De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 5, 1928 


Baby of Former De Leon Railroad Man is Dead

            Margaret Ellen, the three-year-old baby of Mr. And Mrs. Frank KNOX, died at the Baby Clinic at Fort Worth on Saturday, Sept. 22, at 9:45a.m.  Cause of death was a form of meningitis producing violent spasms.  The child had been ill for some 15 days.  The tiny form was carried to Bonham, the former home of the KNOX family, and laid to rest there.

            Mr. And Mrs. KNOX left De Leon to make their home in Fort Worth about six months ago.  They resided here a number of years.  Their De Leon friends deeply sympathize with them in their loss.

Toland – Thurman

            The marriage of Miss Gladys TOLAND to Mr. Oly THURMAN, occurred at the home of the Baptist pastor, Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL just after the prayer meeting hour last Wednesday evening, Rev. CAMPBELL officiating.  The young couple was accompanied by Miss Eva THURMAN of Cisco, a sister of the groom.

            Miss TOLAND is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Webb TOLAND of this place, and is a most excellent young woman.  She is a graduate of De Leon school, and has taught for a number of years in her home school district, Trinity, a few miles west of De Leon.  Mr. THURMAN is reputed to be a young man of sterling qualities and successful in his business affairs.  A host of friends wish them much happiness.

Noel – Frierston

            Mr. Robert FRIERSTON and Miss Estelle NOEL were happily married on Sept. 23rd at six p.m. at Gunsight by her grandfather, Rev. John NOEL.  Miss Estelle is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam NOEL and is a loveable young lady with a host of friends.  Mr. FRIERSTON resides in Coleman.

            Their many friends wish for them much success.

Winkles – Skaggs

            On Saturday, September 29, the marriage of Mr. W.C. WINKLES to Miss Pauline SKAGGS occurred at Abilene.  Mr. WINKLES is the son of W.T. WINKLES and was reared in the De Leon territory.  Miss SKAGGS is the daughter of Mrs. Etta SKAGGS, and was reared in Oklahoma.

            Friends wish them much happiness as they journey through life together.

Bought Interest in the Comanche Wholesale Grocery

            The Free Press has not before mentioned the fact that R.W. BRANNON, formerly manager for Radford Grocery Co., of this city, has purchased an interest in the Comanche Wholesale Grocery Co., and moved to that city where he is actively in charge of sales of the concern.  Mr. BRANNON is on the road and makes De Leon twice weekly.  His new business connection is a good one, and his chances of success are very fine his friends believe.

            Mr. and Mrs. BRANNON made many friends while living in De Leon who regret to lose them from our city.  But the best wishes of all go with them into their new home.

A Letter From An Old Settler

            The Free Press office was extremely glad to receive a letter from an old settler who was well pleased with a recent copy of the local paper in which there was an account of pioneer days.  This office is pleased to publish an account of Mr. ANGLIN which is both interesting and historic.  Following is the letter exactly as we received it:

                                                                                                            Sept. 18, 1928

            “I picked up the De Leon Free Press of the 14th and the first thing that attracted my attention was the write-up of the early settlers of Texas and being one of them, this brought the pioneer days back to me and was real stimulating.  My father came to Lamar county January 1, 1852.  I was a three year old at the time.  Young as I was, many things transpired that made a record on my young mind that in reading this write-up, brought all fresh to my memory and caused me to pass through these pioneer days again.  This writeup is true and it was a real feast to me to read it.

            “My father died October 12, 1861.  He was a preacher of the gospel.  He left my mother with eight children.  The two oldest left home to seek their fortunes, leaving one older than myself, a cripple, and four others remained at home.  I remained at home and raised them to manhood and womanhood..  Then I know what hard times are, for I have passed through them twice, once during the Civil War, then in 1875.  I went to Coryell county with a married sister and in 1876 I was married to Miss S.F. WEAVER.  We moved the same fall to Comanche county as one of the pioneer settlers.  Here I passed through more hardships to make Comanche county what it is now.  I have reared nine children and have seen them converted and united with the church.  I have been preaching 48 years.  My wife breathed her last the 13th day of last February and the sweet spirit took flight for the glory world.

            “If you feel disposed you may print this and, if not, you may cast it to the wind”. 

                        H.S. ANGLIN, Rt. 4, Gorman

Mrs. Jesse Franklin Died at Robinson Springs, Sept. 7th

            Mrs. Katie Fay FRANKLIN, wife of Jesse FRANKLIN, died at the home of her parents in the Robinson Springs community on Friday, Sept. 7, 1928, and her mortal remains were laid to rest in Copperas Creek cemetery on Sunday, Sept. 9th.

