De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 14, 1928


Attorney Arrives from San Antonio to Make Home Here

            Wednesday afternoon this week, Mr. F.O. JAYE of San Antonio arrived to make his home here.  Mr. JAYE will practice law, succeeding C.C. HAMPTON.  He will use the same office and library the HAMPTONS have used for many years.  After the publication of this paper, Free Press understands Mr. JAYE will be regularly in his office.

            Mr. JAYE is accompanied by his wife and two small children and by his mother, who makes her home with them.  They have a cottage in Heath Addition.

Daughter of Will Rich Seriously Ill

            Miss Louise RICH, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will RICH, was hurried to Gorman for an appendix operation on Wednesday night.  Surgeons found a ruptured appendix and her condition is reported serious.  Mr. RICH was away with a load of pecans, and his family did not know exactly where he could be located, however, they found him at Vernon and he hurried home.  Last report the young lady was resting as well as could be expected at the Gorman sanitarium.

Relative of Dr. Allen Met Tragic Death at Gustine

            Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN went to Gustine Tuesday to attend the funeral of Ewell ALLSUP, husband of the doctor’s niece, who died Sunday from poison accidentally self-administered.  Mr. ALLSUP worked in a drug store.  Sunday he went behind the prescription case to take a dose of Amytal, as he had often done.  He took two tablets, supposing them to be the desired drug.  He became violently ill and upon investigation found that he had taken two whole grain strychnine tablets.  Death ensued in 20 or 30 minutes.  Deceased was about 33 years of age and married.  He is survived by his wife.

Fred Shaver is Reported Married

            Information from Big Spring that Fred SHAVER was recently married there.  The letter came to the home folks and was very brief.  Free Press hopes to have more detailed information regarding the marriage soon.  Best wishes.


            Free Press has just learned of the marriage of Mr. Charley RICH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe RICH, to Miss Clara COUCH which occurred at Comanche on December 6th.  The young people are well known and each well liked in a circle of friends in this city where they have lived for a number of years.  Their many friends wish them much happiness and success.


            The marriage of Miss Johnnie HOLMES to Mr. Grady A. COAN occurred on Thanksgiving morning at 11 o’clock.  The young couple went to the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, accompanied by Mrs. HORNSBY, who witnessed the ceremony while Rev. NABORS pronounced them man and wife.

            Miss HOLMES is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. HOLMES of near Downing and is a sister of Mrs. A.C. SHUMAN of this city.  Mrs. COAN, like her sister, Mrs. SCHUMAN, was for a period employed as a trained nurse at Blackwell sanitarium where she is held in highest esteem.  Mr. COAN is a well-known and well liked young man of this section, successful in his business affairs and held in high esteem of all.  The Free Press and their many friends wish them much happiness and success.

Recovering from an Ugly Injury

            Little Miss Doris MORTON is recovering from an injury sustained some days ago.  She was playing with other children about a cultivator and was in the seat which gave way and dropped her to the ground.  The sharp corner of a sweep caught the calf of her leg and tore an ugly wound to the bone necessitating several stitches to close.  It has healed nicely, however, and she is again able to be in school.

Son of M.E. Pastor Hurt in Auto Mishap

            Rev. S.J. RUCKER and wife received information that their son, a student at Southern Methodist University was injured on the highway between Dallas and Southern Methodist University on Thanksgiving evening.  Young RUCKER, a student at S.M.U., had gone into town with a party of other students.  The car in which they were riding ran out of gasoline and several of the boys were out pushing the machine down the road a ways to a filling station.  While thus engaged a car came rushing by and struck RUCKER, knocking him to the ground.  He was rushed to a hospital.  He was painfully but not seriously hurt and has resumed his class work.

Visited at Old Home in Mississippi Recently

            Mr. and Mrs. M.D. STEWART of the Liberty Theatre, together with his brother and wife from Kauffman, returned last week from a visit of several days with the mother of the two men at Hattiesburg, Miss.  They made the trip in Mr. and Mrs. STEWART’s new Chrysler sedan “65” a very beautiful new car.

            Mr. STEWART has been away from De Leon for the past three or four months operating a skating rink, which at present is located at Stephenville.  Mrs. STEWART operates the Liberty in his absence.

