De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 21, 1928


Compress Worker Gets Broken Leg Under Cotton Bale

            Clyde EOFF, trucker at the De Leon Compress, sustained a broken leg while at work at the Press last Saturday afternoon.  EOFF had trucked a bale into the car which had been compressed.  He removed it from his truck and turned around to allow the next trucker to enter.  As he did so the bale he had just released fell, catching his leg and crushing it against the car floor.  Both bones were broken near the ankle.

            EOFF was brought into town and the injury cared for.  He is resting as well as might be expected.

Jap Coates Died Result of Injury by Wagon Wheel

            Jap COATES, long time resident of this city, died at his home in the northwest portion of the city Tuesday morning at about 9:30 o’clock.  He came to his death as a result of injuries received while he was hauling cotton from a local cotton yard to the Compress.  The accident happened about a month ago near the Central Texas Produce Company plant.  COATES fell from the wagon and beneath the wheel and the heavily loaded dray pushed his body along in front of the wheel, breaking several ribs and tearing them loose from his spinal column.  It is possible one of the broken ribs pierced his lung.

            COATES was carried to Gorman and remained there for treatment for a time.  After returning here he did not make much improvement.  Neighbors visited him early Tuesday and he was sitting up and said he felt very well.  His death was quite sudden and unexpected.

            Jap COATES was about 48 years of age.  He had lived in De Leon for about twenty-five years.  He married the eldest daughter of Mrs. LOW and six children were born into the home.  Two of them are married, two sons and two daughters remaining at home.  Mrs. COATES has one son, Mr. TRYHART, of Abilene, who was here for the funeral which was held at the cemetery by Revs. CAMPBELL and RUCKER at 3:30 o’clock Wednesday.  Sympathy is extended to the bereaved ones.

4-Year-Old Son of Wesley Shook Died Last Sunday

            Wesley McBride SHOOK, aged four years, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SHOOK, died at their home late in the afternoon of Sunday, December 16th, 1928.  Although the child had been sick for several days, his condition was not thought serious.  The entire family had been ill with influenza and were at home.  The child suddenly called his parents to his bed.  He was found to be in convulsions.  Neighbors were called and a physician summoned hurriedly.  Before one could scarcely realize what was happening the child was dead.  The cause of his death is attributed to acute indigestion.

            Little Mack was the pride of the home.  There were three children, the oldest a little girl.  Mack was the eldest son.  During all the four years he lived with them, his presence filled the home with sunshine and happiness.  He was a regular attendant in the Beginner’s department at the Methodist Sunday school, where his presence will be missed by the children and teachers who knew and loved him.  It is hard indeed for loved ones and friends to give him up, but there is consolation in knowing he is numbered among Heaven’s jewels-“For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

            Rev. S.J. RUCKER spoke words of consolation and sympathy at the home Tuesday morning, where friends had gathered with the sorrowing family, following which the tiny remains were laid to rest at the De Leon cemetery.


            Out of town relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. SHOOK, who were here to attend the funeral of their little son Mack, Monday were: Mrs. Mary McBRIDE, mother of Mrs. SHOOK, Bremond; Mesdames G.W. GIRDER of Fort Worth and Walter IVY of Baird, her cousins; Mrs. BERRY of Baird, a friend; Mr. and Mrs. Henry SHOOK and son Howard of Waco; and Mr. and Mrs. Payne PATTERSON of Hamlin.

De Leon Boy Gets A Position At Decatur

            Lowell ROBINETT, son of W.J. ROBINETTE, who has been working in the Farmers & Merchants National Bank here for some time, has accepted a position in the First National Bank at Decatur, leaving for that place some two weeks ago.  He finished the course in banking at Brantley-Draughon business college at Fort Worth some weeks ago and the situation is obtained through the school.  He is to be congratulated.

Mrs. Duke Spoke Before Gorman Club

            Mrs. S.A. DUKE and Miss Della WALL went to Gorman on Tuesday the 11th where Mrs. DUKE had been invited to address the Study Club.  Miss WALL formerly taught at Gorman and visited pleasantly with the club of which she was a former member.

