De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 30, 1928


Ford Hurtles 7 Thru Air Killing 2; Injuring One

            A tragedy occurred last Friday afternoon which cast the entire community into deep sorrow.  Death stalked in the wake of a speeding automobile.  From the wreckage one was taken dead, another to die four hours later and a third seriously injured.

            Mozelle WATSON, fifteen, died instantly, her neck being broken.  Eva DAVIS, sixteen, suffered a fractured skull and died at Gorman sanitarium at 9:20 following the accident which occurred shortly after five o’clock.  Ina Van HODGES received severe bruises, but will recover.

            A party of seven young people, six of them girls, were returning from Gustine where they had played and won a basketball game.  The girls were in their basketball uniforms.  The teachers who accompanied the team remained for a few minutes to talk with the Gustine teachers and matched another game which was to have been played in January.  This car drove away, took the wrong road, returning by Comanche instead of by Proctor , as they went to Gustine.  The other two cars, driven by Supt. HEIZER and by Coach EMMONS, returned to Comyn as they had come, by Proctor, and they did not hear of the accident until perhaps an hour after it had happened.

            Blake MORRISON, fourteen, drove the car which was wrecked, a new Ford touring.  He had topped the hill a mile north of Downing and upon reaching the foot of the hill attempted to pass another machine.  Seeing a truck approaching and realizing he could not get by, he applied the brakes.  Just then the car struck loose gravel.  It is believed his front wheels locked.  The car seemed to turn a complete somersault.  The occupants say they were thrown thru the top.  The three occupants of the front seat were thrown clear of the wreck.  Of the four girls on the rear seat, three were killed or injured.

            Supt. HEIZER, of Comyn school, a brother-in-law of one of the unfortunate girls, assured the Free Press that Blake MORRISON is not by nature a reckless driver.  He is a quiet, unassuming young fellow, liked by his fellow classmates.  He was perhaps driving no faster when the accident occurred than a hundred cars are driven along the highway by his father’s farm every day.

            Mozelle WATSON was the youngest and only remaining daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON, two daughters having married this year.  Eva DAVIS, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. DAVIS, was a twin.  She had never been separated even for a single night from her twin sister, Neva.  And the two had never been away from their mother except to spend the night with relatives in the community or with teachers or friends.  Their seventeenth birthday was November 28th.  The tragedy occurred on November 23rd.

            The funeral and burial was at Comyn cemetery Sunday afternoon with the pastor, Rev. HOLLIS, conducting the double service.  The two girls had been classmates, and both were members of the Comyn Baptist church.  It was estimated that five thousand people attended the service.

Two Burglaries In Local Filling Stations Wed’y.

            Thieves broke into two gasoline filling stations here last Wednesday night, taking a small lot.  E.E. GENTRY lost some three or four dollars in change in the cash register and W.W. WALKER lost a similar amount.  It seemed that the burglar was only after money as no merchandise was missed.

            Admission was gained to the GENTRY station by prying in the front door.  The WALKER burglary occurred at his Steakley station, entrance being gained by prizing up the south windows into the main office.  This job looks like “home talent.”

Home Ec. Girls Displaying Work at Higginbothams

            First year pupils taking work in the Home Economics department of De Leon school, under Miss Paralee BROCK, teacher, had specimens of their work on display in the window at Higginbotham’s this week.  The girls selected one of three undergarments for a project, pajamas, slips or bloomers and these were the first garments each had made in class.  None might select material costing more than 50 cents per yard.  The garments were very well made indeed.  Having finished the garments above, they are now making dresses.

            There were thirty four girls in the class as follows: Eloise NANCE, L. Mae CHATHAM, Myrtle ROBINETTE, Geneva COLEY, Florine SADBERRY, Beth DANIELS, Evelyn KINCHEN, Opal HOWARD, Ruth HAYNES, Billye ELLIOTT, Lottie ROBINETTE, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Kate HOLLAND, Hazel BIBBY, Frances HARVEY, Mildred MILLER, Lillie B. MAY, Lucile BAKER, Ada SMITH, Alda RICHEY, Opal May FRANK, Mildred GARDNER, Winnie Zell HOLLEMAN, Chrystelle NELSON, Artie SINGLETON, Lorene RAY, Allene PITTMAN, Mary Alice SHORT, Ruth HOWE.

            The class will have sewing until Christmas.  The last half of the year will be given to cooking.  The new Home Economics cottage has well equipped laboratories for both sewing and cooking.  The living room was recently furnished with a nice wicker set, a rug placed on the floor.  There are also nice curtains at the windows.


            Justice H.C. HEATH was called upon to perform the marriage ceremony which united Mr. H.D. SHAHAN of Breckenridge and Miss Opal McKINNEY of Jakehamon on Monday evening this week.  The couple was accompanied to this city by Clyde McKINNEY and Miss Juanita RIDER, who witnessed the marriage vows.

