize with him in his hour of sorrow and loss.

De Leon Man Lost Eye in Accident by Flying Nail

            Hardy CADDELL, formerly engaged in the grocery business in the Lloyd building which burned last year, suffered the loss of his left eye some weeks ago while at work for an oil company at Ranger.  Mr. CADDELL was attempting to drive a nail when the nail glanced away under the force of the hammer, striking him across the eye ball.  The entire side of his face was paralyzed temporarily, so great was the force of the blow.  The sight of the eye was completely destroyed.

DeLeon Boy is High Point Man in Plant Judging

            Vergil CLAYTON, student of Vocational Agriculture in DeLeon was high point man in judging in the department of Plant Propagation at the Vocational Agriculture Judging Contest, held at John Tarleton College, Saturday last week.  CLAYTON won in a group having many contestants.  No other De Leon contestant finished in first place.

            The team in Farm Shop from the Comyn school won first but the Free Press has not learned which boys were on this team.

Dahl Barber Shop Bought By Simpson

            Carl SIMPSON, son of C.H. SIMPSON of the Downing community this week closed a deal for the Dahl Barber Shop, next door south from Will HOWARD’s store.  Mr. SIMPSON is already in charge.  Johnnie ESTES, who formerly owned the shop, will remain with Mr. SIMPSON.  Mr. SIMPSON has been in the barber business for several months and owned a shop in Comanche which he sold this week before moving here.

Child is Recovering from Serious Illness

            J.B., the ten year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim CREED, who resides in the southwest portion of the city, is convalescent following a serious illness caused, it is thought, from poisoning from eating candy Easter eggs.  It was thought for several days that he would not recover, but his condition is now much improved.

Riley Worthy Weds Miss Terry, S’Ville

            Saturday afternoon at four o’clock, at the home of the bride’s mother in Stephenville, Miss Eunice Marie TERRY, daughter of Mrs. R.I. TERRY, became the bride of Riley WORTHY of this city.  The reception room was made beautiful with banks of white and orchid lilacs, carnations and bridal wreath.  An altar was fashioned of bridal wreath and fern with touches of color added by pink maleen and crepe paper.

            A table on which rested the large pink and white wedding cake was beautiful in its decorations of pink and white sweet peas and with four silver candlesticks bearing large pink candles.

            The ceremony was said by Rev. Perry F. EVANS of Fort Worth, with Rev. W.H. ANDREWS of Stephenville assisting.  The best man was Mr. Joe ASHBY of De Leon.  The maid of honor was the bride’s sister, Miss Lee Edwin TERRY, who wore a pink georgette crepe dress and carried a bouquet of pink tulips.

            The bride wore a tan and brown georgette dress and hat and carried a bouquet of Sweetheart roses.  Miss Nova WILSON played Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.  Mrs. Willis HIGGINBOTHAM sang a vocal solo, “Because.”  Miss Lessie HEAD played a violin solo, with Carl BRUMBELOW at the piano.  Miss HEAD also played softly on the violin while the ceremony was said.

            Presiding over the punch bowl were Miss Maurine FIDLER who wore a pink French taffeta evening dress, Miss Lessie HEAD in an orchid georgette, and Miss Nova WILSON in a pretty green georgette costume beaded in pearls and rhinestones.

            Immediately following the wedding ceremony, the bride cut the wedding cake and the happy young couple left, showered by rich and the good wishes of their friends.  A brief honeymoon trip took them to Eastland and other points west.

            Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. O.D. WORTHY of Coleman; Miss Bonnie Belle COONER, De Leon; Joe ASHBY, De Leon; Miss Sue KING of Crockett; Mrs. Carl TATE of Ft. Worth and Miss Maud BOHANNON of Walnut Springs.  Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. SR.P. BARRETT, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. ANDREWS, Mrs. Ben YOUNG, Mrs. George FIDLER, Mrs. Bill WILSON, Mrs. Prentiss YOUNG, Miss Maurine FIDLER, Miss Nona WILSON, Miss Lessie HEAD, Mrs. Willis HIGGINBOTHAM, Carl BRUMBELOW, Shuler TERRY and the bride’s mother, Mrs. B.I. TERRY and grandmother, Mrs. SHULER.