Four Slightly Injured in Car at Katy Crossing

            When Mr. and Mrs. Hugh OWEN of Eastland and Mr. and Mrs. Roy OWEN of Oklahoma were in De Leon Friday night last week to visit the parents of OWEN brothers, Rev. and L.B. OWEN of San Antonio, who were guests that night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HAM.  When the two men with their wives were leaving to return to Eastland in the early part of the evening, the car in which they were riding was struck by a Katy freight train at the crossing by the depot.  The machine was a Ford and was pretty badly wrecked.  They soon proceeded to Eastland and the car was carried there next day.  Just how the car came to be struck the writer has not learned.


            A marriage in which a former De Leon boy was one of the principals occurred on Saturday, December 8th, at San Angelo.  Clay MORRIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will MORRIS, of this city, was united in the holy bonds to Miss Vanatta VANDERVORT of Best, Texas.  The Rev. T. CHRISTMAN of a San Angelo church officiated.  The bride was given in marriage by her father, D.E. VANDERVORT of Best.  Attendants were J.W. VANDERVORT, brother of the bride, and C.T. COOPER of Santa Rita.  The marriage was solemnized at 6:20 o’clock, a.m.

            Clay MORRIS is camp superintendent for the Texon Oil & Land Company at Santa Rita, Texas, a position he has held for some time.  He stands high in the esteem of the company employing him, as evidenced by the responsible position he holds.  The young couple will make their home at Santa Rita.

            Miss VANDERVORT is a daughter of the man who drilled the world’s deepest oil well, recently completed in the Big Lake district and which is reported 8,256 feet deep, a producer.

            Young Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS are here for a visit over the holiday.


            Dale GARDNER of the Duster community was married to Miss Florence MASON of Round Grove community at two o’clock p.m. last Sunday.  The young couple were accompanied by friends who witnessed the ceremony.  The marriage was solemnized at the home of Rev. A.F. NABORS, who pronounced them man and wife.

            These are among the most excellent young people of this community and hosts of friends wish them much success and happiness as they journey through life together.


            Relatives here received the information Tuesday of the marriage of Curtis STEPHENS, a brother of Mrs. H.G. TERRELL, to Miss Myrtle BRYSON, formerly of Comanche.  Miss BRYSON has been living recently in Coleman.  The wedding was solemnized at Ft. Worth the message said.  STEPHENS is a geologist with an oil company with headquarters at Fort Worth.

This Looks Bad for the Chief; Swiped Man's Car

            Chief of Police NABORS, besides being an enforcer of the laws, also buys peanuts on the side during the market season.  Last week he was superintending the loading of some peanuts at the railroad station at Duster.  He had gone there in his Chevrolet coach.  When he had finished what he had gone there to do he came away in a Chevrolet coach.

            Chief NABORS was blissfully ignorant of the fact that he had done anything unusual , for instance, like swiping a car.  He drove a few miles back toward home when he chanced to look back and saw a package in the rear.  He had no package.  He stopped and investigated.  One thing led to another.  Although all Chevrolet coaches are alike, still they are different.  The Chief looked this one over and decided that it was not “hisn.”  He retraced his steps, in other words “he made tracks” back to Duster before the owner should discover his loss and phone to the sheriff.

            Harry HUDDLESTON, prominent Duster farmer, had parked his car in front of Blair’s store, beside that of Chief NABORS.  They were just alike.  Mr. NABORS had got them “scrambled.  HUDDLESTON never would have known of the incident unless some one had told him.  At the time he was up at the school house attending a school board meeting.

            The moral of this story is: “Beware lest you steal an automobile by accident.”

Accident Victim Returned to School

            Miss Ima Vay HODGES, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. HODGES, who was seriously bruised in an automobile accident near here two or three weeks ago in which two other young girls lost their lives, has so far recovered that she has resumed her studies at Comyn school.

