De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 23, 1928


Father of Mrs. Dave Henderson Is Dead

            D.Y. CHILDRESS, 78, an old pioneer of Comanche county, died at his home in the Mullen community at 4:00 a.m. last Friday following a lingering illness.  Mrs. HENDERSON and members of her family, also Mr. and Mrs. H.G. WALLACE, went there for the funeral and burial.

            Mr. CHILDRESS lived at and near Mullen for more than fifty years, coming from some one of the eastern states.  He helped to erect the first Methodist church building at Mullen, and was a lifelong communicant of that faith.  He was buried at Mullen.

J.L. Funderburgh is Much Improved

            It seems that the Free Press reported our good friend J.L. FUNDERBURGH “too badly hurt” last week.  It was true that Mr. FUNDERBURGH had the wheel of a heavily loaded truck pass over his body, but he insists that it “didn’t hurt him, - only broke a couple of ribs.”

Jap Coates Hurt Under Wheels of a Loaded Wagon

            Thursday this week, while hauling cotton from the cotton yards to the compress, Jap COATES in some manner fell from a wagon heavily loaded with cotton and was seriously injured beneath the wheels.  The wheel did not pass over his body, instead he was pushed along before the wheel for several feet, the iron tire seriously bruising his body.

            He was taken to Gorman for examination and treatment.  He is not thought seriously hurt, but his injuries are quite serious.

Mrs. Clyde E. George Desperately Ill

            Friends of Mrs. C.E. GEORGE will regret to know that she has been desperately ill at Gorman sanitarium the past three days.  Her condition took a sudden change for the worse shortly after seven o’clock Wednesday night.  Relatives and friends have been watching with much anxiety at her bedside during the intervening time.

            Friday morning at eight o’clock her condition was reported as somewhat improved.  She spent a more restful night than for several nights past.  The many friends here hope for her ultimate recovery.

De Leon Girl Honored at Baylor College

            Miss Roger Mae SMITH of De Leon has been elected vice-president of the Student Self-Government Association of Baylor College.  Last year she was chosen house chairman of Ruth Stribling Hall.

            Miss SMITH has also been elected to Alpha Pi Omega, of the Scholarship Societies of the South and Pi Gamma Mu, national social science fraternity.  She is a member of Historical-Phila Literary Society.

J.C. Hooker Recovered From Recent Illness

            J.C. HOOKER was in town this week much improved from his recent serious illness.  He is troubled with high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, and his condition a week ago was quite serious.  His friends are glad to see him up and about again.

Former De Leon Man is Seriously Sick

            Bun FLEMING, who formerly lived on De Leon, Route 3, but who now makes his home at Woodson, suddenly felt very ill at the home of his sister, near Desdemona.  A physician pronounced his illness one to enlarged liver.  At first his condition was so severe that it was thought he would not recover, but he is now believed out of danger and will return to his home at Woodson the last of the week if able to travel.

Comyn News (last week)

Honoring Mrs. M.V. PAINTER who, until her recent marriage, was M. Pauline BARNES, Mrs. B.L. PAINTER gave a miscellaneous shower at her home on last Thursday afternoon.  Many nice and useful presents were received by the honoree.

Refreshments of cake and hot chocolate were served to the following: Mesdames Henry FLOYD, C.M. CARAWAY, A.H. CARAWAY, K.N. SPENCER, Warren SPENCER, Effie BARNES, J.H. CHANDLER, W.J. DICKEY, J.E. STEELE, O.P. LONGSETH, Dave FLOYD, V.D. DODGEN, H.B. PAINTER, E.M. PAINTER and B.F. BARNES of Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Dutch CULWELL and Archie LEE took advantage of the Armistice Day holiday and went to Cisco to attend the football game between the Big Dam Loboes and the Ranger Bulldogs.

Rev. HOLLIE of Carbon preached at both the morning and evening services at the Comyn Baptist church Sunday.  After the evening service closed, the church conference unanimously called Rev. HOLLIS to be their pastor.  The regular preaching day will probably be the second Sunday in each month.

Mr. and Mrs. M.V. PAINTER are moving into the house adjacent to his brother, B.L. PAINTER.  The house has just recently been repaired, having a new inside wall finished and a new roof.

Royce RIPPETOE, who had the misfortune of getting his arm broken a few days ago, is able to be back in school.  The accident happened during the noon hour at school, Royce attempting to jump from his swing accidentally fell.  He caught his left arm in such a position that weight of his body was thrown upon his wrist and caused the bone to break.