            Mr. and Mrs. WORTHY are now at home in De Leon where he is manager of HIGGINBOTHAM’s lumber department.  Their friends extend heartiest congratulations and best wishes for lives filled with success and happiness.

Mrs. Moreland’s Mother Died at Houston

            Just as the Free Press is ready for press, the news comes of the death of Grandmother WILKERSON, mother of Mrs. R.L. MORELAND.  No details are known.  The Free Press will have more to say of her death next week.

Mrs. Mohon’s Radio Program is Deferred

            Announcement was made that Mrs. Jno. A. MOHON’s class in piano would present a program over radio station KFPL on April 15th.  Mr. BAXTER has notified Mrs. MOHON that the studio is being remodeled and so her program has been deferred for a short while.  Very soon a new date will be announced.  Watch for it.

House Party

            Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN had as guests over last week end, Mr. and Mrs. B.M. COLLIE, Mr. and Mrs. W.B. COLLIE, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. HALEY and Mr. and Mrs. Alvie HERRING, all of Eastland, also Mr. and Mrs. T.J. MORROW and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar WALKER and daughter, Miss Gerald, all of Gorman.

List of Jurors for Coming Term of District Court

            The Grand Jury will convene on April 22nd and herewith we publish the list of jurors for the coming session of the district court.

Grand Jury Convening April 22

John B. BURTON, Comanche 5; J.W. ROLLINS, Gustine 1; E.A. REESE, Sipe Springs 1; C.T. SEAGO, Gustine; D.L. TRUETT, Lamkin; Bart McPHERSON, Energy; T.C. SUMMERS, Sidney;  T.M. McKENZIE, Comanche Star; H. HUDDLESTON, Comanche; O.H. DONAHO, Comanche; Jim LYNCH, Blanket 1; J.O. JONES, Sipe Springs; A.J. BOLAND, May 1; J.H. HAYNES, De Leon; N.T. HASKINS, De Leon; L.O. STURKIE, Proctor.

Petit Jury Second Week April 29th

Chas. WALKER, Comanche 2; Sid WHITE, Gustine 1; Alvin STEELE, Comanche 2; W.W. McCULLOUGH, Comanche 3; M.D. MILLER, Energy; S.L. MULL, Comanche 4; A.D. PETTIT, Gustine 1; I.C. FLETCHER, Comanche Star; E.P. YOUNG, Gustine; J.H. JANES, Sidney 2; P.T. COUCH, Gustine; T.B. PETTIT, Gustine 1; L.A. GLEATON, Gustine; W.R. DANIELS, Comanche 2; J.R. STEPHENS, Comanche 2; W.J. FRITTS, Comanche 4; J.L. BRINSON, Proctor 1; D.H. MATTHEWS, Comanche 2; L.M. AUVENSHINE, Sidney 2; H.T. WYCHE, Gustine 1; C.R. PETERSON, Gustine 2; C.R. MIDDLETON, Energy; J.M. RIORDAN, Comanche 5; Y.L. DABNEY, De Leon; J.M. MARSHALL, Comanche; H.H. DURHAM, Comanche; J.W. CARTER, Hasse; O.P. FISHER, De Leon 4; Ed LIGON, Comanche; E.B. SMITH, Proctor 2; F.J. ISHAM, Comanche; Carl HOUCH, Sidney; D.W. LONG, Comanche; W.H. TULLY, Energy; Bob ALLEN, Gustine 1.