Dr. Maddox Resigns as Pastor Comanche Church

            Dr. Forrest MADDOX announced on Sunday his intended resignation as pastor of the First Baptist church.

            Dr. MADDOX stated in an interview Monday that he had accepted a pastorate of a church in Alabama and that he would leave the first of the year to take charge of his new work.

            Dr. MADDOX first accepted the pastorate of the local church in 1920, coming to Comanche from Oklahoma, where he had been engaged in evangelistic work for the Baptist Home Board of Atlanta, Georgia.  He left in 1923 for Stockton, Calif., where he was pastor of the First Baptist church.  He returned to Comanche later and in December 1935 again accepted the position he now holds.

            Miss Callie ROSE, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. MADDOX, will move to Brownwood the first of the year where she will study music in Howard Payne, and continue her classes at Comanche and Van Dyke, according to Dr. MADDOX. – Comanche Chief.


Harvey NOWLIN, who lived the past several years at Abilene, arrived the last of the week and will visit in the homes of relatives and friends over the holidays.

Mr. and Mrs. L.O. SHELTON and baby of San Angelo and Miss Gladys BRUNSON of Palestine were visiting in the home of L.W. EASTERLING last weekend.

Martin W. HARMEL , who has visited at Comyn in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. PEARSON since late in October, is leaving this weekend to return to Temple where he is employed as fireman on the Santa Fe railroad.  Mr. HARMEL spoke in complimentary terms of the many friends he has made during his stay and in a letter to the Free Press extended the season’s greeting to all.

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. LIVINGSTON of Fort Worth are the proud parents of an eight pound boy, born on December 15th, named Craven BRYANT, Jr.

Mrs. D.C. LOTHINGER and baby of San Antonio are visiting her mother, Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD.

Brown SHAVER arrived from Wink this week to visit with his wife and little daughter, also his parents, over the holidays.

Dr. P.L. HOWELL of Anson, brother of W.E. HOWELL, was here the past weekend for a brief visit in the home of his brother.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean GARDNER are the parents of a baby boy, born into their home the past week.  All reported doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. ZENHOEFFER and children are leaving the latter portion of the week for Denison where they will spend the holiday season with relatives.


Miss Hazel HART, who is attending school at Desdemona, spent the weekend at home.

There were two funerals held at the Victor cemetery last week.  The dead were Grandpa SCOTT of Robinson Springs, who died last Sunday night a week ago.  Will SMITH of Dublin also died and his funeral was held at Dublin Friday afternoon and his body was brought to the Victor cemetery to be buried.  He had lived at Victor years ago and requested to be buried here.  We are very sorry of the loss of our loved ones.

Mrs. C.N. MERRELL  spent the weekend with homefolks at Huckaby.

Our school was visited last Monday by the County Agent, Mr. BUCKINGHAM.  He judged the 4-H Club books and made the school a good talk.  The winners in the club work were Florence CLINE, first prize, and Belvon GARY, second prize.  We all aim to boost our club and make it a bigger and better one next year.

Merle CROW is on the sick list.

Jack NICHOLS, who is attending school at Cross Plains, spent the weekend at home.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecile HILLIARD and little daughter, Joella, and also Miss Ella NABORS of Desdemona, visited Miss Hazel HART last weekend.

Little Bernice PATTERSON, who has been very ill for several weeks is now better.

Downing School

            The following students having made an average of 90 or over have been placed on the honor roll for the second month.

Ninth grade. Lucy SCOTT; Eighth grade, Carl WATSON; Seventh grade, Lois McGINNIS; Fifth grade, Maudie YATES and Louise CHUPP; Fourth grade, Myrtle HAFFORD, Agnes SCOTT, Tersa TUNNELL, Edith LOUDERMILK, Ruby Lee BISHOP, Harold GRISSOM and J.L. PETERS; Third grade, Helen GRISSOM and Gwendolyn LASSETER; Second grad, Garlan BOYD, Gale McGINNIS, Eddie Myrle GUNN and Ina Pearl CHUPPY; High first, R. EVANS; Primer, Ray Lee LOUDERMILK and Josie Belle HORSBY.

