De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 22, 1929


De Leon Student on J.T.C. Honor Roll

            At the close of the first semester at John Tarleton College, there were 44 students who have made the term honor roll, according to an announcement coming from the registrar’s office.  These 44 students are from 27 towns in Texas.  Stephenville leads all other towns with 12 students on the honor roll; Dublin is second with four.  De Leon has one student to make the honor roll, Carl BRUMBELOW of Route three.

Miss Jewell Timmons Recently Married

            Friends here learned of the recent marriage of Miss Jewell TIMMONS, daughter of C.H. TIMMONS, to Mr. John RANSOM of Eastland.  The wedding occurred, the Free Press is informed, on Wednesday, February 6th at Eastland.  Mr. RANSOM is engaged in the battery business in Eastland, owning the Exide Battery Station.  They will make their home in Eastland, it was learned.  Other details of the wedding were not available.

Quilting Party

            Mesdames GREER, PLEMMONS, Johnnie BUCHAN, SNEED, SHAVER and Otis BUCHAN enjoyed an old fashioned quilting at Mrs. GRIZZELLE’s Wednesday afternoon.  After quilting for two or three hours, delightful refreshments were served.  Each lady went away declaring it the most enjoyable afternoon they had spent in a long time.

Miss Ida Belle McCain Returned to Arizona

            Miss Ida Belle McCAIN, who left her home in Arizona less than two months ago apparently strong and well, to visit with relatives here and at Cisco, was stricken with Neuritis before arriving here and spent the time of her visit largely in the Graham Sanitarium at Cisco.  She was slightly better last week and was taken back to her home at Yuma, but she has by no means recovered.

South Ward P.T.A.

            The spirit of the P.T.A. Meeting that assembled Thursday, February 14th, was nearer the true meaning of a real P.T.A. than we have had this year.  We hope everyone that enjoyed the hour will spread the spirit that was aroused.          

            The program given was very interesting.  It consisted of:

Reading, Clark DUKE.

Sings, Second Grade.

Reading, Junior TERRILL.

Reading, Dorothy SHAVER.

Song, Frances SNOW

Reading, Martha F. RUSSELL

            After a profitable business meeting and the count of the room votes was taken, in which the second and fifth grade tied, we adjourned to meet again Thursday, February 28th.

Ebenezer Couple Has Second Set of Twins in 18 Months

            Twin babies, a boy and a girl, were born to Mr. and Mrs. T.D. HUGHES, residing near Ebenezer school house, five miles southeast of De Leon on Sunday, February 17.  Their first born were twins also, who came into the home some eighteen months ago.

Radford Grocery Burglarized, Took 2 Cases Cigarettes

            Burglars entered the wholesale establishment of Radford Grocery Co., in this city shortly after three o’clock last Tuesday morning, taking four broken cases of cigarettes, totaling in all about two full cases.  The four leading brands, Camels, Chesterfields, Lucky Strike and Old Gold were included.

            Night Officer L.C. BILLS discovered the burglary and having evidence that the thieves went toward Comanche, telephoned the sheriff.  As the sheriff was on the watch for them, they arrived in Comanche and attempted to enter the wholesale grocery house there when, upon forcing the door, they touched off a “set” gun and turned in a burglar alarm.  They left the scene without obtaining anything.  Officers are confident, but of course not certain, that it was the same men who were responsible for both jobs.

            Officers have a clew.

Mrs. Martha Troutt Passed Away Sunday

            Mrs. Martha TROUTT, formerly of this city, died at the home of her son, J.C. TROUTT, at Little Rock, Ark., last Sunday morning, February 17, 1929.  She had been ill for some time and her death was not unexpected.

            Mrs. TROUT and her husband formerly lived in the home of C.H. TIMMONS until his death some two years ago.  She then went to live with her sons at Sugarland and Little Rock.  She also lived for periods with her daughter, Mrs. J.T. SMITH, on DeLeon, Route 5.