Petit Jury 3rd Week May 6th

W.C. LIGHTFOOT, De Leon; C.E. DRENNAN, Sidney; R.Q. GEORGE, Sidney; W.M. McKELVEY, Hasse; J.B. ADCOCK, Gustine; T.D. PARSONS, Sidney; T.E. FROST, Comanche 4; C.L. KINCHEN, De Leon; W.A. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche 5; G.B. MOORE, Comanche 5; W.P. EASLEY, Comanche 4; R.E. DANIELS, Comanche; J.T. GREEN, Comanche 2; E.M. EANES, Comanche; E.I. PINKARD, Comanche 3; G.P. DUDLEY, Comanche; G.S. McDANIEL, Comanche 4; Ed ANDREWS, Sidney; J.W. DUNLAP, Sidney; C.F. ROLLINS, Gustine 1; Joe FARMER, De Leon; J.M. CLAYTON, Comanche; W.J. STEELE, Sidney 2; J.G. PRICE, Gustine 1; V. LOUDERMILK, De Leon 4; R.L. WHALEY, De Leon; N.A. PALMER, Comanche; B.O. CARAWAY, Energy; B.D. GADFREY, Comanche 2; T.E. HOOD, Comanche; W.H. WILLIAMS, De Leon; H. RANDOLPH, Comanche; D.L. NABERS, Comanche 4; Keith LANE, Comanche 5; F.L. JOHNSON, Sidney; F.W. COUCH, Comanche.


Petit Jury 4th Week May 13

P.A. PETTIT, Comanche 5; George DAVIS, Comanche 6; H.S. BUMGARNER, Gustine; J.H. KEMP, Comanche; J.W. REID, Comanche 4; E.C. ESTES, Gustine 1; D.F. CLAYTON, Comanche; W.F. HICKS, Blanket 2; G.H. MOORE, Sidney 2; R.M. TUBBS, Hasse; L.F. McCLELLAN, Gustine; P.J. COX, Gustine 1; P.H. CARMICHAEL, Comanche Star; Ira ROSS, Sidney; S.L. NELSON, Comanche 2; C.T. WHITE, Hasse; W.S. CLARK, Comanche Star; J.W. LITTLEJOHN, Comanche; R.S. PINKARD, Sidney; W.C. CAULEY, Comanche; C.L. WHITE, Sipe Springs 1; J. DOUGLASS, Sidney 1; R.A. SMITH, Proctor 2; J.H. WILHELM, Comanche; Carl ROBERTS, Comanche 6; A.F. GAINES, Gustine 1; L.C. FOWLER, Dublin 1; R.H. JOHNSON, Gustine; R.G. BEAN, Gustine 1; W.H. HOWRD, Comanche; Bart TAYLOR, Comanche; Jess BANNER, Gustine; C.R. REDDEN, De Leon; A.T. PERRY, Comanche 5; C.P. LIVINGSTON, Blanket 3; T.M. GLASGOW, Comanche 2.

Sherman Loudermilk Playing in the “Colt” Band at Brownwood

            Sherman, the 16 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Nat LOUDERMILK of Brownwood, recently became a member of the “Colt” band, the junior organization to the “Old Gray Mare” band.  The Colt’s Band was organized out of the two Brownwood high schools and is becoming a rather smart organization, following in the footsteps of their illustrious seniors.  The band played a concert at Coggin Park last Sunday afternoon at tree planting exercises at which many people were present.

            Young LOUDERMILK is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. WILHELM of this city and of G.H. LOUDERMILK of Downing.

Shakespeare Club

            The Shakespeare Club met with Mrs. S.A. DUKE on Wednesday afternoon this week and the subject discussed was “Music.”  Mrs. J.N. JOINER conducted the parliamentary drill and roll call was answered by a current musical event.

            Miss Martha Frances RUSSELL gave a piano solo “By the Waters of Minnetonka” by Lieurance.  Mrs. SCHMIDT gave a talk on Lieurance.

            Master Clark DUKE gave a reading.

            A paper, “The Place of Music in Club Life” was read by Mrs. R.L. SCOTT. Miss Gussie INSALL rendered a violin solo with Mrs. John A. MOHON at the piano.

            “Our American Composers” was the subject discussed by Mrs. M.H. HANCOCK.  Mrs. S.A. DUKE discussed “The Value of Music in School Work.”

            The club slogan is “Make Good Music Popular and Popular Music Good.”


Moody KING, wife and baby, of Abilene, were here last weekend visiting in the home of their parents, Mrs. KING and the eight-months old baby, remaining for a visit while Moody returned to Abilene where he is on the police force.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay DABNEY from Fort Worth and Mrs. V.G. LOCKE and baby from Cisco were visiting the last of the week in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. HOUK left this week for an auto trip to California, and they plan to remain there for several months where Mr. HOUK will do railroad work.