            Mrs. FRANKLIN was a young wife and mother, being only 21 years, 7 months and 6 days of age at death.  She was married on Sept. 6, 1926 to Jesse FRANKLIN.  A tiny baby boy was born into the home.  All was happiness and love until the hand of death intervened.  She was converted at the age of 12 years and united with the Baptist church, living a truly devoted Christian life.  She will be missed by the scores of friends and loved ones who knew her.  Besides her parents, she leaves to mourn her loss, one brother and five sisters and a host of other relatives.

Oliver Springs Rebuild and Repaint the Churches

            It has been quite some time since we last wrote.  News has been scarce but community pride demands we tell what has been done to better our community.

            The first two things was the Oliver Springs Baptist church was torn down and rebuilt.  The walls were lowered, new windows and a door were added and six pillars placed in the aisle.

            Next the Ramsey Church of Christ building was repainted and repairs were made.

            Now the school house is being remodeled and gotten ready for school to begin.

            Elder Sidney W. SMITH of Abilene will preach Saturday night and Sunday at Ramsey Church of Christ.

            Ernest RIPPETOE has closed a singing school at Oliver Springs which was greatly enjoyed by all.

South Ward Parent-Teachers Meeting

            How many of you have thought for once of the meaning of P.T.A.?  Why, yes, you say it means Parent-Teachers Association.  Your answer is correct.  But how can we have a P.T.A. when there are no parents present?

            Such is our condition in South Ward.  Greatly do we appreciate the mothers who came last meeting and we shall rely on their return, but we need more mothers and daddies.

            The members who assembled Friday witnessed the election of these officers:  Mrs. W.S. SNEAD, president; Mrs. W.H. CLARK, 1st vice-president; Mrs. O.M. BUCHAN, 2nd vice-president; Miss Alpha MOORE, recording secretary; Miss Lillian MOHON, corresponding secretary.

            Mrs. GRIZZELLE, the general P.T.A. president made a short interesting talk on duties of the officers and the co-operation of all.  The banner votes were taken and the seventh grade sponsored by Miss MOORE received the highest number of votes.

            We meet again on the 11th of October.  Come and make our P.T.A. live up to its name.

Lloyd’s Lunch Room Purchased by Lee Northcutt

            J.H. (Heavy) LLOYD this week sold his lunch room on the corner of Lambert Hotel, to R.L. (Lee) NORTHCUTT and Mr. NORTHCUTT took immediate charge.  The stand is a good one, being half a block from the Katy station, and Mr. NORTHCUTT should do well there.  Mr. LLOYD has gone on the road for Wes-Tex Mfg. Co.

Hollie Hafford Bought Building for his Market

            Hollie HAFFORD, sole owner and manager of the City Meat Market, recently closed a deal with Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON for the building in which the market is located.  Mr. HAFFORD had rented the building from Mrs. HAMPTON for a number of years.  The property is valuable, being in the main business block of the city, facing on the principal street and ideally located for the class of business occupying it.

            Mr. HAFFORD is to be commended for enterprise and good business judgment in making the purchase.  He has earned perhaps a greater degree of success with a meat market than anyone who has before engaged in this business in De Leon, the reason being found in the excellent service he has always rendered the public.

Miss Anice Locke is Seriously Sick

            Miss Anice LOCKE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.M. LOCKE of the Ebenezer community, has been ill lately, and she was carried to the Gorman sanitarium for examination and possible treatment Wednesday.  Her friends hope for her speedy recovery.  Miss LOCKE is a graduate pianist of last season, being a pupil of Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT, and is quite talented.

C.L. Kinchen Jr. “Made the Band” at Simmons University

            C.L. KINCHEN, Jr., a student this year at Simmons University, Abilene, wired his parents Thursday of his good fortune in successfully passing examination for membership in Simmons Cowboy Band.  He will play with the band at Breckenridge the latter part of this week, he stated.

            The fact that young KINCHEN could gain admission into this crack musical organization his first college year speaks mighty highly of the training given him by Director Pat HOWARD of De Leon Band here only about a year.

Additional Students Away to College

            Last week the Free Press gave a list of those going away to college, and since that issue of the paper came out a number of additional names have been called to the attention of the editor.

            C.G. MORTON and Ambrose MORGAN are at A.&M. college, both being first year men there.

            John Carl HASKINS is studying this year at Southern Methodist University, also being a first year man.

            Fred HOWE went to Daniel Baker at Brownwood, this being his second year with that school.

            Miss Mary Louise LOWE has entered school at one of the Abilene colleges.

            Ralph BENDER has returned to the East, being in his third year at a Military Institute in North Carolina.

            “Honk” IRVIN is at Elkins College in West Virginia, where he is a member of a great football aggregation.


Mrs. B.C. OWEN, or “Aunt Betty” as she is more commonly known, left Thursday to visit for some time with her children at Coleman.