            Mrs. TROUTT was born August 7, 1856.  She was married to F.M. TROUTT at Hearne, Texas, in 1882.  Seven children were born to them, three of whom survive.  They are O.W. TROUTT, of Sugarland, J.C. TROUTT, Little Rock, Ark., and Mrs. J.T. SMITH of this place.  There are ten grand children.

            While still quite young, Mrs. TROUTT was converted and united with the Baptist church near Hearne, spending a life of service and self sacrifice.  The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL at the home of C.H. TIMMONS at 10 o’clock Wednesday morning and her remains were laid to rest beside her husband in De Leon cemetery.

Surprise Birthday Party For J.A. Mohon

            Having a birthday was no particular surprise to Johnnie MOHON as he has been having them regularly each year for some time back.  But having a birthday party was quite a different matter.

            When Mr. MOHON, now manager of De Leon Garner-Alvis store, went to his home last Friday evening, a sure-enough party was in the making.  While he was waiting for the wife to call him to supper, someone knocked on the door.  All unsuspecting, he went to the door and found that the guests had arrived.  The meaning of it all was not clear until he led them into the house and the doors to the dining room were thrown open, revealing a sumptuous banquet spread on the table.

            Guests for the occasion were Dr. A.M. ALLEN, W.A. CRAWFORD, E.E. GENTRY, Cager and Tassie MOHON, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph BENDER and Mrs. A.K. BENDER.  Following the meal the evening was pleasantly spent in music, games, etc.  Mrs. MOHON said that it was his first birthday party and a most enjoyable one at that.

Maypearl Pastor Visits Mother Here

            Rev. and Mrs. Joseph PATTERSON and their young son, of Maypearl, Texas, were here during the week, guests of his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON.  Young PATTERSON, who was assistant pastor of the Corsicana Methodist church last year, is getting along quite well with his work at Maypearl, his first Texas pastorate, he told Free Press.

Bridge Luncheon

            A prettily appointed bridge luncheon was a social courtesy extended by Mr. and Mrs. A.C. SCHUMAN on Saturday evening.  The occasion celebrated the first anniversary of the marriage of this popular young couple who proved their excellence as hosts by sustaining an air of festive congeniality throughout the evening.  Auction, the ever popular sport, was interspersed with snatches of humor and gay repartee, high score going to Mrs. Loy HILL with Mrs. SCHUMAN as runner-up.  Vivacity was the keynote of the whole affair.

            A two-course luncheon featured chicken salad, English peas, candied potatoes with deviled eggs, coffee and rolls, and apple-glaze with whipped cream and coconut cake.

            Place cards revealed the identity of the participants in this delightful affair:  Dr. and Mrs. George BLACKWELL, Dr. and Mrs. Edward BLACKWELL of Gorman, Mrs. William CLARK, Mr. and Mrs. Loy HILL, Mr. and Mrs. CARLILE, Mrs. T.C. SMITH and niece, Miss Alda RICHIE, Mr. and Mrs. Rllie HILL and Mr. and Mrs. Chas Ross.


C.E. GEORGE spent Sunday with his children in the home of the late Mrs. GEORGE’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe SCOTT at Nugent, bringing back with him his two youngest children, Mary and Monty Joe, who will remain here for a time.

Mrs. John SANTO of Hope, New Mexico was visiting recently in the home of Mrs. J.J. HEATH and Jet and Hill LOGSDON.  Mrs. SANTO is a niece of Mrs. HEATH and LOGSDON brothers and they had not seen her for 27 years.

Mrs. Jocie GILLOCK, wife of Eugene GILLOCK and sister of Mrs. O.F. BLOYD, returned last week from the State Tubercular Sanitarium at Carlsbad, being brought home by O.F. BLOYD and C.C. OTWELL.  She remained there two months and is not greatly improved.  Olen OGLESBY, son of Mrs. BLOYD, returned from Carlsbad last fall, having remained there for six months, and is gradually regaining his health.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. WALKER of Proctor spent Sunday with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey HAMPTON spent the week end at Ireland visiting his parents.

