De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 1, 1929


A.H. Hazelwood Died from Heart Attack Saturday

            A.H. HAZELWOOD, 78, a citizen of this city for the past seven years, died of heart failure at his home between six and seven o’clock last Saturday morning.  His son, Roy, came into the room where his father was sitting in a chair at about 6:45 and replenished the fire in the stove.  He thought his father was asleep and did not attempt to disturb him, going to work at the A. & P. Store where he is employed.  The elder HAZELWOOD had the habit of getting up at about 4:30 and sitting by the fire until morning and nothing was thought of his silence until his wife came to give him medicine at 7:00 o’clock and found him dead, his head leaning back in the chair, his body quite cold.  Evidently he had been dead for some time.

            Albert Houston HAZELWOOD was born in Tennessee, near Knoxville, Jan. 15, 1851.  At somewhere near the age of 20 he came to Texas, to the vicinity of Cross Plains, where he lived for many years.  He later moved to Cisco, coming from that place to De Leon in 1921.  He is survived by his wife and three children, Roy 19, Mary 16 and Albert 12.

            Mr. HAZELWOOD was an almost lifelong member of the Methodist church.  In his younger days he was quite a singer and engaged much in singing and leading church music.  His membership at time of death was with the De Leon Methodist church.  Rev. S. J. RUCKER and Rev. Seba KIRKPATRICK conducted the funeral service at the Methodist church at 2:30 Sunday afternoon.  Burial was at De Leon cemetery.

Katy Road Master Dropped Dead in Hotel on Monday

            J.D. HAMILTON, citizen of Whitney, Texas, and for many years road-master for the Texas Central branch of the M-K-T Ry., dropped dead in his room at the Lambert Hotel in this city at an early hour Monday morning.  Mr. HAMILTON had just come in on the night train, which arrives here shortly after 1 o’clock and had gone up to a room to go to bed when the clerk heard him cry out as if in sudden pain.  He rushed up to the room to find him in a dying condition.  “Is the doctor coming” were the only words uttered by the dying man before he expired.  Death was due to heart failure.

            Mr. HAMILTON was born in Tennessee in 1866 and came to Texas and to Whitney in 1868, living there for the intervening years.  He was one of that little city’s most substantial and revered citizens.  He was a devoutly religious man, a Methodist, and one on whom the church leaned heavily for support and guidance.  He had reared a family consisting of one son and three daughters, all now married.  His son is connected with the First National Bank at Waco.

            Mr. HAMILTON had been in the employ of the Katy for about 40 years and was much loved by the men of the system.  Section foremen from all along the line went to Whitney to pay their last tribute of respect to their chief.  His Masonic brethren conducted the usual service at the grave-side.  The funeral was from the Methodist church with his pastor and a former pastor in charge.  A great bank of flowers attested to the love and esteem in which he was held.

Former Watchmaker Here, Returns and Re-Opens Business

            Friends of H. HAMPTON, jeweler and watchmaker, are extending him a welcome back to the city after an absence of almost a year.  Mr. HAMPTON has been in business at Eastland where he did quite well, liking the town and the people.  However, his home was here, De Leon business conditions were to his liking, and he finds he can operate on considerably less overhead, hence his return.  He will be found at his old stand at Weaver & Sons.

Former De Leon Man is Now Ft. Worth Manufacturer

            Mrs. D. TOMLIN and children, formerly of Cisco, were in De Leon late last week calling on old friends.  Mrs. TOMLIN stated that they have recently sold out their drug business in Cisco and have moved to Ft. Worth where TOMLIN will engage in the manufacture of toilet preparations.  Mr. TOMLIN is already in Fort Worth and getting the new business started.  He is to be business manager of the new firm, one or two other parties being connected with him in the business.

            Mr. TOMLIN was formerly connected with a similar manufacturing plant in Dallas, but sold his interest.  Lately his health has not been good, being troubled with high blood pressure.

Sister of De Leon Woman Died at Pecos

            Mrs. J.A. BRADLEY, sister of Mrs. Curt MORRIS, died on January 20, 1929 at Pecos, falling a victim of influenza.  The funeral and burial was at Alexander on Monday, January 21st, at the family burying ground there.  Mrs. BRADLEY was an elder sister of Mrs. MORRIS.  Sympathy of many friends is extended her.

Strickland and Sharp Appointed School Trustees

            At a called meeting of the De Leon School Board Thursday morning, G.M. STRICKLAND and C.H. SHARP were appointed on the school board to fill out the unexpired terms of O.E. HARVEY and J.J. HORN.

            The regular monthly meeting of the Board will be held at the Home Economics Cottage next Monday evening.


Mrs. Curt MORRIS had as her guess last week, her mother, Mrs. SWEARINGEN, and brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. SWEARINGEN, all of Fort Worth, and sister Mr. and Mrs. C.L. WEBB of Breckenridge.

Dee HENSON, formerly of this place, a Ford manager, who later operated a Chevrolet station at Rising Star, and who is now with the Reid Star

J.A. SWAGERTY and Mrs. J.T. SWAGERTY left Thursday morning for a visit with relatives and friends at their old home, Portales, N. Mex.

Mrs. Gladys TOLAR and Miss Wyniselle HOLLEMAN of this city visited relatives at Hico last Saturday and Sunday.

Willie HANCOCK was here recently visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben NABORS are here from Hamlin, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. POLNAC.       

New Hope News

            Mr. and Mrs. Shirly STRUBE are the proud parents of a twelve pound baby girl, born into their home recently.  The little one was named “Jackie Nell

Miss Alice TERRY is home from Glen Rose where she went for treatment.  She is reported much improved condition.

Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON is in Glen Rose for treatment.  Mr. WILKERS)N and children visited her Sunday and report evidence in her condition.

Grandmother Solley is spending the week with S.N. WILKERSON and children.

Miss Rema EZZELLE spent the past week-end with Miss Mattie SLAUGHTER.

Miss Lillie CHUPP visited her sister, Mrs. Doyle NOWLIN, last Saturday and Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. Hugh BAILEY of this community, are moving to De Leon.  Although it does not take any pupils out of our school we regret their leaving.

Mr. Derwin AUTHOR or “Rip,” as he is better known by his friends here, shot and killed himself in his home at Big Springs last week.  His body was shipped back here for burial.  “Rip” was the son of Charlie and Prudie AUTHOR and the grandson of Mrs. M.E. GARY.


Mrs. O.H. MOORE and children motored down to Carlton Sunday and spent the day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HILL.

E.F. JOINER and Zollie KOONCE have been terracing their farms.  They have given considerable study to this work and are doing the work in that most approved manner, making their levies large and following a definite water line.  Their work gives their farms an appearance of progressiveness and many will follow their example soon.

The report of the death of J.M. PARTAIN, father of Mrs. M.J. KEITH of this community, came last week.  Mr. PARTAIN lived in the vicinity of Dublin but was well known here and in adjoining communities.  He was 54 years old.  He contracted pneumonia following the flu and the attack proved fatal.  He was buried in Dublin. 

We regret to lose from our school the children of Floyd BURTON who has moved away.  They have moved into Desdemona and the children will attend that school.

Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS has been on the sick list for the past several days.  We hope she will be up again soon.


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