De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 18, 1929


C.C. Hampton Returned Home From Sanatorium

            C.C. HAMPTON was greeting his friends on the street here Monday afternoon, having returned a few days ago from Carlsbad Sanatorium where he went for treatment for a light case of tuberculosis.  His case was discovered in its incipiency and he immediately went under the care of the best physicians obtainable, with the result that he is well on the road to recovery.  Mr. HAMPTON will continue for several months to take the “rest cure” at his home in order to build up his vitality.  But all active trace of the malady is gone.  With good care he will be as good as ever within a few months.

Charley Wants To “Deliver” Those Peanuts

            Charley TATE has three sacks of peanuts that he is anxious to deliver to the thief who attempted to steal them about two weeks ago.  All the thief has to do is to come back and call for them.  Mr. TATE will “deliver” them.  (He didn’t say what else he would do, however).

            The facts in the case are these.  Mr. TATE had a stack of peanuts he had threshed and left in the field to dry.  He missed some of the sacks.  A day or two later, while driving down the road north of his home, he discovered the three sacks of peanuts lying in the ditch alongside the road, partly concealed in the tall grass almost half a mile from where they were taken.  He loaded them in his wagon and is holding them for the would-be owner to call for.

            “That was no kid, either,” said Mr. TATE, as the sacks held more peanuts than a boy could carry, indicating that the thief was a full grown man.

Aged Pioneer Woman Died at Age Ninety-Four

            An old and honored pioneer of Comanche county passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIRE, in this city at 3:30 o’clock a.m. Thursday, January 10, 1929.  Mrs. ROBERTSON was born on June 6, 1834, being ninety-four years, seven months and four days of age when death came.  She had been in her usual good health until shortly before the summons came.  Pneumonia was the cause of her death.  She was ill for a period of nine days.

            Mary Caroline RUFF was a sunny haired baby girl in Giles county, Tennessee, when the sun shone down on the bloody scenes of the Alamo and before the battle of San Jacinto was fought.  In her girlhood she moved with her parents to Searcy county, Arkansas.  It was here in 1854 that she was married to Finis ROBERTSON.  They enjoyed just ten years of married life, during which time six children were born into the home, three dying in infancy, when the husband and father was killed by a guerilla band during the guerilla warfare conducted in the state of Arkansas.  This band also tortured by burning his feet and subsequently killed a brother of Mr. ROBERTSON, the torture being administered for the purpose of forcing him to disclose the hiding place of money he was supposed to have.  Mrs. ROBERTSON endured the many hardships incident to the war and the post war period, bravely facing the world alone with her three small children.

            In the year 1886, Mrs. ROBERTSON came to Texas, making the trip from Searcy county to DeLeon in an ox wagon.  At this time DeLeon was a town five years old.  Her first home was in the Bibb settlement, several miles southwest of DeLeon.  She continued to live here during the intervening years.

            Living children are W.P. ROBERTSON, Comanche; J.W. ROBERTSON, Nimrod; and Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR, DeLeon.  There are 14 grand children, 29 great grand children and there are 5 great-great grand children.

            The funeral was held at the Methodist church Thursday afternoon, she having been a member of that faith for more than sixty years.  Rev. J.D. SMOOT conducted the service.  Burial was at the DeLeon cemetery.

Father of De Leon Woman Died Jan 10; Was Pioneer Here

            W.R. STEWART of Dallas, father of Mrs. W.C. MALLONEE, died at the home of his brother, Tom STEWART.  He had gone there for a short visit from his home in Dallas.  He had been slightly ill for a couple of weeks.  A stroke of paralysis occurred which quickly took him away.

            Mr. STEWART came to Comanche County in about the year 1875 from Bell county, having originally come from Tennessee when a young man, where he was born.  He settled two miles west of where DeLeon was later located, living on a farm about where the Dickson and Tate farms are now.  He made a crop there in 1876 which was the year of the “June frost” so well remembered by old timers.  A frost that year in June killed corn in silk and tassel.