            The boys and girls basket ball teams are going to play the Van Dyke teams on Friday afternoon at Van Dyke.

            The basket ball girls have ordered new knit middies to go with their suits.

Comyn News

Miss L.O.E. SWEEDEN came in from Tarleton on Thursday and left Friday for Big Lake to spend Christmas with her mother, Mrs. N.E. SWEEDEN.

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CARGILE of Almon, Okla., left Tuesday afternoon visiting for several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. CHANDLER.

Mr. and Mrs. M.I. PITTMAN of Yuma, Ariz. Are here to spend the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V.D. DODGEN.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin CARAWAY of Big Lake came Monday to visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. HAVIS and Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY.

Miss Doris DOGGETT, who is teaching at Sudan, is expected home this weekend to spend the Christmas vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. DOGGETT.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALISTON and children left Wednesday for Decatur, where they expect to spend the holidays with her mother, Mrs. SINCLAIR.

Miss Lela VAUGHN, who is a teacher in Tarleton college, came home the latter part of the week to spend her Xmas vacation with her father, J.H. VAUGHN.

The Tarleton students from Comyn who arrived home last week to spend the holidays with their parents are:  Julia HAVIS, Ada BARNES, Harvy Edna MOORE, Zora BAKER, C.M. CARAWAY, Jr., Perry COOK, Howard BAKER, and Mrs. Blanche MARTIN.

On account of flu being so prevalent at Tarleton, the classes were closed a week earlier than usual.  Misses Zora BAKER and Mary Edna MOORE are the only two Comyn students who suffered an attack of the flu during the epidemic at school.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank HOLMSLEY and children are moving this week to their new home near El Paso.  We regret to lose them from our community but extend to them our best wishes as they go to their new location.

Miss Margaret CRABB, who has been visiting here for some time with her nieces, Mesdames J.D. DAVIS, Dave FLOYD and Ed THOMAS, left last week for Gustine where she will stay for a while with other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. SIMMONS of Fort Worth will arrive Sunday to visit over the holidays with her sister, Mrs. J.E. STEELE and other relatives.


Guy SMITH, who is teaching at Carbon, spent the weekend with parents.

Miss Jean ROPE spent the weekend with home folks at Mercer’s Gap.

On Wednesday, December 19, the ladies of the community are giving Grandmother NELSON a farewell party.  Her family is moving to Trent, Texas.  We regret to see her leave us.

Mrs. Irma MEADFORD of Haskell is visiting in the home of her parents.


The following is the honor roll for the term just ended at the Duster school:

Primer, Wade PATTON, Mardine SCOTT, Agnes JOINER, Juanita EWING, Evan HOLMES.

First Grade, Arlene ALDRIDGE, Leon EZZELL, George SKAGGS, Grover SWENSON.

Second Grade, Wiley Frank FILES, Hayden GREER.

Third Grade, J.W. WALLACE, Jr., Dewitt GRAHAM, Wendel POUNDS, Marie SKAGGS, J.A. BRYAN, Jolene ELLIOTT, Joe HUDDLESTON, Harly CROW.

Fourth Grade, Vesthia GREER, Geneva HATTOX, Merle HUDDLESTON, Laverne SCOTT, Grace BROOM.

Fifth Grade, Nona HODGES, Elsie SKAGGS, Laverne GREGORY, Bernice GRAY, Wanda Lee CASTLEBURY, James HOLMES.

Sixth Grade, Pauline BLAIR, Herman DUKES, Frances FERRELL.

Seventh Grade, Thelma HARMON, Agnes Lee HOLMES.

Eighth Grade, Lavoise CASTLEBURY.

Ninth Grade, Golden CARTER.

Tenth Grade, Fletcher BRYAN, Geneva NASH.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.