The Junior girls met at the home of Julia FARMER on Monday night, October 1st to organize the “B.G.” Club.  The following officers were elected:

Opal Mae FRANKS, president.

Boneta MEARS, vice-president.

Ruth KEMP, secy. And treasurer.

Julia FARMER, reporter.

The “B.G.” club will meet next Monday at the home of Neva Lee PHELPS.  The town and school will hear more of these girls thru the school year.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse MORRIS and children visited his brother, Curt MORRIS and family, at Rule last week.

Miss Ursell SELF from Carbon was a weekend visitor with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.E. SELF.

Cecil NELSON of Waco was a weekend visitor of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.B. NELSON.

Mr. and Mrs. Arlie COOK of Breckenridge, were Saturday visitors with his mother, Mrs. Nell COOK.

Mrs. Pearl RUCKER visited her sister, Mrs. Lona SPICER, at Desdemona last Thursday. 

Miss Virginia SHARP of Stephenville was home over the weekend visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP.

Mr. and Mrs. George ROLLINS and sons, John, Ed and James Audrey, have gone to El Paso. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman COGBURN of Dallas were weekend visitors of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles COGBURN and Mr. and Mrs. John NABORS.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. WILSON of Cisco were Sunday visitors of her mother, Mrs. Emma COONER.  Mrs. WILSON was formerly Mrs. Charlotte COONER BOND. 

Miss Bonnie Bell COONER is in Dallas visiting her sister, Mrs. A.C. COZBY.

Mrs. Frances CLARK WRIGHT of McCamey is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ora CLARK.

Mrs. J.O. STONE was a recent visitor with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. AKERS at Munday.

Mrs. Minnie BAILEY from Desdemona was a Saturday visitor with her mother, Mrs. WOODARD.

Mr. and Mrs. Will WILHELM, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon WILHELM, all of Comanche, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. G.W. WILHELM.

Mrs. J.E. NOEL of Dublin visited her daughter, Mrs. Jack WOODARD last week.

Mr. and Mrs. S. HORTON and children of Colorado are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam NOEL.

Mr. and Mrs. W.O. BUTLER left on Monday for Sherman where they will make their future home. 

A ten pound baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. W.F. HARRIS, September 30th.

John D. HARVEY and Emmet HOWARD were home from Simmons over the weekend. 

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman COGBURN of Dallas, were visiting in the homes of Chas. COGBURN and John NABORS, their parents, here last week-end.


Frank CARROLL and Clay EMDE are on the sick list but both are improving.

Little Bernice SALYER is very ill with fever.

Mrs. Emil YOUNG is home again after undergoing an operation at the Gorman Sanitarium.

Aubrey and Eldon WYNN are improving after being seriously sick for more than a week with poisoning. 

Bob (Shine) HAWKINS, formerly of De Leon and Desdemona, is here relieving Bink LEECH at Hirt McDERMOTT booster.  Mr. LEECH is away on his vacation.

R.C. McNETT, who has been with the Sinclair Oil & Gas Company here for the last two years, left Friday for Jones county where he has been transferred by his company.  His family will remain here until buildings can be built on the McNETTs lease here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion WILLIAMS are the proud parents of a new baby.

Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh ACRES of Ranger spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. ACRES of this place. 

Another wreck occurred on the curve near Quinn’s Grocery Monday.  Thom BROWNING’s new Chevrolet was badly damaged and a Ford work car belonging to the McMann Gasoline Co. was torn up badly.  No one was injured.

Luther YOUNG of Gorman has been here doing extensive plumbing work at our school buildings. 

Joe CROUCH surprised his many friends last week when he brought home a bride.  The bride, before becoming Mrs. CROUCH, was Mrs. Lella SMITH of Oliver Springs.  We know that she is as good as she is fair and we congratulate Joe heartily.  Mr. CROUCH is employed at the Peak pump station and is one of our finest young men.  They will make their home here for the present.

Jeff FAIR and family will move to Olden this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Press PARK, who lived here for the past several years, but lately was transferred to Olden, are just beamingly happy over the arrival of a fine baby boy. 

Jakehamon News

O.H. MOORE and little daughter, Maurine MOORE, were in Comanche on Saturday.

Mrs. F.C. TAYLOR of Hamilton has been visiting with her brother, G.E. RILEY and family. 

The peanut harvest is in full swing in this community.  As a rule the peanuts are not as good as last year but there are some fields that are.  W.A. KING has one field that has made something over 60 bushels to the acre.  This is about the best yield of any that has been threshed.  Mr. KING so arranges his crop that he rotates his crops in such a way that he never follows peanuts with peanuts and always plants peas on a part of his field.

Friends of Aubrey and Eldon WYNN regret to know of their continued and serious illness.



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