De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 4, 1929


De Leon Hardware Sold to Dabney January First

            E.E. DABNEY is again in the hardware and furniture business in De Leon, buying the business back from H.G. TERRILL, J.W. SHOOK and R.L. SCOTT, the deal becoming effective on January first.  The store was incorporated under the name of De Leon Hardware & Furniture Company for the past two years with Mr. TERRILL as president and Mr. SHOOK as manager.  The firm enjoyed a good patronage during the two years in business, but other interest of parties concerned made the sale desirable.

            Mr. DABNEY will scarcely need an introduction to the De Leon public.  He founded this business some thirty-three years ago operating it under his own name for thirty-one years before selling it.  He took charge on the first of the present month and is being welcomed back to his old post by the many who formerly patronized him.

            Mr. TERRILL will remain with the De Leon Hardware & Furniture Corporation for the necessary length of time to get in collections due, after which the corporation will be dissolved.  Mr. SHOOK returned to his former position in the hardware department at Higginbotham Bros. & Co.

Higginbotham to Discontinue Their Grocery Dept.

            A number of changes are taking place at Higginbothams, not in the least of which is the abandonment of the grocery business in De Leon. In this issue will be found an advertisement announcing the beginning of liquidation of this stock.  Prices will be made attractive in order to effect an early closing of this department.

            It is understood that Alf SLOAN, manager of the grocery department, will continue with the firm here.

            J.W. SHOOK returns to the firm after an absence of two years.  He will be the manager of the implement and heavy hardware departments.  Mr. SHOOK is already on the job.

Grandmother of Mrs. Enoch Wisdom Dead

            Mr. and Mrs. Enoch WISDOM and little son went to Kokomo, near Gorman, last Sunday to be present at the funeral and burial of Mrs. WISDOM’s grandmother, Mrs. WOODS, who died at the home of her son, A.H. WOODS, at 10:30 last Sunday morning.  The funeral and burial was held at the Kokomo cemetery at 3:30 o’clock p.m. Monday.  A large crowd gathered to pay their last respects to this good old lady who had lived for more than a quarter of a century in that community.  Her husband died some 18(?) years ago. 

            Grandmother WOODS was born in one of the eastern states, and came to Eastland county nearly 30 years ago.  She reared a large family.  Thirty-eight grand children and nineteen great-grand children were present at the funeral.  She was past 80 years of age.  The Methodist minister of the Kokomo church conducted the funeral services, she having been a life-long member of that faith.

Elderly Mother Passed Away Here on December 27th

            Mrs. Delia KENNEDY, wife of J.W. KENNEDY, came to the end of earthly life at the family home in the Heath Addition just two days after Christmas.  She had been ill for some time and her death was not unexpected.  A number of her children had come from distant points to be at her bedside and to comfort her in her last illness.  The skill of physicians and the best of good nursing was unavailing in combating the malady that took her life.

            Mrs. KENNEDY was born in Blue Mountain, Miss., grew to womanhood and married there.  Some 25 years ago she moved with her husband and family to this place and has since lived in and around DeLeon.  She was converted at the age of 18 years and united with the Baptist church, in which faith she lived and died.  Being a devout Christian mother she reared her seven children in the fear and love of God.  Her family was reared, the youngest son to manhood, before the end came.  Her labor of love being completed, she awaited the summons from labor to rest with confidence and faith.

            Funeral service and burial was held on Friday, December 28th at DeLeon cemetery.  Sympathy is extended to bereaved ones.


            A wedding of interest to local people occurred here on Wednesday evening, January 2nd, when Charles H. HINTON was married to Miss Maurine THOMSON.  The couple went to the Methodist parsonage at 5:30 o’clock where Rev. S.J. RUCKER, the pastor, spoke the words of the marriage ceremony.  Accompanying them were a sister of the bride, Miss Edras THOMSON and Mrs. HOUK, a friend.  These, together with the pastor’s wife, witnessed the ceremony.

            Mrs. HINTON is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.L. THOMSON and was reared in DeLeon.  She has been for a number of years employed as manager of the local telephone exchange where she has given excellent service.  Her friends and the public will miss her from her accustomed place.  Mr. HINTON has lived in De Leon the past year, coming here from Corsicana.  He formerly lived in Oklahoma.  He is employed by the M-K-T railroad as cashier and telegraph operator.  Both have many friends who wish for them the choicest and best of the blessings of life as they journey along together.

Elderly Couple Had a Family Reunion Xmas

            Mr. and Mrs. C.G. HAMPTON had their children from Dallas and Big Spring in their home during the holidays.  Dr. and Mrs. J.A. HAMPTON of Dallas and Mr. and Mrs. W.A. RAWLINGS and children of Big Spring all were guests in their home.

            C.C. HAMPTON, the only absent member of the family, is recovering from an illness at the Sanatorium.  Mr. HAMPTON writes that he is to have an examination January 16th and if his condition is satisfactory he will be at home soon after that date.

