De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 1, 1929


Little John Ed Rollins Is Dead

            The community was shocked Sunday when it became known that little John Ed, son of Mr. and Mrs. George ROLLINS, had died at Blackwell Sanitarium.  The child was ill for only a brief period and was dead before many close friends knew he was ill at all.

            Thursday it was noticed that he was not as well as usual although he complained but little.  Friday he was up and running about, but Saturday afternoon he had a little temperature and was in bed.  Mr. ROLLINS was called out and went to work at 11:00 o’clock Saturday night.  Shortly after he left, Mrs. ROLLINS was sitting up with the little fellow when he took a rapid change for the worse going into convulsions.  Two physicians were called and worked with him the remainder of the night.  Mr. ROLLINS was communicated with and came to his home, being relieved by Fireman HILL at Dublin.

            Saturday morning the little sufferer was taken to Gorman where everything possible was done for him, but to no avail.  He did not regain consciousness, death relieving his suffering shortly after six o’clock Sunday evening.  His death was probably caused by complications resulting from a recent attack of influenza.

            The funeral service was conducted from the First Baptist Church at 3:30 o’clock p.m. Tuesday, and the tiny remains laid to rest in De Leon cemetery.  It is hard indeed for the sorrowing parents to understand God’s way or to know just why this should be.  One can but bow to the divine Will, for surely the Heavenly Father knew since He takes note of the sparrow’s fall.  Friends mingled their tears with those of the stricken ones, and heaped great banks of beautiful flowers upon the little mound in loving tribute.

Asa F. Hardin Died Sunday Afternoon

            The very unexpected death of Asa F. HARDIN, occurred at Gorman Sanitarium at 1:10 o’clock p.m. last Sunday, February 24.  Mr. HARDIN came to his death in a most unusual manner, not having been ill prior.  He worked at cutting wood all day Friday, was in town Saturday eating dinner at a local Café.  Late in the afternoon he felt ill and started out of town, walking through the cemetery, intending to go to the home of his sister, Mrs. Henry DAVIDSON, who resides near the southwest corner of the cemetery.  While crossing the cemetery he became nauseated and vomited and in the exertion ruptured some internal organ in the vicinity of the stomach.  He later told relatives that he knew immediately that the thing that had happened to him would cause his death.

            Mr. HARDIN, after reaching the residence of his sister, was very ill during the remainder of Saturday night and at 9:30 Sunday morning was carried to Gorman with the hope that something might be done for him, but he died before an operation could be performed.

            HARDIN was a member of the Church of Christ for about ten years.  He was married about twelve years ago.  He had no children.  He is survived by several brothers and sisters.  Rev. CANTWELL of Oliver Springs conducted the funeral services at De Leon cemetery and his body was laid to rest there Sunday afternoon.


            Miss Ethel VAUGHN, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. VAUGHN of the St. Joe community, was married on last Saturday evening, February 23rd, to Mr. Curtis HOLDRIDGE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HOLDRIDGE.  Both the contracting parties are De Leon young people, popular in a large circle of friends, all of whom wish for them a full measure of happiness as they journey through life together.

Two De Leon Girls Play Over WBAP

            Recent concerts have been given by two De Leon girls, both students at Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, over station WBAP.  Miss Launa FRETWELL was heard about two weeks ago and Miss Louise LESTER about a week later.  De Leon friends listened in on both concerts and messages were sent congratulating them.

Birthday Party

            Mrs. Joe FARMER went to church last Sunday and when she returned home her children had gathered at the home and prepared a surprise birthday party in her honor.  The principal attraction was a real birthday dinner, which her daughter, Mrs. W.J. ROSS, and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Forrest FARMER, had prepared and were ready to serve when she returned from morning worship.  This birthday party proved a happy occasion.

Smith Heads The De Leon-Dublin Golf Association

            At a business meeting of the De Leon-Dublin Country Club and Golf Links members, held at Dublin early this week, W.H. SMITH of this city was elected president for the ensuing year.  Other officers chosen were W. HAMILTON, Dublin, Vice-President; L. WHITE, Dublin, J.O. STONE, De Leon; J.D. TATE, De Leon; Charles FOUST, Dublin, and Rouse BAXTER, Dublin, Greens Committee.

            The meeting was of the twenty-eight men who originally purchased the farm upon which the golf links was established.  Now it is proposed to build a country club, in fact, a building has already been procured at Dublin and is being wrecked and moved to the site.

            With the building of the country club, the scope of the Club’s activities will be enlarged.  Not only will one be able to play golf, but tennis courts, croquet, horse-shoe pitching, etc. will be provided.

