De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 2, 1928 


Deal is Pending for the Sale of Travelers Hotel

            A deal has been closed, excepting for some small details, whereby the Travelers Hotel has been sold by the STREETY Estate.  A matter of titles is being satisfied this week and the Press hopes, in our next issue, to be able to announce the new owner.

            Mrs. Laura J. VALENTA, who has successfully managed the hotel for the past year, has agreed to remain for a short time in charge of the rooms.  Mrs. VALENTA’s connection with the hotel has been quite successful.  Her wide experience has enabled her to render a service in every way satisfactory to the public.  De Leon  business people, especially, who realize the importance of having the hotel operated on a high plane, regret to see Mrs. VALENTA going away.  She plans to return to her home at San Antonio as soon as the hotel property has been satisfactorily disposed of.

            Prior to the time the deal was made, and following the decision of Mrs. VALENTA to give up the property, an arrangement was pending whereby Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN was to take charge of the rooms and Mrs. W.S. SNEED the dining room.  Mrs. SNEED is now in charge of the dining room, assuming her duties on the first of November, as was arranged.  She invites her friends to patronize the dining room.  A special dinner will be served next Sunday.  Mrs. SNEED will serve a nice dinner.  Plan to patronize her.

Grandmother Cox Dead

            Grandmother COX, mother of B.F. COX, died at 4:00a.m. today, Friday, Nov. 2nd and the funeral service is announced for Saturday afternoon.  Mrs. COX had reached the advanced age of 92 years.  She had been failing for several months.  Death was due largely to old age.  A more extended account will appear later.

Aged Man Unconscious After Peculiar Accident

            Uncle Billie HARRELL, father of Mrs. Louis BRUMBELOW, who is 88 years of age, suffered an accident near his home in the Robinson Springs community on October 22, from which he was unconscious for several days and at this time remains in a critical condition.  He was out in the woods chopping wood when it is supposed a limb fell on him, crushing his chest.

            The aged man lives with his sister, aged 86, not far from the BRUMBELOW home.  He chopped wood for exercise and for pastime, it is said, and has three or four years supply stored up.  That morning he went into the woods, as usual, and when he did not return after several hours a search was made and he was found lying unconscious, as stated.

            The BRUMBELOW family has resided in this section for more than 50 years.


            The marriage of Miss Nellie KEITH of the Highland community to Mr. B.H. HAZZARD of the Comyn section, occurred at eight o’clock p.m. Wednesday evening, October 31, at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS in the north part of the city, Rev. NABORS officiated.  The young people were accompanied by friends who witnessed the ceremony.  They will make their home in the Comyn community.  Best wishes of friends are extended them.

Birthday Party

            Little Miss Billie Faye LONDON celebrated her ninth birthday on Halloween day by inviting seven of her girl friends to a theatre party.  After the show they returned to the pretty LONDON home and had a gay time with Halloween pranks, games, etc. following which they were served a delicious refreshment course consisting of tuna salad and hot chocolate.  Halloween costumes and house decorations carried out the season’s spooky theme.  Those present besides the little hostess were little Misses Gena GENTRY, Bill ROLLINS, Olive Gene LEIGON, Frances GREGORY, Katherine MORTON, Bobbie Gene STRINGFELLOW.


            A wedding that was in every sense a surprise, both to relatives as well as friends, at least of the groom, occurred at Comanche on Halloween, October 31.  The contracting parties were Whaley SMITH of this city to Miss Willie STEWART of Comanche.  The marriage was solemnized in the early portion of the evening, at the bride’s home with Rev. J.D. SMOOT, Methodist minister, saying the magic words.

            After the wedding the happy young couple came to this city and were members of a Halloween group making merry at the old Masonic Hall building.  No one at the party knew of the wedding, not even some members of the immediate family.

Miss STEWART is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert STEWART and was reared in Comanche where she was popular as a student in Comanche high school and in the social life of Comanche’s younger set.  Her friends and admirers are many.  Young SMITH, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe SMITH, was reared in De Leon, educated in De Leon’s schools, graduating some years ago.  After leaving school he entered business circles in the employ of his brother, W.H. SMITH, where he is now employed. 

