De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 8, 1929


Mrs. Grace Spence McFarlin Died at Tulsa on Sunday

            Mrs. W.R. McFARLAN, better known to De Leon people as Miss Grace SPENCE, died at a sanitarium in Tulsa, Okla., at 5:00 o’clock p.m. Sunday, February 10th.  Mrs. McFARLAN had been carried to the sanitarium some two weeks prior to her death for an operation.  She was reported as getting along well, in fact, her condition was quite satisfactory for almost two weeks when she took a sudden change for the worse.  Just before midnight Saturday night, Feb. 9, a message came apprising her mother, Mrs. Wesley JONES, of her condition.  Mrs. JONES caught the 1:00a.m. train Sunday and arrived in Tulsa an hour after her daughter had passed away.

            The Free Press has very meager information.  G.W. JONES received a letter Wednesday which was written Tuesday, but this gave only a little information.  The funeral had not been held at the time the letter was written.  The family had lived in Tulsa ten years or more and it is presumed the funeral and burial would be there.

            Grace SPENCE McFARLAN was about 38 years of age.  She married W.R. McFARLAN in Port Arthur some twelve years ago.  Two children were born to them, a little son who is now nine, and a little daughter about five.  She was reared in De Leon, educated in De Leon Schools and in Huntsville Normal, and was teaching at Port Arthur when she was married.          

Miss Ida Belle McCain is Ill at Cisco Sanitarium

            Miss Ida Belle McCAIN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. McCAIN, formerly of this place but now of Yuma, Arizona, became very ill at the home of her cousin, Mrs. V.G. LOCKE at Cisco some two or three weeks ago and has been confined to her bed at the Graham Sanitarium since.  She suffers from neuritis.  She expects to be able to leave the sanitarium soon and will convalesce at the home of Mr. and Mrs. LOCKE, or with her aunt, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY, here.

Junior Son of Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. Steakley Honored

            In De Leon the Free Press used to tell of honors in his school work won by Zollie STEAKLEY.  In Sweetwater the papers are now telling a similar story of the achievements of Dan, the youngest son of the STEAKLEYS.  The Free Press takes pleasure in re-publishing a clipping from one of the Sweetwater papers of recent date.  It follows:

Honor Students Announced

            “Following the address by Mr. HAWKINS, Principal NEINAST announced the honor students of the class.  Highest honor, he stated, was won by Dan STEAKLEY, whose average for the four years in high school was between 96 and 97 per cent.  ‘When I filled out Dan STEAKLEY’s transcript a few days ago for entrance to Simmons College’, said Mr. NEINAST, ‘it was the first time in my experience in Sweetwater high school that all the grades which I filled out were A’s.’ ”


            Mr. and Mrs. O.F. STEWART of San Angelo are the proud parents of a tiny little son, born into their home on January 28.  The little tot showed good judgment in choosing R.P. (Bunk) WALLACE for his grandfather.

             Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. LILE of 215 South Abe St., San Angelo, are the parents of a baby boy, born into their home recently.  Mrs. LILE was formerly Jewell SCOTT, a sister of the editor of this paper.

Downing School

The following students made the Honor Roll for the fourth month:

Low First: Lucille WHITLOCK.

High First: Rector EVANS

Second Grade:  Gale McINNIS, Eddie Myrl GUNN, and Ina Pearl SHUPP.

Fourth Grade: Ruby Lee BISHOP, Edith LOUDERMILK, Bud MORRISON, Teresa TUNNELL, Harold GRISSOM and J. PETERS.

Fifth Grade:  Louise SHIPP, and Mandie Lee YATES.

Sixth Grade: Lawrence SHUPP.

Seventh Grade: Lois McGINNIS and Joyce PIPER.

Eighth Grade: Carl WATSON and Vaunida PETERS.


Lowell ROBINETT of Decatur spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will ROBINETT.  He was accompanied home by his friend, Luke RAMSEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Autrey SELF of Camp Springs spent the week end with his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Mr. and Mrs. Belt DYSON of Iraan are here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. DEPON.