Miss Cox’s Home Gaily Decorated

            Miss Evelyn COX, employed as bookkeeper for the Texas Electric Service Co., in this city, has had her home gaily decorated with many-colored electric lights, lending a decidedly holiday air.  At an early date she expects to have an electrically lighted Christmas tree on her lawn which will be left there over the holidays.  The effect is quite attractive.

Kathy Man Again Makes Home Here

            Friends are welcoming Mr. and Mrs. W.L. SAULTER and children back from Stamford, they having lived there the past three years or more.  Mr. SAULTER has been with the Katy, in the train service for a number of years and lived here for several years prior to 1925.

            Mr. and Mrs. SAULTER will live in the C.C. NICHOLS place, next door to the B.J. PITTMAN residence.

De Leon Teachers are Loyal to State Assn.

            One Hundred per cent of the teachers from North Ward School attended the meeting of the State Teachers Association held at San Antonio over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Eleven of the eighteen members of the faculty attended the meeting.  They were:  D.M. RUSSELL, Paul MORGAN, Miss WESSON, Miss MOORE, Miss KIKER, Miss MERRITT, Miss SHORT, Miss WALL, and Mesdames RUSSELL, CAMPBELL and SHORT.

Victor Man Lost Forty Turkeys, Peanuts Stolen

            Frank SMITH of the Victor community reports the loss of forty turkeys which were ready for market.  The turkeys were evidently stolen from his place early last week.

            Houston CROW, also of the Victor section, reports someone having stolen 100 bushels of peanuts, worth on the market $115.00.  No clue is had to the identity of the culprits.

Mrs. Mohon to Give a Recital

            Mrs. John A. MOHON will present her pupils in recital at the Methodist church at 3 o’clock next Sunday afternoon.  Among those to appear on the program are quite a number of advanced pupils, besides the younger ones who are now playing nicely.

            Miss Gussie INSALL, violin pupil of Miss DRAGOO of Eastland, has consented to have a place on the program.  Miss INSALL’s violin numbers are always splendid.

            Remember the place and date, Sunday afternoon, Methodist church, at three o’clock.  Everybody welcome.

Business Deal Made Recently Sweetwater Firm

            Free Press has not before mentioned a business deal made in Sweetwater between two De Leon men.  Ben CARTER and Z.C. STEAKLEY have owned and operated the Chevrolet station there the past couple of years.  Recently Mr. STEAKLEY purchased the interest of Mr. CARTER, who has been visiting homefolks before re-locating.

            No announcement has been definitely made as to where Carter will go, but it is safe to say he will continue with Chevrolet at some good point.

North Ward Honor Roll

First Grade: Allen ANDERSON, Jr., Jack DUNNAHOO, Alfreda CULPEPPER, Katherine BONDS, Rosa Lee McCURDY.

Second Grade: Beatrice FRANK, Arnold HARDIN, Louise PIERCE, Andree FRANKS, Billie LIVINGSTON, Hellen WALL, Sybile ANDERSON.

Third Grade: Atlas CHARLES, R.A. UNDERHILL.

Fourth Grade: Vance ROCH, C.L. MOHON.

Fifth Grade: Onita POPE, Lillie Marie UNDERHILL.


Mrs. S.A. DUKE returned to her work as teacher in South Ward, partly recovered from a badly sprained ankle.  She was confined to her home for several days as a result of the injury.

Miss Virda HINTON, who has been attending school at Chicago University, will spend the holidays with her father here.

Carroll BAILEY left some days ago for Yuma, Ariz., in order to be in a drier climate.  He was “gassed” while in the service during the World War, and in winter he is troubled from the effects.  His family remained here.


The children of Robert LEWIS, who formerly attended school at Desdemona, have enrolled at this place.  The LEWIS boys make a splendid addition to our basketball team.

John MOHON of De Leon was in this community on business last week.  Mr. MOHON was formerly a citizen of this place and still has a valuable 160 acre farm here.