Mrs. M.B. TEAGUE and daughter, Mrs. Leland TARPLEY of Desdemona, spent last Sunday visiting Mrs. TEAGUE’s sister, Mrs. Charlie FLOYD.

Mrs. M.E. RACKLEY of Hamilton came last Friday for an extended visit with her son, T.W. DICKEY and family.

Miss Iva JONES spent the week end with her parents near Granbury.

Last Thursday while Comer STEELE and J.T. LITTLE were enroute to Dublin the radius rod of their car broke, causing it to overturn.  Both men were caught under the car but neither of them were badly injured.

Miss Thelma VANDIVER of Childress is visiting with her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. D.W. COURT and family.

Misses Julia HAVIS, Ada BARNES, L.O.E. SWEEDEN, Zora BARKER, Mary MOORE, and Messrs. Howard BAKER and C.M. CARAWAY, Jr. of Tarleton College spent the week end with their home folks.

Mr. and Mrs. V.L. LITTLE are the parents of a baby girl, born on Feb. 14.

While playing with her sister a few days ago, Juanita  FLOYD accidentally fell, striking her teeth on a chair post.  The two upper front teeth were badly broken, necessitating quite a bit of dental work.


C.N. MERRELL spent the week-end with homefolks at Huckaby.

Mr. and Mrs. Sipe FARRIS and son, Wedall of Hico, visited Mrs. FARRIS’ mother, Mrs. W.T. NEWTON, last Saturday.

Harvey GARY, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GARY, was taken suddenly sick Friday morning while they were visiting Mrs. GARY’s sister, Mrs. MORRISON at Cow Creek.  He was taken to the Blackwell Sanitarium at Gorman.  Although he is in a very serious condition, we are hoping he will soon be on the road to recovery.  His sisters, Mrs. Clayton CROW of Waco and Mrs. A.A. BEATTY of Coleman, also his brothers, R.L. and Billy of Seagraves have been called to his bedside.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKENNY are the parents of a baby boy, born Feb. 15.  Both mother and baby are doing nicely.

New Hope News

Miss Enola McCHAREN, primary teacher in New Hope school, was absent from her place this week because of being ill.  Her sister, Miss Wayne, and also Mr. Henry KENNEDY have been teaching in her place.

A number of New Hope Sunday School pupils recently remembered two of their fellow members who are ill, sending beautiful blooming potted plants to Misses Anice LOCKE, and Susie HOLLAND.

Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON has had a severe illness.  She is now passed the crisis and is improving.

Miss Lillie CHUPP spent last Saturday with her sister, Mrs. Doyle NOWLIN.


A home arts club has been organized in the school at this place and work in that line has begun.  Miss Eula HULSEY is president, Miss Ona WYATT is vice-president, Miss Lillian ROBBINS secretary and Miss Novis LINDLEY treasurer.  The class is placing some work on display now and it is hoped to have an exhibit of this and other school work in the spring.

Charley VARNER of Comanche visited with V.C. WAYLAND and family this week.  Mr. VARNER was reared in this community and his many friends here are always glad to see him.  He is a brother of Mrs. V.C. WAYLAND.

V.C. WAYLAND has made substantial improvements to his home here, having added three rooms which make a more commodious arrangement.

R.S. CARR and wife were in this community over the weekend visiting with O.F. CARR and R.P. LEWIS.  Mr. CARR is living at Bunyan.

Miss Odell ROBBINS spent the week end with home folks and visiting with friends in this community.  Miss ROBBINS is a student at Tarleton college.

G.E. RILEY and wife of Breckenridge are visiting Mrs. RILEY’s mother who has been quite ill

A valentine party was given the evening of the 14th at the home of O.S. ROBBINS.  The young people of this and adjoining communities gathered in great numbers and enjoyed the evening together.  Refreshments were served at ten o’clock and youngsters went their way expressing their appreciation for the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. ROBBINS..


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.