            He was survived by his wife and eight children; two sons, J.P. STEWART of Paducah; Raymond STEWART of Dallas; six daughters, Mrs. W.C. MALLONEE of DeLeon; Mrs. J.M. WHATLEY, Paducah; Mrs. Whitney MONTGOMERY, Dallas; Mrs. E.H. WALTKE, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. D.M. CRAVEN, Dallas; Mrs. Whit MACKLIN, Dallas.  He also leaves three brothers, T.M. STEWART, Temple; J.C. STEWART, Granite, Okla, and Art STEWART, Okis, and one sister, Mrs. R.E. HOUGHTON, Spanish Fork, UT.

            The funeral was held at the home of his brother in Temple and burial was at the old family burying lot at Belton.

Death Calls Woman Who is Near the Century Mark

            Mrs. J.A. PHILLIPS, mother of Mesdames J.W. BUNTYN and W.K. JOHNSON of the Rucker community, who had reached the ripe old age of ninety-two years, passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hollin PHILLIPS, her nephew, at Plainview, Tex. On New Years Day, January 1, 1929.  Less than a week prior to her death, she had gone home with PHILLIPS on a visit.  Pneumonia is given as the cause for her death.

            Mrs. W.C. MALLONEE, Alvin BUNTYN, Miss Lee JOHNSON and Mrs. Jim JOHNSON were grandchildren of Mrs. PHILLIPS.  She had lived in this section many years.

            Mrs. PHILLIPS was born in Georgia July 27, 1836.  She was the mother of 8 children, five having preceded her in death.  There are 18 living grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren. There are four great-great-grandchildren.  She was a faithful member of the Liberty Baptist Church, near Rucker.

Death of Mrs. C.E. George Occurred at Cisco Tuesday

            Mrs. Mildred Elizabeth GEORGE, wife of C.E. GEORGE, died at the Graham Sanitarium at Cisco at 1:00 o’clock p.m. Tuesday, January 15th, 1929.  She had been carried there the day previous upon advice of the Cisco physician with the hope that some relief might be obtained from her long period of suffering.  She passed away peacefully and with no evidence of pain, the faint ebb of life simply ebbing and flowing out into eternity.  No one was with her save her husband who had talked with her until a few moments before the end came.

            Mrs. GEORGE was a great sufferer.  Seldom is it the lot of one to undergo the intense pain and anguish she bore for many months.  Her maladies were many, all traceable perhaps to failure of the heart to properly function.  She had been in numerous hospitals and sanitariums and under the care of, or in consultation with, many physicians.  Neighbors and friends by scores had performed ministrations of love and service, day and night, for many weeks and months all to no avail.

            Mrs. GEORGE was thirty-eight years of age on the 26th of November.  She was born at Nugent, Jones county, near old Fort Phantom Hill, and it is in Phantom Hill cemetery that her body was laid to rest.  She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe SCOTT of Nugent.  Her parents survive her.  Besides these are her husband, and four small children, ages 4, 8, 9, and 11, three boys and a girl.  She has four brothers and one sister surviving.

            The entire life of Mrs. GEORGE was spent in her home and Abilene, in Mineral Wells, and De Leon, living here about three years.  She was a member of the Church of Christ since childhood.  As a wife and mother, she was devoted to the interests of her home and her family.  It is indeed sad when a mother of little children is taken from the home; impossible for the human mind to see through the veil and comprehend the meaning of it all, but the Heavenly Father doeth all things well and we can but bow in submission to the divine will.

            Funeral and burial was at Phantom Hill cemetery near Nugent, Wednesday, January 16.

Painful Accident On Street Tuesday Night

            Johnny DECADOVER, assistant to one of the dry goods salesmen making De Leon, suffered a painful accident in front of the EDMONDSON store late Tuesday afternoon.  A heavy machine was backed against the curb.  DECADOVER got his leg between the auto and the curb while the driver was attempting to start.  The tractor was working badly which fact was responsible for the accident.  It was not thought the bone was broken, but the limb was crushed painfully.