Congratulations and best wishes of many friends are being extended this popular young couple.

W.W. NANCE Has Been Ill During Past Week

            W.W. NANCE, genial manager of the Central Texas Produce Company, has been ill at his home during the week.  At this time he is improving, is not confined to his bed and will be back at his post of duty the coming week, he stated.

Old Landmark is Being Wrecked to Build New Store

            One of the oldest buildings in De Leon is being wrecked this week to make way for a new brick store building.  It is what was known as the REDDEN building, on the corner opposite W.H. SMITH dry goods store.  The building was recently gutted by fire and the charred debris are being removed.  W.L. BLAIR has taken a lease on the new structure, which will be erected by J.D. NARRY, present owner.

            The old building had quite a local history.  It was built by John CARTER, father of CARTER brothers and postmaster C.R. REDDEN, those two doing the brick laying and wood work.  It was built by Dr. REDDEN, father of the postmaster, for a drug store and so occupied for many years.  It was erected in the autumn of 1891, 37 years ago.

            But the point of greater interest perhaps, lies in the fact that the building was erected of brick and put together with lime, made within a mile of where the building stands.  The brick was burned in a kiln located a short distance back of the Aunt Fannie BROWN home, a block or so north of the Katy shops and the lime was burned from lime rock in a kiln where the G.E. MURPHREY home now stands.  The fact that the building has stood for 37 years gives testimony to the quality of local building material still available here.

            Other old landmarks here are the COUNTS building occupied by the Owl Confectionery, which was constructed of brick burned here in De Leon.  The rock for the original HIGGINBOTHAM store building was quarried here as was also the rock for the Bill WALKER Garage building.  Some of these quarries were within the city limits.  The WALKER Garage building housed not one, but many saloons back in the days.  An old tin building on the corner now occupied by the Dependable Store housed E.P. WEST’s saloon within the memory of the Free Press editor.

            The REDDEN building, which is being wrecked, was built on a lot formerly occupied by a residence owned by one George DANLEY.  Back in the 80s this corner lot was considered “out of town” according to Postmaster REDDEN.

            The building occupied by the Chevrolet station is also one of those built of brick burned in local kilns.

Miss Lucy Mae Merritt Had Appendix Operation

            Miss Lucy Mae MERRITT is in the Sanitarium at Gorman following an operation for appendicitis.  She is reported doing nicely.

Aunt Fannie Brown Celebrates Birthday

            Mrs. M.D. WHEAT gave a birthday dinner honoring her mother, Aunt Fannie BROWN, who was 78 years of age on Saturday, Oct. 27.  Fifty people were present at the dinner and 20 were there to supper, Aunt Fannie was born in North Carolina but came to Texas about 53 years ago, settling on the old BROWN homestead, three miles southwest of town.  She reared nine children, five daughters and four sons.  Her husband died in 1912.

            Away back in the early days, when the men-folks were busy making a living, Aunt Fannie got tired of carrying water from a well near where the Katy shops now stand.  So she dug a well out at her home carrying the dirt out in her apron.  She braved many hardships, the very thought of which would stagger a modern woman. 

            Aunt Fannie is still in fair health although her advanced years have diminished much of her old-time pioneer vigor.

            Those present for the celebration were:  Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT and children; Mr. and Mrs. Bill BROWN and children, Woodson; Bolivar BROWN, Woodson; Rowe WALKER and family, Fort Worth; Harry McFADDEN and family, Arlington; A.F. SIBLEY and family, Fort Worth; Alvin WALKER, Ft. Worth; Miss Carrie THOMPSON, Fort Worth; Miss Bonita LOVING, Fort Worth; Mrs. Maggie SPARKS and family, Comanche; Tom SPARKS and family, of near Blanket; Earl HENSON and family, Comanche; John BROWN and family, Cisco; J.D. GUY and family, De Leon; Henry BARTEK, De Leon; Mrs. Frank WALKER and children, De Leon; Mrs. Lena MOHON and Mrs. E.B. RIDER, De Leon.