On Thursday of this week, Mrs. W.R. KOONCE threw open her doors to her friends and neighbors and invited them to an old time quilting party.  By eleven o’clock eighteen women had arrived.  They were all hard workers and were soon busy with their tasks.  Quilts were hung in three rooms so that everyone could find room to work.  At twelve o’clock prompt Mrs. KOONCE invited her guests to the dining room where the table was spread with a very elaborate dinner.  There were a few men who came along as chauffeurs.  They did not work, so they were not allowed to eat until all the ladies had finished their meal.  Those present were Mesdames O.S. ROBBINS, W.M. BRAZZLE, Lizzie WISEGAR, J.E. JOINER, Bob KOONCE, W.A. LINDLEY, Zillie KOONCE, Ben KOONCE, Elmer SHORT, G.B. CLARK, Quincy CHATHAM, WARREN, Will PARK, REID, O.H. MOORE, CLAYTON, and Miss Afton CLARK.  When 6 quilts had been finished and hemmed, the women expressed their appreciation to the hostess for the enjoyable time and after good-byes had been said, each one departed for home.  We hope this will be repeated by Mrs. KOONCE and also by others.

V.C. WAYLAND is making improvements to his home by adding several rooms.  Mr. WAYLAND, who is in the employ of the railroad passing through here, will move to his place Jan. first.

Frank KING has had one of the buildings at his home place moved to another part of his farm and his brother, Milton KING, and family will occupy the house.

Alvin DANIELS of De Leon has been in the community most of last week moving houses.

Miss Opal McKINNEY, popular high school girl of this place, surprised her many friends last Sunday by getting married.  She was married to Mr. SHAHON of Breckenridge.  Miss McKINNEY enjoyed a wide circle of friends here and will be missed, not only at school, but among the younger people in all social matters where she was a leader.


R.C. McNETT came in from Trent Saturday and helped to load the trucks that moved their household goods to Trent where Mr. McNETT has been for some time.  We regret very much to lose them from our town and hope they will like their new home.  Mrs. Walter TERRY, who has been a guest of Mrs. McNETT for the past six weeks moved with them to join her husband who has work at Trent.  They have our best wishes for a pleasant journey.

Clyde WYNN and family will occupy the house vacated by the McNETTs.

Rev. Cal ATKINS and family, who have been with us for the past year, and who is pastor of the Holiness church at this place, will leave for east Texas within the next few days.  Brother and Sister ATKINS have worked faithfully and have won many souls to God since coming here and we are very sorry to lose them from among us.

Aubrey WYNN, who has been real sick for the week past is able to be up again.  Aubrey says that chills and fever are anything but funny.

Mr. and Mrs. Angel CLARK have moved to Breckenridge where Mr. CLARK has employment.

Clyde PARKER of “Texas Shows” is here to spend the winter with his sister, Mrs. Dick OWENS.

F.D. HOGG of Lamesa, is here looking after his farms and other businesses.  Mr. HOGG’s farms have several oil wells that are making pretty good production.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. CARGILE and children of Oklahoma are spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. CHANDLER.

Mrs. Jennie DICKEY of Ardmore, Ok. Is visiting her son, T.W. DICKEY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie FLOYD and children spent the weekend in Desdemona visiting their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. TEAGUE.

J.C. ROBBINS left Saturday for his home at Hawley after spending several days here visiting friends.

O.A. TERGERSON and family moved from our community to Cransfil Gap last week.  We regret to lose the TERGERSON family but extend our best wishes to them in their new home.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard HOLLAND and Mr. and Mrs. L.G. HOLLAND have been in Gorman this week at the bedside of Messrs. HOLLAND’s mother, Ara HAMILTON, who is very sick at the sanitarium there.

Mr. and Mrs. Rouble HAZZARD of Whichsett came Saturday for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. HAZZARD.

Robinson Springs

Cass DYSON was home from Abilene Thanksgiving.

G.W. SCOTT of this community died last Sunday morning at 7:45.  He was buried Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.  The services were conducted by the pastor of the Methodist church of Desdemona.

The election of officers for the 4-H Club was held Wednesday morning and the following were chosen:  Alvis KIMMELL, president; Alfphin BRUMBELOW, vice-president; LaJoyce MACON, secretary and treasurer; Lucille KEE, reporter; Hollis DYSON, yell leader; Miss Bess UNDERWOOD, local leader; Mrs. BARKER, local leader; Ike BRUMBELOW, local leader.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.