Mrs. Edmondson in Dallas Market During Past Week

            Mrs. J.T. EDMONDSON returned the last of the week from Dallas where she spent four or five days in the wholesale markets.  She returned quite enthusiastic regarding the merchandising outlook, stating that Dallas markets this season are filled to overflowing with a most wonderful assortment of wearables, and the prices are to be very reasonable.

            The spring is to be a colorful season, Mrs. EDMONDSON declared.  If Milady is disposed to flaunt daring shades, the dictates of fashion will not object.  Indeed, Mrs. EDMONDSON can easily prove this statement by the many beautiful creations of women’s wear now on her racks and shelves.  In an ad in this issue she is issuing an invitation to DeLeon ladies to call and see the pretty spring things.

Had Appendix Operation At Gorman Thursday

            Mrs. Fred SHAVER is recovering very nicely from an operation for appendicitis which she had at Gorman, Thursday, last week.  She is expected home within the next few days.

Engineer and Wife Off For Long Visit

            Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH left early in the week for Stockton, California where they will visit for a month in the home of their son, Austin and family.  Mr. and Mrs. Austin SMITH, former De Leon folks, are now the proud parents of two little sons, one of which the fond grandparents have never seen, hence the visit.


            The marriage of Mr. A. Clay DABNEY, only son of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY of this city, to Miss Georgia Doris MARSHALL, occurred at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. A.C. SHOPE at 3:00 o’clock, p.m. Saturday, January 12th.  A few friends were present to witness the taking of the marriage vows.  Rev. C.G. SMITH, a Methodist minister, united them.  The young couple left soon after the ceremony for Mineral Wells and from there they went to Cisco where they spent Sunday as guests of his sister, Mrs. V.G. LOCKE.  On Monday they came here for a brief visit in the home of his parents.  They are now at home to their friends at 1804 Forest Park Blvd., Fort Worth.

            Young DABNEY has lived in Ft. Worth the past five years or more where he is engaged in the manufacture of gas stoves, being a member of the firm, the Just Rite Stove Mfg. Co.  He has done remarkably well with his business affairs in the three years he has been so engaged.  Prior to his connection with this concern he sold hardware for one of the major wholesale hardware houses doing business in the southwest.

            Mrs. DABNEY has resided in Ft. Worth for a number of years.  She is a graduate of C.L.A. and Texas Christian University.  She taught last year at Vernon and was this year engaged as a teacher in the Ft. Worth Public schools until she resigned because of her marriage.  A number of De Leon people have made her acquaintance and declare her to be a most charming young woman.

            Congratulations and best wishes of many friends are extended them.

Praises Work Being Done at Sanitarium

            Albert Piper, who contracted tuberculosis several months ago, went to the W.O.W. tubercular sanitarium at San Antonio.  He remained some three or four months, returning to his home on Proctor Rt. 1 six weeks ago.  Mr. PIPER spoke in glowing terms of the work being done by this splendid institution which is under the direction of Dr. Chas. J. KOERTH, a German specialist. Dr. KOERTH and all his nurses have had the T.B. and they know how to treat the disease Piper declared.

            The Woodman Lodge is doing a great work there, according to Mr. PIPER.  The sanitarium is located near the site of old Camp Travis and has a capacity of 200 patients, there being 135 there while he was a patient, he said.


Gus McCAIN and his sister, Miss Ida BELLE, of Yuma, Ariz., are expected here for a visit with DABNEY relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN from Eldorado were here the past week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete SHAVER.

Miss Bessie SLOAN  from Comanche was a weekend visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. SLOAN.

Mrs. Austin SPENCER from Ballinger is here visiting her father, Geo. MOHON.

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. WOOD left some days ago to make their home at Sherman with Otis HARVEY, or he with them as the case might be.  These good people have resided in De Leon for many years and it is with extreme regret that friends see them moving away.

Mr. and Mrs. Porter McCARROLL are leaving this week to make their future home in Comanche.  Friends regret to see them go.