Mr. and Mrs. L.D. PARKS of Cisco are the parents of a baby boy, born into their home on Thursday, Nov. 1.  All doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. REED were in Fort Worth the past weekend visiting their daughter, Mrs. Thurman SMITH.

Mrs. S.A. MASSER from Rotan is here, guest of her son, C.W. LEIGON and family.

Mrs. Dean YOUNG, and sons of Girard, Mrs. Huston PATTERSON and son from Sadlers Own Company, and Mrs. J.N. KEITH, Jr., and son from Brenham are visiting their mother, Mr. J.W. DUKE this week.

Comyn News

Last Saturday afternoon Miss Pauline BARNES and Mr. Vernon PAINTER went to Comanche.  Here they were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Buddy HUDSON who accompanied them to Eastland where they were married.  Both the bride and groom were reared in Comyn community and are ex-students of Comyn school.  Mrs. PAINTERS is the youngest daughter of Mrs. Effie BARNES and Mr. PAINTER is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. PAINTER.  They are planning to make their home in De Leon.  We extend our congratulations and best wishes to them.

Mr. and Mrs. R.D. ALSTON of Fort Worth visited during the week end with Mr. ALSTON’s brother, J.W. ALSTON and family.

T.P. PATTERSON Monday left for Hamlin to visit with his son Payne PATTERSON.

Wade NANCE left Wednesday for Santa Anna after spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. NANCE.

Mr. and Mrs. Noble TOUCHSTONE of May spent Tuesday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY. 

Mr. and Mrs. I.D. WELCH and baby of Haskell, Mrs. J.H. WELCH and Mrs. L.L. WELCH of Beattie spent Sunday afternoon at the teacherage visiting Miss Addie WELCH.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom FREEMAN of Comanche visited their relatives, M.I. DOGGETT and family on Friday.

Miss Finis COOK has gone to the Trinity community to assume her duties as teacher in that school.  Miss Finis is another one of Comyn’s ex-students, who attended Tarleton and made a good record.  We wish for her the success she deserves in her chosen work.

Jakehamon News

Miss Lucile RILEY, student at Tarleton college, spent the weekend at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY.

W.A. RILEY, son of G.E. RILEY, accompanied by F.E. OSBORN, was visiting with friends and relatives here this week.

V.C. WAYLAND and her four sons, are home from an extended visit with her brothers in the west.  While there they picked cotton.

G.B. CLARK returned from McCamey Sunday and reports the resumption of work at that place.  Mr. CLARK will go back to that place where he, together with other brothers, operates an extensive teaming business.

New Hope News

Mrs. Mary SIDES and two little girls visited her sister, Mrs. Ivan ROSS of Round Grove Monday.

Clyde HODGES has a real sore hand.  It has had to be lanced several times.

John DUPRIEST visited his nephew, Thurman DUPRIEST at the sanitarium at Breckenridge Sunday.  Thurman had been operated upon for appendicitis.


A large crowd of young people was present at the party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Silver KEITH on Saturday night.

Mrs. Mat EASLEY of Dublin visited relatives of this community last week.

Mrs. W.T. DAY returned last Wednesday from Hamlin where she has been visiting relatives and friends for the past four months.

Mr. and Mrs. B.H. MACON of Dallas visited Mrs. MACON’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.L. CLIFTON of this community last weekend.

Robinson Springs

W.H. HARRELL of this community, who was injured on last Monday, is slowly improving.  His sons, Lem and Troy, arrived Wednesday from Oklahoma.  Mr. Woodson HARRELL, son of Lem HARRELL, accompanied them.

B.H. MACON, who was principal of our school, was visiting L.C. MACON family on last Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. J.F. DYSON and family visited their daughters, Rudell and Lillie Cass at Abilene last Sunday.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.