Womanless Wedding To Be Given Soon

            The people of the Christian Church are sponsoring a womanless wedding which is to be given on Friday evening, March 8th.  “Tiny” MORRIS has agreed to impersonate the bride, J.B. WOOD will be groom and John GRISHAM, the preacher.  Dave TERRILL and John SWAGERTY will appear as little folks while Lewis EASTERLING will be the “baby.”  The number is being given to raise needed funds.  It will be at the City Hall.


Mrs. Wesley JONES returned home the first of the week from Tulsa, Ok., where she attended the funeral of her daughter, Mrs. W.R. McFARLAN who died there some ten days ago.

Little Monty Joe GEORGE, son of C.E. GEORGE, returned to the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe SCOTT, at Nugent, near Abilene, on Tuesday, after visiting the past ten days with his father here.

W.M. WILEY, formerly of this place but has made his home in Whitney the past year, has moved back to De Leon.  Mr. WILEY is with the Katy.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. ROSS and little daughter, Nancy D., were visiting in Ft. Worth with relatives the past weekend.

Miss Mary KIMBALL of Breckenridge was spending Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBALL on Route 4.

Miss Love SCOTT, sister of the editor of this paper, was here from San Angelo for a visit the past week end, also visiting with Miss Pauline ELLIS.


The Free Press has not before mentioned the arrival of a baby girl some weeks ago at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dean RIPPETOE at Brownwood.

Mrs. W.B. BLAIR of Itasca is here for a visit with her mother, Mrs. BUCHAN and sister, Mrs. E.E. GENTRY.

A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee BUTLER of Brownwood on January 28.  Mrs. BUTLER was formerly Miss Rowena FARMER.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. POWELL and Mrs. J.J. EDWARDS, all of Santa Anna, were the guests Sunday of Mrs. L.N. POWELL.

Round Grove

Laddie RIPPETOE, son of J.H. RIPPETOE, who has been very low at the Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman, is much better at this writing.

While Ernest RIPPETOE and family were at Gorman February 22, their brooder house with about 60 thoroughbred R.I. Red chicks, three weeks old were burned.  Two new sacks of feed, brooder, feeder and two chicks that came from the 3rd Prize Pen at the Dallas Fair last years, were among the loss.

A new bungalow built by S.E. KEITH on the old KEITH place near Round Grove, is about completed.  They are expecting to move this week from his home near Highland church to his new home.


We are glad to report that Hurvy GARY, who was taken to the Gorman sanitarium last week, is doing nicely.

R.L. CLIFTON, Mrs. J.B. and Tex SMITH went to Mineral Wells Saturday to see Mrs. Viola LAQUEY, who is taking treatment there.

Mrs. W.T. DAY, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.S. HUFFMAN of Carlton, returned to her home Saturday.

The people of this community were shocked to hear of the sudden death of Mr. Bill COLLINS of Gorman Monday.  Mr. COLLINS had lived in this community several years until this year and had moved to Gorman.  He leaves to survive his death, his wife and several children.


W.A. LINDLEY and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Fred HOLLAND and family of the New Hope community.

Jim KOONCE spent a part of last week with relatives and friends at Goree in Knox county.  Mrs. BROWN, a sister of Mr. KOONCE, returned with him to spend several days with her parents and relatives in this community.  Mr. KOONCE reported dry weather in that part of the state.

Mrs. G.B. CLARK of the Robinson Springs community, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Lizzie MOORE, visited with O.H. MOORE and family Sunday afternoon.

J.W. HONEYCUTT and family visited with Mrs. HONEYCUTT’S parents at Gorman Sunday.

Tommie WIER of Rotan, sister of Mrs. R.C. KOONCE, spent last week visiting with Mrs. KOONCE and former friends in this community.

Lee LEWIS of Bunyan visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. LEWIS, last week.

Mrs. PARTAIN of Dublin, mother of Mrs. M.J. KEITH, spent Sunday with M.J. KEITH and family.

Irene WAYLAND, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND, has been on the sick list the past week.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie COOK and children of Fort Worth are visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. GRISSOM and family.

Little Miss Ruth DICKEY is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Altemus OWENS at De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. O.A. HARMON of Duster visited during the week-end with the J.B. HOOVER and O.A. THOMAS families.

B.G. and Tilman SELF spent the weekend with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. TIMMONS and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE and children went to Gorman last Friday to visit his nephew, Laddie RIPPETOE, who recently underwent a serious operation at the sanitarium there.

E.G. THOMAS of Everman is visiting Ed THOMAS and other relatives here.


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