            These are excellent young people of their respective communities and have many friends who wish them much happiness and success.


            Last Saturday evening at the home of the Baptist pastor, Mr. Frank H. PARK and Miss Buna REED, both of De Leon Route 1 were united in marriage.  Misses Bernice McKELVEY and Gladys NABORS accompanied the couple.


            Miss Lorena HOOD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.A. HOOD, formerly of this city, now residing at 1710 Hickory St., Abilene, was married there on Sunday, November 11th, at nine o’clock, a.m., to Mr. M.S. DAVIS of Merkel.  The impressive ring ceremony was said at the home by Rev. W.T. HAMOR, a close friend of the family, who was formerly pastor of the Baptist church in this city, and who now ministers at Anson.

            Miss Orlena HOOD, sister of the bride, was maid of honor, while the matron of honor was Mrs. Marshall GREER, also a sister, who resides in this city.  Miss Glenna Faye GRANT of Abilene sang “I Love You Truly” with Miss Ruth ROSSER at the piano.  Thomas E. McCOLLUM of Hereford was the groom’s only attendant.  Immediately following the wedding the happy young couple left in their car for Merkel where they will reside, Mr. DAVIS being employed as a teacher in the Merkel high school and as coach of athletics.

            Both Mr. and Mrs. DAVIS are graduates of Simmons University in the Class of ’26 and it was while students there that their romance had its beginning.  Both were socially prominent while students at the University and among Abilene’s younger set.

            Miss Lorena is one of the younger daughters of Mr. and Mrs. S.A. HOOD and the family resided here for many years, before removing to Abilene some five years ago.

Shakespeare Club

            Mrs. G.W. ROLLINS was hostess to the members of the Shakespeare Club on Wednesday afternoon, November 21st.  A short business meeting was held and reports from committees were heard, after which the following program was given.

Parliamentary Drill led by Mrs. J.N. JOINER.

Roll Call, Gleaning from the Bible.

The Chief Religions of China, Mrs. S.A. DUKE.

Biographical Sketch of the Christian General Fong Hug Hstang, Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY.

The Industrial Revolution, Mrs. W.E. LOWE.

            The next meeting will be with Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL on Wednesday afternoon, December 5th.

Rook Club

            Mrs. S.G. PARKS was hostess to the Rook Club November 15th and a most enjoyable afternoon was spent.  Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE won high score.  Refreshments consisting of cream and cake was served to the following:  Mesdames ALLEN, GRIZELLE, JETTON, HOUK, NABORS, SHARP, Harold WILLIAMS, and LEIGON.

            The Club meets next Saturday at 3 p.m. with Mrs. George ROLLINS.

Victor (From Last Week)

Marston PATTERSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. PATTERSON, was carried to the Sanitarium at Gorman Saturday for treatment, and the report is that he is getting along very nicely, and is expected to be home in a day or two.  Our best wish is for little Marston.  We also sympathize with the parents because of his illness.

The CARR and RIPPETOE singers will give a concert here on Tuesday night of this week. 


The party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde WYNN Thursday night was very much enjoyed by a large crowd.  After many merry games being played, refreshments were served by Messrs. Oscar CARR, Jodie WALL and Clyde WYNN.

Mrs. S.M. OWENS has been right sick the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lon CLAYTON were shopping in Dublin Saturday.

Miss Kinis HANSON accompanied Mrs. Ballard CLARK and daughters, of  Robinson Springs, to Albany Saturday.  Miss Kinis also attended the box supper at St. Joe Saturday night.

Miss Rowena and Iva Nita McNETT spent the weekend with Miss Mayme JONES at Olden.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. Willis SULLIVAN, of Anson, was spending the week with Mr. R.A. KEE and family.

Last Sunday afternoon Mr. Jimmie CANTRELL of Oliver Springs and Miss Opal TORRANCE of this community were married at Gorman.  They are to make an extended visit in the west visiting relatives in Littlefield and Borger, after which they will return to Oliver Springs where they will make their home.  Our best wishes go with these fine young people.

Miss Olga SMITH of Victor was the guest of Miss Bess UNDERWOOD Saturday night and Sunday.  Her brother, A.L. SMITH and Mrs. A.L. SMITH accompanied her here.

Mrs. Bob CARNES of Comanche visited in the home of W.H. HARRELL last Sunday.

Comyn News

Our school and community is grief stricken and bowed in sorrow over the loss of two of our fairest and best pupils, Mozelle WATSON and Eva DAVIS.  While returning from Gustine last Friday afternoon, where they had won victory for their school, in a basket ball game, the car in which they were riding overturned, causing the instant death of Mozelle WATSON and the fatal injury and death of Eva DAVIS.  Mozelle was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON and Eva was one of the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. DAVIS.  Her sister, Neva, was riding in the same car, but was only slightly injured.