Mr. and Mrs. Hardy HAZZARD, who were just recently married, have moved into our midst.  They are occupying the residence near the home of G.C. MOHON.

Comyn News

Frank HOLMSLEY returned last week from a business trip to El Paso.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. HUGHES of Levelland spent Friday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. WATSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave FLOYD and children went to Leuders Monday afternoon.  Mrs. M.E. McMIMMS and children returned with them on Tuesday for a visit with their relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Preston MOONEY and baby of Enid, Okla., are visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom MOONEY.

Miss Addie WELCH spent the weekend in Ranger visiting her aunt, Mrs. N. K. PETTITT and daughter, Miss Mittie PETTITT.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. DAVIS took their daughter, Neva, to Gorman Saturday for a tonsil operation.

During this week terracing lines were run for Clarence FLOYD on some ? acres of land.  In the next few days some of the same kind of work will be done on the N.C. SPICER farm.

Jakehamon News (From last week)

R.C. KOONCE has installed a new radio in his home.

O.H. MOORE and family visited with Dave HENDERSON and family Sunday afternoon.

W.A. KING and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. FRITZ at Van Dyke.

Robinson Springs

C.H. WILLIAMS, who was injured the latter part of October at Desdemona, will be able to return there in a short while.  Since his injury he has been in the hospital at Gorman.

C.S. BLOYD and daughter, Miss Bertha BLOYD, visited Mr. Bill HAIRD here recently.

Miss Bess UNDERWOOD spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents at Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. Rex KEE of Breckenridge spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARKER.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. DYSON visited their daughter, Mrs. Myrtle MOORE of Desdemona last Sunday.

New Hope News

Miss Susie HOLLAND continues on the sick list.  Her condition is not improved.

Ben BURROWS has been nursing a bone felon [sic] which he is finding very bad company.

Mr. and Mrs. Basil BROWNLEE are the parents of a baby girl, born into their home on the 11th.

Bad luck is following Whit SIDES and Sam LOFTON lately, each having a good horse to die.  Miss Lucile LEE also had similar ill luck, loosing a good Jersey cow.

Grandma PERKINS spent the past week visiting in the home of Mrs. G.L. LEE.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan ROSS and son and Miss Ina Vae HODGES, all of the Round Grove community spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HODGES and Mr. and Mrs. Murry SIDES.

Miss Adelle MILLER of Docum visited her grandmother of this community last week.

Ruell LOCKE, John Tarleton student, was spending the past weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.H. LOCKE.

Homer HAFFORD, of this community, was one of the RIPPETOE quartet singing over KFPL at Dublin Monday night this week.


Mrs. R.C. McNETT and children and Eldon and Aubrey WYNN spent the weekend at Treat where Mr. McNETT is employed.

Mrs. Walter TERRY is visiting with Mrs. McNETT this week.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. LANE, west of town, came near burning Saturday night.  In some unknown manner the fire broke out in a shed room and had spread to the roof and was well under way when Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG, who had been visiting in De Leon, were returning home and noticed the fire and rushed in and waked the family.  The ladies moved out all the household goods while the men, Mr. YOUNG, Mr. LANE and Afton LANE, frantically fought the fire.  By chopping and watering, the fire was out at last after almost an hour.  It was the most exhausted dozen people you could imagine when all was over, but no one was injured except slight scratches and exposure to the cold and water.


Mesdames J.T. EDMONDSON, A.E. HAMPTON and Brown SHAVER and little daughter, Dorothy, and Master James EDMONDSON, were in attendance at the concert given by Sousa’s Band at Brownwood last Friday.

Mrs. Dr. McCLELLAN of San Antonio, sister of Mrs. J.D. HAM, is here for a visit in the home of her sister.

Chas. COUNTS, who recently returned from Houston where he was in business for some years, has gone to Los Angeles where he will again engage in business.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BUTLER and children of Graham were spending the past week end with relatives and friends in this city.

Allan SHORT, who is working at Iraan, came home a few days ago for a brief visit with home folks.  He has returned to his work.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim DISHMAN of Ranger were visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. MERRICK this week.  Mrs. DISHMAN was formerly Miss Ola MERRICK.

Gayle ADAMS, son of Mr. and Mrs. John ADAMS of Houston, was visiting briefly in the C.H. SHARP home this week.  He is employed in the U.S. Weather Bureau printing office at Houston where his father is foreman.



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