Mr. and Mrs. Freddie OSBORN of Coleman spent last week in this community visiting with T.L. OSBORN and G.E. RILEY and other relatives.

The small child of E.R. REDWINE happened to a painful though not serious accident last Friday.  In its play it fell with much force on the sharp end of a broken base ball bat making an ugly gash in the forehead.

Mrs. Opal SHOHON, formerly Miss Opal McKINNEY, spent a few days this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. McKINNEY.  

Mrs. O.S. McKINNEY spent last week with her son, Clyde McKINNEY, who is taking treatment at a sanitarium in Wichita Falls.

Mrs. J.B. AMES, formerly Miss Fronie CARR of Ranger, spent last Sunday with her brother, O.F. CARR, and family.

Mrs. S.J. KEITH of Dublin, is spending several days with her son, M.J. KEITH and family.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE is spending the week at the bedside of her father, J.W. HILL of Carlton, who has been ill for the past several weeks.

Boys Club has been organized which will be merged into a 4-H club.  There are about 25 members.  The officers of the club are: Raymond LINDLEY, president; Thurston CARR, v-president; Rudolph LEWIS, secretary; Felton CARR, treasurer; Jack RILEY, chairman executive committee.

The trustees election at this place resulted in the election of W.A. LINDLEY.  Mr. LINDLEY has served in this capacity for several years felt that some one else might be elected to take his place but the community felt that his services were needed in the program of improvement and extension which has been begun and re-elected him, there being the largest vote cast that has been cast here for some time.


Mr. and Mrs. LAWRENCE and daughter, Mae, of Hico are visiting Mrs. LAWRENCE’s father, Mr. J.H. CUMMINS.

Mrs. Dean GARDNER and little son, James, of De Leon, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER.

Mr. Charlie TURNER and family are leaving Tuesday for Colorado where they are to make their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd MOORE and children of Desdemona were visiting Mrs. MOORE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DYSON, Sunday.

Oliver Springs

Misses Lela and Oleander ECHOLS are spending the week with their aunt, Mrs. J.M. BLACKWELL at Brownwood.

Dewey BURLESON has returned home from Temple where he has been under treatment of the doctors.  We were sorry to hear that he was not very much improved than before he took the treatment 

Miss Bernice CHATHAM, the primary teacher at this place, spent the weekend with her parents at Robinson Springs.

Comyn News

A.B. EMMONS and Hap SIDES spent the week end in Plainview visiting with Mr. EMMONS parents.

R.N. CHANCELLOR of Corpus Christi is visiting his daughter, Mrs. H.J. MOORE and family.

Dave GARNER and daughter, Pauline, went to Belton on Saturday to make arrangements for her attendance of the summer term at Baylor Belton.

Laverne SCARBROUGH of Tarleton College, Stephenville, spent the week-end with her aunt, Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT.

A number of the sea gulls that were brought down by the storm in this section were captured and they seem to survive in captivity.  Burley WAYLAND has one that seems to have become adjusted to the new life.

New Hope News

Cliff LOCKE visited his brother and family, Walton LOCKE, of Harmony, the first of the week.

We had another one of those big quiltings on Thursday of last week at the home of Mrs. T.H. LOCKE.  There were 54 grown women and girls present and 12 quilts were quilted, of them hemmed.  At noon, tables were spread out-of-doors with all kinds of good eats.  Everyone present spent a most enjoyable day.

Mrs. Curtis HOLDRIDGE, formerly Miss Ethel VAUGHN, had as her guest on Monday of this week, her mother, Mrs. VAUGHN of the St. Joe community.

Mack HALE and family of near Rucker visited her mother, Mrs. Walt HOLLAND on Monday.


There are several cases of measles in this community.  Several pupils have been absent from school with them.

Several of the young people of this place visited the Highland community last Sunday.  They were Misses Lucille EOFF, Cliftine and Nellie GOODSON, Ahinam SMITH, Inez HART and Grace DIXSON and Mr. Elda GOODSON and Ted HAYS.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray SMITH, who have been visiting with Mr. SMITH’s father, Harve SMITH, have moved to their home at Highland.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.