Mrs. H. B. WHITE of Meridian, sister of Mrs. S.G. PARKS, is here for a visit of a month with her sister.

William Barron BUTLER, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodie BUTLER, made his appearance at their home in Sherman at 1:00 o’clock a.m. on New Year’s Day, starting life even up with the new year, less one hour.  The mother and young BUTLER are reported as doing nicely.

Frank WILHELM, who left here more than fifteen years ago to make his home in Arkansas, was here last week to visit his father who has been critically ill.  The elder WILHELM is now better and Frank returned to his home at Hackett City, Ark., where he is station agent for the Frisco.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake SMITH left some weeks ago to make their home in Desdemona, having their Free Press changed accordingly.

Mrs. John DYSON and small son from Texon are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry FREEMAN.

Mrs. Cubel CAMPBELL from Santa Rita is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob DYSON.

Messrs. Jesse and Boss NORTHCUTT from San Angelo; Mr. and Mrs. Joe EDWARDS from Moran; Joe NORTHCUTT and Mrs. HARGRAVES of Colorado, and Spence POOL of Petersburg are here at the bedside of their father who was stricken Sunday with paralysis.

New Hope News

There has been quite a bit of moving into this community lately.  Mr. and Mrs. Terrill PITTS have moved from the Suez community to the Ruff farm formerly occupied by Mr. EMRY and family who moved near Rucker.

Gilder CHUPP and family and his father and sister, Miss Lillie, have all moved to the Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR home.

Mr. and Mrs. Houston GRISHAM and family, who formerly lived near Bowman, have moved to the TERRY farm.

We have failed to mention about Mr. Homer HAFFORD and family moving to De Leon before Xmas.

S.N. WILKERSON and son, J.T., have purchased a new Ford Sedan.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles MILLER are now making their home with her father, J.S. NANCE.

Mrs. Ed LIGHTFOOT spent last Tuesday with her mother, Mrs. O.E. COZBY at De Leon.  It was her mother’s birthday.


Welton BRUMBELOW, who has been very sick for several weeks, is now improving.  Which report we are glad to give.

A few of the young people spent Sunday with Mrs. M.B. HART and family.  They were:  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth SMITH, Mr. C.N. MERRELL, Mr. and Mrs. Frank THOMAS and children, Miss Olga SMITH and Orval and Thomas SITTON, also Miss Marie MOORE.  All seemed to have a nice time and enjoy the dinner.

Miss Hazel HART, who is attending school at Desdemona, took dinner with her mother Sunday.

Clyde CROW has left for Coahoma, where he expects to be at work for some time.

Mr. Earnest BROWN has been ill for several weeks, but is now improving.

Jack NICHOLS has returned to his home from Cross Plains where he has been going to school.

Mr. and Mrs. Bud BYNUM are visiting his mother, Mrs. BYNUM of this community.

Mr. Welton KEITH of Bays, spent the week-end with his uncle, Mr. Roy KEITH.


Miss Odell ROBBINS and Miss Lucy RILEY of Tarleton College spent the weekend with their home folks.

Misses Odell and Ila ROBBINS visited Sunday with F.L. TIMMONS of Desdemona who has been ill for the past several days.

J.W. HONEYCUTT and wife have both been sick for the past several days.  Mr. HONEYCUTT fell in the course of his work around an oil well and was painfully injured though not seriously injured.

Robinson Springs

            Miss Beatrice ROBINSON was called home to the bedside of her brother, Dexter ROBINSON, Sunday afternoon, January 6.  He lived in the Baggett community.  We regretted very much to learn of his death.  Dexter ROBINSON was buried at the Baggett cemetery, Rev. ISHAM of the Energy community conducting the services.  Our sympathy goes to Miss ROBINSON and her relatives in their hour of grief but we know that our hands are in the hands of the “Just Judge” “who doth all things well.”

School is progressing nicely in spite of the flu epidemic.  Several of the students have had it.


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