Child of Frank Holland Had Attack Appendicitis

            Little Miss Moray HOLLAND, 10-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank HOLLAND, was carried to Gorman following an attack of appendicitis this week but because of the fact that she also was suffering from influenza, the operation was not performed.  She was brought back here for treatment and is getting along as well as might be expected under the circumstances.

Painful Accident at Magnolia Station

            Engineer FOREMAN, who recently came to the Magnolia Riddle pumping station to relieve Engineer C. SCHNARE, suffered a painful accident by getting his arm caught in one of the engines and having an artery severed.  The injury was treated at Blackwell sanitarium and he is recovering.  FOREMAN is from Swenson, Texas.

            C. SCHNARE has been ill with influenza and complications for some time.  He was so ill that it was found necessary to carry him to Gorman for treatment.  He is reported improving now.

E.W. Owen is 18th DeLeon Man Chevy Dealer

            Johnnie MOHON is the new manager at the Garner-Alvis store, succeeding E.W. OWEN who is the 18th DeLeon man in a little over two years to go into the Chevrolet business.  Mr. OWEN goes to Hillsboro and will be associated with Ben CARTER in selling Chevrolets, the two having bought the Chevrolet station.  Mr. OWEN was relieved as manager the middle of the week, and is moving to Hillsboro on Saturday.

            Mr. and Mrs. OWEN lived in DeLeon for a period of seven years, coming here from Cisco where he was employed in a dry goods establishment.  He succeeded L.J. BORGART as manager of the Dependable Store.  During his connection with the store here, the business has made splendid advancement, each succeeding year showing a substantial increase in volume over the previous year with hardly an exception.  Mr. OWEN is progressive in his ideas and a hard and consistent worker and an experienced and capable manager.  Mrs. OWEN has filled the position of book-keeper for the firm for several years and her face will be missed from her accustomed place.  Their many friends wish for them much success in their new field.

            Johnnie MOHON has been with the Garner-Alivs Co. for a number of years and is the logical man to drop into the managership.  He is thoroughly acquainted both with the stock and with the wants of the De Leon trade.  His employers may expect the affairs of the firm to continue to go forward under his management.

Armstrong Jewelry Discontinues Store

            The Armstrong Jewelry Co., of De Leon, a branch of the firm of that name in Waco, is preparing to close their business out here and return to Waco, according to announcement made recently.  The company had an auction sale of jewelry at their store, which is located in Weaver Drug store, same being held a couple of weeks before Christmas.  The auction was a successful means of reducing their nice stock carried here.  The holiday trade further reduced their holdings.  Mr. HARRIS, De Leon branch manager, plans to return to Waco soon, he stated.


            I will pay $10 reward for the return of my Blue Angora Cat, taken from the Travelers Hotel Wednesday morning.  Return to De Leon Free Press and no questions asked. – W.S. SNEAD

Howard York Building Cement Walks on Property

G.H. YORK is having some new cement walks laid in front of his property in the southeast portion of the city at both his home place and at the property across the street north from his home.  Every foot of cement walk laid adds just that much to the progressiveness of the city, not to mention the added value and convenience to the property owner.

Knights of Pythias Elect Officers to Serve Coming Year

            Installation ceremonies will be observed at the Castle Hall, Knights of Pythias, on next Monday evening, January 7th, with Dr. A.M. ALLEN as installing officer.  The local order has shown phenomenal growth during the past year, which was one of the best in the history of the lodge.

            A recent drive for membership was quite successful and the drive is being continued.  Practically every meeting night finds a list of candidates to initiate in some ranks.

            Newly elected officers, who will be installed Monday are as follows:

J.A. MOHON, Chancellor Commander

R.C. WORTH, Vice Chancellor

J.H. RHODES, Prelate

D.C. NORTON, Master of Works

E. LOCKE, Master at Arms

Dick HARRIS, Inner Guard

J.T. EDMONDSON, Outer Guard

John WEAVER, K.R. of S.



Gaston Grisham is Successor to J.J. Horn at Higginbotham’s

            Upon the resignation of J.J. HORN as buyer and manager of the dry goods department of Higginbothams, Gaston GRISHAM, son of Mr. and Mrs. John GRISHAM, was employed as his successor.  Young GRISHAM has been for the past several years with the J.C. Penny Stores in Arizona and on the Pacific coast, working for the past year or more in the vicinity of Los Angeles.  During this time he gained valuable experience and a wide knowledge of merchandising which he will be able to use to advantage in his new situation.

            GRISHAM asked for a transfer by his company a few weeks before Christmas to some of their Texas stores.  The request was granted, but a desirable opening was not to be had.  He was just on the point of returning to California to re-enter the service of the great chain store at Sacramento when he was offered this desirable place.