Earl McCLELLAN is now in charge of shop work at GENTRY’s garage.  McCLELLAN specialized in electrical work and is expert in all kinds of auto mechanics.  McCLELLAN also conducts the storage department at Gentry’s, the rate being very reasonable.  Washing and greasing cars a specialty also.

Mrs. James B. HEATH of Rising Star was among those attending the funeral service of Miss Susie HOLLAND here last Sunday.

Miss Louise LESTER of Fort Worth was a Sunday visitor with her mother, Mrs. L.L. LESTER.

Mrs. Stewart CATE of Breckenridge is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

Edward TERRY of Gonzales is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Burl TERRY.

Miss Katherine HARVEY of San Angelo was a Saturday visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.

Almos VESTAL and daughter, Miss Grace, are visiting his brother, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. VESTAL.

New Hope News

Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN happened to an accident several days ago in which she sustained a broken arm.  She accidentally fell into a cellar, located at the back of their store.

Sam LOFTON is having bad luck with his livestock.  This past December, one of his horses died and he lost another one last week.

G.H. YORK has recently had a well drilled on the TERRY farm which is occupied by Houston GRISHAM.

Mrs. J.D. RAGLAND is reported convalescing from a attack of pneumonia.

Rev. Earl LIGHTFOOT and family visited with his sister, Mrs. George DANIELS last week.  Rev. LIGHTFOOT is pastor of the Coleman Methodist Church now.

Mrs. Mattie GATES of Walnut Spgs. Has been at the bedside of her sister, Mrs. J.D. RAGLAND, during the past week. 

Jesse HOLDRIDGE and family and Mrs. Era HAMILTON and two children are now living on the C.C. HAMPTON farm in this community.


Mrs. W.D. DECKER, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Henry PARKER of De Leon for the last two months, returned to her home Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. PARKER and son, Otis, returned with her but they only spent the day.

Bud McGRATH and Wess NEWTON have made several business trips to Dublin the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. K.E. SMITH and Miss Olga SMITH spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank THOMAS and children.

Mr. J.C. FARRIS, of Hico, has spent the past two weeks with his grandmother, Mrs. W.T. NEWTON.


Herschel MOORE happened to a rather unusual experience at school this week.  In course of the playing with a ball, he was struck in the eye with such force that his eye ball was injured, causing him to be out of school temporarily.

George BRAZELL is adding to his house this week.  He is changing the front to face the highway and is building a porch on the north side, making his home more commodious as well as more attractive.

F.C. MOORE of Victor visited with his son, O.H. MOORE, Sunday.

Robert PARMER and family of Stephenville visited O.H. MOORE and family Sunday.  Mr. PARMER was a citizen of this community some years ago and during that time taught the school here.  The school at that time was the Gutherie School and located on the De Leon-Desdemona road.  He is now living at Stephenville where he takes an active interest in local civic matters.  His friends here are always glad to see him.

Miss Eula HULSEY and Miss Ona WYATT spent the week-end with their home folks.

W.N. KOONCE has recently purchased a new Chrysler Sedan.  Others who have purchased new cars in this community recently are W.A. LINDLEY and Zollie KOONCE.

Miss Obenetta WINNEGAR accompanied Miss Ona WYATT home and then spent the week-end with her in Stephenville.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. A.R. THOMPSON and son have moved from Comyn to the Victor community.  We regret very much to lose them from our community.

Mr. and Mrs. Hardy HAZZARD have moved into the residence just vacated by the THOMPSON family.

Buford McSHAN is suffering from an attack of the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. Doc SMITH are the parents of a baby boy born Jan. 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Othor BLOYD and Claude OTWELL went to Carlsbad Wednesday to visit Mr. BLOYD’s sister, Mrs. Josie GILLOCK.

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy HUDSON of Comanche visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES Sunday.

J.R. TREADWAY left Wednesday for McCamey.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.