Both Eva and Mozelle were dearly loved by the teachers and their fellow students.  Each held prominent places of honor in the different school organizations and activities.  They were two of our best basket ball players and were always ready and willing to do everything for the honor and upbuilding of the school they loved so much.

Two flower covered mounds in the cemetery remind us of two lives that we think of as have been taken from this earthly garden and transplanted into the dear Heavenly Father’s garden.

To those who are broken hearted, over the loss of loved ones and in those who are sorrowing in any way from this sad accident, we extend our sympathy and we trust that God’s love will so fill all of our hearts that we may be able to help each other bear the burdens and trials of life.

Rev. and Mrs. W.H. HUGHES and daughter, Marie, of Levelland, Mr. and Mrs. G.C. WATSON of Tahoka, Mr. and Mrs. P.M. WATSON of De Rio, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar WATSON of Lubbock, J.B. WATSON of Fort Worth, Floyd WATSON of Tahoka, Mr. and Mrs. Jess MARTIN of Fort Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur HOOD of Abilene, and Mrs. HICKS of Fort Worth, relatives of Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON, were here on Sunday attending the funeral of their daughter, Mozelle.

Ina Vay HODGES, who was badly hurt in the car accident last Friday, is improving rapidly and we hope will soon be able to return to school.

Calvin CARAWAY, George CARAWAY and little daughter Ruth, of Big Lake, were here Sunday attending the funeral of their niece, Eva DAVIS.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. GOOSBY of Comanche, Miss Lela VAUGHN of Tarleton College, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace WAGNER of Ranger, Mrs. Wid SPIVEY of Comanche, Mrs. R. L. SPRUILL of  Downing and Miss Bertha ROSS of De Leon, all ex-teachers of Comyn school, were here to attend the funeral on Sunday afternoon.

Wade NANCE of Santa Anna spent a few days last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. NANCE.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee McMILLAN and baby of Ballinger visited during the weekend in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY.

Miss Jewell GRISHAM, who has been suffering from an attack of tonsillitis since Saturday night, was able to resume her work Wednesday.


Marston PATTERSON returned from the Gorman sanitarium last Tuesday.  He is doing very nicely.

C.N. MERRELL spent the weekend at Huckaby, visiting home folks.

Several of the small children spent Sunday with Miss Wanda THOMAS.  It was her fifth birthday and her little friends helped her to enjoy a big dinner and a pleasant day.

Miss Alta WARREN and Clifford GROGAN were happily married last Saturday.  Miss WARREN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. WARREN of Carbon.  They will make their home in this community where he will be engaged in farming.  We wish for them much prosperity and happiness.

Last Tuesday the section hands were coming in from work in the motor car and were thrown from it when it hit a crosstie that was on the track.  No one was hurt seriously.  Elda GOODSON received small injuries.

New Hope News

Our old preacher, Brother WRIGHT, was sent to another place and a new preacher was sent here.  We are hoping we will like our new preacher, Brother DAVENPORT, fine and that he will be a great help to the community.

A number from here have visited Miss Ina Vae HODGES of Round Grove this week.  She was badly hurt in the car wreck last Friday.

Mrs. Jim DAVIS and Mr. Jim HOLLAND of Snyder and Rotan, arrived last week to see their sister, Miss Susie HOLLAND, who is real sick.


G.V. BRAZELLE and daughters, Misses Oleta and Waneta, were in Ranger shopping Thursday.

Miss Odell ROBBINS and Miss Lucile RILEY were home over the weekend from Tarleton.

W.C. McGUIRE   and family will move to Moody this month where Mr. MCGUIRE will engage in farming.

Floyd BURTON and family will move away after he has finished crop.  We regret to lose these families from our community.

G.E. RILEY met with a painful accident last week.  He had his hand rather heavily bandaged by reason of having it hurt a few days before and in working about his tractor got the bandage saturated with gasoline.  Not thinking of the danger, he struck a match and the bandage ignited and painfully burned his hand.

O.F. CARR will move to the Wilson place within a few weeks and his children will enter school at this place.  We are glad to have Mr. CARR back with us and to have his children in the school.

Raymond ROBBINS of Fort Worth visited last week with his brother, O.S. ROBBINS and family of this community.

W.N. KOONCE and sons visited relatives and friends in Dicken county last week.

Miss Eula HULSEY and Miss Ona WYATT, teachers in the school, visited with friends at Abilene on Saturday and Sunday.


Mrs. Bob BURNS and two little daughters were guests of Mrs. W.J. PHELPS over the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. RIGGS of Dallas spent the week end with their aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. PHELPS of this place.  Mrs. PHELPS returned home with them.  She intends to spend the winter in Dallas.


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