            GRISHAM is already in his new position, Mr. HORN having gone to Breckenridge to take his new position as sales manager for Carter & Bagwell Chevrolet Company, the first of this week.


Everyone around here has been sick with the flu but we are glad to report that several are up and we are hoping that everyone will soon be well again.

Bill GARY and wife of Seagraves visited his parents, C.D. GRAY during Christmas.

Silver KEITH has moved to the Collins place in the Bays community.

Mrs. Clayton CROW, from Waco, spent last week with her parents, C.D. GARY.

Ed NEWTON and family of Weinert visited Mr. and Mrs. NEWTON’s mother, Mrs. W.F. NEWTON, last week.

Mrs. M.B. HART returned home after a three weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. Duree PAIR of Coahoma.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo SMITH of this community spent last week with Mrs. SMITH’s parents, A.H. BEATY at Lorraine, Texas.

There has been two funerals held this week here, one being the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh BAILEY; it was buried Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Jim BLANKENSHIP of Round Grove community who has been ill for the past several weeks, was thought to have been improving rapidly, when death came suddenly Wednesday.  The body was brought to the Victor cemetery Thursday afternoon for burial.


ROBBINS & RILEY have their mill installed in the CRAVEN building near the depot at this place where they do grinding for the public.  As soon as the rush of grinding is over only one day of each week will be set for grinding. 

Brady ROBBINS and wife of Wichita Falls spent the Christmas holidays with his brother, O.S. ROBBINS.

There has been a great deal of flu in this community.  It has not been serious of nature but seems to attack the whole family at a time.

G.B. CLARK and family visited with O.H. MOORE and family during the Christmas season.  Mr. CLARK is at home from McCAMEY where the CLARK brothers do an extensive contracting business.

Morgan BRAZELL and Price BRAZELL and Arthur BRAZELL, with their families, spent a part of the holidays with their mother and other relatives at this place.

Cecil LINDLY of Eastland has been visiting his brother, W.A. LINDLY, and family this week.

Mrs. Opal SHAHON has spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

Jess L. HUGHES and family have moved to Glenrose where Mr. HUGHES hopes to recover his health.

Floyd BURTON will move away this week.  We regret to lose these families from our community.

S.E. GOLDEN has moved to Downing.

New Hope News

A great majority of the people of this community have been having real bad colds or the flu.  Some families have been mighty sick.

Miss Annis LOCKE was taken real bad last week and was carried to the Gorman sanitarium for treatment and probably an operation.

Miss Susie HOLLAND has not been doing very well for several days.

Uncle Alf NABORS and family of De Leon visited his son, Oscar NABORS, on Sunday.

Riley WILKERSON and family, Ben BURROWS and family and Huley JOHNSON and family have moved out of the community this week.  We wish them much happiness and good luck.


Miss Annie NUCKOLS of Whitney, a niece of Mrs. L.C. BILLS, is a guest in the BILLS and WHITTLE homes here this week.

Mr. and Mrs. O.D. GRIZZELLE of San Antonio visited his brother, J.H. GRIZZELLE and family Thursday to Friday last week.  Mr. GRIZZELLE then accompanied them to Arlington where they visited the mother and sister of GRIZZELLE brothers.

A baby boy was born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS on New Years Day 1929.  The youngster makes a good start in the world with 8 pounds to his credit.  Both mother and babe doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff TATE are the proud parents of a tiny baby girl which came into their home on December 30, 1929.  All are doing well it is reported.

Mr. and Mrs. Sid HOLLAND and family of Abilene were here during the holidays visiting in the home of his brother, Frank HOLLAND.

Mr. and Mrs. E.H. TATUM of Sweetwater were here the past week visiting her uncle and family, Mr. and Mrs. T.D. CRADDOCK.

Guy ROACH of Breckenridge was a Sunday visitor of his mother, Mrs. J.D. ROACH. 

Mrs. Verna HODGES, who teaches at Knox City, is visiting her mother, Mrs. J.D. ROACH.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross JENKINS, who are teaching near Merkel, spent the past week visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS.

Mrs. Jack SPARKS and little son, of Huston, spent the holidays with her mother, Mrs. J.D. ROACH.

Attorney S.M. SWEARENGEN and family of Fort Worth spent New Years with his sister, Mrs. C.C. MORRIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover C. MORRIS of Cisco were Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charley MORRIS.

Mr. and Mrs. T.F. WEBB of Breckenridge were Sunday visitors with her sister, Mrs. C.C. Morris.

Mrs. Oscar HOWARD received a message last week of the death of her grandfather, Jim GUMA, whose age was 94 years and 20 days.  For the past 40 years he has resided near Temple in Bell county.

Mrs. Dock WARE and children have returned home after a weeks visit at Colorado with relatives.  She was accompanied home by her father, A.F. HARDIN, who will spend the winter here.



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